Complete guide on how to choose a theme for your online store.


Complete guide on how to choose a theme for your online store.

Whether you use Woocommerce platforms like me or your idol’s Shopify on Youtube.
Then you can choose the theme after reading this article without having to read tons of articles on Google or view dozens, hundreds of answers on Quora anymore.
Of course, I’m not saying that the articles on page 1 of Google or the answers on Quora are not worth reading. There are still excellent posts. Introduce your beautiful sales themes that focus on conversion. Help you retain users on your site.
I just noticed: After reading a lot of posts on Google and seeing many answers on Quora. Then I realized a common point of those articles is:
They introduce you to a lot of beautiful themes. There are many useful features.
But maybe your reading will end up in the same situation as me. It is finished reading but still does not know what theme to choose for your online store.

Note: Of course, this article will make you need to think a lot to answer my questions. It is not as easy to read as the list articles you read on Google and Quora. But it is to read. Because you will reduce headaches, saving time, and money for theme selection. To do other profitable work for your online store.

Or choose popular selling themes on ThemeForest. Like Flatsome or Avada with a hundred. I still do not know if it is suitable for your purpose or not.
Is there any surplus or missing? Eds of thousands and millions of copies sold.

So, what is the cause of that situation?
You might think that they introduced a long list. when you search for these keywords: theme for Shopify, the best theme for Shopify,eCommerce theme WordPress, best eCommerce theme WordPress, Best e-commerce theme for WordPress


Which are the 20 most beautiful sales themes? Then: “45 best selling themes for your online store.

25 Best Shopify Themes With Beautiful eCommerce Designs

That leaves you still struggling among a forest of options.
I agree because there was a scientist whose name I don’t remember saying: People only remember the best list of 7-9 items.”
Beyond that scope is too much information.
I agree with you, and this is what psychologists call the choice paralysis effect.
So on my blog. I only write articles in the form of a list of up to 9 items, like this article, for example.

But the most important thing that makes you do this is entirely different from what you think.

1. Thinking about the right theme
Because it’s not just buying the best selling themes on the market, you will succeed as they. It is to choose a theme that suits your wishes.
I think the biggest reason why you haven’t chosen a theme for your online store yet. That’s because you have these two misleading mindsets:
1. Do not know what your website and online store are for?
2. Think that design is more important than content. In other words: just do the design first, and then the content can be tucked in later.

Does it sound like a brain ache?
Now let’s get them out of your head together.
1. What is the purpose of making your website
Often I find the question that the person who asked that question earnestly wants to answer: Which theme is best for converting on WordPress, e-commerce store?
This proves that the askers are eager to find a good theme for selling on the site.
But some people do not know what you want in a website. Then you return to answer the classic question. A website designer will ask their customers. : Why do you need to make this website?

Back to the question of a theme that focuses on conversions.
You know, conversions have many forms such as:
– Sign up for the form
– Like, comment, share posts
– Video view duration, video views
– Purchase
– Product reviews

You must determine what conversion you want.
If you want a customer to sign up for a pre-sale form, then you need a landing page theme rather than a sales website. If you need to like, comment and share to increase brand recognition, and create social proof for your store. Then a blog-like theme for writers would be more appropriate.
But I know that once you ask that question, your goal is to sell. Is that right?
It is also the action that needs the most investment to make customers decide to spend money to buy your product.
To do this, you need to answer the question:
What makes customers spend money.
Is it because your design is gorgeous?
Although up to 75% of users will leave the site when your website has a bad design. That means 75% of the reputation of a website comes from web design. Simply said it is hard to see and difficult to use.
But that’s not the main reason why users buy from you. Take a look at the website of the Amazon giant. Most of the programmers, small business owners, and people with other aesthetic eyes. It is assumed that this website has Bad design.
But this doesn’t interest Jeff Bezos because it earned him the wealthiest person in the world with 113 billion dollars.
What Jeff and his colleagues care about is the customer shopping experience on the platform.
Yes, the better the customer experience is, the easier it will be for them to buy on your website. So that’s what you should focus on rather than finding high-converting website designs.
There is no theme that focuses on conversions as ads. It only works when combined with quality content. Combine the included features to make it easier for content to be displayed to customers. Payment is more convenient.
All these factors create a new user experience for your online store.
That leads to the first thing you need to do is change the mind about the content.

The most important thing I will tell you in the next section.
2. Think that design is more important than content.
In the website design profession that I have been doing, there are 2 popular schools:
– Beautiful design, then add content and edit gradually.

– Do the content first and then do the following design.
Most people, when doing web design, will choose so.
I used to be the same. When I started making websites for customers, I did the same thing for you. I just go online and spend a lot of time looking for beautiful sales themes, optimized for conversion.
In the end, I still chose the best selling theme on ThemeForest, Flatsome, to use for the customer’s website.
This method doesn’t just take me a lot of time. But also involves a lot of effort to edit the optimal interface for content. Every time customers request something, and they have to fix it or add it to suit it.
That’s like buying and wearing a shirt that is meant for thin people. But for an overweight person to wear. Then you will feel how tight it is.
Until I met a master selling online with Shopify, then I realized my mistake.
If doing the content first, then finding the right design is the best way. To create a website that is beautiful, standard, and functional enough.
To make it easier for you to imagine, I will take the example of product packaging.
Example: You are a packaging designer for a machinery manufacturing company. So, you will design the packaging to wrap the product first or make a product to design the packaging.

If you answer yourself or ask anyone who works in the design industry, he or she will surely answer that they will wait for the sample product before designing the appropriate packaging. No one will do the opposite. Because doing so is extremely tiring. You can’t design a package for a fantastic product.
Creating a website or blog is the same. The main interface is the packaging of the product. It has the effect of showing and highlighting the product. Therefore, designers need to understand the shape and features of the product to get consumers’ attention. From there you want to buy your product.

Please pay attention when next time convenience stores, supermarkets buy. Do you choose a beautiful design product that is empty inside?

So a good design is one that aims to highlight the content. Because customers buy primarily from the content you present, they also visit your site via ads or free traffic, but also to find information. Solutions and products that solve their problems.
So there will never be an excellent design to cover up the poor content inside.
In fact, after observing hundreds of websites in the last three years of businesses. Then I realize that the older the company, the more they care about themselves is the leading web design. They focus on highlighting their operating history, reputation, awards, and popularity. Not to serve customers. In short, they just talk about themselves on the homepage. And the product page is poor, causing customers to visit their website and then leave.

Whatever their design is SEO standard, beautiful for internet sellers. But the bounce rate is very high.

Then you should do the content first to convince customers. Then proceed to website design. Firstly, find out the needs of the visitors. What is yours? Then create your content (functions, drafts, images, etc.) and then start designing. That way, you make sure everything fits, and your design supports the content very well.
When writing content for sales, don’t forget to focus on customers. That means conducting content research first to understand what your audience wants from your product.
Now finding the right theme will be more comfortable.
To do content, you need to understand the customer.
I need to return to questions about customer portraits to answer.
– Who are your customers?
Where do they live?
– Their education level?
– What do they usually read and see?
– What problems do they encounter?
– What are their needs,
-Why do they buy your product or service and not someone else’s?
– What are they afraid of?
– How does your product or service make their life better?

As mentioned above, most organizations and individuals start from their perspective. They just want to show what they have. What they consider to be necessary. Like the classic call to buy: “Buy from me, don’t buy from A, B, C.” Any newcomer will have a job. Like Claude. B. Hopkins spoke in his book about advertising science.
But most customers are not interested. They only care about themselves.

So, in addition to doing the conversion that you want. Then do content, what you still need to convince customers to spend more money.

The answer is Intuitive navigation and exciting discovery.
According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, they define visualization as: “easy to learn or understand.” When visitors can do what they want on your site without having to spend a lot of unique manipulation or skills, your site is considered intuitive. It seems simple, but very few websites achieve this.

When a website (or even just a small portion of a site) is not intuitive, the user experience is affected. This is especially true in e-commerce.

Site navigation helps customers visualize your layout, they are in the women’s portfolio, so finding a related product such as women’s pants, scarves, and bracelets should be easy.

So what does the phrase that stimulates discovery to mean?

In my opinion, it is to support the search feature on the site to help customers as much as possible.
Did you know: People who search on your site are 200% more likely to convert to customers than people who visit your website to read your content.

Website design helps customers find products effectively. Will increase the conversion rate on your online store.
Website design helps customers find products effectively. Will increase the conversion rate on your online store.

That means they are the people who liked your content. But your product is not the product they need. Therefore they want to find other related products that better suit their needs.
So themes that have excellent search support and navigation support like the features below. It would be a bright choice for your online store.

1. Customer search prediction or search suggestion (autocomplete)
2. Search for images
3. Search results should have a short description in that product box
4. Improve mobile search results
5. Focus on specific product categories so they can search more easily
6. Allow users to filter results with diverse filters
7. Tags can help you better understand what visitors are looking for on your site.
8. Use familiar words when creating labels. Don’t make customers think about what it means.
9. Always give them the option to “find the right content” when they want it
10. Use the standard e-commerce design. Customers will ever think their cart is in the top right corner, so don’t take it elsewhere!
11. It would be great if you could divide the product into two categories. For example, a person who buys a T-shirt will love it if you share it into two categories: Male and Female.
12. If you use icons, make sure they are familiar with and apply labels.
13. Please ensure that the navigation links are okay on mobile devices. Typically, these links are too small to click. Make users have to strain their eyes or look near the phone screen to see more clearly. That would make them angry.
14. If you have multiple products, you will have to use the Megamenu. Create subcategories and subsections within it.
15. Use navigation icons such as arrows or “please visit”, “click here”…
16. Keep navigation consistent with the design.
17. Highlight the link of the page the visitor is wherever possible.

Improve customer experience on mobile

So you already know how to guest. He was satisfied. And go to checkout step in your buying journey. This is also the most frustrating process for potential customers. Due to the process is too complicated on the phone. Meanwhile, most customers access your website by mobile phone.
So improving the user experience on mobile is the last step you need to do. Mobile users will have different thoughts and behaviors from computer users. Because they move always, in many different positions, at many different times. So your design needs to be prioritized for mobile devices
Individually, you should pay attention to the following.

• Make the experience feel realistic, natural. 40% of mobile e-commerce websites do not allow to enlarge their product images via traditional buttons or double clicks.


• Choose the right keyboard. For example, when they need to enter numbers, they must provide a numeric keypad.
• Be clear, highlighting essential features. For example, the Checkout button, Buy
• Do not turn off the automatic feature at checkout. What is more frustrating than typing your address three times on your iPhone?
• 61% of “sometimes” or “always” mobile users go to a computer to complete their order. Make sure that when they log in on the computer, the shopping cart remains intact.
• Add payment function via electronic wallet.
• Simple and truly simple on mobile devices
• You have to experiment and respond in many different browsers.
• Speed is more important than ever because mobile phone users are unusually distracted and impatient. Ensure pages are loading quickly.
• Allow customers to scan their credit cards, so they don’t have to enter all information manually.
• Allow customers to save their information for future visits, reducing the amount of information they need to fill out mobile phones.

Of course, you do not need to remember all these notes. No one interface will bring most of the features I’ve listed.
But giving the criteria, you will help you choose a more dominant theme for your online store.

The last question: Should you choose a theme designed specifically for your industry or want a versatile item?.
Now you know how to choose a theme? But you are still wondering about the above question. Then I will help you answer this question.
To be honest, I used to be like you. After a bit of confusion, I decided to choose the versatile theme, Flatsome, although it still has many disadvantages.
I also have chosen for customers custom theme for the furniture industry such as WoodMart, Furniture store,
But my customers’ requests are all an online store to look at, just like an online store.
The theme is easy to customize, easy to use. So I chose it.

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And importantly, this theme has a lousy interface. Kind of like making seven parts, the remaining three parts are customized for the user to adjust. So it hit the psychology of wanting to fix the bad of the developer, agency website.
In Vietnam and around the world, there are many groups of exchanges and discussions. How to edit. Flatsome at his disposal for the members. So the company that produced the theme got more customers.
What about you
My advice is:
If you are the designer of a sales website for your own business. Then you should focus on choosing a theme designed for your industry. This makes it easy for your online store to be unique.
Create your unique USP competitive advantage. Also known as a sustainable economic moat for you.
Selecting specialized themes will help you optimize. Focus on your product.
Support the features you need more.
Support for better search features.
Especially if you choose to make only one main product, choose a specialized theme. It would be much more efficient.

You can see more about my reviews and theme here:

Top 9 beautiful and highly converting ecommerce wordpress themes for your online store


So in this article, I helped you know how to choose a sales theme for your online store. It does not depend on the beautiful design. As you often think. This comes from the user experience when they visit your website to read, view your content. Search product. Plus, other features like new navigation make them decide to stay on your site and make purchases.
So. Focus on making the content detailed. And describe the required features that you think. It will benefit your customers and you before searching or ordering a theme on the internet.

Complete guide on how to choose a theme for your online store.
Good luck.
Thank you for watching it until the end of this article.
Do not forget on this blog, and I will help you have more understanding: advertising and conversion optimization on the website. To help you increase sales and leads for your online store.
See you in the next posts on this topic.
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