Service package to care and update content for website. ( special ecommerce website, furniture store)


Our enthusiastic team takes care of all the aspects of web management, which includes:


  • Website Content/Theme/Image Update
  • Security & Speed Optimization
  • Website Technical Changes/Core WordPress Updates
  • Website Audit
  • Website Backups
Service package to care, update content for an e-commerce website.
Best applied for websites using Woocommerce and WordPress platforms.
Because I use them the most during the past 5 years.
Hello friends,
today I would like to introduce to you a service package to take care of and update content for the website. Especially the website using Woocommerce + WordPress platform.

And here’s the story I learned how to use it to help my clients.

Back in the day, when I was in college, I majored in social work. I have not thought that there will be a day. When I will do a website design job, sell a website care service package like now.
Because at that time I still loved my job very much.
One day I met a girl who studied at the same university as me, majoring in information technology. I told her, “I like the tech industry too. But I think it’s boring because I just sit for a short time and I’m tired. So, I have no intention of studying.
With back in my mind always think that. I just sat for 2 hours on the computer and tired and sore. Not to mention I’m not very agile when working.
But, after graduating, when I was about to graduate from school, I had an order to do the first website design. In 2016. Through friends’ referrals only
So, for a person who only knows how to play around with curiosity for 2 hours is boring. Up to now, I can sit for 1 hour at 4 o’clock, sometimes up to 5 o’clock to work on a project for a client.
Oh, forget, not to mention I did it in just 1 week, done with a simple website.
The reason why I took this job is this. My social work at that time was very difficult to get a job.
So, while unemployed, I told my friends that I know how to make websites. Although I made my simple blog.
So, after receiving the project.
I immediately went to school on Youtube.
Took online courses on it to make a website with Woocomerce and WordPress.
So, there is also a website that makes the finished product as you can see below.
After that, I also got more work to do. I have already started freelance work at my current agency.
This is also just a matter of fact. Because after finishing the website, I also do not intend to do more support services,
take care of updating the website like now.
In 2019, I started learning about Google and Youtube advertising. But then it continued. Until I realized I was ignoring the client’s need for website management. That’s why I offer this service. For the same person who hired me to make the website from 2016 until now.
Every month, I work hard to update the website, take care of it, and edit the content. Combine with doing Google ads on that website.
I have seen results from doing this.
There are many keywords to the top of Google,
When I was working for him. Every month the website brings back 20-30 leads to his furniture store by the end of 2020 without paying extra for Google ads.
And here’s another client that I created this result for her.
But I only do it with people I know. And only in the place where I live. This left me with no understanding of the corporate world at all.
Do they really need this service?
But when I researched Google, then learn about the websites of businesses. Many businesses spend money on advertising to sell. The website has not been optimized yet. As well as diligently updating content to make customers return to the website.
Save money on advertising. But I don’t know why?
About the cause.
At first, I thought they were rich, so they were only interested in doing advertising to sell goods. As long as it’s still profitable. Not interested in getting rich sustainably.
After that, the more I learned and interacted with many customers in Vietnam as well as in the world,
the more I thought about it.
Business owners have their problems too. But business owners selling, interior design also have difficulty in managing the website.
Because of the following reasons:
– They don’t have time to manage the website, they often do a lot of different things. Especially with small businesses. They often face problems when recruiting workers. Thus, they often work in sales, accounting, finance, and store maintenance.
– They lack the skill, health to do it. Although we always say that technology is getting more and more updated so that it is easy for everyone to use it. But it’s all theory. In fact, there are still older people who have long dropped out of school. Finding it difficult to use new technology.
– It is even uncomfortable to use the computer for a long time. There is a client of mine who was only born in 1998. But he always tells me in meetings with me: “I feel uncomfortable when I have to use the computer even for 5-20 minutes. I want to sell by phone and messages on social networks. So, I can’t sit for as long as Mr. Hau.”
– Business owners selling furniture, handmade goods, handicrafts, wooden furniture. Topics You come from a professional background. Skills they learn outside of their specialties include sales and management. So, they have difficulty in converting their business model from offline to online. That means switching from selling over the phone to selling through text messages,
and social networks. A big change of the 21st century. But they have adapted to their thinking and ways of doing things still in the 20th century. With advertising in newspapers, radio, television, and outdoor banners.
– They have been vilifying by advertisers, websites, and social media. Scams make them still spend a lot of money every month with no results at all.
This happens often. Recalling that time when I did not do website, content marketing, my friend also met a scammer. He made a stupid website. Then charge expensive fees. As for the content, he hired a student to write some nonsense articles. While still charging as usual. Until I exposed him to my friends. Then he pretended to be a hero, saying that I had installed a virus on the website that he had to deal with forever. In fact, it’s just a lie to scare. Customers who do not know anything about the website only. So I can understand that there will be customers shouting that we
(Agents, freelancers) are scammers. Took all their money.
– Finally, business owners are making a mistake that is:
focusing too much on social networks for marketing and sales. They usually put the content on social media first. The aim is to market and sell on it. As for the website, they forgot it there. While their customers do not always buy on social networks. But they also go to Google to search, read newspapers and watch movies. That’s why they should post it on the website as well. To make the most of traffic from advertising.
Because that’s where you own. The place that creates your fortune. That’s where information about your potential customers comes from. And you also don’t have to worry about algorithm changes of algorithms.
Saying this is to give you a place where you can best sell.
Indeed, on social networks, you can sell cheap products without a website. Or just 1 landing page.
But with a well-maintained website, you can sell high-priced furniture. Up to thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.
As in the picture below
About this, I am sure it can be done. Because I am the one,
who helps my customers sell high-priced furniture products to customers.
Someone in Canada even ordered his store in Vietnam.
See the picture below.
This broke the lies of the sales professionals. Say you can’t sell high-priced items on an e-commerce website to customers.
Understand problems and needs. And it comes from the desire to expand the scale of serving customers of
I officially provide a content care package for websites,
Service package to care and update content for websites.
especially e-commerce and interior websites. For customers in the US and globally.
You will receive the benefits of using the translation package of
– Save time when you don’t have to manually update, take care of website security every month. You can spend this time with your family, to focus on selling.
– Save money to invest in marketing, to improve product quality. As well as customer service. You may not know that handling costs when a website is hacked or crashes will be very expensive. Moreover, for websites using WordPress, it is an open-source platform. Always in need of constant updates. There are always new features to help you sell effectively such as:
Social proof, showing the number of people who have viewed the product. That one-time installation cost is very expensive, ranging from 65-95 USD/h. Or the price from $100-$300 for a simple to complex plugin installation. See the image below.
– Update content, write SEO standard description. But this content will get you organic hits from the search engines. Without paying for advertising. According to statistics, up to 92% of shoppers search on Google for the first time about a product. Before making a buy decision.
– Attract traffic directly from customers. Because there are customers who won’t find your name on Google. It’s because they remember the name of your website. So, type it in. So, if the website updates the content and takes care of it,
it’s like a girl who always maintains her attraction to both men and women.
– These people will be your immediate customers. When they see what they need for their needs.
So, what are you waiting for without signing up for my website care package right away?


Free Trial





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Core Plan

 Just basic



The Starter Plan includes:

  • Weekly Plugin Updates
  • Weekly Theme Updates
  • Weekly WordPress Core Updates
  • Daily Cloud Backups
  •  Spam control

Customer Support via e-mail 

 Free Site Migration

SSL for website 

Avanced Plan

Maintenance and Support



Includes "The Basics", plus: 

  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • 24/7 Malware Monitoring
  • Daily Virus/Malware Scans
  • Google Analytics Implementation
  •  Support via chat and email 

1 h content updates

recommend installing a free plugin



 For ecommerce site



Includes everything in the Advanced Plan, Plus: 

  • Backup Restoration
  • DNS Setup and Configuration
  • WooCommerce Support

Up to 7 Product Description SEO 

2h of content updates

Install a premium plugin worth $150


For business have blog 



Includes everything in the Premium Plan PLUS:

  • Broken link repair
  • Database Optimization
  • Site Speed Optimization

1 Blog/News Design & Postings 4-500 word

Up to 15 Product description 

  • 3 Hours of Content  Updates

Install a premium plugin worth $300

If you’re still pooping, here are some answers.

Frequently asked questions

1. Why should I use your website care package and not others?
Because of the following 3 reasons:
– One is that I specialize in the interior industry including sales, interior design, and construction. As I have said many times in blogs as well as in sales posts like this one. I was born and raised in a craft village and factory wooden handicrafts,
and industrial wood factories.
I myself used to work in furniture production, marketing, sales support,
and then delivery and installation for customers. So, I understand the customer base as well as the product in this industry. At the same time, I also understand how difficult it is for business owners to access the market. And I have the right solution for your business. Through its service packages.
– Second: I have been doing websites for more than 5 years. Making content on the site for more than 3 years. There have been many successes as well as failures in learning,
doing, and testing continuously. So, I know how to make it work. Avoid mistakes to improve day by day. Although I am just a hand in online marketing.
Thirdly, I have also been doing Google advertising, YouTube SEO for more than 2 years. Thus, I know how to optimize the website for Google ads and SEO.
2. How do I provide my website access?
Once your account is set up, we will have you add your website credentials and access information into your billing account’s password keeper. We will help you with this and provide tutorials on the process.

3.What is the timeline to be fully optimized?We’ll have your account set up on our network within 24 business hours. From there we’ll conduct any speed and security optimizations required and send you a full report of the changes completed. These optimizations are typically completed within 48 hours of an account being set up.

4. How do I submit work requests?

Once your account has been set up, we’ll have you submit new change requests and content revisions through our support ticket system within our billing portal. Once a ticket has been submitted, our team will get it completed as soon as possible (typically within 2-3 business days).

5.How many edits can I have done within an hour?

This really depends on your requested edit but most edits are completed within 20-30 minutes. More complex edit requests that we expect to exceed the hourly allotment of your time will be quoted to you previous to work starting.

These edits include content and style edits but do not include content writing, development, maintenance of custom-developed plugins.

6. Which plan do I need if I use WooCommerce?

Absolutely! WooCommerce based sites make up many of our care plans and we fully understand the requirements of maintaining these advanced sites. We do require that you’re on a Premium Plan (or have the eCommerce add-on) if you do have a WooCommerce based site due to the additional resources and experience required to maintain these sites.

7. I really like my current hosting provider; do I need to switch?

We’ll work with you regardless if you decide to utilize our recommended hosting services or select a third-party hosting provider. Just be aware that, not all hosts are created equal and we may require you to upgrade your hosting services to gain the full benefits of our care plan services.

8.What if there is an emergency change request?

We understand that from time to time an emergency change request may be required for your website. In this event, we would ask that you submit your support ticket request as normal but select the checkbox to upgrade your ticket to Priority Assistance. We do charge a small $20 fee to upgrade your ticket and bump it to the top of the list.

9. Why is the basic maintenance package required?

Keeping a self-hosted website up and running, as well as ensuring it remains secure, requires regular maintenance involving making sure the software, as well as all integrated plugins and add-ons, are kept up to date.  Sites running outdated software can have security holes that can potentially be exploited and compromised. Basic support includes routine updates and checks every month, as well as technical support when required. Without these tasks, there can be no guarantee that your website will remain up and running, and the cost and time expense of recovering a compromised site can be significant. The basic maintenance fee covers these preventative tasks. All packages include the hosting of your website and all related costs.


Only $699 ENTERPRISE plan for business have blog, Pack 3 -Premium support plan for ecommerce site per month, Pack1 -Care Plan Only $99 – Basic WordPress Support Package for one, Package 2 – Only $149 Advanced WordPress Support and update Package for one month


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