Are business owners really lazy to do content marketing?

Are business owners really lazy to do content marketing?

Hello friends.

In the post I go overboard about business owners making their content superficial. Or hiring a bad person leads to inability to sell products.

That’s because I’ve met people like that that I think wrong about them.

So after I wrote that article, I thought again: things are often not as simple as I thought. Think a little broader, more multidimensional, and you’ll see that they’re not.

In fact, I’ve also met many people who work hard at the content.

Are business owners really lazy to do internet marketing content?

Or write articles, take pictures and post them on social networks.

So I suddenly remembered a famous quote from Dale Canegie’s


How to Win Friends and Influence People in book: put yourself in their shoes.

Are business owners really lazy to do content marketing?

And I do that, not only that, but I also go to their factories, factories. Together they filmed and photographed. Just seeing that is not the case.

The real cause lies in the following three obstacles.

1. Don’t know how to do it

2. Too busy with work because having to do many things

3. Old age, afraid to change

4. There is no confidence in outsourcing


I will go with to analyze more carefully.


1. Don’t know how to do it

This is the most famous saying in the world. Whether you know how to do it or not, you are essentially right.

In the past, I didn’t know how to do it due to lack of information.

These days do not know how to do due to too much spam information on the internet. It requires patience and knowing how to search and learn intellectually to find it. How to do it.

After that, you have to study and work at the same time to be successful.

Before going to the city to study at university. I have read an article about 3 types of success. Which arranged in that order is:

The first is the person working while studying. Then the person who finished the new study. Finally, the new student finishes studying.


Rethinking my actions in the first 3 years after graduating from school. All fall into the third reason. And also the status of many graduates today.

That is after finishing school. It will be very safe, less risky. But the ability to apply from my own knowledge to experience takes time.

I also do not know why I succeeded or failed.


As for the bosses who are less educated, they have to work for a living to take care of themselves and their families. After they achieve a certain amount of accomplishment. Then it is okay to develop more. Should go to school. To connect what they do with what they do. To know the reasons why I succeeded and failed.


What about those who learn by doing:

those are the billionaires, millionaires all over the world. Some people open up, some people are silent. Some people are successful on big company positions. Someone went up to the wheeled trolleys on the street.


This is the most successful class of people. Because they both have practical skills and know. How to apply the practical knowledge flexibly in life and work.

And this is also the group with the most failures.


Your business and career all fall into one of three reasons for this success.


Because of that, the solution is extremely simple.

Step 1: You need to realize how you have done it so far.

To have an effective way to learn. There is no better way. Only suitable or not suitable only. But the sadness is: Most people would rather die than not think. ” Betrand Russell

But if you spend a certain amount of time this week. Only 30-1h. Do not use computers, phones ,. Just use paper and pen and you will gradually realize how you are doing.


Step 2. Find out how to learn and work for yourself.

Hiring also needs to learn. Otherwise, it’s all about throwing money through the window. Make revenue loss.


Step 3: Share, summarize what you already know, think and experience it.



2. Too busy to do a lot of work.


There is a saying: the busier the poor, the richer the leisure.


Talk about dandruff and poor time management.



The more busy the person, the poorer the person. Because he does too much. Unnecessary. Doesn’t lead to their sales.

In this case, he is both a salesman and a product packer. Just work as a marketing staff. Take photos, write articles, record videos, livestream.

As a result, the quality of each job is not high. He still has sales. But it’s low and low. That’s why he is only thinking of a way to shock discounts up to 70%.

But such a reduction will not make any profit, it is unlikely that.. The customer will come back or accept to buy more goods. They don’t have enough faith in him.


As said the busier the poorer. Because he was not working properly. So what he needs to do is to out the work. Limit time-consuming work. Focus on doing the things that increase sales like marketing and sales. Learn how to outsource effectively.


3. The age barrier makes entrepreneurs unable to renew their thinking about marketing

Did you know: more than 50% of business people in the United States have an average age of 51 years old.

These are small and medium enterprises in America.

They are born and raised people up in the traditional marketing era. With newspaper, radio and television, advertisements banners, panels, lifts offline in real life.

But these means have become ineffective. When customers the same age as them go online to shop.

They want to convert online. But afraid to change because it impedes your age, health and creativity.

Outsourcing is also afraid of being deceive

In fact, along with the doctor, this is an easy target for bad guys to take advantage of. The ignorance of these entrepreneurs.

Make them lose confidence in online marketing units, advertising agencies, professional freelancers.


But, there are still people aged up to 65 years old still working effectively on the internet. I’m not talking about the famous experts you see on youtube like: Frankern, Grant done, Gary Vaynechuck etc …


On Youtube I also see many old men in their 60s but they still make youtube videos.

Still know the Fanpage post to sell.

Know how to take photos

Do not know how to take pictures, then hire. Learn to trust outsiders, experts in their fields.

They can still sell.

The age barrier does not make them step back. But also used it to create the foundation for his success. Their reputation with online community is higher than that of young people.

So everything is just on your mind. The longer your soul can be creative, you can still be creative.

Overcoming difficulties caused by the medical crisis and economic crisis.


In fact, no matter how political society all happens. Then you can still sell successfully. As long as you still deliver value to your customers. Through your products and services.



Through this article I have shared with you 3 reasons:

why content marketing business owners are not effective. At the same time, I also share solutions to help you overcome difficulties in this turbulent era.

Stay calm, continue to believe in yourself.

Build customer relationships through content marketing.

You can do it. You just need to do it.

Good luck.

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