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We help small and medium-sized e-commerce businesses, special in furniture industry get more leads with digtal ads. 

How can we help you?

Facebook ads leads management

Grow your business today with Facebook leads management Get in front of customers at the exact moment in time when they using Facebook and Instagram. Escape the struggle to find leads with our package of Facebook ad management services. Book a free appointment for us to consult here

Youtube Marketing

Grow your business today with Haucmc Youtube marketing Whether you need to sell on Youtube without paying for ads. Or want to generate more leads quickly with Youtube ads, we can help you achieve that goal.

Video ads for Facebook, Youtube, Instagram

We will write scripts and make lead generation videos for your business, online store. With the experience of selling dozens of high-priced furniture orders every month. We believe we can help you grow leads and sales effectively. In the furniture industry. Or adapt a blog post into a video script to make a video on social media like Youtube, Facebook & Instagram for your online store. My script ideas have proven to bring in many calls, subs and calls from my Youtube clients.

Copywriting for website, Facebook ads campaign

The cheapest, and most effective way to reduce the cost of Facebook and Google ads is to write high-quality ads. Target a specific audience. For a certain segment. If you are struggling with reducing your advertising costs. At the same time increase the number of potential customers from advertising, or just convince customers to buy, contact you on the website. Then contact us to help you improve your results. We are committed to helping you effectively use your money,


Below is a portfolio with results that I have worked for clients in my furniture industry.

The story successful of Pham Gia's interior

Our Customers

My clients are in the furniture manufacturing and sales industry. They are all furniture makers to sell to customers from handicraft villages.

"Amazing content and Quality Work!"

Hau is an enthusiastic guy. Have understanding of Google advertising margins and SEO on Youtube. That's fine for middle-aged business owners like me. Indeed, I spent 1.6 billion VND for Facebook ads. But I don't know anything about Google ads, video SEO. Thanks to his help, my YouTube channel has more than 13 thousand subscribers. Website has a lot of organic traffic from Google. I have sold dozens of high-priced furniture orders from YouTube, Google.

Meet Your Marketing campaign Manager

Your Google Ads, Youtube SEO Campaigns. Will be done by someone who is skilled and knowledgeable about marketing on Google, Youtube.

I’ve been involved in internet businesses and online marketing since the early days of 2016. I’ve started, bought, marketing, and sold furniture over the years, bringing a vast knowledge of business and online marketing experience that I use to partner with clients in order to achieve the highest possible ROI from their online advertising initiatives.

Clients of haucmc choose to work with me because of my obsessive attitude towards optimizing ad account performance by focus in conversion in ad campaigns and optimizing landing pages for maximum results.
With 5 + years do Youtube marketing will their channel grow sub and leads.
Clients also find comfort in knowing, and having direct access to, exactly who is running their ad accounts. 

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You don’t know which solution to choose. Please message me via messenger for advice. Choose the right solution for your furniture business.

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