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If you want to get more qualified leads for your business. Especially businesses selling high prices in ecommerce, dropshiping a short time.

Then this is the most important document you must read.

Here’s why.

This document saves you a lot of money and time that was previously wasted on webs and ads.

When it comes to an online business, Ads and a website or landing page are the two most important components of any online advertising campaign.

This ebook will help you to understand the right ads and webs in 4 steps. To make a decision from there.

This is also the way that I have done for other businesses in the furniture industry, high-priced home appliances.

  • It’s easy read and burns through no time in going straight for the throat with significant procedures you can utilize RIGHT AWAY to drastically develop deals for your business…
  • This aggregation is free, simply enter your subtleties and hit the” Download button ” in the case beneath, and these deals detonating tips will be sent directly to your inbox to drastically develop income… Increase your overall revenue …out sell your rivals… and influence each dollar you contribute to create more leads, deals and profit.



My goal is to save you from having to learn about web design, landing pages or ads.

Which you need to learn to understand the RIGHT about webs and make decisions.

Why do I say that?

Read on for specific answers.

I know that the goal of B2C business owners is to increase sales and reduce operating and advertising costs to the lowest level.

In order to do that, there must be constant leads. Or continuously sell more goods to old customers.

I’m mainly here to help you get new high-quality leads from advertising.

So an entrepreneur will do many different ways to get new leads every day.

In which doing paid advertising is an effective way to get more leads at the end of the day. In a short period of time.

The problem is, or to be more precise, the pitfalls entrepreneurs often encounter.

Not choosing the right channel to reach potential customers

Thinking ads and webs are simple, they should be given to employees and agencies to do. In the end, if it doesn’t work, fire them.

Then return to the free traffic methods such as: posting on personal Facebook, livestream on Fanpage, posting on groups (or to be more precise, spam on it). Start doing SEO and wait to have customers after 3-6 months.

Buy data online or virtual followers to create credibility for your page, youtube channel. Hoping to be able to sell. But the result is a round zero. Because it’s a bot or not the prospect you want to sell to

Turn on the exit window to give a discount code like hundreds and thousands of online stores and businesses customers have done. In the hope they will leave their email address. But in the end no one signed up. Or you just get people’s spam emails.

Yes, there is a problem that needs to be solved and so you will do 1 of the following 3 solutions:

  1. Hire employees
  2. Hire an online agency to do it
  3. Self-taught about marketing, ads and webs

Each solution has different advantages and disadvantages.

But whichever solution you choose, you will also return to the box that loses your turn. Because you don’t understand the real cause of it.

After many years doing advertising for businesses. I see a lot of people spend a lot of money on websites. Up to $10,000-40,000 without problem solving.

I found this: Many entrepreneurs are fed up with the results of deceptive employees and advertising agencies. They decided to learn by themselves, do everything on their own.

But this is a fatal mistake that will take their business down.

Because of the following 4 reasons:

  • First: This is not their specialty. Their specialty is baker, carpenter, electrician, welder, auto mechanic, interior designer, furniture seller, consultant etc…. So this will take a lot of time, health and money. Make them work overtime. Sometimes up to 16 hours / day but the results do not improve much.
  • Second: When they do not do their strengths properly, they cannot improve the quality of products and services. As well as innovating how to do it. Therefore, they also cannot serve more customers with higher prices.
  • Third: In addition, they cannot do a better job of resource management and business operation.
  • Finally even if they stop learning to keep hiring, it will take them longer to find the right people. Because the tutorials they find only tell them to check the background, the qualifications of the agency, the freelancer, but little tell them what they need to learn to make the right decision.

It is for that reason that I think: Business owners do not need to learn about designing webs or ads. Just learn to understand CORRECT about website ads.

You can’t just study in one session.

But I also need to study in 5-7 sessions to understand thoroughly about the structure and operation of an online advertising campaign. The simplest is Google ads. And Facebook ads.

This ebook and accompanying documentation will help you do just that.

Understand your worries. I have designed this kit to help you understand the two steps above. As I said at the beginning of this post.

What you will get after downloading this document, ebook.

  • Understand the structure of an advertising campaign
  • Know 4 steps to create an effective google advertising campaign. With only 1 product. Also I’m old. Let’s talk about how to do Facebook ads again.
  • 4 Types of images that help increase conversion rates on product pages
  • 5 types of videos to help you sell effectively
  • Budget for your ad campaign

Like I said, it’s not enough to just learn through ebooks. So I designed more:

  • 1 demonstration of how I did those 4 steps
  • 1 video sharing how to do it
  • 6 emails with detailed instructions on understanding user experience on webs.

It’s like an online course.

Download this document today. To put an end to spending money that doesn’t work.


About Haucmc

You were in the right place

I am Duc Hau

3 years ago I was just like you. Experiment with tinkering, learn from many places. In order to have an effective campaign to sell products through advertising. Place orders and then make a profit for customers.

– For 3 years, I helped an uncle whose furniture workshop was not good at making a Youtube channel and website. Monkey head is favorable and sells dozens of high-priced orders every month. Earn 15,000 USD/month

– Even a college dropout can earn $20,000 per month by doing YouTube video marketing to sell his furniture.
– A jewelry seller earns $5000 a week thanks to our recommended product and promotional strategy

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I held off until I started to see some responses to the ads. Let me say this ebook was well done and was over and above my expectations. I am very pleased and expect to be more pleased as the investment pays for itself in a week or so
Kyle Simon
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In a word...WOW!.! I'm impressed with this ebook. The ads convinced me that I need every single one of these products for myself! Recommend it to any drop shipper and online store
Brittany Foxx
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I've been running my store for a few months, but I haven't made any sales. So I decided to give this material a try, and it turned out to be a great idea! The implementation wasn't really easy, but I followed the instructions and consulted with the team, and got the results I was looking for all this time. Totally recommend it to any online store
Mark Foster
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I'm new to e-commerce and I was looking for some help for building up my advertising strategy! I'm glad that I stumbled on this ebook, it showed me a new world of ads for drop shippers and eCommerce stores! Now my store is finally generating a profit and I couldn't be happier.
Kristina Jones
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