7 Simple steps to write a description help you increase sale

7 Simple steps to write a description help you increase sale
7 Simple steps to write a description help you increase sale
7 Simple steps to write a description help you increase sale
7 Simple steps to write a description help you increase sale

There are things that seem simple but make a great decision on the psychology of consumer purchases that you easily overlook, which is writing a product description.

What would customers want to read when buying an online product?

Many online businesses only focus on how to advertise their products to attract more purchases, and the “Product Description” section for them merely provides the necessary information for the product. So among hundreds of types of products that are similar in nature and value to use, what factors determine which customers will choose to buy your product, instead of the competitors?

Example: I want to buy Apple AirPods 2 Bluetooth Headset but don’t have time to go to the store, so I decided to find an online shop to order. I searched 2 shops A and B with the product description like this:

— Shop A: “Apple has really driven customers around the world when it launched the AirPods 2 headset line with many advanced smart improvements. Products are assessed to have many upgrades and features to bring interesting experiences to users. Specifications: Weight – Dimensions – Connection – Time to use. Compatibility….

— Shop B: “Apple AirPods 2 wireless headset is always an indispensable accessory for many Apple devotees, because of its convenience as well as the extremely intelligent features that it brings. Certainly have headphones on your ear that will master everything from daily life to everyday work, what is better than Apple AirPods, let us explore right below.

Machine details: Weight – Dimensions – Connection – Time to use. Network connection required…
– Designed extremely luxurious by Apple.
– Fully automatic turn on, fully automatic connection.
– Easily set up Apple devices.
– Quick access to Siri by speaking into Hey Hey Siri or the double-tap setup.
– Double-tap to play and transfer a track.
– Fast charging in any case or case capable of being charged wirelessly using Qi-compatible charging mats and with Lightning connector.
– Clear sound and voice quality clear.

Currently, Apple AirPods 2 is being sold at shop B with extremely preferential prices in the market in Vietnam. What are you waiting for, come to us to enjoy dedicated customer service and professional experience, and experience the most advanced technology products in the world? ”

===> Clearly, product description of shop B is easier to attract me, gives me more emotion with the features and benefits I get when using the product, 90% I will choose to buy at the shop B.
Lesson learned from the example above: The words you describe the product are the messages you send to your customers so they can evaluate and decide to buy your product or not.

Consumers are getting more and more intelligent and they are becoming more fastidious, with a more cautious mentality for online products. Because they only see your product on the laptop screen without direct contact, they will not be afraid to take the time to carefully read the product description before making a decision. Short, well-written product descriptions and emotional riches will stimulate higher customer demand and accelerate their purchase.

1. Identify the target customer portrait

David Meerman Scoot, a world-leading expert in online communication strategy planning, said that “Identifying the correct customer portrait will help you not to fall into a state of“ fortune tellers watching elephants ”. make the product description content less appealing to the target customer ”.

Before writing a product description, you need to imagine in your mind all the characteristics of a customer who will be interested in your product (who they are, gender, age, interests, …). This will help you know what your customers have preferences, which makes them go to the action of pressing the purchase button, or how their mood changes (skepticism, abandonment, etc.) ). In particular, you need to know the online/offline purchasing habits of customers, understanding the problem of why they want to buy online will help you make the goal of writing a product description more clearly.

2. Have a specific outline and agreement before writing

Whether you choose it to be a short article, or a long article, writing a product description is that we are producing content to create value that is useful to users. The more content is edited, the more logical the layout will help readers understand your product. Therefore, you need to spend time building outlines for product description articles before you start writing. The outline will create a solid framework for all the issues that need to be presented, and help save time writing and transmitting the necessary information to customers in a systematic manner.

The outline is usually built by online shop owners including:
• General description
• Condense Technical scores, parameters: date of manufacture, expiry date, source of goods, ingredients …
• Benefits of using the product
• Incentives, promotions
• Some other information such as delivery fees, shipping time …

3. Principle of K.I.S.S

The Keep It Short & Simple principle carries the message: Keep it short and simple.

Most of the products displayed on online sales sites focus on “show off” features, qualities, specifications, … to show the outstanding value of the product and impress. statues in the eyes of consumers. But is that what they are really looking for? Of course, basic information about the product is indispensable, but customers will put more of their minds on how they benefit from the product than its technical features. Moreover, if the product information is too long, will they be patient enough to see it all?

The KISS principle will help us refine the necessary information and write them in a concise, full-fledged way so that readers can both grasp the information and not feel overwhelmed by the description of the full technical data. You can combine with images to make it more vivid.

4. Select a product introduction tone

When all the ingredients: identifying customer files, product information, ideas, outlines are well-prepared, it’s time to take steps to decide how much your content will attract. Click purchase. Intro tone, the product description is the emotional element you create for the reader. This will show the difference between you and your competitor. It greatly determines the buying psychology of consumers and is one of the few factors that make an unforgettable impression on their subconscious mind.

A dull, lifeless product description is certainly hard to stimulate the shopping psychology of customers. But if you use attractive words, personality and a bit of humor will help readers comfortable, easy to make decisions “spending money” on purchases.

5. Write the first product description draft

The task of writing the first draft will not be difficult when you have identified the customer portrait and content writing ribs. The first thing to do is to take the time to review the list of benefits, features, goals, objections (if any), and arrange them in a scientific order so that customers are easy to follow and easy. most receptive.

Please write with all your feelings and enthusiasm for the product, use the most natural tone, do not be too exaggerated. Flattering too much of the product will create a backlash to customers and lose their trust. It’s best to stick to the true value of the product and highlight it appropriately.

In addition, you need to convey the most understandable and truthful information to customers when reading, can visualize how your product works and how to use it. This is the mindset you need when you start writing a product description with a mind and a desire to provide an enjoyable experience for users.

6. Reread the content and edit

You have finished writing an article describing the product, it is still not called complete. In order for the post to be organized and logical, you need to read your text over and over again and edit the “not smooth” places. What to do when you read that sentence, you feel it does not stumble, not awkward, smooth, your customers will easily understand the content you present. Check every detail, from the content, the product benefits, the emotional circuit of the article to the sentences, and words that are grammatically correct, correctly spelled, and coherent. Make sure the final version is the perfect version from layout to content delivery.

7 Optimize product descriptions on search engines.

Optimizing content on search engines means you need to use the words that customers often search on Google when you want to know about the product. To do this, you should:
• Limit the use of technical terms, only when the target customer also uses the words.
• Use key phrases in image titles, alt tags, and image descriptions to optimize images and illustrations for products and services.
• Put keyword phrases into the main title, subheadings, and body of the post in a harmonious manner.
• Describe products in bulleted form, avoiding lengthy or lengthy lists or descriptions.
• Use large fonts to make it easier for customers to read.
• Add lots of white space to avoid glare.

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