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YouTube SEO services

Get in front of customers at the exact moment in time when they are searching for a business like yours.

Increase subs on Your channel

My SEO services will help you to increase organic followers on your Youtube channel. These are your quality leads.

Increase order and leads

You can sell over the phone on Youtube. After the customer watches your video. They can make purchases thanks to the phone number included in the video. Also click on the link in the description below. This is what I have been doing for corporate clients in my furniture industry. From 2019 to present.

Get traffic high qualify

SEO and YouTube channel recommendations will help you attract high-quality traffic. Customers who are ready to buy from you. Helps you to increase your rankings on search engines like Google.

Decrease marketing Budget

You want to reduce marketing costs, increase brand awareness. SEO and recommended ads on Youtube can help you do this for a low cost. In my way.

Don’t forget your furniture Youtube channel.

Let’s make it bring you, customers, this month.

I’m Duc Hau who does Youtube marketing for furniture and e-commerce businesses.
After analyzing, I found that your Youtube channel has not been optimized, has not done SEO to attract customers. And turn viewers into customers to buy your furniture.

Dear friend. The task of a marketer like me is to help you get sales results, generate leads from a forgotten Youtube channel.
Or start from zero.

You do not believe?
Hear my story below. About how I came to this job.

It was a spring day in 2019. There was a young man near my house who came to see me hire me to do Youtube marketing for his Youtube channel selling new furniture.
At that time, this channel was just around zero. But not as many subs as now.
And the sentence I spent money on Facebook ads without success. So, he came to me because he knew I made money on Youtube before. Should know-how.
At that time, I only knew how to do SEO for my channel. But I don’t know how to do advertising. I even failed the first time I did a Youtube ad.
But I do remember Richard Brandson saying: “If someone offers you an opportunity, an offer you don’t know can be done. Just accept it first, then learn how to do it later.”
So I got inspired to keep doing it. With my efforts, I have learned at home and abroad. Read material late at night. Until going to study intensive Google advertising.
Well, I finally figured out how to do effective YouTube marketing. Even about doing advertising and SEO.

So I did and then taught this guy again. As a result, that Youtube channel has become a Youtube channel with nearly 30K Subs in just over 2 years of advertising.

Just did SEO. Although only selling a few products. But sales are going well.
The amount spent on advertising is 150,000 USD. Bring in dozens of orders every day. And at the peak. It’s all medium to high values.

Since then, I have also worked for many other channels for business owners.

Help them increase views, subscriptions, and most importantly, orders. Selling furniture for businesses.
Of course, that success must also come from the fact that those entrepreneurs are all very good video makers. They are good at talking. Making videos that attract others is why they sell so well.

As for me, I stand in the role of SEO, advertising, and channel development consultant.

But thanks to that, I have more prestige in the eyes of these entrepreneurs. Since then,

I have also learned and successfully made Google display ads. Bringing in dozens of customer calls every day.
All from the success of this Youtube marketing.
So it can be said that this is the service that I am most proud of my agent.
Would you like me to do this for you? To bring sales, leads, registrations, opportunities to make money with Google Adsense ads or not?

If so, see the price list and what I can bring to you. Always superior to what my clients get.

Haucmc has a simple, straightforward 4-step process:

YouTube Channel Audit & Analysis

Step 1: We conduct a YouTube channel audit & analysis to identify what is working and optimized well and where optimization gaps exist for your YouTube channel.

Keyword Research & Refinement

Step 2: Moving on to the second step, Haucmc performs keyword research to identify the language that your target audience is using to videos like yours on YouTube. In this step we leverage a number of tools to identify keywords that are actively being searched as well as keywords and language that is trending to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

On-Page Optimization

Step 3: The third step in the process involves channel optimization. This step includes optimizing the channel’s homepage experience, the description, creating playlists, back-end keywords, and more.

Continuous Campaign Optimization

Step 4: Top performing YouTube channels are those that are always maintained and continuously optimized. As new videos are added, each needs to be properly optimized including titles, descriptions, tags, thumbnails and playlists.

Who will help you produce results?

About Me

Meet Duc Hau

Senior Youtube marketing

He has been a marketing and sales person for the furniture industry since 2016. With the advantage of being born and raised in the vicinity of a furniture factory. With a village of furniture making, handicrafts. Worked in the industry. From production to marketing, sales, delivery and assembly to the customer’s doorstep. So he understands what the customer needs. At the same time, he has many years of experience in Youtube marketing, as well as Google ads for businesses.
And has achieved results for his clients.

YouTube SEO Packages

The following packages are a perfect way to start getting ahead of your competition online.


Your Plan

Disk Space




Email Accounts




SEO audit youtube channel



Full video 45 minutes Channel Evaluation

Tips Specific to Your Channel & Videos

Review Your Videos & Content Strategy and audit channel

 9 video  optimization for SEO 

Analyze Your Competitors

Detailed 5-Step Action Plan For You


Delivery Time: 4 to 7 days

$ 350

one time

Youtube advanced 

15 YouTube Keyword Research

Youtube ads for your channel

Includes 12 Video Optimization / Month

12 Youtube thumbnail  

Embedding Videos in Articles/Blogs 

 Suggestions for Video Cards and Other (Recommendations Only)

Email / Chat Support

$ 659

Monthly Plan

Youtube PREMium

All the benefits of the advanced, plus package:

30 Youutbe keyword research 

Include 12 video optimazion /month

Create 1 video ads price  $199

Suggestions for Video Cards and Other (Recommendations Only)

Branded Content Writing for YouTube Channel

Youtube ads for your channel a month  


Monthly Plan

Frequently asked questions

We use a combination of best practices and premium research tools to give you a Title, Description, and Keywords/Hashtags that will help you rank better, look more professional and increase your video’s click-thru rate (CTR).

No, we do not need your login credentials. We do not log into your YouTube channel. Instead, we provide you with a detailed and easy-to-understand document so you can implement the custom suggestions yourself. It’s easy and you will like implementing the changes yourself, as it will help you learn and grow as a YouTuber.

However, if you are too busy doing SEO then I can help you do this for you for free.

Yes! We work with every YouTube channel type and we can help you grow yours, no matter what niche your content is about.

Yes! We will review your channel on video and speak English, but we will provide translated subtitles in your preferred language. This will allow you to watch along with the video while reading the subtitles to ensure you understand everything we are saying. The translation software we use is excellent and will do a very good job of translating to your preferred language. You will fully understand what we are saying in your evaluation.

It can vary based on your goals. Generally, after implementing our suggestions, you will see slow growth during the first month because YouTube does not update results instantly. Then, for ongoing months, the momentum will pick up and continue to pick up month-after-month. It’s like a transport truck…results will start slow, but once the momentum picks up, you’ll be cruising full speed ahead! These results are assuming you have implemented our suggestions and you are also posting quality content. Regardless of the quality of the content, our services will help, but the higher quality of the content, the better the results you will see after implementing our suggestions.


There are also recommended ads for the 3rd pack. If you want to recommend Youtube ads I can give you 5000 views from recommended ads for Youtube Premium package

Our clients say

"Mr Hau is an enthusiastic and experienced Youtube marketing service. He helped me sell. I hope he will always keep his enthusiasm for the profession. At the same time learn many new ways to improve the quality of your service."
Do Duy Nam
Wood Cao Nam
"I am a middle aged man. Not good at technology. And only know Facebook ads on phones. So all the work on SEO and Youtube advertising is assigned to him. That's why I feel very secure. My Youtube channel has yielded positive results. Thanks to his Youtube SEO service. With experience in the furniture industry too, this is a high quality."
Hai Nam
Hai Nam Furniture
"This guy has been doing advertising and SEO for our channel for a while. Now it has reached 6 thousand subscribers. It's all in part thanks to his care. When we just started. So I think this is a service worth the investment. To this hardworking and enthusiastic guy."
Lan Anh Pham
Gia Bao Furniture
Hau is an experienced interior designer. Just experienced in advertising, SEO on Youtube. For businesses like my business. Thanks to his service. I was able to sell furniture on Youtube more easily. Views and channel subscriptions are also more. The way to make my Youtube channel is also more professional than before.
Cung Pham
Pham Gia Furniture


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