8 reasons why you still need a website or blog for your business

Today the website is no longer as hot as before due to the steady rise of Facebook with  2,6 billion users. This social network has been growing to the point that it can crush google rivals in advertising. Shortly, no one will pour innocent money to focus on marketing for the website.

However, the site is still chosen by small shop owners to make sales websites, as well as build their brand. Along with the development of affiliate marketing, in 2015, the total amount of affiliate networks paid to marketers amounted to 6.7 billion USD. So in the future, you will still need websites for the following principal reasons.


1, You need a website to showcase your company’s products

That is inevitable. You can run Facebook ads to target customers, but you can’t just spend money on advertising to find new customers and still be useful. Many times customers ask a product that you have not found on the fan page, then the website is an important place for you to pitch your product better than Facebook. Moreover, on Facebook, you can only find individual customers because people go to Facebook to entertain themselves so that people buy things unconsciously as individuals. And for business customers, they rarely have time to go to Facebook to read the notification or see a message. Psychologically when spending money for commercial purposes, investors will take a closer look at each detail, not just the flashy advertising posts on Facebook.

2, You need a website to make a brand for individuals and companies.

In 2001 the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs predicted that computers would become the center of the digital revolution. He was right to move from hardware to translation that Apple could provide to customers when everything the company produced had to run through computers to copy soundtracks and games. can be used. Likewise, personal branding experts think that a website or blog will be the center of personal branding and that it will interact with the most potent and constant users over time. While you must post continuously to keep your presence from drifting out of the timeline, an article when posted a long time ago still someone will find you on google to read and comment. According to google calculations, the more posts you have, the longer you can keep users from 51 posts. You will not worry if the user just looks at a paragraph and then drags the newsfeed down again, or a sudden message distracts the user.

3. The Website will help you become an expert in a particular field.

I used to be a collector of many ways to make money online. Still, basically, there are only 3 legitimate ways to get rich: One is to become the best diligent employee in every position in the company. Then you will be hired as a director with a high salary along with some shares of the company. The other is to become a startup entrepreneur, overcome many difficulties and become a millionaire when the company issues stocks on the market. Third, to become an expert in providing an online or offline service. The first two ways are the easiest, but it takes a lot of time, and one requires you to continually risk to succeed. And becoming an expert is a combination of both. It’s both hard and smooth. Because you don’t need 10,000 hours of training as Malcolm Glasswel says, you just need to be an expert in the minds of your customers. However, this speciality is not natural because you need to share continuously not only on Facebook but also on the website and youtube gradually, so your reputation can make customers come to you. And there have been many examples of people becoming professionals thanks to a blog or a YouTube channel with a web on a computer like Michell Phan.

4. Managing a blog/website will help you learn many skills at work.

There is a very accurate comparison that an older brother in the online business field told me. Running a website is like running a business. In the primitive time,


you need to build it, the nothing, boring and boring place becomes a vibrant, happy place everyone wants to go. You use almost 4 business tetrahedra in website management. From technical knowledge, programming to marketing, sales, and time management skills, when there are customers, they must take care of customers to maintain their loyalty. In a nutshell, just go ahead, and you will have a lot of skills that a business owner needs to be successful in the future.

5, You can create sustainable sources of passive income through blog / website

There are up to 5 passive income sources you can create with just one blog/website like selling advertising space, selling sponsored text links, and selling products to others with affiliate marketing, selling your products and services… Teaching online g. Online writing PR articles for products or services of other companies. You will find this is the path to financial freedom to help you achieve independence in the long run because 99% of our problems are related to money. When you eliminate the money problem in your life .. You will find that you completely solve health problems and problems. Relationship.

6, This is also your digital assets and assets in the network world.

In 2014 the famous V blogger died of Shinoda. But his legacy is the youtube channel, and the articles written about him are still there. Your video will always have a lot of viewers watching your family still get a high income. His mother will still be able to see him smiling in the video. People will miss you when you die. Review his videos and grieve. So it can be said that he did not wholly leave this life but still leave an inheritance and help others. How would our life be if we just finished studying and working, getting married? Take care of that small family. You are no different from other species that require such enjoyment. This question got me thinking a lot and decided to create this blog to write this article. You are also watching your heritage.

7. Blog/website to help you have many new quality relationships.

Look at the perspective of the seller.

Your blog and then, of course, you will participate in sharing sessions, seminars of bloggers, and internet marketing people. At first, you were just an attendee, but you already have friends at the same level and level with me at this time. You will only be able to sell cheap products to customers. In the future, your reputation will increase thanks to the income and love of your readers so that you can access more quality relationships. The more you value at this time, the higher the price of the items you sell. Of course, your relationship is not worth the money, but it is worth promoting, giving you the opportunity to get rich in the present and the future. Your home will now get more visitors thanks to the appreciation of other celebrities and experts. At this point, you only need to focus on your expertise and relationships to continue to be successful, not chasing customers.

8, Website works when the home application funnels into making internet marketing.

In 2016, the secret book dot com will be launched and will forecast the status of the funnel home to install to attract and filter potential customers. There are many tools to do this with simple, easy-to-use advantages like Getresponse, first page, Instapage, Clickfunnel, and Infusionsoft. You can even sell immediately with a sales funnel. So the question is, what do you need a website for. In my opinion, the site is still essential because psychologically, customers are not enough to heat to buy your products. So, in addition to the pre-written copy of the email, you will need to write articles and to create credibility for customers that I still update the information to receive feedback from you.

Above are eight reasons you need to have yourself a blog that I wrote from my experience. You can comment on to discuss with me on this topic. I applaud the spirit of debate but do not accept bricks in any way.

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