Grow Your business

You only focus on sales and customer care. We will take care of the management and optimization of your ads. In other words, I use your furniture store money to bring you high quality leads.

Increase conversion

Our conversion-focused advertising service will help you increase conversions for the furniture industry.

Promote SEO and Brand

My service not only gives you effective return on investment. It also has a long lasting effect. It will indirectly support SEO on your interior websites. Also bring you organic search customers from Google. At the same time increase your brand awareness in the online environment.

What will you get when you invest in this plan?

Detailed plan

Haucmc Ads team will help you analyze your website, market, competitors & type of ads to run.

Save time

You focus on sales & customer care, Hau Ads sets up & manages ads for you.

Profit maximization

Haucmc Ads will focus on reaching the most potential customers with the most effective fees.

Absolute peace of mind

Advertising is deployed by a team of experts with many years of experience in large corporations.

Sustainable Development

Hau Ads & you will make changes that affect advertising results, increase orders sustainably.


Ads will be set up right on your account to be transparent about payment & results.

Who will help you with the implementation?

Real people, real things, real results. Your advertising campaign will be implemented & managed by excellent individuals.

Thorough understanding of Google Ads

The Team headed by me.
Marketing specialist for stores, furniture websites, physical products.

Duc Hau marketing

Professional Process Committed

Step 1: Make a detailed plan

After you complete the form above, haucmcAds has information about your niche & advertising budget. But, we can contact you via email, chat, skype to discuss more your products,
goals, insights from the market & propose a reasonable implementation plan.

And why is it so important? Please see below.

Step 2: Do the advertising plan for you

Depends on the product/service & original goal. Haucmc Ads will help you install one of Google’s ad types.

Step 3: Manage & optimize ads

If your ad campaign meets our criteria. We can manage & optimize ads on your behalf. That means you focus on sales furniuture, ecommerce product; we will help you optimize the customer source from Google.

What will you get when you sign up for a haucc ads plan in step 1? It consists of 3 components

One is Market and Customer Research. See what your customers are interested in, what products/services are interest in. With high potential and low competition. From there, make recommendations on which niche you should focus on when starting out.

The second is to Analyze your website. The purpose is to check if it is ready to run conversion ads on Google. This is very important to make up the advertising campaign. Many business owners don’t know this. As long as you have a website and run ads, you will be able to sell. Or leave everything to the agency to do whatever they want. Leads to a loss result, still a full loss.
At Haucmc we don’t do that. Instead, we will analyze your website. See what it lacks content, design. From there, make suggestions for you to change to suit the customer’s buying journey.
Besides, I and my associates can provide these services to you. Because our starting job is designing websites,
landing pages, making content for websites to run ads, SEO for furniture businesses. So I am confident I can help you improve it with the best quality that we can provide to our customers.

The third is to come up with a detailed, specific plan and explain why it is necessary to do this plan.
The goal is for you to advertise effectively on the Google platform. To get the most out of your money for advertising on Google.
Whether you continue to rent or not. Then you can still use it in your own marketing campaigns.
So the levels of investment as I mentioned above are completely worth it. Even surpassing what you get.

Because it is equal to two service packages that any business must do:
Market research analysis the lowest price is also 2-300 USD
Website audit, also known as a website audit, SEO audit. Prices range from $120 to-300. If we deliver to individual customers.
The total cost is up to 400-700 USD. When using our services. You will save up to $500 in cost for these two services on the market.

Create Your Plan Google ads

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How do I get started with Hau Ads?

Please fill out the registration form and pay for the Google advertising plan for your company.

Will Hau Ads run ads for me?

After you have carefully read and agreed to our suggestions in the plan that I have sent you. Then we can run ads for you.

What commitment does Hacmc ads have about this service?

-I and my associates can commit to Google advertising as follows:

Set up and structure your ad account so it runs smoothly
Run conversion-focused ads. Don’t waste money on frivolous statistics. That’s why we’ll install Google ads conversions for you. Fits your budget.
Have a plan and roadmap to increase conversions, relevant orders
Write ads that are relevant to your customers
Aim to match the buy goal of the customer.

What is the specific cost of services from Hau Ads?

We have separate Google ads advertising packages for each Google ad network. All are available at the service page of

When will my ads start running?

The day after you top up your Google ad account. And we set up, your account. Then the ad will approve by Google and start running.
This again depends on the account. With a new account, the approval time is from 24-72 hours. Also depends on the industry. If your industry is like my current customers. Then only after 1 hour, the ad will run.
And vice versa can take longer. Even though we are a Google partner account.

On which account will the ad active?

Your ads will active on your account. To ensure payment transparency. We only ask for access to your account. To conduct advertising for you. But there are no other requirements.

Haucmc ads support me to make a website to run ads?

We can help by referring you to the website and landing page partners that we are collaborating with. Or we will provide this as an extra service if you request it.

What if my advertising plan changes?


In that case, you can choose another ad package. From our service store. Or contact us via chat. email or skype.
Let me and my partner help you change your plans. And execute it.

About Haucmc ads

Haucmc ads are in the ecosystem of hauwebs. Specializing in helping customers sell on websites and youtube through advertising and content.
We work directly with the world’s leading advertising teams.
Help customers conveniently & bring better results in running ads on big platforms like Google, Facebook,

The results depend on the industry. Time and place of sale. We cannot guarantee results as certain as what we have done for our clients. Because they depend on a lot of factors such as people, the budget of each customer.