4 types of images that help you convert from your visitors to your shoppers.

4 types of images that help you convert from your visitors to your shoppers.

You can do this, even if you don’t install add-ons or write long posts. Still can sell high priced goods.

Mainly write about specifications and answer the above questions. My primary purpose is for the product to talk to customers like a salesperson through photos and videos.


The Video is compelling. When I write these lines, you may be suspicious. But when I make a video for you to watch, you will be less suspicious and trust me more. Customers are the same.


I learned this approach from a Facebook advertising guy and a sister who create content. And apply it to your work.

Combine with content formats to create two Youtube channels with thousands of followers.



  1. The image includes four types of images.

Include Professional images, real images, testimonial images (social proof), and useful images.


+ Professional photos:

are pictures taken professionally? To highlight the corners of the product. In other words, it is a product that looks clear at all angles in a well-lit environment.

When you shoot a lot, the professional will hand it over. Take the iPhone out and take 100 shots without any good pictures. There is no need for an expensive camera or modern photo editing software.


Spending money and time on these two things when you’re new at the beginning will exhaust your resources. Did you know that most of the images that I posted to you in the previous article were taken with the iPhone?


+ Lifestyle image:

these are product images put into practice. It is a model apartment. It was a model room with suitable furniture. It is clothes worn on models, on mano soup in the store. It’s about putting lotion on your own face and so on. This creative all year round is not over yet.

A product photo of a real user. Like someone sitting on a chair. Will have the effect of convincing thousands of times the professional image of the product


+ Testimonial image

To be frank, social proof of having a customer. Then send a review with a photo of the product to you. Those are customers who are satisfied and close to you. To do this, you can use the recommended plugin review of woo commerce or app photo on Shopify.

As I said before. Nobody wants to be a lab guinea pig for your product. So you have to find a way to reverse their risk by doing so.


Is this difficult? Probably very difficult in the beginning if you do it, not fake news. Now you need the help of relatives and friends there.


It is essential to receive them as regular guests. So they do not feel afraid to buy your product.

Do not let them feel that they are eligible for a discount.

When customers are interacting, buying your product in the first days is the most useful for you to do this.


+ Useful images:

These are infographics images that provide customers with useful information on how to solve problems without using your product.


It sounds paradoxical but beneficial. Because once customers know that you have no purpose in selling them. But also to help them.


Then they will find out about your product and contact to order. That’s why the article, an infographic is so useful. This shows that you are considerate of the customer. Tools like Canva and Pickto chart will help you in this case.

So how to take beautiful photos for your online store.
Should take a selfie or rent.
The answer depends on your time and ability.
Learning to take pictures will save you money and make you more satisfied with your work.
But its downside is time-consuming. Requires a lot of enthusiasm, effort spent an afternoon taking 100 pictures. Then choose 5-7 photos that you like.
Rent is expensive, but make sure to keep up with this Black Friday sales schedule.
So how to be most effective at this time.

Now I know it is to a business owner like you. Becoming a professional photographer is very difficult. Unless you have time to study and then take 100 pictures to make a great picture.
So the smartest way is to hire someone good at taking pictures for you.
By doing this you will have the opportunity to see the image from the perspective of a client. From there give suggestions for more standard product photos.
Because if you don’t do this. You will still think that you take beautiful photos and videos. Without anyone liking or interacting with your content.
This practice helps you learn a lot about product photography.
In the long term. You will learn how to take your best product photos. From talking to photographers and practicing.
This is how my brother successfully did it. I have also instructed two of my clients to do it this way.
Do you want to know how to hire an effective photographer?
Click the link below to see learn more


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