5 effective ways to sell your furniture via video and display ads

How furniture businesses can sell through video marketing and advertising.

Recently I met a furniture business owner who wanted to sell furniture online for their business.

They want to sell furniture that is available from their store. At the same time, we also want to receive custom design orders according to customer requirements.

He is currently doing SEO, Google search ads, and Facebook and Instagram ads. But not very effective. So he wanted me to come up with a solution to make him more efficient.

I say our agency specializes in content and conversion marketing on Google’s platform. Social networks like:

 Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest are just smaller pieces of the marketing picture. For the furniture business or any e-commerce business, I do for them.

Do you agree to let us share or not?

He then said: “I agree”

In this story, I will show you about top 5 effective ways to sell your furniture.

So, we went through his available marketing resources. To find better ways to improve. This point of view comes from Jay Abraham in his book” Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got: 21 Ways You Can Out-Think, Out-Perform, and Out-Earn the Competition “. (Not an affiliate link) So we do the same with every customer.

To find out what is causing the problem. And suggest the final solution.

Back to his marketing resources.

We noticed he has a Youtube channel. There are several hundred subscribers. There are many interesting videos. But no views. No comments nor traffic to his furniture store. And of course, there are no sales.

While the video is the most effective way to sell furniture. Especially high-priced furniture.

I say this because I have helped my clients sell dozens of high-priced furniture orders. As well as successfully selling many custom furniture orders to customers buying furniture during the past 3 years.

Here are our results. See the picture below.

How can furniture companies high ticket sales via YouTube videos

So I asked him to talk to me about YouTube marketing. And then I wrote an article that you can read here:

”How can furniture companies sell high-priced goods with YouTube marketing videos?”

Then I continued to analyze his website. As well as the type of advertising he uses.

We noticed that: his website is not ready to run ads. But he’s already done advertising. When I asked him, he knew he didn’t notice this. He just let the staff and agency do it.

Because there are not these 8 things that I wrote in the article: 8 things to check on your website, landing page before running ads.

Also known as: is your website ready to run ads?

So he spent a lot of money advertising to a product page that didn’t convert visitors into customers.

Besides, we also noticed that his way of doing ads is also having problems. He did a bit of Google search advertising. But there is a lack of effective remarketing. Then say: Google ads are not effective, cost more money than Facebook ads. ”

Meanwhile, setting up a retargeting campaign,

 the right way is an effective way to save you 40% of your Facebook ad budget that hasn’t converted into customers.

Which I said in the post:

   “‘How furniture companies can sell directly through Google display ads”

The above article also talks about the reasons why furniture companies have not made effective Google ads. And this is an effective way to increase the size of customers. Which advertisers call scale.

If you are missing a strategy to do Google ads for your e-commerce store selling furniture. Then this is the article you should read.

But if your goal is to both sell products on the website and still want to build a long-term brand, what is the solution.

Yes, he has the same goal as you. So I presented this case study of our most famous client.

How I generate hundreds of sales calls for furniture customers with only 1 product and 1 Google ads campaign.

Case study: How do I get for this business over 100 calls in just 1 product and Google ads

The goal of this article is rather: How to get to the top of Google and sell with just one article, a specific product page.

As you can see in the picture below.

Call From Google search Ads

This is how I helped a customer who just had a sales call. Just help them SEO to the top of Google. Only with 1 product page.

Indeed, later the business owner that I worked for told me:

 Do I do SEO or advertising elsewhere, but his customers say: ‘Everywhere you go,

 you will see Hainan furniture’ on the Internet. Internet. Read newspapers also meet, watch videos also see. Then search on Google also found.

I said I only do search and display ads. But I don’t work anywhere else. Because at that time I was not aware that my way of doing it was creating SEO results. It’s traffic-free access.

Of course, this result is also thanks to the days of doing video SEO and video advertising on Youtube. But it’s also an effective way to do it.

By the way, when it comes to Youtube, he also said: it’s ok to do it like that. But he still wants to have a custom design order from the customer, how to do it?

I say: this is simply because I have been doing it for clients using the method I describe in an article called:

“This Youtube SEO method has helped my interior customers have dozens of more customers ordering every month.

Thus, I am very confident that I can help him as well as you to sell ready-made furniture, or custom furniture according to customer requirements.

Whether in a direct way through display ads, shopping, videos on Youtube. Or sell indirectly through SEO video on Youtube, Google My Business.

So where should you start? In my own opinion:

 If you have a Youtube channel, then start with Youtube marketing from your channel audit, to video SEO, Youtube advertising. Will help you get the following 4 benefits:

  • Selling furniture, high-priced ecom products via video. Because users watch the video, the possibility of them rejecting the buy is very low. Rarely do people buy just for fun, just because they like it like on Facebook?
  • You can both sell and build your company’s brand through YouTube videos
  • Attract users to your sales website. With high-quality visitors. Go in to find out more if they’re still confused. Then decide to buy online. This I have successfully done with products under 500 USD without calling sales.
  • SEO to the top is easier thanks to high-quality traffic from Youtube. The way I do it is: after selling, the keyword will be on the top. Thus, this is also how I do SEO for clients on the website and Google My Business.

   That’s why I suggest you do YouTube marketing to get started. If you already have a customer base on Facebook, IG, now is the time to engage them. That you have a Youtube channel of your own.

You worried that: making videos is difficult and expensive. Do not worry. When you use our solution. Then we’ll help you get more videos from your customers that you don’t even need to touch a finger to do. But they are far more effective when it comes to advertising and marketing than homemade videos. Or hire someone to do it yourself at a high cost.

Of course, you can have your video appear on websites, blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. And we also have a way to market it.

My partner and I will help you do this effectively.

And now you choose to read the articles and case studies that I wrote above for you. If you haven’t read it yet. To find out what your true priorities are. That way you will choose the solution for yourself more effectively.


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 4. This Youtube SEO tactic has helped furniture businesses sold dozens of custom furniture orders every month.”

 5.  Check these 8 things before you spend money on ads to save thousands of dollars/month.

Thank you for reading. Good luck.

Once again I hope we will work together soon.