SEO video On Youtube package for ecommerce business monthly


  • Full Video SEO Evaluation
  • 1 Enhanced Title Provided
  • 1 Enhanced Description Provided
  • 5 Researched Keywords/Hashtags
  • 1 Thumbnail video custom for your video
  • 2 videos per month
  • Delivery Time: 4 to 7 days
  • We optimize TITLE, DESCRIPTION, and TAGS which are basic ranking factors.1. Title – Research and use a proper long-tail title.
    2. Description – Write an SEO-friendly 250 words description.

    3. Tags – Research and find powerful tags. 

    On-page SEO will help to rank up your videos.

You want to sell furniture, e-commerce through videos on Youtube. And you have recorded a video posted on Youtube for a long time but no viewers. Or you are a new brand that wants to sell high-priced furniture on Youtube.
But just posting a video and then waiting for it to be recommended by Youtube is not enough to sell. To sell, you need SEO or advertising for that video. With SEO video On Youtube for eCommerce business package 2
At this time, my SEO video On Youtube for eCommerce business is the right choice for businesses that need to sell and increase sales on Youtube. With 2 billion monthly active users.
Hi, I’m an expert on selling eCommerce, online furniture on the website, Youtube.
I specialize in helping my clients sell effectively on Youtube and e-commerce websites.
This is what happened. One day I was sitting at home working when someone asked me to do a Youtube ad. And SEO videos for his furniture channel.
I didn’t know anything about advertising then. But I still do. Because I learned from Sir Richard Branson: “If someone comes to tell you to do something you don’t know how to do. Then just agree and learn how to do it later ”.
So I have accepted to do advertising and SEO for his furniture channel since 2019. Of course, I study by doing.
That channel so far has 26,000 subscribers. Of course, this result comes from the huge amount of advertising money too. But most of it also comes from SEO. Because there are recommended eating videos to view as quickly as a kite meets the wind.
Thanks to that, we sell a lot of furniture. Products average price. But the profit is very high.
After that, I did SEO and advertising for his father’s furniture channel. As shown below. This is the real evolution of his channel. Because this channel spends very little money on advertising with only 7.6 times the amount of his son’s company.
Currently, this channel has 13k subscribers. They sell products with high prices up to tens of millions of VND. Equivalent to thousands of US dollars.
Thanks to that, I also created a way to SEO videos, write descriptions, and receive dozens of orders every month. Yes, it’s all custom-made.
So it can be seen that if you are an interior designer or manufacturer who wants to sell, this is the right choice.
As you can see below.
Of course, making this result also needs his video success. One day he made 1 video. Some days make 3-4 videos.
Video content also changes constantly according to my advice so there are many recommended videos. Sell ​​more orders.
I tell this story to show you how effective SEO and marketing on Youtube can be. Compared to mere advertising.
Pham Gia interior channel also has SEO and eye-catching avatars. So later also sold a lot of orders for other products without advertising from old subscribers.
Not to mention we also bring a lot of high-quality traffic to the sales website. From there, promote the website to the top of Google search. As the picture below.
And you, when you’re just starting, can’t do it like the other two’s Youtube channel. Because they’ve outgrown you long ago. But when they first started, they only had 1-2 videos on a Youtube channel like you.
Later they made more videos. Focus on attracting and retaining users for each video. Only effective today.
You can also do it yourself by watching SEO video tutorials on Youtube.
But if you don’t have time, just want to focus on sales. If you have difficulty using your computer, you can rent Youtube marketing packages for your businesses.
I operate mainly in the e-commerce, furniture industry.
You can start with choosing 1 SEO package for 1 video.
Or make an avatar for one of my videos below.
Or you can also do both for your channel.
When I first started doing Youtube to make money, I always engraved a saying of a friend who has made money on Youtube for a long time. It’s an organic view on Youtube that always starts with SEO and ends with recommendations.
This fact starts from the user behavior. They will search for videos on the world’s second-largest search engine after Google. After watching the first video. Then they will watch recommended videos below the screen of phones, computers, tablets. Or let it play automatically on their television screen.
On the other hand, according to statistics. A compelling profile picture will increase your video’s click-through rate (CTR) by up to 40%.
Therefore, in my opinion, you should choose to use both of these products.
I myself have been in the YouTube video SEO industry for more than 4 years. Doing Youtube advertising for 3 years. So I understand its effect in terms of return on investment of your business.


A full evaluation of your YouTube video,

allowing us to give you an enhanced Title + Description + 5 Keywords/Hashtags.


We use a combination of best practices and premium research tools to give you a Title, Description, and Keywords/Hashtags that will help you rank better, look more professional and increase your video’s click-thru rate (CTR).

No, we do not need your login credentials. We do not log into your YouTube channel. Instead, we provide you with a detailed and easy-to-understand document so you can implement the custom suggestions yourself. It’s easy and you will like implementing the changes yourself, as it will help you learn and grow as a YouTuber.

Yes! We work with every YouTube channel type and we can help you grow yours, no matter what niche your content is about.

Yes! We will review your channel on video and speak English, but we will provide translated subtitles in your preferred language. This will allow you to watch along with the video while reading the subtitles to ensure you understand everything we are saying. The translation software we use is excellent and will do a very good job of translating to your preferred language. You will fully understand what we are saying in your evaluation.

It can vary based on your goals. Generally, after implementing our suggestions, you will see slow growth during the first month because YouTube does not update results instantly. Then, for ongoing months, the momentum will pick up and continue to pick up month-after-month. It’s like a transport truck…results will start slow, but once the momentum picks up, you’ll be cruising full speed ahead! These results are assuming you have implemented our suggestions and you are also posting quality content. Regardless of the quality of the content, our services will help, but the higher quality of the content, the better the results you will see after implementing our suggestions.



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