8 things before you spend money on ads to save thousands of dollars/month.

How furniture businesses can sell on the website without wasting money for paid ads.

 8 things before you spend money on ads to save thousands of dollars/month.

    If you are struggling with an e-commerce website, especially in the furniture industry.

 You work forever without making money. 

You’ve spent thousands to tens of thousands of dollars on advertising. Without converting visitors into leads.

You think you’ve targeted the wrong customer.


You think your ad copy isn’t working. Even though you copied from your competitors, from the best advertisers.

But still no success. Then the biggest reason may just be that you have not made an effective website or landing page.

 In other words, your website is not ready for paid advertising. Which you rushed into advertising after hearing the success story of your neighbor or your college classmate. Did successful advertising and made hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Well, stories like that I heard a lot on the internet. And from interior customers, do advertising, website design, copywriting.


And I think they didn’t check carefully, but if they did, it would cost a lot of money as a result.

After reading this article, you will know how to do it more effectively.

Here are 8 specific categories that you need to do

Ah, forgot, this post was inspired by this guy’s video. You can see it below.

I already added more.

  1. Must have a specific offer, product, or service,

 or 1 Magnet lead, gift. But it is not possible to only direct traffic from the ad to the homepage.

Yet I still see many sites like this that run ads on the homepage. Or the product category page.

How furniture businesses can sell on the website without wasting money for paid ads
How furniture businesses can sell on the website without wasting money for paid ads

 When doing ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram.

I understand the thinking behind doing this is if you bring 1 product to 100 people to see. Then there is only the opportunity to sell to 5-10 people.

 Because there will be many people who do not like that 1 product. So giving users more products, more people will buy.

Not to mention many products, it will help users freely choose. And importantly, the more products are displayed.  

The more trustworthy customers feel like a real-life furniture supermarket.

But, in reality, this is an illusion. Because no matter how hard you try.

Applying all beautiful designs, applying technology to bring customers a majestic e-commerce store.

It is also not a substitute for a real-life buying experience. With a big store in real life.

So, users’ attention on the internet is completely different from when they are in real life. When they are in your store, you have the full attention of the customer.

But when on the internet. They are easily distracted by messages and social media announcements. Or e-mail notifications to their inbox.

But, today’s customers are smarter. They are willing to survey prices to know if your product price is the cheapest with just a few mouse clicks.

Besides, your product page looks boring. Which then has a better ad competitor than you are they will jump off your page in no time.

, what’s more, important is that today’s users have to see so many ads that they’re over-realized. According to statistics, users in North America in 2019 saw up to 10,000 advertising messages on the network every day.

As a result, they will feel bored and tired. So they want marketers to bring them personalized products that work for them.

Of course, you can say: Attract them to the homepage, the product category page, and then encourage the customer’s search. Wouldn’t it be better?

I agree this works well because people who search on the site are 200% more likely to buy than people who don’t search the site.

But that’s not really easy. What will you do to motivate them to search on the site?

 If there are too many products. But in their head, they have no idea about the product at all.

And if that happens, you need to know that the customer at that time has a specific intention. With specific keywords from before entering your page.

But few people go there to find products. And in that, they have no purpose at all.

So this method is only suitable for Google advertising or organic marketing SEO only. It is not suitable for social media advertising.

Whereas with a product, a specific offer will drive more traffic and conversions than nothing.

The success of Dropshipping businesses with Facebook ads and 1 product.

This is the clearest proof of the success of this mindset.

When you have a successful offer 1, you will also create offer 2 for customers.

It’s better than trying to sell the whole store without knowing which products are selling well.

That means you don’t know why you failed either.


2. Intuitive design is eye-catching, easy on the eyes, easy to navigate.


The purpose of this is to help customers easily find what they need without having to spend a lot of effort. Specifically, the color must have a contrast with the main color of an online platform. For example, you will need a different color to stand out from Facebook’s blue. Fonts must be different too

If this example is difficult to understand. Put yourself in the shoes of the user.

When shopping for furniture. You will prefer a store with many people coming in, 

sitting on cushions, touching the dining table, is or a shop without people.

Of course, it’s the first one, isn’t it? Same on the website. If the image on the website depicts a happy, satisfied state when using a customer’s product. Or simply a woman/man sitting on that chair. Then, a smile will make the user feel impressed and attracted immediately. Because that way it feels almost like buying in real life.

And here are some simple ways to have a visual design

  1. Navigation bar (Menu Bar).

The menu bar will help customers quickly find what they need.

Leave the menu bar in “sticky” mode. That is, stick hard at the top, when pulled down, it is still visible.

Eg: this menu of Wary Parker 

Simple and Short

Next, do not put too many things on the menu, because it is easy to distract people.


I know it’s a billion-dollar brand, but I don’t like this menu bar.

There are too many distractions, and some of them are superfluous.

With a basic store, all you need is Logo, products, about, contact, cart, and account.

  1. Top image – Hero Shot.

When people visit the Homepage, Hero Shot is the first image they see. So Hero Shot is very important.

Hero Shot is like the cover of a book. If the cover image is not interesting, then the user will not interested to buy the book.

The formula is simple: Photo of a person using the product in a “dream scene”.


Here’s a Hero Shot from Gymshark.

Hot girl, blonde hair, fit body is wearing Gymshark brand clothes.

And you also see that this is a high-class, modern, professional gym. Remember, the image needs to be a “dream scene”.

Well, that’s what gave this company a $1.2 billion valuation in that market.

I’m not wearing a Gymshark outfit, but it’s probably just Chinese. They don’t compete with the quality of clothing. Gymshark understands that they have to focus on helping customers feel “cool”.

A company like Uniqlo is focusing on the technology side because they develop very interesting things.

And this is from Bonobo.

A handsome guy with a shirt. With the windy blue sky background, the fluttering sleeves create a sense of adventure and summer travel.

This is from Patagonia:

Very cool, isn’t it?

Hero Shot embodies the lifestyle.

It is imperative to have quality photos with high resolution so that users can see clearly.

Don’t just show off the product, take a photo of someone using it.

Use concise, stylish text. Don’t scare customers with lengthy texts.

The goal is to make an impression on the brand. The image evokes the goal that the customer wants.


One client is John, he doesn’t want to be a normal 35-year-old guy in business attire. He wants to be stylish, cool with clothes that make him look mature and mature.

I like BeardBrand’s style, they point to a link to a quiz site. And then recommend products to them.

3. Buy with emotion:

Because 95% of users decide based on emotions. Only then do we find intellectual evidence to support that decision. 

So, emotions will bring goodwill to customers. Let them accept to understand the benefits that your product or service offers. Bring them.

Here are the psychological barriers that need to be removed for customers before buying.

 Horizontal stripes – remove psychological barriers

After users impress with Hero Shot, it’s time to increase product value and remove barriers to buy.

You can use horizontal stripes.

There are two common types of barriers

  1 Horizontal stripe – benefits.

   2. social proof


1. Horizontal stripe – benefits.

Think about what the most basic barriers to buy are. Use horizontal stripes to quickly remove barriers.

For example, MVMT sells watches, their horizontal stripes are:

Notes: click on the image to enlarge me.

With a few simple sentences, they removed the following barriers:

   -Hmm, you don’t want to pay the shipping fee? No problem, we do free worldwide shipping.

    -Hmm, what if you are not satisfied with the product? You can return the item, free of charge.

   -Hmm, what if the watch breaks? We guarantee 24 months.

    -Hmm, what if my credit card information is revealed when making a sale? This site is 100% secure.


     2.  Social Proof (social proof)

 On average, a user will read about 5-10 reviews of a product/service before making a buy. Because no one wants to be the first to buy from you.

To receive the whole bitter fruit. Your website should have 3-5 reviews for a product. Reviews should be detailed and include the reviewer’s photo. This will build more trust for customers. More people have ordered

See how it works below on the e-commerce website in the image below

CTA: Call to action, should be large. And have a bold color (bold) website

5. Make your website load faster

As I mentioned above. Customers today don’t have much time to wait anymore. They want information as fast as instant noodles.

In just a few seconds, the website loads slowly. Is that you have lost but the customer That’s patience.

They will get out quickly. As a result, you will waste advertising money without converting it into leads.

According to statistics, for every 1 second of slow loading website, you lose more than 7% of potential customers.


6.  Show the number of people interested in this product. Or the number of products sold.

This method has long been applied by large e-commerce sites like Amazon, or Shopee

And I think you should also apply below.

Because no one wants to be a guinea pig. Nobody buys from an up-and-coming brand.

 Because they are afraid of encountering poor quality products, the reputation is not equal to the big companies.

That makes them want to both read reviews, look at the social proof, and want to know if the product is really good.

If so, why isn’t anyone buying?

So to clear those doubts of the customer you should show the user that.

Of course, I understand the social proof mentioned in the previous section. But it only appeared for a short time.

 That often doesn’t work. So it is necessary to put it on each product page. To create more credibility for customers.

If you use WordPress, you can choose from many plugins that support this.

7. Add a video to your product page.

It can be said that most of my interior marketing and advertising campaigns. All successful thanks to the video. It helps me increase customer retention on websites, reduce bounce rate.

Drive and direct customers to contact salespeople by calling and texting through those websites.

Although the customer may not see the entire video on the page. But just embedding that Youtube video on the page, even if the customer does not watch the entire video.

But then they go to Youtube and get recommendations from Youtube. And so they watch the video.

Thus, the Youtube channel has many views. From customers than visitors from Youtube back to the website. Like a cycle. That way you will attract customers to search on your site. Or contact you to buy.

There is a case where I did like this. In the afternoon I just added a video to the product page for a client. 

The item is a wine cabinet.

So that evening when I went back to check, 2 more potential customers called to buy the product after viewing the product page with the video.

This is a very effective way to sell.

I know, of course, that this is a case where this success is down to luck. Because my article has been SEO to the top for a long time.

At the same time, customers searching at that time need to buy. But still wondering.

So maybe after watching the video, they no longer wonder. They decide to buy.

This is true because furniture is a high-value item. I used to go through many customer messages.

 Came to us after they had surveyed the prices several times. Ask employees and store owners dozens of times. Then make a buy decision.

Because there are such difficult customers. So I just assumed.

You should add a video to convince this customer.

But, I’m not saying you should do this either. Because those easy-going customers don’t ask to watch the video.

It’s that having a video will be less effective in persuading customers than not having it.

I say this from my experience doing Youtube marketing for furniture businesses for the past 3 years.

My practices helped them get more orders.

As in this article.

My way of writing this product description on Youtube has helped him gets dozens of high-priced furniture orders every month

             Not just a theory like other agents and freelancers.


    You care about me doing this for you.

Maybe check the website for you.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, even though this is all the information you need to get started, there’s likely going to be a “lag time” as well.

Why this is, I’m not 100% sure, but nobody gets results with information (alone) right away.

Instead, there’s always that awkward stage, where you’re following the steps…

But have a smidge of uncertainty, asking yourself:

  • Do I have the right offer?
  • Do I have the right market?
  • Did I do this the right way?
  • Etc…

So to help you avoid that learning curve, something that takes months, if not years…

I’m currently opening packages about Google ads, Youtube marketing. 

If I’m being honest, this is likely something that’s going to blossom into something larger down the road.

I love Google ads and copywriting, but I kind of hit my cap on “done-for-you” work, so I’m pivoting and helping people this way.

Likely hire copy editors for other markets, but knew helping ads and copywriters would be the best start, as you know how to write (and I’ll just overview/advise changes)…

So that’s what brings me here today.

Like every other beta offer, prices are only going to go up, and you might have to work with sub coaches later on…

So if you’d like to learn more about an offer that literally pays for itself within the first 6 weeks (if not less), then here’s the:

Next steps

Step #1 — Please visit choice a solution in table price 


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Edit 5 image  

Content check

Website speed  

Analyze any 1 advertising campaign

Suggest about product page 


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Edit 10 images

Website speed  

4 Product page

Analyze any 2 advertising campaign


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Meta tags creation 

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Search volume analysis and local keyword targeting

Internal linking

8 product page 

Analyze any 3 advertising campaign

SEO Copywriting up to 1500 word 


Meta tags creation

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Google Search Console integration and remarketing, conversion 

Search volume analysis and local keyword targeting

Internal linking  

12 product page  

embed 1 video and 2 images on the product page 

Creat 1 thumbnail for video embed 

Analyze the fit between the ad and the landing page

Starting to do a lot more of my content on there, love the messenger communication, so please reach out at the link below

Choice a solution for your furniture store 

If you are not satisfied with the solution that I bring to you.
Please follow the next step

From there, when you do reach my messenger, we’ll go to:

Step #2 — Shoot me a quick message via Instagram 

For this message, it just needs to say:

“Hey Hau, read your article on website and Google ads, love to learn more”…

And after that, we’ll go to:

Step #3 — Give me a bit, wait for me to respond…

Thank for reading 

 And some information used  from the article of Charles Ngo

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