5 Simple Steps to Using Images to Increase Conversions on Your Ecommerce Website.

5 Simple Steps to Using Images to Increase Conversions on Your Ecommerce Website.


Of course, I know that for you to generate conversion results,

it not only depends on the image but also on copywriting. Those two work together to get the results you want.

So I wrote this guide for you.

The easiest way for you to trust me. Or simply wanting to make my knowledge yours in action.

You can stop reading this post right now. And take your phone or camera to take pictures.

But, in my opinion,

no matter how positive you act without following,

the sequence of steps in a calculated manner,

your excitement will quickly fade like fire from the hay in the edge. Street. Or on a certain camping day, you burn dry leaves only.

So you need to understand how to increase the number of visitors into customers. And put an end to two common business owners.

There are not enough leads to close the sale

The quality of potential customers is too poor.

They always tell you, “I need to watch more product”, or “I need to think about it.” Or flatly refuse that “your product is too expensive”.


As I said, it is not only the image that affects.

The conversion rate on the website or the online store on the e-commerce floor that you join. But there are many other factors as well.

But when I searched on Google it found that it was all articles for storytellers. With a list of 33, then 60 then 91 ways to increase conversion rates on your website, landing page.

Even I panicked over that long list. Of course, some people have successfully used it.

these methods and then shared them with others like Neil Patel. My idol for online marketing and sales.

But some people write just to top google search. But they also have no experience.

And the most important thing is that our memory can only remember 7-9 things. And when applying again, only one can do.

Then trial and error will be a long series of days. When you need immediate sales to feed your business, your employees, and your family.

That’s why I wrote a 5-step process to help customers on the website effectively.

This is how I work for a client to sell my furniture.

Achieve the results you see in the video. As well as from the process of researching many successful online stores. Of course, you and I will also apply for other methods later. But it’s only done after the core things I show you below done.

Here are 5 steps you need to do

Step 1: Choose a product that is suitable for the market you are targeting

If you do content for all now it’s impossible. That is not necessarily effective. So the first thing you need to do is stop advertising a whole bunch of products you already have.

Choose your bestseller instead. Or whatever products are in stock.

The key is to focus on one thing and say no to the remaining 1000 things will help you achieve success.

The benefits of selling 1 product have been made clear in this post by me. Click below to learn more.

Step 2: Make the product page, home page create a sense of karma from the customer.

You know, most of our customers are intuitive shoppers.

So being professional is also a kind of safe and good feeling. It’s not just the theory in the marketing room of the marketers sitting in the air and making a marketing plan.

This comes from your interface design.

Remember the famous stars,

why they had to ride the Limousine, step down the red carpet, and wear unique clothes.

Because they need to assert themselves as stars, as influencers to the public and the press. Since then, their income from advertising for brands has also increased.

So if you see someone doing the same thing, you will also say that they are rich. Although the truth is that there is no money in their account.

Customers also think like you only.

First, let them see you as a professional. That’s when you deliver your core message. This message will help your customers realize who you are. Decide if your product or service is right for them.

It is also the foundation for creating content throughout your marketing and sales.

Of course, with a long-established and reputable company,

bringing company history will help you gain a brand reputation. At the beginning on the internet. But after a few years, everything will return to its true zero. If you do nothing but stick to your glorious past.

This is both easy and difficult.

It is easy because it is easy to choose a unique competitive advantage for a product. Also making a store with dozens of products is difficult. So the most effective way is to make 1 product first. Then when you have a lot of experience, please work for a company.


I will not talk here about how to be professional. Because it’s a technical problem. Just work a few hours to finish.

Which I will talk about when you do it.

Because it is difficult to do it.

Not just because you are a business owner. You are weak in design or user experience.

It’s because you don’t feel the need to make it so flashy.

Or because they think:

The statement since 1900, 1898,

1986 is enough to make customers trust the company and its products.

I did not notice this before so I put a lot of effort to convince. Business owner my way. And I failed.

Now that I think about it, they also had their reasons for keeping that sentence. Because it’s still attractive to middle-aged and old customers.

So the shop owner sees it’s still true, nothing has to change.

But, if they want to sell goods to young,

less loyal people and also to women who buy emotionally, they need to change their views.

Which first needs to create professionally with images and text.

That is the story of the content again. After all,

customers buy from you because they believe in the product. The company, and the seller themselves.

Demonstrated through the content on your website, landing page.

Read more :

But no one buys just because you see your logo or your company’s history looks reputable.

That’s why you need steps 3 and 4.

Step 3: Please do media properly

As mentioned in the video above. Images and videos are very important in the age of audio-visual. Because it satisfies customers’ emotional benefits. Which shopkeeper satisfies this. They will sell very well.

So I have detailed instructions on how to make product photos in the article below.

Read before taking the camera or hiring people on Fiverr.

How to make content for your eCommerce website without good writing 

Step 4. Write effective product descriptions.

If the media creates emotional benefits for the customer. The article describes the product, which will bring the customer practical benefits. But pictures and videos cannot deliver. Hence product description is the extended arm of media.

Because your customers will see what the photo cannot tell them. As a commitment, quality, specifications, reviews of how customers differ.

From there, customers will find extra reasons for the emotional benefits they receive.

A good copywriting article will also generate towering sales for you.

So, a bad copy will make customers’ emotions drop.

They will either leave the site or say no to you.

You can read more on my share below on how to write product descriptions. As well as hire someone to write this article for you.


Step 5: Create engagement, pull users to your product page.

This is in the category of attracting users to your content.

It is not just about pulling traffic to the website.

But also about attracting customers to interact with sales staff. Display social proof to convince customers who are wondering and hesitating etc …

From there, they contacted the sales staff through live chat (with high-priced products). Or order now with low-priced, medium-priced products.

In short, these are tools and extras to give your content a boost. Show up in front of potential customers more effectively.

Example of using plugin Beeketing for Woocommerce store. Or Use proof to show social proof on your e-commerce website.


Check out my video and tutorial articles to better understand how it works. As well as for instructions for using these tools.


And for good results I suggest,

you hire people who specialize in providing this product and service for you. On platforms that deliver digital products to enterprise ways like Fiverr, Upwork.

In this article 5 Simple Steps to Using Images to Increase Conversions on Your Ecommerce Website. I hope to help you find a way to boost conversion on the website eCommerce.

Thank you, If you can share this article with your friend. At the same time, this way to save information for you.

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