5 types of videos you need to do if you want to increase sales on yourwebsite, landing page

5 types of videos you need to do if you want to increase sales on your website, landing page

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this is the sequel to a series of articles on content for your eCommerce website.

In the previous article, we together learn about 4 types of images that help the website sell more goods without writing lengthy paragraphs.

If you have not seen it, you can read it at the link below.


Today you will join me in discovering in detail 5 types of videos you need to make on the website to increase the number of orders you have.

If you are interested in video, I don’t need to talk about the power of video marketing, video sales anymore.

It is too useful for my client’s business. When there are only images with text, the number of customers is less. But simply adding a video to your blog post increases the time customers spend on the site by 85%. This means that the number of leads or orders will increase proportionally with the time they spend on the website.

But also like the photo. It’s not that you just make many videos to sell. That’s only true in the first phase. With 100 videos full of sales videos, users are discouraged. It is obvious that you lose interaction.

So you also need a list of video formats that have proven to be effective.

After nearly 2 years doing video ads on YouTube, Facebook, I have drawn up a list of effective video formats.

Especially for the furniture industry, technical information products, investment finance…

Generally high priced products.

But there are 5 types of videos that help customers stay and convert into leads or sales.


    1. Product video review


    1. Video Unboxing and video close-up


    1. Video How to


    1. Video FAQ ( answer the question Frequency )


    1. Video comparion product


Click on each image to see details about:

– Benefits of each video type

– When to do.

-And use it for which category is the most effective.

But is there really a need for all 5 types of video?

I guess not because it’s not all products we can put up.

But you should have at least 2 types of images: professional and realistic.

Because it plays a crucial role in making the client believe that you are professional. Sell professional products.

Since then, you can sell at high prices.

Now you know what types of photos to take to convert visitors into buyers.

But now you are wondering whether to buy or hire a photographer.

As each of us now, even those who are reading this article, have a high-quality camera phone.

What to hire for money.

Remember like the page.


    1. Product review video

      Objective reviews of your products. With certain advantages and disadvantages, whether to buy or not. What to pay attention to when buying a product. Generally, customers tend to buy the product after watching the video.

      5 types of videos you need to do if you want to increase sales on yourwebsite,
      5 types of videos you need to do if you want to increase sales on yourwebsite 1. video review
    2. Customers today increasingly trust product video reviews on YouTube. Rather than being naive, believe in the advertisements of companies anymore. So the search for product name + review continues to grow. And there is no sign of stopping.
      So you should do this right away. How to create a Product review video This video has always worked for your business.


    1. You can even make a video review on your own youtube channel, fan page. To advertise as my business client did.
      See the photo below.
      However, its limitation is that it cannot run ads. Because it will lose the objectivity of the video.- Product comparison videos also bring in high sales for your product. When the customer has a need to buy the product. But I don’t know how to choose. Among dozens of brands, they trust KOLs or advertisers themselves who dare to compare their own two products.
      – This I have done and highly effective. Can do advertising.
      -Of course, you can do video reviews in many different ways.
      such as :

    2. – Send products to KOLs, influencers for them to use, and give you feedback. 1 expert opinion has more convincing weight for your ad.
      – Send gifts, ask your loyal customers to review the product
      – Hire video reviewers on Fiverr. Well again, Fiverr. The beauty of these platforms is that. If you ask them to use the product and then evaluate, you will have a more honest review


    1. How-to video: If this video does well, it increases the credibility of your expert a lot. The rate of click-up on How to heading is 72%. 

      It can generate traffic, leads, or even orders.
      Because many people who watched the instructions could not see it, they should watch the video again. Then buy.
      In that, the two types of content, product reviews, and comparison and How-to video are the two with the most views and the most video viewing time. On Youtube and Facebook.

    2. How big videos are effective for the following reasons:
      1. Personalization based on customer needs. Everyday users search on Google, youtube thousands of different How to questions.
      Their aim is to find a solution to their personalization problem.
      2. Increase trust
      When they consider you an expert, the client’s confidence will increase.
      So how big videos or articles can both increase views, traffic can increase leads or sales as well.
      3. This video format is suitable for the information industry.
      Specifically, this group classifies products and services that consumers need to think carefully before buying because the products and services are relatively complex and high-risk.
      Take a few examples: insurance, B2B products, real estate, financial packages, or products that cost a lot, but only once or twice in a lifetime, etc.
      In order to make a purchase decision for the products and services in this group, shoppers often need to find out a lot of relevant information: from the detailed description, comparing other products to reviews for users.
      This will not only help businesses increase brand reputation but also help create a bold impression in the eyes of consumers. This is extremely important when a statistic shows:
      71% of consumers believe it is very important to recognize a brand before making a purchase decision
      As with financial and real estate products, no matter how much you learn, you will still need a consultant to help you understand thoroughly the product and close the deal.
      It’s also the type of video that drives your sales.


    1. video answering customer questions

      When will you need this video.?
      And need to do with empty grouping.?
      These are the two questions you need to answer if you want to make a successful sales video.
      The answer is when you have been selling for a while. Because then you will be able to receive customer feedback. To get the data that makes the video content appealing to customers. Questioners can watch your answer video. They also may not watch. But it will also give you credibility.

    2. You can also collect frequently asked questions to make and answer videos. This will help your video get more organic outreach. Better for SEO.
      You need to work with high priced products. Information products. The group where customers need a lot of time to make a decision by watching many videos, reviews, and store policies. Examples: real estate, finance, investment, education, B2B products, furniture, housing design, construction, home repair services, legal, etc.
      These customers have a high demand for the information they want to receive.
      When you watch this video, they will have confidence in your channel. Since then, the act of following, subscribing to a channel, and clicking like arises. Share video to save. Or spread it to their friends on social media.
      And most importantly, fill out the contact form. To become your warm then hot customer.
      They will buy from you.
      When I make a video answering a customer’s question about a selling furniture product. Then spend more money advertising for it, the number of views increases. And the video viewing time has also increased. This leads to a low dropout rate. CHANNEL receives more subscriptions.
      So let’s do it. Because very few people do this.
      You don’t have to be in front of the camera. Just shoot the product and say it.
      With tangible products.
      Please print it out: for example, if you do insurance, print the insurance policy. Then just turn that, answer the question is done.
      Is this difficult?
      Not difficult at all.
      If this is too difficult for you. Then you can make your own 2D animation explanation video. Or rent on Fiverr.
      The important thing is whether you want to do it or not. If you want me to be sure you already have a solution.
      If you don’t want it, no matter how many documents you read. See how many articles are the same.


    1. Product comparison video

      This is the hardest video format to make. But for the highest efficiency.
      It affects confused customers. Do not know which product to buy suitable for their needs.
      After watching the video, they will know how to choose.
      That is the needs of the viewer.
      So this video was born to meet this need.
      The conversion rate is very high. Because the customer is ready to buy.
      But why do I say it is difficult.
      Because of :
      Video makers need to be as objective as possible.
      Biasing one product will create negative consumer feelings towards the video. Get them to press dislike buttons or comment negatively on your product.
      – Requires extensive knowledge about the different needs of customers. About the product.
      – Requires experience with both products. Or also know how to synthesize diverse information on the internet. Make the video the most informative for viewers.
      – Criteria for evaluation are required. Otherwise, you will fall into a boring trap. Only say general similarities and differences. It is very difficult to convince customers.
      This should represent you as an expert to make that assessment. Of course, it cannot guarantee 100% of the customer’s needs, but it will also deliver it to the user. The most authentic information is possible about the product


    1. Unboxing video or close-up video

      Close-up video of products, especially unboxing type, also brings curiosity to customers and sales for you. But only works for small, low-priced products.
      As for large products, this is replaced by a product close-up video.
      In my opinion, you should only make a few types of images, videos in the article that are selling goods like hotcakes.




    1. I also think so, especially since I am also good at engineering and technology. in the pastBut now I have a different point of view. About hiring or taking a selfie.And the answer will be in the next post in the series: increasing conversions with only photos + videos.See you in the next videos and articles on this page.Click on the page to read more articles on this topic.



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