[Case study] Selling an additional 10000 orders when everyone thinks the product is saturated!

Enough Information => Conversion will be higher!

[Case study] Selling an additional 10,000 orders when everyone thinks the product is saturated!
👏 Achieved results: the price of a phone number decreased from 80k to <40k, and sometimes it was 10k-20k.
Latch rate: 90%
Return rate: 6%
This article is simply rewriting the story of how I ran this campaign for a friend of mine to get 10k orders in 2 months with a cheap product (good upscale).
In this campaign, I have deployed to a client, and this friend is having 3 problems.
And with this way of running, we discuss together to thoroughly solve all 3 problems.
☝️ Problem # 1: the product is simply an instep pad, the benefit of using here is: wearing it so that your feet are comfortable.
I do not want to use the word insight, because I do not understand very well, here I only use the word “hit on the benefits that customers need/want”, that is “wear it smoothly”, then sell for a while (a lot of people who run the same product) is nearly unsold.
-> Solve problem 1: with the same product, it is completely possible to exploit other benefits, but the product features do not change, this is the mindset!
We renamed the product “medical night”, the implication of which was to bring in to avoid defects when wearing high heels, to avoid foot disease, causing loss of aesthetics.
In essence, it is still quiet, but when renaming the product, it becomes more luxurious, and the customer sees a different perspective on product benefits.
✌️Problem 2: when running ads the old way (running mess to get inbox, and making comments), customers ask a lot of other information about the product.
Because the Facebook post cannot cover all (too long), the lack of product information and the reputation of the seller leads to the price to issue a fairly expensive application 60k-80k / single (the product is quite cheap, <40k it is acceptable).
Customers ask a lot, do not buy => Poor data!
-> Solve problem 2: we decided to make the content and design a Landing Page to solve that problem, we believe that on the Landing Page, the product information and the reputation of the seller will be more complete.
Furthermore, all the original product views we thought of in problem (1) are also presented at Landing Page in a more intuitive, easy-to-understand way (images with a clear layout).
Enough Information => Conversion will be higher!

👌And unintentionally, the design of the Landing Page also solves problem No. 3: previously texted and commented a lot, caregivers were tired but did not issue an application, difficult to close, the rate of the drop was high.
Now, we switch to running conversion (no more messy interaction).
The result is: the price of a phone number has decreased from 80k to <40k, and sometimes it is 10k-20k.
Latch rate: 90%
Return rate: 6%
Selling an additional 10k units before the market is really saturated.
Orders come from Landing Page => Increase closing rate, decrease refund rate.

Another benefit of running the conversion with Landing Page is that we have enough customer info, and deliver the goods.
No need for time-consuming texting, leisurely operation and customer care, more efficient staff, more playful: v
It’s been quite a long time, although there are many “dark roots” that I want to show, to make it easy to follow, I will write more parts, and synthesize later!
Next article, I will analyze the content on the Landing Page, and how to create a good convertible Landing Page.
Or if you have a question about your product’s original thinking (finding out other benefits from the original benefits that product features bring), please leave a comment!
ps: I quickly note this article, if you miss a spelling, please ignore it for me: v or skim through, don’t read.

Source: Duong Trong Nghia


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