4 steps to hire effective copywriters for your online store.

Should you hire copywriters for your online store?

Someone asked me how I should hire a copywriter in the most effective way. I immediately recalled my work on advertising hiring and website design. Then systematized into the following 4 steps.

But first. Let me specify when you need to hire copywriters.

From the point of view of an advertising marketing service person like me. Then you will need to hire copywriters if and only if.

– You are too busy with direct production or selling

– You do not have skills but want to execute a campaign to sell quickly and widely on multiple platforms. Many different types of articles.

– You find it difficult to use your computer or phone to write advertisements. Like using it after a while, then the energy drops. Depressing emotions, do not want to do anything else. Just want to focus on selling only. Now you have a delicious product again. Need to sell.

Then it’s time to hire your own copywriter.

About hiring copywriters, you need to follow these steps.

Step 1. Determine for what purpose you are hiring copywriters

With e-commerce, the most popular article is to hire articles to describe the product.

Posts run ads on Facebook

Followed by blog posts aimed at attracting customers to search on Google (SEO). Or run article ads on Facebook.

Or use it to collect leads for your email marketing campaign.

There is also one more article format that is writing about page. The purpose is to introduce your company to the customer.

The aim is to increase brand awareness on social media. And on Google.
                 Description product; a type of copywriting for e-commerce

Step 2. Write plan hire copywriters

After you know the goal.

then you need to list the detailed requirements of effective copywriting. That is a successful sale.

– This is the checklist for you to check the quality of your copywriter’s articles.

You can refer to the 7 steps of writing product descriptions that I have posted below.

– To do this you will use a list of articles describing products. That is doing effectively by competitors in the same industry.

-Example: such as this post.

8 Killer Product Description Examples

My point is that copywriters not only do the writing work but also need to understand images and videos. A copywriter that knows more about the image will produce the results you deserve and the money you spend. them too.

Step 3. Where to hire copywriters?

There are 3 options for you when looking for copywriters

– Hire advertising and marketing agencies for you. Often the advertising companies will provide this service for you. They are people who have been working for many years. So have the experience to help you sell like that through the word for it to be most effective. Their only minus point is that the preparation time is a bit long. And they only accept companies with large advertising and marketing budgets. And you are rarely able to follow your ideas.

– Hire professional copywriters as a company specializing in content marketing, copywriting. This option has the advantage of specializing in copywriting, they will do better. But the price is still high. And the celebrities you find on Google usually have a year-long full schedule.

– Go to freelance sites like Fiverr, Upwork to hire freelancers. This option means you get a cheaper price. Your idea may be easily modified.

But it’s also easy to encounter scams with the most trash-worthy articles. When many people use technology to deceive you.

– As far as I see, you should only hire copywriters on Fiverr for the array of writing product descriptions, writing simple ads.

Go to the sites to find freelance employees like Fiverr, Upwork to hire people

– As far as I can see, you should only hire copywriters for the array to write product descriptions, write simple ads.

But also more in-depth articles like blogging, writing SEO articles.

Then you should not rent on it for a cheap price. Full of bad quality,

Unless you buy the Pro service guaranteed by Fiverr. That will be effective.

On UpWork, there are many higher quality writers. Being a member of UpWork is very difficult. Freelancers apply for the job themselves so they need to write many proposals for the employer. So you will have more qualified candidates.

However, the price will be higher. Money is correct in case you hire people on Upwork.

But, the price will be higher. Any money is true in Upwork’s case.

Step 4. Check and rate the products you received.

In this step, you need to have the customer’s mindset when buying products on the online market.

– That means also to the criteria from the perspective of the seller,

it must also please the emotions and reason of the customer who will buy it.


You need to read the article with the mindset of a customer who is buying that product again. To know if you are ready to buy the product?

– If the article does not pass, ask them to correct it until the ad is ok.

For example, one-sided photos, writing articles describing another type, need to be correct

Of course, you shouldn’t be the perfectionist. I Will not be able to hire anyone.

But also should not be easy on them. You will lose money in an unfair way with no effect at all.

Here’s how I did it to hire freelancers.

I hired a designer. Because I am a copywriter and ads manager.

But I think it’s like hiring copywriters. Because the designer also has high requirements. Then there are quality products. To provide value to users.

But that’s how I would do it when I hire them. Because that is an effective way of doing 1 advertiser and business owners.

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4 steps to hire effective copywriters for your online store.

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