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You want to increase leads with copywriting, content, and video ads. But don’t know how to do it effectively. This blog will help you do just that. Through my sharing or marketing services.

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Here are the content and services that you will find on this blog of mine. They are drawn from the experience of both studying and working for online businesses. Especially in the e-commerce industry.

Content marketing & copywriting

Share your experience of doing content marketing, writing ads on websites and Youtube channels. As well as introducing copywriting and content packages for your business.

Youtube. ads

Thought articles, how to do, tactics to make Youtube ad, Google ads. As well as making direct response promotional videos on Youtube. As well as introducing marketing services on Youtube for furniture businesses, ecom

Business Lesson

A place to share my lessons about business and marketing. But I learned from experts at home and abroad. Even though I'm a layman. But I always learn every day to improve. To help entrepreneurs and marketers more. Through his article and podcast called Postmarketing.

My Portfolio

These are the businesses that I have been working for.

Generate results for them.

My Client

Although we serve in many different industries. But mostly I would work well for B2C businesses. Especially in the field of e-commerce, furniture, home appliances, design services, interior consulting, construction, restaurants.

Dedicated and thoughtful service in the field of Youtube marketing!"

This guy does a great job with Google, Youtube ads as well as doing free ads. My business has customers found on Google because of him,
Hai Nam
CEO, Hai Nam furniture

Meet Founder haucmc

Expert in Google advertising, Youtube, YouTube video SEO with more than 4 years of experience.

Expert in writing Facebook ads for furniture businesses.

Helping businesses sell online on website channels and social networks   With higher prices for more people.

Duc Hau Pham

Especially for the e-commerce industry. With many years of experience helping you sell high-priced goods such as effective furniture. Although I come from the hospitality industry, I always study and work every day to become better every day.

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Life talks by results. What I write down can not guarantee results for you. But it certainly helps you have one more way to do it, a new perspective. As well as choosing the right way of doing that you pursue. To benefit your business.