Facebook or YouTube Ads (Which is Better?) for furniture store

Facebook or YouTube Ads (Which is Better?) for furniture store

Which one is better? Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Instagram ads, or Google ads? ”

This is one of the most frequently asked questions among new eCommerce business owners. On Quora and Google 

There’s nothing wrong with asking that question.

However, most people ask it for the WRONG reasons.

They don’t fret about the pros and cons of each platform or which one is the most user-friendly.

Instead, what they are REALLY asking for is:

“Which advertising platform will drive better results for my business?”

There’s something wrong with THAT question.

1. Why?

Because when it comes to getting leads and sales in your eCommerce business…

… Traffic coming from U DO NOT matter.

Simple flight:

Clicks coming from Facebook (or YouTube, or Instagram, etc.) are NOT “better” than clicks coming from anywhere else.

Instead, the ONLY thing that matters is the QUALITY of the traffic.

If you’re sending quality clicks to your channel or eCommerce store, they’ll convert.

It doesn’t matter where they come from.

Not understanding this FACT is what causes most of the eCommerce business owners to ignore the most PROFIT and FREE traffic source available to them.

2. What is the source of that traffic?

It’s selling through Google My Business and local SEO.
This approach helps you compete with large businesses in the same industry with large advertising budgets.
Indeed, even the big dealers serving Fortune 500 companies like Neil Patel Digital acknowledge that. Local SEO is better for local e-commerce businesses than search advertising. Or Google shopping ads.
As well as Facebook ads If you’re going to sell on a national scale.

SEO via Google My Business is extremely beneficial. Because it’s still Google’s priority right now. Ads rarely appear. You only have to compete with the store affiliates of the big companies.
On the other hand, this is like a channel to interact with customers of the business. The place to receive feedback from customers. So, you can put your business on top of a search easier.

If your business is starting in digital transformation and doesn’t know where to start. Then I suggest doing this first. Because on this platform. Business owners will know that the most basic indicator of a successful map listing is the number of calls per month they receive. As well as the number of people asking for directions. These are high-potential customers. Which local business owners desperately need.
It’s also easier for them to look at email reports for results than it is to look at a series of tables with statistics. Making X generation business owners, baby boomers not familiar with computers dazzle their eyes.

That way it will be easier. From there you can read the statistical reports later.

Of course, I don’t think this is the most sustainable strategy. But this is the most suitable strategy.
As for advertising, I still think that making ads to display on Google will be more suitable for local woodworking businesses.
Although the bid is more expensive. But it attracts more potential customers. People who are more likely to buy.
So, in the long run. You should implement display ads. To reach more customers.
Maybe they don’t need it right then. Because there is no need, no money. But the next time they go to Google to search. To find your map, your blog. So, they buy from you.
And vice versa Google My Business increases traffic to your website. Then you can help you rank higher.
This is high-quality traffic. From customers with high purchasing needs.

If you want to market your business this month we can help.

At Haucmc we offer two marketing packages for furniture businesses on Google:
Google My Business optimization and management service for furniture businesses
And display advertising services on Google (GDN) for companies selling furniture.
These services have helped our clients grow in terms of traffic and conversions. We can help customers sell high-priced products. Up to thousands of dollars via website and Youtube.

Thank you for reading this article. Facebook or YouTube Ads (Which is Better?) for furniture store

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