Get 10 K real views from country-targeted Youtube ads to increase view and leads for $ 110

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What you will get when you buy 10k views from this Youtube ads.

-10 K view from Youtube ads

  • Free Like
  • Detail Targeting country ( English speaker, Ex: US, UK…)
  • 100% safe on monetized videos or songs
  • Schedule/Delivery Suggestions
  • Increase view, sub from Organic ( If you choose Discovery ads )
  • Tracking results gives you enough views. And at the end of the Google ad campaign.
  •  These views are lifetime guaranteed
10 K real views from country-targeted Youtube ads at your disposal.
Buy country-specific views from a YouTube ad campaign. Watch time and lifetime stability. Select the target country you want.
-The views on your videos all come from Youtube ads
You can choose to target by country, including USA, UK, Canada
Good average viewing time. But it also depends on the quality and length of the video. Videos that are 4-5 minutes long will have an average viewing time of 2 minutes-2 minutes 30 seconds. Higher than the video is only 2-3 minutes in length.
If your video gets up to an 80% view rate, your channel will get more recommendations from Youtube. Without paying or doing SEO for your channel.
Views will never decrease if they drop me and my associates will refund you.
Campaigns will be manually approved on Google ads. Thus, the videos of the new channel will take from 24-72 hours. Let your ads show and bring views to your channel.
100% safe for Youtube monetization videos and songs
For this reason, if views do not start after placing an order, please wait up to 72 hours before contacting us.

What is your goal?

Depending on your goals I will decide what type of ad will be right for you. For example, if you’re in need of traffic, skippable in-stream ads would be great for you.
If your goal is to increase views, likes, comments along with increased subscriptions. Then discovery ads or recommendations will give you a steady stream of views. At the same time help you get more subscribers, natural views. (If your video is attractive).


Why should you choose this service package of mine?

Because I have been doing Youtube ads since 2019.
Currently, I’m managing $10k Google ads spend per month (of which 90% is advertising on Youtube). To bring customers to the YOutube channel about furniture,
drive traffic to the e-commerce website of local businesses.
I used to be a manufacturer, sales,
and marketer for furniture products and other e-commerce products. So I know the customer and the product well. As well as the type of video needed for your ad to work
Detailed targeting of customers
Increase organic views and subscriptions (available with suggested ads)
I can create Youtube Remarketing campaigns.
I will target ads to an appropriate audience (Age, Gender, Likes, among others)
I will try to keep your CPV (Cost Per View) as low as possible.
I would do In-Stream Ads or Discovery Ads depending on your goals.
More information about the Youtube advertising service of
Increasing views is through advertising on Youtube is an effective,
and a fast way to get more high-quality, stable views.
Also, help other videos on your Youtube channel get more views.
For each video, I will set up an individual ad campaign on my Google ad account. And after 24-72 hours you will notice the views of that video increase. This check-in your Youtube Studio. If the video rejected I will give you a 100% refund. (very rarely happens)
You can choose the country target for your views among many options, including UK, USA, Russia, India… average retention is also great: as said before. This depends on the type of video and its length. But for example, a music video of 4 minutes gets an average watch time of 2 minutes.
Ad views are expensive and delivery is slow. But thanks to our marketing and transactional strategies. We’ve made the whole process simpler. Simply put the video link to your video and relax.
Once the service starts, the video will receive views from your selected country in a slow,
organic growth pattern.
The daily rate depends on sale quantity. The higher the number, the larger the number of daily new views. However, growth happens naturally and gradually.


Because video campaigns must be approved by Google,
video content must be “advertiser-friendly” and thus:
– No violence
– No nudity
Frequently asked questions
Can they be used on monetized videos?
Yes, the campaign can be safely used on monetized videos. However, being “advertisements” by themselves, they do not generate revenue.
Can I start two or more campaigns simultaneously on the same video?
No, before placing the second-order, wait for the campaign to complete. But you can buy different views services on the same video i.e. “Real Views in English”.
Did the video get likes, subscriptions, etc. are not?
Yes, videos can get organic engagement i.e. likes, dislikes, subscribers. If you want more likes, let us know and we add likes without loss
extra cost. Please note that our campaigns with Discovery Ads,
have much better engagement than this prodigy.
They targeted and the user decides to click on the video. If engagement is important to you, use our Youtube Discovery Ads. They are a bit more expensive but worth it.
In short: your videos will get more organic views,
likes and subscriptions if you choose my discovery ads.
Do results from this video count as 4000 watch hours?
Are not. YouTube decides that views from sponsored or private videos do not count towards the 4000 hours required for monetization. The good news is that we have a service dedicated to that purpose.
What countries are there?
When ordering, you can only choose from a few countries, the more popular ones. Anyway, we can target more countries. Just tell us which country you’d like to get views from!
Here is a list of all available countries:
USA, UK, Australia, India, Canada, France, Germany, Brazil, Russia, South America (mixed countries), Egypt, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Turkey, Japan, Poland, Saudi Arabia.
Why is my public counter showing fewer views?
You may notice that not all ad views you receive will be counted as public views. (ie you get +900 ad views, but the public counter only gets +700). The reason for this is that YouTube doesn’t count all views that come from ads. Here’s Google’s explanation of the problem:
“For TrueView in-stream ads running on YouTube, a paid ad view will be counted as a public view on the video when one of the following happens:
someone views a complete 11-30 long ad seconds, someone views at least 30 seconds of an ad longer than 30 seconds, or someone interacts with the ad.” Source: Google Support

1 review for Get 10 K real views from country-targeted Youtube ads to increase view and leads for $ 110

    Get 10 K real views from country-targeted Youtube ads to increase view and leads for $ 110 photo review
    June 12, 2021
    Mr. Hau was the first person to do YouTube ads for me. And I was also his first customer. I had just switched from Facebook ads that weren't very effective. Since working with him. Then my Youtube ads are more and more effective. I also make videos more and more professional. The important thing is that my sales increase continuously year by year. Made me spend a lot of money on advertising to boost sales. This is a very enthusiastic, honest and experienced guy in Youtube advertising.
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