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Offering digital advertising strategies on Google Display Network (GDN)

✅ Gmail Ads, Discovery, Google Map Ads & Retargeting.

✅Full account setup including Display, Gmail ads

✅Set up Conversion tracking + Retargeting

✅Audience Targeting Suggestions

✅Account audit

✅Account optimization

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With Package GDN ads for your furniture business

Besides Google search ads, the Google Display Network, also known as GBD, is where potential customers see your ads. On a third-party website. Where they are reading news, newspapers, watching movies, playing games, using apps on their mobile phones.
Example: You are a furniture store owner. And you want to sell some dining tables and chairs to customers. But now in the locality where you live people look for less. But they go online to read newspapers, books, watch movies, and play games more.
That’s also when they meet your ad.

Did you know that only 5% of the time people search on Google? (According to Google’s statistics) will have the remaining 95% they will do other jobs as I mentioned above.
Therefore, you need to actively advertise your products on the Google display ad network. Also known as GDN.
Since doing search advertising for businesses in the furniture industry.
I thought that if I only reached passive customers through search ads, I would miss out on customers who came to the website without making a purchase. At the same time, it is difficult to expand the order size. Due to the limited number of searches of keywords. Meanwhile, GDN has over 2 million websites in its network. Will help me reach 90% of people globally. According to Google statistics.
With benefits for advertisers and businesses such as:
✅ Low cost per click (CPC)
✅Increase click-through rate (CTR) to website, landing page
✅ Branding your company
✅ Easier to scale orders than Google search and shopping ads.
✅ Easy to do without keyword research, increase the quality score of your ads. Or fear that the opponent will sabotage you, attack you with click pirates. Like Google search ads.
And below from 1 campaign GDN ads, I do for my client in the furniture industry 

About me

Hello friends, I’m Hau and I specialize in Google ads for businesses selling furniture, designing, and constructing interior works.
I myself was born near a furniture factory. At the same time do I was born and raised in this profession. So I make products and market and sell on the Internet at the same time. So, I understand the customers of this industry well. As well as about the right products.
I see many business owners, marketers complaining that: running GDN ads just does remarket. But does not bring sales, CTR is low. And so, I made advertisements for them.
Results: The campaigns that I do are performing very well. High CTR, lots of conversions. From there, it’s easy to turn into paid advertising under CPA. That is the desired cost per conversion.
That’s why I’ve been doing it since 2020. And got amazing results as you see in the picture.

Set up and optimize GDN ads for your furniture business.
Set up and optimize GDN ads for your furniture business.

With high CTR and low CPC.

There are more conversions. Thereby increasing the number of leads earned for the business.
So, if you are looking to increase leads for your business. Scale in terms of revenue, then this is the product for you.
What you will get
Report ads before during and after the campaign end.
✅ Digital advertising strategies on Google Display Network (GDN)
Gmail Ads, Discovery, Google Map Ads & Retargeting.
✅ Full account setup including Display, Gmail ads,
✅ Set up Conversion tracking + Retargeting
✅Audience Targeting Suggestions
with the GDN campaign that requires a more beautiful banner,
you should invest more to have a beautiful banner. Make the CTR very high.
I can recommend these services to you.
Launch Your Google Ads Campaign Today.  To increase the conversion rate for your website furniture, e-commerce


How does Google Display Network advertising work?

To answer this question, listen to my story.
Why I love doing advertising GDN
When I was a kid, every time I went to the district town to play or to Hanoi city. Sitting on the back of my father’s motorbike or looking through the car window.
I looked up at the advertising signs and banners of the shops on both sides of the street. Before, I kept finding myself attracted to such advertisements. My first impression is that they are eye-catching, easy on the eyes.

Later, I saw that
I find them very beautiful, have many good messages.
Later growing up when I first discovered the search engine Google search. Then I plunged into reading newspapers and books like crazy online to learn. I’ve been paying attention to advertising banners since 2007. At that time I quit school and went to work.
That’s why I liked it. I clicked on many banners of domestic and foreign websites. To see and then buy advertised products and services at any time is not good.

At that time, I simply clicked view because I am a consumer.
In 2014 I made some videos to make money on YouTube. With the Youtube AdSense program, Google will pay me when the ad display as a banner for my video viewers.
As such, I am a participant in making user content. To provide inventory for the business way. The intermediary is Google Display Network.

But this situation did not last long. Because I don’t crave those things anymore. I feel like I need to do something else.
And so, it was not until 2020 that I started doing GDN advertising for furniture businesses. I’ve done Google search and Youtube ads before. As you can see in the photo below. It is effective and the feeling of high is indescribable. Because the first time I measured conversions for ad campaigns. Before, I only knew how to measure the effectiveness of search ad campaigns. And since then I know how much money it takes to get orders for my customers.
That way, my advertising to customers will be more effective. Thereby increasing revenue and reducing expenses for them. That’s how I joined as an advertiser.

So, it can see that Google Display Network ads are actually billboards,
banners in real life that have changed to the banner ads you see on websites. But now ads not only appear on business websites but also on electronic newspapers and blogs. Site owners and employees will create content and then pull users in to read and watch. Then they put Google Adsense ads in it. As you can see below the picture.
Set up and optimize GDN ads for your furniture business.
And Google is the middleman,
that distributes that inventory for businesses and ad agencies buy space ads.

After experiencing 3 roles, I still like to do the most, which is GDN advertising. Then there’s content marketing.

In short, I can say that I am obsessed with advertising. Or addicted to Google ads, especially GDN ads.
But why did I do it so late?
Since 2013. when advertising on social networks like Facebook exploded in Vietnam. Many people have abandoned Google ads. To come to this new gold mine.
I do not deny its benefits. Because many people have become millionaires and billionaires,
thanks to Facebook ads. I used to do it too and it worked somewhat for the business.
But I just don’t like it. Although the company I work for wants me to learn more about Facebook advertising. But I refused because I wanted to do more professional advertising. And more importantly,
I still want to do GDN advertising and more broadly contextual advertising.

The specific reason I have known it since 2018, In 2019 learned about how to do it. I search the search engine about the effectiveness of GDN.
One blogger says it’s just worth to do remarketing. There is no economic benefit to using it as direct response advertising.
At that time, I trusted his word so much that I did nothing.
It was only when my Facebook ad account was locked continuously since the beginning of 2020. I realized I needed to expand. Not only do Google search ads, Youtube but also need to do display ads. With the mindset: “Where the customer is, I am there. ”
I have had some success with this array. And the more I dig into it, the better I find it.

I later turned the matter back and found out that his expertise was Facebook advertising and SEO. After that, he only did SEO. But he doesn’t know anything about Google ads. But speak like you’re an expert.
I wonder why I trusted him so much then. Probably because his blog is so popular with 600 K-1 million monthly visits. Mainly thanks to SEO is the main only.

Because of many times searching and reading his blog many times. Should see the prestige, so all his posts are correct.
It’s actually a false assumption. We often believe because they have been right many times before.
That a person who talks a lot about a topic has a certain capacity and understanding. So, we believe and put hard money to earn ourselves for them to take away to invest and advertise. Or at a higher level, make the CEO of a company.
This is especially true when people view news and content on social media. The more you watch, the more you will believe this person is right. While in fact, the information is completely unverifiable anywhere.
And those who produce results rarely advertise in such away.
One is because they are too busy with work. Second, they only talk about their expertise. Saying that would be boring. There is no emotional sublimation as the story: how I started from zero to 12 million degrees in 6 months ” in the press.

Back to how Google ads work. It also works based on user interests and behavior to deliver ads tailored to them.
An advertiser is a person whose job is to help businesses bring users from website other like:
CNBC, Forbes, Business Insider, etc… to the company’s product page.
At the same time remarketing when customers enter the website without making a buy.
Then exit to read the newspaper, watch a movie, use the application. Customers will still see that ad continuously.

That’s all,
Hopefully, my story will help you understand the process of advertising GDN works on 2 + million blogs,
websites in the world.

+Do you offer ongoing management of PPC Campaigns?
-Yes, my goal is to retain clients.
+Why do I need to use your product package. But not from other advertising agencies.
-Because: Firstly, I am knowledgeable about this industry. As I said above, I understand the customer. Their needs when needing a furniture product, household appliances.
Second, I do conversion-focused GDN ads. Bring you efficiency compared to the amount of investment capital.
Third, I can help you improve your landing page, website, and video. Because these are all jobs that I used to do before coming to Google advertising for businesses.
(That’s another package, of course, but I can help you with this.).
+ Can You Optimize A Current Display/Remarketing Campaign?
-Yes, I will optimize your already created Display/Remarketing campaign for placements, affinity audiences, bid adjustments, and keywords.
+ Do you build Shopping Networks Campaign?
– No, I do not offer shopping network campaigns but I will add price extensions if you have products within your Search Campaign.
Launch Your Google Ads Campaign Today.  To increase the conversion rate for your website furniture, e-commerce





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