How can I sell my old furniture online for the best price?

How can I sell my old furniture online for the best price?

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How can I sell my old furniture online for the best price?

To be able to sell high-priced furniture. Wherever you are, you need to do the following 2 ways.

1. Make content describing products effectively

2. Let your customers ask you a lot. As much as possible.

Let me explain about 1. 1. Make content describing products effectively

Because of the following 3 reasons:

1. Customers buy from you because of your content, not because of your product.

Or is it because you have an attractive website design, a long history of company formation.

Customers are not interested in that content.

Especially with old furniture. You need a lot of information for them to make a buy decision. Because everyone is afraid to buy poor quality goods. Old furniture requires product status information. About the time of its use.

If there’s information from the old owner, the better.

That is what you need to say then. If you did, it must be said that the row was repaired.

Should not hide customers in style. Hide product defects. But apply lipstick for the pig. For your own benefit.

Example: If you sell a used office chair. You should describe more,

about the settlement and inclination of that chair when sitting again. Not just how long it has been.

Images must also be captured carefully from total to detail. Letting customers reduce distrust increases their trust in your store.

2. Customers looking to buy second-hand furniture are knowledgeable about the product.

Do so before they read your post. Then they have viewed hundreds of sales articles. With hundreds of products just like yours.

How can I sell my old furniture online for the best price?

So you need to be more creative. Otherwise, you will never be able to sell.

In my opinion about old furniture, it has a nice point with newly manufactured furniture.

it bears the mark of time. To be more precise, the imprint of the former owners.

Expressed on the inside and outside of the product. An effective way to reduce suspicion and increase trust is to tell a story about the product.

Its quality, and usage history.

Thanks to that, customers will appreciate its quality.

That way you will have a higher chance of selling.

3. Describe a good product that will give your customers a reason to buy from you.

When you want to sell old furniture online at the best prices.

Then forget about the price. Focus on delivering higher value to customers. So that customers don’t care about the price anymore. They will focus on usability rather than price.

Although Hainan Furniture sells new furniture. But we sell at a higher price than our competitors.

That’s because we shift our customers’ focus from price to quality, to the beauty of our products. That means the value our store offers is higher than the price they spend.

When doing such good content, the customers will not fret.

They will ask questions about the shipping cost and time. At that time, you can close the sale effectively.

3. Explain more about the sentence Let the customer talk as much as possible.

One of the people’s myths about a good salesperson. That is, the more sellers talk, the better they sell.

That is not wrong. That has a basis for reality.

My first furniture customer was such a person. He is about 22 years old this year.

My sentence has the ability to speak fluently. His videos bring powerful energy. This energy makes a very good impression. That means it can spread to other people. Like a cheerleader on TV.

It will thus appeal to audiences who enjoy this boom. Because they affect emotions-> viewers are more likely to remember the message.

When they view his content more than once, they will buy more.

But, there will be calm, introverted people. Unaffected by this explosive voice. And that is middle-aged people.

People prefer texting rather than calling. Then they are not ready to hear the salesman say that.

These people are usually people with high incomes. Want to buy high-quality goods. They have already learned about the product. But there are still unresolved questions in my heart.

How can I sell my old furniture online for the best price?
How can I sell my old furniture online for the best price?

So they tend to want to ask the shopkeeper more.

They desire to be the salesperson. And give answers as quickly as possible.

Otherwise, they will go looking for another competitor’s product.

Through 3 years of advertising Google advertising and content marketing for furniture businesses. I think that’s true.

Because another client of mine is a middle-aged man with 20 years of sales experience. He’s usually a simple video maker. Normal voice. And ready to answer questions of visitors by phone and text message.

So, he can sell old or new furniture at a very high price. Even higher than the competition.

So, do you want to sell at high prices like him?

Please install the live chat tool via Facebook like

in the picture or leave the phone number on the website on your mobile device.

See the image below.

For customers to click is to call immediately.

When you let customers ask for more. They will feel they heard. Share. Most of them will buy high-priced goods from you.

Moreover, this is their own decision. So nobody is against his own decisions.

Of course, there are still customers who change their minds at the last minute. But that number is not much and does not affect your business results.

Most customers who buy furniture will sell more by phone.

That’s why you should also do the same. Speak in a low voice, lower voice.

About live chat tools

You can use the Tawk to software from

With more than 3 million business websites in the world used.

About the calling tool you can use the software to add a phone number for the mobile version of your website:

Plugin Call Now Button

on WordPress.

Or app

EasyCall – Phone Number & Call

On Shopify. This is also a free application.

These applications will help you to create:

call buttons for customers to click that are routed to the phone’s call screen.

Also, it will give you statistics for more information about the customer.

About the number of calls per day.

Url generates that lead.

Which advertising campaign is generating that leads

Number of calls answered

Number of missed calls

Record call for you to listen again

This is an important foundation for you to optimize your content and landing page.

In short

Live chat, or call to customers will help,

you increase your conversion rate from visitors to customers.

According to the statistics of the Easy Call app from 30-50%.

You will not miss any customers at all.

Note :

The purpose of the tool is to help you work more efficiently and save time.

Not helping you to increase sales if your sales skills are poor.

So, you also need to have sales skills.

Don’t blame all the tools. When you have not done effective content and sales.

Well, in this article I have given 2 ways to help you sell old furniture online at the best price:

1. Describe high-quality products. It’s not just about ordinary copywriting, it’s about visuals and a compelling story as well.

2. Help customers contact you directly via live chat or phone call

Because the more questions they ask you, the more they will trust you

Then. Hence, they won’t mind the price. Easier to make buying decisions.

I wrote this article based on experience in Google advertising,

content marketing, conversion optimization for e-commerce businesses. Especially in the furniture industry during the past 4 years.

I help DRIVEN entrepreneur grow their income by building online stores, Special for furniture stores.

Thank you for reading this article. Don’t forget to read on if you want to know more about marketing and sales topics for the furniture industry.
I myself am a person who was born and raised in the country of furniture production. I also worked in the furniture industry. From production, marketing, delivery, and installation of products to customers’ homes. Therefore, I thoroughly understand my customers as well as my products. I am confident I can help you get the results you want.
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