How can I sell my furniture online?

How can I sell my furniture online?


To sell furniture online you just like any other industry you need to do the following 4 hard steps.


Step 1: Understand the customer


Step 2: Understand the product


Step 3: Bring traffic to the website


Step 4: Take care of customers after selling


Here I will go into detail step by step for you to see


Step 1: Understand the customer

In fact, every industry requires an understanding of customers.


If you do not understand the customer, it will be difficult to sell to them. Or maybe just sell cheap products. Or not sell any products.


The only thing with the furniture industry requires you to understand your customers better. That seems difficult for business owners. When they are mainly responsible for the sale or manufacture of the product.


But fortunately now is the era of technology and connectivity. So you can understand customers to sell them in 3 simple ways:


  1. Do keyword research on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube. I’m a Google advertiser so I mostly do keyword research on Google.

You can use tools such as:

Google keyword planner

(need to spend about 10 USD,

for data to display more accurately,

Mangotools or even Kwfinder, and then Ahref, Semrush.


Personally, I find it easier to use Kwfinder. Suitable for beginners. When you’re just keyword research.


And Semrush, Ahref has many real functions. But I found it not suitable for beginners.


  1. Use your Facebook ad library to see what your competitors are selling. From there, choose a more suitable product.


The beauty of Facebook is that you can know when that fan page has run the ad. Know customer feedback on the product.


Then you can find similar products. You will sell it more easily.


The longer the ad runs. Then it proves that the product is well received by the market.


You also know which countries they run ads in.


  1. Using Amazon as the world’s largest e-commerce platform to understand customers.


On this marketplace. You can learn a lot of cool things.

Here you can find the user’s search trends.


Know which furniture products are selling well.


User rating, question.


From there, know which products your customers are interested in. Which furniture set is suitable for their room?


Especially you can learn how to write customer satisfaction copy.


Through reading customer reviews.


In general, you will save a lot of time and time, research reading reports. Or analyze the competition,


Thanks to that read how the booths write product descriptions. As well as how to write effective ads that make readers stop to read and buy from you.


It is with ready-made wooden furniture.


Also if it is for handcrafted wooden furniture. You will need to do


Come up Esty, go to Amazon’s hand to survey customers’ needs.


What do they buy from the best-selling stalls?


Comment how about the product.


Continue on Reddit and Quora to see if any customers ask about this DIY product?


If so, you can find more opportunities on these sites.


Step 2: Understand the product


You need to determine that you will be selling this product.


Because the interior niches are very wide. There are 4 main industries: ready-made furniture, handcrafted furniture, and interior design.


You need to define what segment you do in to offer you a marketing solution to your customers. That fits the niche you have created.


You can certainly only do one array well. Just doing a lot of things will make it difficult to focus on marketing and selling.


For example, you decide to choose to sell old furniture, classic furniture.


Then you need only a deep understanding of these products only.


Corresponding to each type, there will be different marketing.


If you choose to sell ready-made furniture, the best option is:

Selling via the website, through e-commerce floors. Shopping search advertising through Google, Bing, Yahoo. And on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


If you sell crafts, do it yourself. Esty or amazon’s craft market is the right choice.


Easy to meet customers


Because it has hundreds of millions of customers interested in your product.


Selling through the market can increase orders quickly. For your booth.


Easy to do, easy to use to post products and ship them to you. From A-Z


Defect :


– Increasing costs due to markets like these will increase selling fees


– You do not own customer data. So you can still lose data as usual.


– You can be banned at any time. Regardless of whether you do the right thing or not.


But this should only be done when you have an abundant supply. Usually, the cheap item will be ok. Like a rattan basket bag. It is suitable for handicrafts. From Asian countries such as Vietnam, China, Indonesia,


If not, you can open a store with 2 popular options:


Woocommerce + WordPress: The advantage is that you have autonomy with your store.


Enjoy doing what you love at a low cost.


But weak Embrace:


You need to learn how to make an effective online store. There are many clips on Youtube about how to do it. Typically you can type keywords: how to start an online store using woo-commerce is ra.



The advantage is that you don’t have to worry about store engineering and operation. Even the design you don’t need to worry about.


This company will take care of all of you. Let you focus on marketing and sales


Cons: Expensive, especially when not using their payment tool.


You can still get your account suspended at any time. Because this is still someone else’s land.


  1. Make content for the product page


After understanding the product, you will create content for the product. This is a very important step to help you sell furniture successfully.


Your product page should contain the following 5 ingredients:


1, Title (product name, keyword, customer interests)


This is the decisive reason. make customers stop at your product or someone else’s.


So take the time to write a title that both contains keywords and contains the benefits that customers want. Then you will get a high clickthrough rate. Also known as CTR.


  1.  Description of the product


Include :


-Product photos, product videos


The year is 2021 now. So the product photos must be beautiful. So that customers no longer wonder about the products they receive at home. Compared to products sold on the website. That way they will trust you more.


Glossy colorful images will no longer be popular.


The reason is that customers have been staying home for too long due to the pandemic. So no one likes shiny color products, sophisticated videos. That just raises the customer’s suspicions towards you.


Product Description. Whatever you write, writing for furniture also follows some of my suggestions:


– The product name contains keywords, the better. Otherwise, it should be beneficial. So that the reader finished imagining what they are viewing.


– For example, a set of black walnut wood furniture for 5 people. The simplest


– Look at the photo that describes the color, size, and material of the product


To make pure, say pure, to make composite materials should say to graft.


– Describe the benefits that customers will receive from using their products.


– Emphasizes the base of the lines, the feelings of sitting, touching, and holding. So that customers can visualize how they are seeing the product in reality.


– You can also use the above line to apply video scripts.


Describe how the product works. There is something to note


– More reasons to buy from yours that is not someone else’s


– More reasons to buy your product now instead of next time.


– Because wait until next time. That means you can never sell to them,


Adding social proof is customer reviews


Add social proof creation tools like :

Beeketing, Notification X, Proof, and Marker magic for automated social proof creation.


Combine with content marketing to improve your sales.


  1. Product page design


If you use WordPress, you can use the Elenmentor Beaver Builder as a sales page.


If you use Shopify, then you can use Zipify to create landing pages. Especially their mobile landing page. Proven to increase conversion rates by 18%. Just by changing websites on your mobile.


I use Flatsome for projects, landing pages for my clients.


When you do these well. It means you are understanding the product.


Because I think:

someone who understands the product will present his or her product most effectively. With the least amount of tools.


Step 3: Bring traffic to your website


After you have understood the customer and the product. Know who your customers are. Belonging to any customer segment, this is the time when you need to appear in front of them.


Through buying good positions on Google by paying Google and SEO performance.


Some say that only search advertising costs money and SEO does not.


Because you can attract customers through organic search.


But I think differently.


If you do SEO to order, you still need to spend money on:


Keyword research tool


Content analysis tool


– Image-making tools like Canva, video editing processor.


– Time to write product descriptions, or hire article writers


– The cost or time to create backlinks, create guest posts for your store.


– Do not believe in those who sell cheap backlink services. The dirty goods will destroy and damage your website on Google.


So you should still think when making a decision.


For Two male pieces of furniture. I choose to combine both Google advertising and SEO.


Google Ads will bring in revenue for the first few days for us.


At the same time boosting SEO, increasing keyword rankings on the website.


Plus SEO will help our sales website get more customers at no cost. Even after stopping advertising.


Because in the previous advertisement. Some customers contacted to buy on the website thanks to the advertisement.

So Google thinks that my website has provided a good user experience on the website. That makes my keyword top.


The ads I use are mostly smart campaigns and text search ads.


Also, if you can make a video, then youtube will be an effective sales channel. You can sell products for between 2000-5000 USD.


Additionally, you can also advertise on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


Facebook ads, I’ve found it still effective.


Currently, I am doing it with the website traffic advertising campaign.


Difficult to run conversion due to easy account lockout.


Or you can sell goods on Market Place for free. With 800 million people ready to buy.


Details I will write in another tutorial.


Step 4: remarketing and customer care


It would be great fun if your ad can drive you to orders.


But that’s not true of high-priced products. Or crafts.


That’s why you need to do Google Display Network (GDN) remarketing activities. As well as remarketing on Facebook,


In my opinion, no matter how good your ad is, in 10000 people approached. Very well, there are only 100 shoppers.


But this is the ideal condition.


The remaining 9900 people will keep going to Google. Using social media and forgetting about your brand name and product.


you need to remarket them through the remarketing features of these advertising platforms.


Also, you’ll need to collect your email list so you can recover the abandoned shopping cart. When the customer has added to the basket without paying.


Because email can personalize one-to-one conversations with customers. Advertisements can’t do so.


But in my opinion, this flash email marketing can sell very well with cheap products.


As for high-priced products. It will take a series of customer care :

emails to nurture a long-term relationship with your company.


Summary. After 3 years of doing Google advertising and designing websites for interior businesses.

I have taken 4 steps to successfully sell furniture.


That is :


Step 1: Understand your customer


Step 2: Understand your product (demonstrated through content and design)


Step 3: Bring traffic to your store


Step 4: Marketing and customer care


Thank you for reading my answer. If you have any questions, please comment below.


You can see the case study I did for the furniture sales website on my blog


Why should your content be made and presented to a satisfied customer model?


If you are interested in increasing sales on your website. Then I and my partner at VOCSO can help you.
Book 1 call to us can be free consultation about your website. Or you can go here to take a quiz to help you know whether to redo the website or not?

Thank you for reading this article.


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