E-commerce hosting: 5 Mistakes to avoid when choosing a hosting

Woocommerce hosting: 7 practical experiences to help you choose effective hosting

1. 5 practical tips to help you choose the right hosting for your eCommerce site

2. 5 mistakes when choosing to host for your online store

3. 7 experience in choosing the right hosting company for your company

4. Top 6 best hosting companies for Woocommerce

5. My choices


How to find the best hosting for a Woocommerce website? Is the question that most tired of traditional business owners. Because if you choose not carefully it can lead to money loss.

In this article, I will help you answer your questions to find the hosting that best suits your needs.


1. What is Ecommerce hosting?

You have seen before that something professionally crafted,

is often better than something that shares the same platform.


For this reason, people create WordPress hosting for websites,

that use WordPress as their primary content management platform.

In this way, e-commerce hosting is also an optimal hosting for eCommerce. It will be optimized for open source:

software specialized in creating online stores such as:

Magento, Prestashop, open cart, and most famously Woocomerce + WordPress.

Ecommerce hosting for shop owner


If you require an online store that uses a specialized platform for your e-commerce website. Then this is a good option for your online store.


To maximize your performance and revenue.

The following notes are written for those who have been,


are and will be using the world-famous Woocommerce platform. It is also the foundation that I have the knowledge, skills, and experience to use during the past 3 years.


  2. 4 Mistakes when choosing to host for your eCommerce site.

After a while of doing website design and advertising.


As well as contact with many different customers. As well as learn about customer behavior. I have noticed the following errors,

when choosing a hosting that will affect the quality in the future.


         1. Choose free hosting

Actually on the market today some many

units and companies provide free hosting. From the low-cost package, there are several hundred megabytes of hard drive space. Up to 20GB storage plan. Bandwidth is from a few GB to several tens of GB.

It helping the community and educating the students.

I think these companies are doing very well.

Free website hosting
Choose free hosting to sale is fail

Because they give you space where. You can experiment with ideas for your website with WordPress,

or other open-source software.

That is useful for beginners to learn about website, landing page.

But when you start a new business, continuing to use the website for free is a terrible mistake.

If you are still using free hosting to sell your products until now, then you are risking your business.

Because no lunch is completely free.

Hosting companies for you. Also need cost to operate so they will use your website to display ads, or sell backlinks to other websites.

As you can see in the picture below.

This is not morally or legally evil. Because you agreed to the user agreement when you signed up to use the free host.

Most people don’t read the deal so they ignore this.

For websites to have advertising, you will lose customers.

They will not buy your product/service. Which ad click shows on it. Because it catches your eye and stands out more.

Not to mention data security, it’s just this. Made you lose money and effort.

So I think: Those who choose to use free hosting are very lazy and poor. He often calls for help from others instead of doing it for himself.

The process of building websites for businesses has taught me that: If customers want to use it for free. They are not responsible for their website or products at all.


Not to mention returning to help, or sharing products or services with their friends.

Most of them do superficially with the spirit of horseback riding as the main thing. If you have inspiration, do.

No inspiration, okay. Like watching the successful case study of someone making hundreds of thousands,

millions of dollars with e-commerce, I want to start doing it right away.

Or pushed because of low wages, unemployment should turn to work. Because I heard people say it’s easy to make an online store.

Always say there is no money. But a day smoke 1 pack of cigarettes, drink 3 cups of coffee and go drink beer at the bar 3 times a week. Lately because of the disease should not go. We shop online, play the lottery a lot.

They read and analyze more than a professor. But act less than a shipper.

Besides, you will encounter a problem that is less resource use. In the past, I used free hosting of hosting for a friend of mine.

That website kept coming in the afternoon because the bandwidth is too little. So it can’t load anymore.

– Outdated software configuration with few updates often means updating WordPress very slowly’

2. Choosing individual hosting, not company hosting

For people in the profession like us, there is a web form that is reseller hosting.

That is, the hosting company will split into many large packages for the agent.

Then the agent will further divide that package into smaller host packages to sell to users.


Usually, the shoppers are technical staff in the hosting companies,

Who wants to earn extra income. But there is no capital to start a company. Or someone with many years of experience in website building.

But, it is also possible to be a freelancer selling this service.


The benefits of this are cheap, convenient, and fast transactions.


But there are two disadvantages.

Because they are not professional companies with strong financial potential. They cannot advertise continuously.

Most of them are the word of mouth or free traffic.

They also do not stick with this job for long.

So they will give it up. Drop customers at the market who are helpless about where to store their online stores.

Their support is also very little.

Except for those who work for a long time, do not say. But buying personal hosting is mostly not long-term support.


    3. Buy a host on Facebook of any individual or group.

If you buy it here, you will fall into the trap of buying high priced fakes. There are a lot of virtual Facebook nick on the job seeding comments, PR for their own products.

    To increase your confidence, entice you with sighted promises.

After holding your money. They will disappear by deleting your personal page, deleting the group.

Or you will encounter the situation where,

they spam answers or comments in the group,

with some superficial introductory sentences with links on them. This will annoy you.


     4. Buy the host of the domain name registrar

You think it is better to buy a host with a domain name at the same time. Because more stable.


That only happens when you buy domain names, including hosting providers’ hosts. Because the quality of the hosting of the domain name registrars is poor.


Most of them do half-heartedly. The type of extra income is good. Without even having it. So they just focus on their domain registration service like Goddady or Name cheap only.

          7. Practical advice when choosing to host eCommerce  for beginners

WooCommerce websites often generate large amounts of data and requests,

They set special storage requirements,

and also request one or two optimization measures from you. For this reason, I’ll show you 5 things you should consider when hosting WooCommerce:


        1. Caching


. With the help of caching,

a regular WordPress website can withstand thousands of visitors. Temporary caching stores static content like stylesheets, JavaScript, images, and more. and distribute them when the page is visited.


How caching works in WooCommerce stores?


For online stores to function properly, there must be certain exceptions to caching. A good example of such an exception is the shopping cart.


Storing unstable areas in your store will not only result in messy total orders. But also a problem from a data protection perspective. For this reason, with WooCommerce hosting. You need to add a solution to clear the cache or optimize the available cache. Thus, the hosting provider’s support for optimal hosting caching is essential.

In simple words. Caching is directly proportional to page load performance. The larger the memory, the more effective it is for your site.


It is important here that you as a store operator,

develop an understanding of the number of customers your store can handle. You can do this, for example, test with Loader.io. This tool simulates access to your website and shows up.

when your store is in danger of shutting down under load or so slow that a user cancels the visit. If you prefer to work with the command line, you can also use the Apache Benchmark Tool.





Another non-cached area is the WordPress backend. Without optimization measures,

This means long load times, especially for large campaigns like:

bulk uploading product images or processing a lot of product information.


Concurrent visitors in your cart

or large promotions in the backend directly affect processor performance. To optimize these dynamic zones, you must screw other screws than the buffer.


      2. WooCommerce hosting needs a powerful server


Since a WooCommerce store generates,

a lot of dynamic content and requests cannot cached,

correspondingly strong server performance required.


Depending on the size and popularity of your store. Tens of thousands of visitors may be on your website at the same time.


During prime shopping hours, people searching for products, filtering articles. Write under different product categories, fill their cart, and make a buy.


In this case, your store storage should be prepared. After all, every second your WooCommerce store loads for longer,

overloaded or even offline means a loss of potential earnings.


More CPU power for more visitors counter and high order volume

Ecommerce hosting for shop owner
Ecommerce hosting for the shop owner

An important optimization measure for hosting your WooCommerce store

is to increase the number of CPU cores. After all, the server must be able to absorb more load with more visitors

and query the corresponding database (for example, to display products under different filters).


Imagine the server on your WordPress site is a chip shop. Each chip store employee represents one CPU core. If there is only one seller behind the counter, only one request can be processed at a time. For a few tourists, this is not a problem at first.


But, if the number of visitors becomes so high that,

the french fries seller is overwhelmed with requests. Then more employees will have to found (i.e. more CPU cores). The more employees in the chip shop, the more orders that can process at the same time.


The store staff in graphics represent the server CPU cores. The more cores, the more visitors that load into your store can transact.


In this context, it’s important to understand. That more CPU cores don’t automatically improve your page load times. After all, the individual cores perform equally fast. Instead, increasing the number of cores ensures that more requests can,

processed at once, and that your store isn’t overloaded.


         3. Give your store enough PHP memory limit!


Server performance optimization includes not only CPU cores and RAM.

But also proper PHP memory limitation. This determines the most memory quota.

The working memory provides for PHP processes. This fixed limit prevents the server. for example. From overloaded by a faulty script.


The higher PHP memory limit makes sense for a more complex website like an online store. So, the server can withstand large and concurrent processes. For this reason, the PHP memory limit for our WooComm rice solutions is 512 megabytes.


THE small PHP version recommended by WooCommerce is PHP 7.2. , you also have the option of converting your store to even faster PHP 7.3 with just one click.


  How many CPU cores does your WooCommerce store need?


The question of the exact specifications. That your WooCommerce hosting must provide, among other things.

Depends on your monthly visitors and page views per minute and thus cannot pay. comprehensive words.


Another factor that determines your server’s performance needs is the

quantity, size, and quality of your plugins. For example, if you use a larger plugin like Yoast SEO. Which has to load on each of your pages, then your server should have the proper power. The same applies if you want to connect the analog POS system to your store. And the server has to process live queries continuously.


   4. Many images = very need optimization


Large images and graphics can be a great performance. Since online stores typically need a lot of images to render a product. There’s a lot of optimization potential here that you should explore. Luckily, there are several image optimization plugins. That will help you with this job.


Correct image compression, not only has a positive impact on the WooCommerce store’s load time.


And thus on the customer user experience. But also improves the ideal of search engine rankings and conversion rates. your exchange.


As with any website today, it’s important that you optimize your images for display on a mobile device. According to a Qubit e-commerce study, the mobile web affected 19% of total online sales in 2017. Besides, the results of the study show that online sales may increase. up to 33% by improving mobile product discovery.


            5. Privacy and data protection


With backups and staging, you’re always safe


If a plugin update or any other change affects your site,

Need to get your store up and running again as quickly as possible. And this is where your backups come into play:

your site backups are created automatically every night.

You can restore with just a few clicks. Or, the backup can be made at any time.


Saving yourself a large redundant plug-in is an advantage. For both security and performance reasons. Our belief in plugins is: “More is better, less is better!”


To avoid problems on your live site.

You can use our organizational environment to test changes on your copy of your site.

If you are satisfied with the results. The staging environment can be converted directly with one click. The key here is that when you override the page directly.

You exclude database tables with orders and customers. Because while you check changes in the organizational environment. The orders can still place on your live page that you will lose if overwritten.


  6.Decide how much hosting you will host on the hosting account.


Although the premium packages of hosting companies are listed as,

unlimited websites on the package. Like: Hawkhost, BlueHost, TMD hosting, Hostgator, etc…

But according to my practical experience, you should only store up to 4-6 website in 1 host account.

Because over that number you will see that it will consume more system resources.

In fact, having many websites on 1 host package will not be good for SEO, your speed, and security.

Not to mention with some hosting using CPanel management software. There is a limit to the number of inodes which limited to the number of files used in the website and hosting.

When it is due, the website will no longer be used.

Then again you have to find ways to switch to other administration software. That will be more complicated for amateurs like you.


According to the survey results from the Codeinwp site.

Most people only store 4-5 hosts in the hosting account. Costs will increase gradually.


So you should consider choosing a suitable hosting package.  

7. When to use a shared host and when to use VPS. 

For those of you who do not know, when you hire a host. It is like when you rent a stall, also known as a market stall in markets, or malls in real life.


Accordingly, when you rent shared hosting, it is like when you rent a market stall, a stall at the market to sell. If you have more money, you will rent a stall in a supermarket or department store. With higher quality only.

Its Pros


-Cheap prices range from 0.99 to 14 USD / month

-Easy to use, do not know anything.

-Get technical support when there is an error

-Can install many websites on 1 host package

– Fast speed if you choose the host of reputable shared hosting providers


    Cons of a shared host

– Limited resource use, some providers limit bandwidth, capacity. And some providers limit the number of inodes (the number of files that can be uploaded to the hosting account).

– Pretty secure. There’s anti-hack technology, though. But your website will also be affected more or less when a nearby booth is hacked.

Occasionally there will be downtime in the evening (when most people visit). The website keeps spinning.

– Only suitable for websites with small and medium traffic,

(about 3000-5000 visitors/day.) This is considered in the long term. When you have large revenue, you will give up it immediately to buy VPS.


As for VPS, you will rent a whole house or rent the first floor of a townhouse to open a shop.

Like a store in the real world. A store still has the functionality of a storefront. But here you granted 1 for a separate space.


And do whatever you want with your store. On the VPS provider network. You have a server with independent resources from other hosts.


You will have to hire people to decorate your store or restaurant by yourself. Then construct and install machines and booths if any.

The corresponding thing in cyberspace

is that you will install the software to manage. Or hire someone to install the website to go into operation


The advantages of VPS are the weaknesses of shared hosting:

– High speed because it is not affected by other websites

– Good security due to not sharing with the booth. Any store.

– Freedom to optimize all you need for the web to run smoothly

– Install as many software as you like


Defect :

-To use VPS requires you to have knowledge and experience about the server. Generally discouraged for beginners, passers-by know nothing about the host.

– High price, average 1 host used to sell with Wordpres and Woocommerce you need from 10 USD or more. Whoever uses Magento you need to spend each month from 20-40 USD / month

– If you do not care or do not know how to manage the website. You can rent the Liquid web Woocommerce managed service for $ 19 / month. See below for details about the service. Or DreamPress by DreamHost for $ 16.96 / month.

In fact, you will have to spend more than this number.

You are responsible for backing up your data. Lost or lost is up to you to choose.

Dedicated Server: If the VPS does not meet your needs, you should buy this host. Imagine it is like you have the money you rent out the mall or hotel.

Usually, this is no different from VPS in nature. But what is independent is always. Have more resources, better security.

Its price is a bit acrid about 100 USD / month to several thousand USD.

Often purchased by companies, corporations, electronic newspapers with millions of monthly views.

    Advantages :

– Withstand a huge amount of traffic.

– Enjoy free use of resources never worry about

– Largest security

– You can install whatever you like



– Need an IT expert to operate it

If not, you will need to buy more administrative services. But sometimes the administrative fee is equal to ½ of the buy price.

– Expensive price

– Responsible for the data on the host.


In this article. I will tell you about the top 4 hosting for the Woocommerce website in 2020.

They meet the conditions stated in the article

      4. Top 4 best hosting for the Woocommerce site 

1. Hosting Woocommerce best suited for you is Host Armanda

This may not be the cheapest host company. But it is a company that provides quality hosting that is worth the money you spend. Which you have read above.

Specifically :

Their lowest priced hosting plan has 2GB Ram 

2 CPU cores help increase the loading performance of website eCommerce higher.

It is worth mentioning here that.

The company commits to the lowest number of websites on their 1 server.


Normally, companies that provide shared hosting,

will put as many websites and host accounts on one server as possible. To optimize costs and reduce costs. But Host Armanda does not.


Although this company has many data centers in:

Bangalore (India), Singapore, Netherlands, UK, USA,


With high quality, commitment to high speed.


Support to install Woocommerce, theme and upgrade this plugin during use

That is their advantage

Publicly and transparently the configuration of each hosting package

Commit to supporting how many unique monthly hits. With the package, Start Dock is 10000 visitors.

Free .com international domains

I think this is a very high quality hosting technology and price. Currently getting a 70% discount for the first year.

You can see customer reviews here.

I have also been using it

See instructions on how to buy and use e-commerce hosting at Host Armanda


2. Bluehost 


This is the most affordable hosting recommended by Woo-commerce.com itself. With prices from $ 6.95 / month


According to my assessment. This is the best hosting support for online marketing for customers.

Say so because also to the store to support installation for customers. The company also provides customers a $ 200 credit for advertising on Google and Bing.

And yet, they also assist you, verify the Google map making for your store.

Helping you get more customers around your store.

So, for amateurs, I recommend it.

While price and quality may not be the best, in terms of customer support it is still the best.

That is also what the customer needs.



Also to ensure access, speed is always effective with 0.01% latency.


They also help you install WordPress with just one click.

You will receive a free call with Woocommerce installation instructions and related plugins.

Besides, they also install for you the popular Store Frone. Theme with 200,000 Woocommerce users.

You supported to update WordPress, Woocommerce to the latest version.

24/7 support on weekdays

There are data centers in Asia, (Mumbai and Singapore) Europe, and America. Help your customers, wherever they are, accessed without reducing page load times.

A dedicated hosting IP address makes your e-commerce website more secure.

In short, Bluehost is a very dedicated support company for newbies. Like single women raising children, fixing mothers, starting a business.


Completely unaware of the technology you can install as usual. Get full support for them at affordable prices starting from $ 6.95 a month.

You just need to choose a package with 100 GB of storage to be able to use more comfortably here.


No need to sell an unlimited storage plan. Like my website and my client’s website are on unlimited storage plans here. But that only costs less than 10 GB of storage.


So buying an unlimited package will only waste your money. Furthermore, WordPress is getting lighter and smaller, so it won’t take up as much space as before.


Note: The following two are also very important. The standout of BlueHost compared to other companies:

– 1. They will create you a Google My Business account. And always create a map for you. You know this is very helpful for local businesses.


Even though you’re a physical store, having a map of your store on Google My Business is still a wise choice. Because you can reach customers at a low cost or for free.


Did you know that the cost of hiring a map maker or even Google map verification costs at least US $ 50-300 for a map?


2. They will give you marketing credit with a $ 100 coupon for advertising on Google and $ 100 for Bing Ads. This gives you the chance to double the amount of money you get from Google.


Provided you need to spend 25 USD to redeem this promo code.


Get $ 100 for Microsoft Ads and $ when you spend your first $ 25 on new Microsoft Ads.

Similar to Google ads.




– You will have to use the Storefront theme they have installed. If you want to change themes, you need to learn how to create a new theme.

– The only theme you can install for free is storefront only. If you want a custom theme you have to buy from outside for $ 39-79 / theme

Video Customer reviews about Bluehost

See more customer reviews about Bluehost



See instructions on how to buy and create an online store with Bluehost here.


      3.  TMD hosting

This is the host with a high-quality configuration compared to the price.

According to the price list on the website. This is the cheapest hosting provider for your e-commerce site. When don’t have a promotion sale?

With a cost of only 2.95 USD / year for the first year for a website.

Their advantages:

– Free website installation support

– Free theme installation support

– Install and update Woocommerce by a Woocommerce expert

– Transfer your store from another host for free.

– Free Domain




– There is no data center in India. So if you want to buy you should choose in Singapore for the best results.

– The instructions in text easily cause confusion between instructors and experts

-Do only use WordPress Hosting and Woocomerce hosting here. Other forms like Magento should not be used. Because they don’t have the optimal package for those source codes. The fact that all the source code uses a configuration is not practical at all.


See customer reviews


See instructions to buy Woocommerce hosting on TMD hosting here.


4. Liquid Web provides Woocommerce hosting management service for you


This is a company known for its hosting services since 1999.


Best Liquid web hosting for Woocommerce website in 2020


With Woocommerce, they offer Woocomerce hosting management service


The highest performing hosting for Woocommerce is the Liquid web.

Because, the service itself is essential,

an online store installation on VPS with 2GB ram. And have your own IP address. Not shared hosting like BlueHost. Thus, the quality and speed of hosting are very high.

Liquid Web Hosting committed to being able,

to process 500 orders per hour without limitation.


Support updating the latest versions of Woocommerce software, plugin included.


See customer reviews for Liquid Web


That is, they will:

Install WordPress and related plugins for you

– Install Woocomerce and bundled plugins for free

– Theme library with 500+ free themes for your eCommerce store

– Free install for you Astra pro theme pack of Astra. The company provides top themes for E-commerce websites, Standard SEO, fast loading speed. This package is priced from 59-199 USD.

With 700,000 users. This is one of the most valuable,

themes today for e-commerce websites using Woocomerce.


They will optimize the design for the conversion on your website. The site will be 2-5 times faster than other sites using WordPress.

– Optimized for physical and digital stores (downloadable). With stores selling physical products, they can connect with courier apps like …

– Integrate the Jit tool from Jit to help you find out which customers are abandoning the shopping cart.

24/7 support via live chat, phone call, and Email

Supports you to move your store from another web host to your host at Liquid Web

– Optimized images help website load faster. And still, ensure good image quality

– I optimize the user experience for mobile devices like phones and tablets

– This will give you a 30% revenue growth.

Brave Build echo editor provides those who want to build landing pages easily and simply. You need to drag and drop.

– The value-added plugin from IconicWP comes with your hosting for free. Adding many functions to improve your store.

They can help you set up extra payment gateways, add new products, and more.

Comes with a very easy to use control panel

– Because it is a VPS, you will use your own IP address, good for SEO. Other than that.


In short, you do almost nothing. They will do it for you. Then give you instructions on how to optimize your store’s conversions using Woocommerce.

You only have to spend money every month to receive many valuable gifts.

. With 30 capacity, 3TB bandwidth. And it’s important to process up to 500 transactions / Hour on that store. I think this is an impressive number.

Because this is a huge number that every business owner wishes. Which company was the first to speak so far? Their system can handle such a volume of orders.

This proves that they have done well for their existing customers.



– If the downside is that you cannot customize the web as you like.

– You cannot install any other external software without notifying them.

– The cost for your system is relatively high compared to another hosting. You should choose to pay monthly if you want to use the service. Because of the high performance, the price is quite high compared to shared hosting.

See instructions for buying Woocommerce managed to host packages here.



Conclusion :


In this article, you already know about the best Woocommerce website hosting in 2020.


For no technical worries, you can choose Liquidweb’s Woocommerce hosting management service. It can also use monthly. At least it’s cheaper than using Shopify.

Or get the guidance of Armanda host at the lowest cost. Quality is suitable for small businesses. Free domain and Woocommerce installation


If you don’t have or have a low marketing budget. Then I think you should buy BlueHost for $ 6.95 and still have Woocommerce support for you.


Besides, you’ll receive marketing credit for ads on Google and Bing Ads, and Google Maps.

My opinion is that you can create search advertising to generate initial orders. Help your business run efficiently.


In fact, if you learn to install WordPress and Woocommerce by yourself. You can choose a regular shared hosting package. Still have the same features as another hosting. With the price of 3.95 USD and still receive preferential treatment of a more premium package.

Again If you want extensive support from A-Z then you should choose the Liquid web.


Companies announce their hosting can withstand a certain number of guests. That’s because they did thorough research based on customer results. Once you know your purpose, you will no longer wonder which Woocommerce vs Shopify to choose

Hence, it’s much more specific.

That is also one reason why you should choose them over other providers.

Because unlimited bandwidth is not really needed. Because you generate millions of traffic to your website. You also won’t waste a few hundred GB of bandwidth.

Finally, what hosting am I using?

If you want to know the answer, it’s Hawkhost. I have been using Hawkhost since 2016 and now for my clients.

I think it has a good load capacity, can handle 2000-3000 traffic/day. More than you can choose VPS of Liquid webs, Dreamhost.

Or Vultr (this is very difficult for beginners, so I did not include it in the article. Although its price is quite cheap. web, or website promotion, does not cost money.

To mention it is a long time but this article is about to end. So you can read it here.

5 The reason I chose Hawkhost as my hosting for 4 years now.


Thank you for reading my full article on the topic: Best hosting for your Woocommerce website in 2020.


Hopefully, you’ve got a suitable option for your online store.

You can read more articles below

on the topic of advertising and conversion optimization on your e-commerce website.


I will continue to write more best hosting articles for Woocommerce 2020 website.

on this topic in the future.

If you have any questions on this topic, please comment below. I will try to reply as soon as possible.

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