5 Think and act to optimize conversions on your ecommerce website.

5 Think and act to optimize conversions on your e-commerce website.

1.Understand the reason customers buy on your website

  1. How to make content practical and effective for you

3.Use content support software

  1. Use payment and shipping software
  2. Take care of regular customers with social listening and email marketing
  3. Conclusion



In this moment, you see e-commerce businesses booming on platforms: Amazon, Alibaba, Rakuten, Shopify and Woocommerce.

Because consumers are stuck at home. So they will buy more goods than services. On the other hand, the use of services has become more difficult than before due to the fear of people. So service businesses have to move their business online. Not just a business selling on e-commerce.

However, not every conversion will succeed. Because consumer behavior has changed differently than in stores.

On the other hand, conversion due to many factors that resonate with each other.

So you need to learn and optimize the important index that your website can sell, which is the conversion rate of visitors into buyers.



Today I will share with you the 5 thoughts and actions needed to increase conversion rates on ecommerce sites. Which I have learned from 3 years of experience in making websites and advertising Google for businesses selling furniture on the website. Please read and choose some suitable ideas for you.


  1. Understand what makes customers willing to spend money to buy goods on your website

That is the most important thing to help you sell online. Increase your sales and profits.

In your opinion, what is it?

– Nice design – No.

– Nice pictures – right, but not enough

– Price – yes, but only a part.

– Brand reputation – not. Many people think that long-established businesses will convert numbers well. Because they have a brand identity in real life. With loyal customers.

In fact, you need to perform brand recognition on the online environment from the beginning. Whoever you are. A business with fanpage only has a few likes but still sells goods.



So is that user experience?

You guessed it right.

The user experience when they search, learn and the desired functions is the decisive factor for the e-commerce website.


In which content + elements above play the most important role.

Users buy from you. Because your content has given them what they need.

Not because of design or price.

So you need to understand what makes customers spend money.


Remember that customers do not buy products. They buy a way to solve their problem through your product.

You sold them hoping to solve their problems.


That user experience it combines content + design + brand reputation again.


The more you do the more content to post to your ecommerce website. You will understand Bill Gates: content is king.

The king must stay in the castle, that palace is the website, blog you do. Empress is the user.

If a palace or castle is rich and beautiful, the queen is a new visitor to and stays there.

From there build long term relationship with you.

The wealth and beauty here is the benefit you bring about emotion and reason in reality for customers expressed in two words want and need.

A sales content must satisfy both of these factors in order to sell to customers.

From there you can sell to more people for a higher price.


I just want to say that. To optimize the conversion rate on your ecommerce website, it must be in the content.


No high-end design or feature you buy can hide a poor, outdated content.

In doing so, you are burning advertising money or effort to make your SEO into the river and to the sea.





  1. How to sell content on your ecommerce website

Not too long ago, I wrote an article: how to write sales content on your ecommerce website. Even if you are not good at writing.

You can read that very detailed article. And here I just want to think of effective content thinking to help you sell as follows:

– Want to do content to convert visitors into customers you need to go from the perspective of the user.

That means your content needs to ensure two elements:

+ Know what customers are looking for

+ Convince customers that you have what they need

After finishing these two factors, you can get rich already.

But knowing what customers need is not simple.

Specifically :

You need to find out about your customers’ pain and problems.

– Solution for problems n their subject.

– Next is where the customer is in the customer journey.

For example, customers are looking for the cause and you give them solutions and products, you will not be able to sell.

And on the contrary, customers are wondering between the solutions that you jump in and claim your product is the best among the products. Then surely customers will suspect you, lie.




– Content must reach customers at different touch points.

You probably already know: the customer journey today has changed a lot since the introduction of phones and tablets. At the same time, laptops are getting stronger and lighter. There is also the participation of smart TVs. Therefore, your content needs to satisfy the users’ requirements when they are on different devices.


A customer will have varying degrees of interest in your content.

So your content needs to change to accommodate them.

For mobile and tablet users, the content is short, but full.

For laptops, it’s straight to work.

For TV screens it’s clarity, pictures and videos. When watching on the big screen.

– The content to follow the satisfied customer model I described in this case study. In short, comedy customer model is a model in which you bring content close and practical to the hidden needs of customers. For example, a customer who needs to buy a reading chair or desk will pay attention to the one you work in a room full of books, for example. You can also do this through keyword research to understand what the search intent is or do Facebook ads with A / B testing.

– In short, when you do so, you are putting customers into purchase status. But customers who buy furniture from the furniture businesses that I make often look and buy products when they are relaxing on an old bed, or a set of tables and chairs. Or about to finish the kitchen. Should buy a new dining table set.

– The content needs to keep abreast of the customer purchase process at the store. Because at the store you do not need to say much can convince customers to buy because they are experiencing the product. (Trial).

And online how do you create that part of the customer experience? Let them trust you more.

By: taking beautiful pictures, more. Take a close-up video of the product.

Use the product always in the video. There are many ways you can create an online experience for them. I have listed here.

Product description writing is the same. It needs to make sure customers see what they can’t see with their eyes or ears.


Doing this will give you more reasons for your customers to buy.

Instead of just describing what others see. You need to describe what they do not see in your product. That might be an advantage. It could also be a product defect.

Do not worry about revealing defects.

It is true that there are people who care about product defects and bullying you. That doesn’t mean they won’t buy your product. They just need to be concerned about their needs.

If you can meet them, you can still sell them. And if that makes you feel overwhelmed, consider it a way to filter the customers your store needs.

Only potential customers generate revenue and profit for you only.


  1. Use software to feature your content online.

After finishing the content, the next your king needs to have splendid clothes, beautiful houses, with the support of the people, courtiers, cronies and customers.

Similarly, you need the support of the support software to be able to attract visitors to the website.

I usually use Woocommerce + WordPress platform.

So I temporarily divided it into two main software that is the theme and the plugin.


+ About the theme, it is clothes, decorating the house for the king. So the effective theme is the theme that will help display the content effectively. Also optimize the loading speed of your page.

Designing complementary content means creating a good user experience in terms of aesthetics and usability.

That is the benefit that users get when using search engines, filtering price comparisons, reading your product page and reviewing reviews.

The complementary design of content will also make the site easy to navigate, finding the right product they need.

It highlights the products you need to sell.


About the plugin:

The expansion pack of the website will create the desired functions of users such as: Zoom products, compare, chat directly with sellers.

Display store address.

Speed ​​up the website, search effectively on mobile when the search function of the current theme is no longer effective.

– Optimize your title with the Thrive comment plugin

– Calculate the duration of reading your article with Time to read. Help save time for customers.

– Optimize SEO standard posts of bUse Yoast SEO or Rank Math SEO


Effective display before and after using your product.


Note: This can apply to SEO and Google ads. But there will be a limit when you use too much on Facebook ads.


  1. Extension of payment and shipping functions

That is also what users want.

Because everyone hates having to do too many operations. Many complex steps.

Especially mobile users who are notoriously impatient. Due to the effect of small screen and FOMO effect of other content on social networks.


– They will want to pay quickly, conveniently and safely with features such as:

– Support auto-fill home address.

– Own numeric keypad for entering specifications or filling credit cards on phones.

– Confirm payment by reputable organizations such as paypal, e-wallet, strip, authorize. Etc.

– Have an SSL certificate that protects their information


About shipping:

You’ll need to note features like flexible shipping charges with a calculator for users right on the site.


If you want Free shipping please inform that it is free shipping. Or the price includes free shipping. Simply because customers do not want to have additional costs incurred when receiving goods. Exceeded their original budget.


  1. Regular customer care through social listening and email marketing


You may be surprised to learn that 68% of customers will leave a brand if they find the business indifferent. Not interested in their needs.

And you also see that your customers buy right away at the time you advertise because they already hate that supplier. Just before there was no better option.

Therefore, retaining customers is also keeping the cash flow in your business flowing continuously.

There are two main forms that are

Through social listening (social listening)

Via email marketing, chat bots and remarketing of advertising platforms.

Of course the first way will be the raw material for you to be effective the second way.

You can collect emails to recover abandoned shopping carts.

By tools like Woocommerce Unadd to email cart.

Or Jit plugin of Jit company.


But you still need to do social listening by setting up live chat. On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, reply to comments on Youtube.

Install chat bot if necessary.

Most small business owners only do to recover abandoned cart. Forget that they also need to cross-sell, sell more, sell combos via email marketing to optimize conversions. And reduce your advertising and SEO costs.

So to be successful you need to do two things:

1, Make social listening using tools like Sprout, Klout.

  1. Improve weekly relationships via email and chat bot

Details of implementation will be I show you through the posts on this blog

  1. Conclusion

Optimizing website conversion is essentially finding ways to sell more products to more customers at a higher price on your website. With the least resources that bring the highest efficiency. In that pillar is content marketing. Combined with software that supports content highlighting, billing and sales.

This article hopes to show you the thinking and action to optimize conversions on your website.

While ensuring that you bring true value to your customers. In order to build their long term relationship. That is how to use LTV (lifetime value of customers) effectively.


However this. It cannot be done quickly. You will need to make many small changes little by little then measure it. From there can increase conversion rates to be high.

Therefore, in this blog, I will show you the tips that I have accumulated during website creation and advertising for businesses.

Maybe the number of posts is small because I focus on quality, not on quantity.

Like most websites do just to sell software through affiliate marketing. (Actually, I also include affiliate marketing links in my articles and videos. But those are the software that I have used for my client’s website. Or research carefully before using. .

Thank you for following posts here.


Do you have any feedback please comment below. I am happy to answer your questions.


See you in the article about conversion optimization on the website. To increase sales, leads and conversion for your business.

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