How can furniture companies high ticket sales via YouTube videos

How can furniture companies high ticket sales via YouTube videos?

Without having to spend a lot of money on advertising hastily and wastefully.

You are running a furniture store. There are many good videos. There are registered people but not yet selling furniture. Especially high-priced furniture.

Or you don’t have a video but still want to sell on Youtube. Then this article is for you.

   1. If you sell high ticket sales for furniture using video on Youtube.

A few weeks ago I was talking to a potential client. Already have a Youtube channel with several hundred subscribers.

His videos are great. He has a warm deep voice. Attracted a lot of middle-aged people to watch his videos and subscribe to his channel. These are customers with a lot of money to buy his high-priced furniture.

But there is a drawback that he can only sell through Youtube video recommendations. This means that whenever a video on his channel gets a recommendation.

He makes a lot of sales over the phone. His YouTube video ads don’t do the same.

After doing this for a while longer, he finally threw the towel in, realizing it wouldn’t work

Come to us, to see if we can create promotional videos or do SEO for him, check out his current approach

Found that he made the common mistake of thinking “just promoting a video with organic views will make a sale”

In other words, he doesn’t know why his videos are getting recommendations, along with a marketing plan that shows him how to use them.

Then nothing else matters, that’s also why we put this offer together for you….relates

So that you can effectively do it yourself.

Here are the steps that I did for him. So that he can sell high-priced goods on Youtube successfully. And you can do the same.

     Step 1 #: Audit your Youtube channel

I told him: Make ads for videos with high recommended views. Not an efficient way to do it.

Because of customer preferences and behavior when they actively search, watch videos. Compared to when they view the adverb passively are two different customer states.

Even if they click on the discovery ad below the screen. There’s no guarantee they’ll buy from him.

So, not doing regular advertising. But only doing ads quickly within 1–5 days with the amount of 50–100 USD/day,

will not help the advertising be effective.

Because the ad at that time was only in the optimal stage, not in the effective stage. Doing so also causes the ad platform to dislike this and it will increase the ad’s bid.

Instead, the first step he should take is:

-Audit Youtube channel for the purpose:

-Analyze which videos are effective to create videos like it. This is a method that has been done by the most successful YouTubers in the world.

-Find videos that don’t work. Put them on a list so you don’t do it anymore. This is just as important as making effective videos.

-Appear in video search results

-Reach the right audience to Convert users into subscribers and eventually paying customers

YouTube checks show how well your channel is doing and whether your channel is helping you achieve your business goals.

Among other things, it will help you understand:

-Which video has the most views

-Percentage of people who finished your video

-How many subscribers do you have?

-Does your video appear in search results?

From there, come up with a marketing plan to develop your channel within a certain period. Like in 12 weeks for example. Depends on your original goal.

Finally, one reason I have always believed in it: You can get the most out of what you have. As in the book of the same name by Jay Abraham.

One thing is clear that your channel already has quality videos. Like the guy in the example above. He has quality videos.

Bring value to your audience. That’s why there are people who register and buy before. It’s just that he hasn’t optimized the channel and made it systematic.

Nowadays, checking and optimizing your Youtube channel is very simple. There are many tools for this.

Learning how to do it is not as difficult as most people think.

But in my opinion, there are still people who want to do it but lack the opportunity to do it:

-46% of business owners in the United States are between the ages of 41–56. Especially furniture business owners are middle-aged people.

They grew up with the development of traditional advertising in newspapers, radio, and TV. As for online marketing like video marketing will find it takes more time and effort to succeed.

Besides, age and health factors will limit them from participating in marketing for their business on Youtube.

Besides, they are afraid to contact the computer and it is difficult to use the phone to do SEO. Many people like my parents still use smartphones the same way they use feature phones (without an internet connection).

In the early years when the new cell phone was popular in society. Means merely for calling and texting.

Occasionally take a few product photos to post on social media.

Not to mention some people are annoyed when they have to work with computers for a long time.

They would rather do sales by phone than using laptops and smartphones to sell online through websites and social networks.

It is for the above reasons that there has been a need to outsource this YouTube marketing service.

But up to 54% of small business owners worry about not hiring the right people (both in-house and outsourced) for the job. This is understandable in my opinion.

Because a lot of scams happen when you give a fake influencer or a marketing agency that is just better at talking than getting you results.

But if you wanted to, you’ll find a way to do it. It’s important to invest in the right people at the right time, right?

If you already understand that, let’s go to step 2.

       Step 2#: Optimize your channel for SEO standards.

But just checking the channel is not enough. You need to do SEO optimization for videos and Youtube channels.

Did you know that YouTube video SEO is the most effective way to sell high-priced furniture? This is how I did it for my furniture clients.

Not to mention, if the video is on the top of Google search, you find the customers who are most likely to buy.

At the same time, optimizing YouTube channel SEO standards. It will help your customers have the same brand awareness. That you already have on your website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Also, SEO on Youtube not only helps you to increase views but also increases subscriptions for your Youtube channel.

So if you want to sell high-priced furniture, this is the second step you need to do.

The things you need to do are:

-Rewrite channel description

-Rework the cover photo or design the cover photo if your channel doesn’t already have it.

-Do SEO for each video (this is what I see businesses lacking the most, although it will be about bringing in sales for them)

-Logo redesign (if needed)

-Make an Intro for the video (if not already)

This is a job that requires you to both.

To understand the user’s search intent. And to show off your unique selling advantage on your Youtube channel to sell.

But doing this is not difficult. I can give you an example right now.

As you can in the photo below. Every video I do SEO has 2 things to do.

-One is SEO by keyword (understand user search intent, refer to this article to understand user search intent)

-Second is your company’s commitment to quality. (showing the company’s brand, unique selling point)

So you have done it successfully.

To do it you need to have an SEO plan for old videos.

Also, do SEO for new videos you will upload in the future.

As I said in the previous section when you want to do it, you will have a way to do it.

One is to learn how to do it through this article. And my other posts on this blog.

Second, go to Youtube to watch video tutorials

Third, hire the right people at the right time.

Then you can succeed.

Now that you know to sell high prices, you need to check your channel and optimize your Youtube channel for organic views.

But if you want to scale the order. And you also have a higher marketing budget. So how should you do it?

We will come to step 3 advertising on Youtube.

      2. Advertise on Youtube

If you read this far, you already understand why I recommend you to do the above 2 steps. If you think it’s a lever, a springboard to make the third step more effective, you guessed it right.

How can furniture companies high ticket sales via YouTube videos


Because right in the early stages when doing marketing on Youtube. You simply do not know how to do the most effectively?

Don’t know which of your videos will be effective?

You also don’t know what your customers are looking for? Whether what they look for.

Do they watch the video are the interior products/services you have been providing or not?

But, after doing audit and SEO for channel 1 time. About 1 or so. Then you already know part or all the answers to the above question.

(Because if you wait for all the answers, it will take a lot of time to do nothing. So it’s best to accept the approximate answer)

So now you can confidently do Youtube ads without fear of wasting money. For ineffective videos.

At the same time, this is the time to amplify your brand and products to customers outside your store area.

Thus, Youtube advertising is the right choice for you.

Anyway, wait what if I don’t have any interesting videos.

Don’t worry you can still advertise on Youtube. It is one of the three most effective types of advertising that I will talk about below.

          1. Skippable in-stream video ads

From the beginning of making Youtube ads for businesses until now. This is the most effective type of advertising I have done for furniture businesses.

With statistics, the Average view rate: 31.9% YouTube is one of the best options for creating a cost-effective advertising campaign:

then purchased on the website (for young users) and to order by phone (for middle-aged and elderly users.

This is also true for high-priced furniture and physical products)

Then you should do this ad.

The principle of its effective advertising I will tell in the following example.

: Your potential customer is watching a music video on Youtube

.When your promotional video appears before,

during, and after they watch the music video on Youtube.

Now if your promotional video is more engaging than the entertainment video they are watching. Then they will stay to watch your promotional video.

When they watch for 30 seconds or more, you have to pay Google. So if you make a bad video, you don’t lose money.

In case the video is too short, under 30 seconds, you will still lose money for advertising.

I don’t recommend doing this. Because it is more suitable to advertise a brand than to sell a product.

So the bottom line is that you need a compelling video script. To make users forget the video they are watching.

Then they will not click the “skip ad” button after 5 seconds. They focus on seeing your ad.

For example, in your ad, your product needs to focus on who your product is suitable for. Don’t introduce the store name or date.

This is what I see most often in Vietnam. Maybe Vietnam is a country that cares about time, so they pay attention to that.

Although the customer will not care at all. It is more suitable for making live videos.

The specific types of videos that you need to make, I have already written a post here. You can read more references.

And now if you are interested in the type of advertising that you only pay when customers want to see it, then continue to see type 2 (discovery ads).

               2.Discovery Ads on Youtube

Which my clients still call recommendation ads. The reason is that after I did an ad for them, the organic views from the video’s recommendations increased significantly.

Youtube ads Discovery for Furniture Product

The number of channel subscribers also increased rapidly. So if you just want to have proactive leads. Just wanted more subs. Also high-quality traffic. Let’s do this ad.

The principle of its success is that you make video ads based on the videos that users are watching.

For example, They are watching videos about movies, music, comedy on Youtube. Then they scroll down to see comments or watch other videos on phones, tablets, TV screens when your promotional video appears.

If they see the product have a related headline: “oak dining table and 6 chairs”

Solid Oak Dining Table with 6 Chairs
How can furniture companies high ticket sales via YouTube videos


. Then they will click on your video. So now you have to pay for advertising.

Because it’s based on the user’s voluntariness. Which if they watch this fascinating video. They click like, comment for you. Then this video and even other videos on your channel will also get organic views from Youtube.

Of course, this type of ad has a low view rate aka retention rate. In other words, watch duration will be lower than skippable in-stream ads.

Maybe it’s because they clicked on it. After all, they liked the video’s title and profile picture.

But after watching it they were disappointed. So they watch the video below of the opponent.

Or maybe they’ve seen enough. Decide to visit your website or make a phone call to buy your product.

There are many causes. But that is not as important as whether you can sell or not?. I also have the same opinion as other Youtube video advertising experts:

Does it have a lot of viewers or not?. It doesn’t matter at all.

You must attract the right customers who want to buy from you or not.

Because you are selling with video ads. Not making money from Youtube Adsense, so quit immediately, the more views you have, the more orders you will receive.

This can only happen when you create an excellent ad. And it can’t be made fast.

So if you want to listen, my advice is to follow these 3 things

– Please make the highest quality video possible.

-Making an attractive video avatar will increase clicks by up to 40% (not clickbait)

-Target the right people at the right time. (Meaning in line with your monthly business strategy.

For example:

Now, August is the time before the Back to school event starts, then target parents with children in high school and college. learn). This is more effective than general keyword targeting.

But if you do not want to do video ads but want to display them on Youtube. Even appearing on the homepage of Youtube should do.

Don’t worry this is how you can make Youtube ads without video. Which is called display advertising.

        3. If you want to sell directly on Youtube, you should also display ads on Youtube

Going back to what I said in the previous section. You don’t have a Youtube channel yet. You are also not very confident about your videos.

But you still want to sell through Youtube ads. Then don’t worry, ads are showing on Youtube as discovery ads on Youtube and Gmail.

There are also managers Google Display Network (GDN) display ads on Youtube. And shopping ads.

But in my opinion, they are not very effective to attract customers. It is more suitable when you do shopping ads, display, and want to remarket.

That’s why I won’t talk about talking. But only talking about discovery ads on Youtube, Gmail only.

Youtube ads Diplay for furniture online


That means this ad’s placement will be alongside the video discovery ad. The only difference is to replace it with an image or form with a product image.

This type of advertising:

effective and generates conversions from viewers to leads or sales even better than display ads in certain cases.

Because I did this ad for a client with a furniture store. And get relative conversions despite being a high local product almost 5000usd

This type of advertising can help you reach customers who have watched your videos and visited your website. But haven’t bought your item yet.

When they are exposed to this ad long enough. At a certain point, they just had money.

Once there is a need, they want to buy your furniture.

And if you want to do remarketing on Google or expand the scale of direct furniture sales, how should you do it?
Let’s start with Google display ads (GDN).
See also this article of mine on how to do it in detail.

    3. How to use Youtube ads for furniture store

So how should you apply your 3 ad types to be the most effective cost and return on ad spend?

The answer is: it depends on your content and purpose.

-If you already have a compelling video, you can choose skippable in-stream ads. Besides, if you want to reach new customers (who do not know about your product or company), then use this type of advertising.

Because it is effective in creating buzz for your brand. Many of my clients stop advertising long after that.

Maybe 4–10 months later, customers still remember and call to order furniture.

If you want to attract customers who are already interested in your company, your product (in other words, remarket to them).

Or want to ethically market to your competitors’ customers. Then you can use discovery ads to attract customers and sell to them.

At the same time, this type of advertising is suitable for customers who actively search for products on Youtube. They voluntarily clicked on that video.

As for videos, the most effective videos are those related to the customer’s interests.

For example, a video interviewing a customer who made a buy. Video of customer reviews recorded and sent to you.

These are the types of videos that are 1.6 times more engaging than influencer videos. Because it relates to user preferences.

If you don’t have a video yet, want to remarket to people who have visited your website.

Then choosing ads to display on Youtube will help you sell without videos on Youtube. Because it reaches the right customers.

At the same time, this type of ad appears on the youtube mobile home page. Or appear interlaced when users browse videos on their Youtube app.

This is, in my opinion, as effective as the Facebook display ads.


So in this article, I have helped you to know how to shop for your furniture. To go from an old Youtube channel with no customers and few subscribers.

Become a channel to sell high-priced furniture to customers. Also, attract subscribers to your channel.

You should start by checking out the Youtube channel for your furniture store. Then SEO optimization for the channel. Finally, advertising on Youtube.

You don’t even need a video to advertise on Youtube. As long as you have a product that matches your customer’s buying goal. Then you will be successful.

So what is your YouTube marketing priority right now?

Let me know by commenting or

Contact me with this guide.

Interested in asking me to help you with this?

As I mentioned earlier in this article, although this is all the information you need to get started, there is also a “time lag” possibility.

Why that is, I’m not 100% sure, but no one gets results with information (alone) right away.

Instead, there’s always that awkward phase where you’re following the steps…

But with a bit of uncertainty, ask yourself:

Do I have a suitable YouTube offer for the client?

Am I in the right market?

Did I do this properly?

Et cetera…

So to help you avoid that learning curve, something that will take months, if not years…

I am currently opening a Youtube marketing service for businesses and furniture stores.

If I’m being honest, this could be something that will blossom into something bigger down the road.

I love doing marketing on Youtube, but I’m impressed by the work “do it for you”, so I’m working on helping people in this way.

It is possible to hire a video marketing agency.

Youtube marketing for other markets. But knowing that helping with testing and optimizing Youtube channels will be the best first step because I will help you do it.

With your Youtube channel.

So, That’s what brought me here today.

Like every other beta offer, the price will only increase.

So, if you want to learn more about a Youtube offer that pays for itself within the first 6 weeks (if not less), here it is:

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So if this sounds like you’re interested in something, get in touch today, there’s never been a better time than now.

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