Google Display Ads Remarketing Package (GDN) helps you increase leads and sales.


Google Display Ads Remarketing Package (GDN) helps you increase leads and sales.

Include packages:

  • 1 Campaign GDN ads
  • 1 Campaign Gmail ads
  • 1 Campaign Youtube display ads
  • 2 Ads
  • 2 ads text
  • 2 Images
This item: Google Display Ads Remarketing Package (GDN) helps you increase leads and sales.

Google Display Ads Remarketing Package (GDN) helps you increase leads and sales.

Which the experts don’t tell you.



4 Ways to Protect Traffic and increase revenue from Facebook for Your Ecommerce Business

Going back to the shared story that the barrier to accessing the new, or so-called omnichannel marketing, is mainly:

– Seeing that the neighbor’s slashing is ineffective, even if it doesn’t run.

– Test run like running FB but not as effective as FB so quit.

– Gathering human resources in FB because of high efficiency, no time, no staff.

But in fact, if we only scale by FB, 20-40% of customer traffic will be lost when not running Google Ads. Specifically, according to the purchase journey, search and buy back to buy more products.

Below is a specific example of 4 cases where we miss customers when scaling only FB.

Looks like you are running fashion, so let’s take a fashion example:

Name of fanpage: “ABC – Office fashion”

Product name running FB: “Office dress XYZ”

When scaling FB, you reach many people, and many people do not buy goods for many reasons: No need, busy at that time, no money, not interested…

But the brand name “ABC”, the keyword “Office fashion”, “XYZ office dress” has been known to customers.

So when they are in need, they will search for the brand “ABC” or the keyword “Office fashion” or the product keyword “Office dress”.

That is 20-40% of the customers that you have reached with FB and when they need to find you on Google, they cannot see you?

So, there are 4 points we should Setup Google Ads:

1. Customers remember fan page name, brand -> Google Search could not find you.

2. Customers remember the name, product type -> Google Search could not find you.

3. Customers remember domain brand -> Google Search does not appear.

4. Customers read newspapers -> You do not remarket when reading newspapers, watching youtube, playing games, using applications …

This is the actual number, you can run many fan pages, but note that the “ABC” brand must be placed on all other Pages. And there will be huge numbers of Google typing “ABC”.

Oki, so everyone understands what is effective, we gather our staff to optimize and scale. But never give up Google Ads in the above 4 points.

With the need for 20-40% traffic protection above, you just need to SETUP the search keywords as above and press Remarketing only once. In the future, there is no need to do anything.

The budget of 10-50 USD / day is delicious.

And what if I don’t see delicious Google Ads, it’s a screw. The only test that can confirm whether it works or not. And note that this time your test is not ok. But 6 months later your test will be different. Believe it.

Oki is a way to protect brands and miss customers with Google Ads.

This way will get the best results. If you run ads for 1 product on Facebook then you are remarketing for this product.

Like the photo below.

Not selling dozens of products. By getting customers into a bunch of product categories.

Then have the ad design team display a bunch of products on the same banner.

This is what big businesses use.

Because they have the data, the resources to do it.

If you are a small business.

Focus on making 1 product to advertise on Facebook afterward.

Then remarketing on Google ads. Also still the same product.

To reach customers everywhere.

This will be much easier for you.

Because you have only 1 concern.

Is how to reach customers. At the right time, they need and have the money to buy your product.

Another benefit is that you will save on advertising costs.

Because customers will remember. Search for your product name + brand name.

From there, your brand will be on the top of search engines.

Because not all customers will buy at the first sight of your ad.

Someone will want to see more. They will go to search engines to find information about the product, the company, and the sellers.

Especially buying high-priced products. Such as furniture, real estate, insurance, investment.


So, I think you should focus on selling 1 product.

Make good content for it. To make a first-impression gold impression on your customers.

When your customer has a good experience. They will believe. Your next product will be just as good as the one they saw in the ad.

As a result, you can easily sell more or cross-sell other products at high or lower prices.

Without the additional cost of advertising. As well as possibly having more other customers thanks to the introduction and reviews of old customers.


If you want to increase conversions on your interior website.

But there is no time to learn, to do.
You want to focus on sales. The rest is for others to take care of.



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