How did I make YouTube advertising content for furniture companies from 0

How did I make YouTube advertising content for furniture companies from 0?

  1. What is the most important thing when doing advertising on Youtube
  2. The first is the video of product advertising (product close-up video)
  3. Video behind the scene about the production of horse mats
  4. Then the customer review video
  5. Product comparison video
  6. Video answer questions of customers
  7. Conclusion


At the beginning of 2019, something happened. There are a few people who come and ask me to run Youtube ads and SEO videos for them. Although I did work on making money from Youtube before, I didn’t tell them directly.

I used to make videos for youtube money. Yet I received this offer.

Of course, I did not refuse. Because that’s the chance. Like Richard, Brandson said: “When anyone asks you to do something. You don’t even know how to do it. Agree with them and then learn how to do it later. “

So, since the beginning of the year, I have studied and done Youtube advertising for businesses selling household furniture. What I have achieved is both a success and a loss. So I learned many lessons about Youtube advertising. Especially the content. So this article talks about how to make video content for Youtube ads.

The following articles also on this topic will be written later.


Hello friends. The advertising of youtube for e-commerce products is increasingly being noticed by many businesses. And start deploying on the side of Facebook ads.

Currently, in Vietnam, Facebook ads have also changed. Those who only look for efficiency on the number of comments, the data collected are lost face. Therefore, some businesses went to advertise Youtube with the second largest number of members after Facebook. (1.8 billion users, if not including the number of non-users, up to 2 billion users worldwide.

In Vietnam Youtube also has 41 million registered users. Especially the middle-aged people aged 35-55 more and more. Because in the country we started digitizing television in 2016, we made the old TV. So people switch to using a Smart TV or Android TV box.

You also know that the advantage of video is more than the image in the article in that customers look more closely at the product. So videos are much more attractive.

Realizing the potential of Youtube, a young entrepreneur in the furniture industry came to me. To hire me to make Youtube ads for him, combine SEO videos.


I myself have only done SEO video before, not yet advertised. But the interior industry, I only know a little bit. That’s why I have to learn from it.

In Vietnam, there are almost no units that teach to run Youtube ads. Mainly teach google Ads only. So I went to Youtube to study for myself.

We go on doing it gradually. If you encounter a failure, draw experience. Going to school in many places. To finally be able to write down some experiences. Share into articles about running youtube ads you are reading here. Hopefully, I can help you more or less. About a new effective advertising method.


  1. The most important thing about youtube advertising is …

That is your content. According to YouTube’s own statistics, advertising on this platform is 1.8 times more effective than other advertising platforms.

That is due to the quality of YouTube videos.


When people read an article on Facebook, they have doubts so their chances of not believing are very high. Because text only accounts for 7% of communication efficiency. So users easily fall into two cases.

– Trust is likely to be tricked into buying products. This situation happened not only in Vietnam but also in the United States. Where there are strict business laws. Example: User buys Canon 60D camera. They gave them a toy camera for only a few dollars. Buy a sim card, then get a sim card. Buy iPhone is a delivered box containing all stones.

– Do not trust, do not buy anymore. Suppose the photo was edited by photoshop. As a result, they only ask for product information and not buy.


Video is a solution that can solve these two conditions. When the seller combined on a large e-commerce platform in Vietnam like Tiki, in the world is Amazon, Alibaba, Rakuten. With heavy penalties, the violation of violations is reduced to 90%.

On the other hand, when watching the user video rewind and rewind. Look carefully several times. So the suspicion in them decreased. The ability of customers to click on the order button or pick up the phone to order (with high price products, is very high).

– The face of customers on Youtube has more power on the website. They can skip ads after 5s. So, the video-making company needs to be able to attract audiences right from the first seconds. If you do this, your chances of success are very high.



  1. With e-commerce products, what kind of video should be done?

We made close-up videos to run sales video ads.

The company’s products are furniture for home use. Products cost an average of 700 USD


Like other products from the product, the segment is natural wood. It is quite expensive. The cheapest product in his company. Just like other companies in the village is $ 400.

– This product compared to the income of Vietnamese people is relatively high.

On the other hand, because it’s expensive, there are only middle-aged people aged 35 and over. Has accumulated and high income. New to buy it.

These people are new users of social networks. They rarely use Facebook or Instagram. The two most famous social networks in Vietnam.

They often prioritize watching videos more. The reason is that they have blurry eyes, tired hands when having to read the text, and swipe the phone screen. (this I read on a certain group).

Therefore making videos to run ads with Youtube is the most suitable choice.

At first, I didn’t know what kind of video would suit the company’s products. So I told him to just shoot the video, I instructed him.

So he filmed the video and introduced the product from the overview to details. From far to near the product.

After 3 minutes of 21 minutes, I stopped because I said. The shorter the video, the longer the viewing time of the user. From there is the ability to lock up higher. At the same time, the high viewing rate also led to other video proposals on the channel.

And then I set up ads for him. After 10 minutes, there was a first-order call. And like that on April 6, 2019, the call came back. Because we are the first unit in the village, in Hanoi, or even one of the companies running Youtube advertising in Vietnam for the furniture industry.

At that time, I did not understand why I was so successful.

Until I read your article … author Ana Gotter on disruptiveadversiting . I knew it was a close-up video of the product. That is the video turns from overview to detail. From near to near, touch, touch the product. To convince customers about the benefits they receive when purchasing this product.

This is an effective promotional video for e-commerce products that you should deploy. If you have a store that sells e-commerce products, the interior is better.

The video had a time when we stopped advertising but the first video still received 1k views per day from SEO and YouTube suggestions every day.

  • After 1 month, the effect decreases. So we constantly produce new close-up videos for customers to see.

The way to make close-up videos is also very simple.

You only need to care about two things.

If your product is beautiful, consumer goods are as fast as cosmetic fashion, you need a model-actor, beautiful. To make Livestream or video. I call them clothes. The closer we are to the human reach, the more we want to see close-ups and scenes of sellers using products. To be satisfied with the product and want it right away.

If your product is out of the user’s reach. It is as heavy as furniture and electronics. Or just use it when there are things like electronics and technology, you just need to show the product to your audience. You don’t need to be present but still, sell.


Device :

The sales guy who hired me to run the ad has just filmed the video with iPhone X and presented the product smoothly. Out in the sun, there was no rain or rain at that time. Besides, there is no neighbor restaurant making noise. So the first video was recorded as perfect.

You only need an iPhone 6s plus phone or a Samsung galaxy s7 phone or above that you can record close-up videos. About the product.

Because the surroundings were quiet, he didn’t need a microphone. If you feel the need, I recommend the Micro Boya M-1 that I bought for only $ 15 can record very well. You can also buy a similar product for $ 20 on Amazon.


  1. Video of raw product manufacturing process (Behind the science)

Only one video is not enough to convince users to come later. Watch videos, comment, subscribe to channels, and order by phone. Understanding the psychology of wanting to see the production process, he later filmed 3 videos of the production process of raw horse projection products.

These videos I did not advertise but there were 10,000 views in just 2 weeks. So far it has achieved more than 60k natural views. This proves that customers are very concerned about the production process. Users want to know firsthand how the product is made. But there was no time until the factory could watch this video.

Since then the channel has a natural view, registering channels very quickly.

When curiosity is satisfied, users subscribe to channels and receive notifications from the channel more than when there are only promotional videos.

Therefore, if you have a factory you can go back to the factory to return to the production process so that you can convince customers more effectively. There is no need for you to import goods only for sale.

The place I live in is a craft village so I don’t want to make a video like that.

However, it is not enough, because the opponent can do the same. They went after, so they imitated and worked better than my way.

So I implemented the 3rd way of doing it is a testimonial video

  1. Customer reviews video

Since the company started selling these products. About 1 month many people are not afraid of the remote road to our store in Hanoi.

So we quickly filmed the video to ask them why they were buying. Then upload to youtube, let our potential customers know more about why they need to buy.

However, this video, we did not advertise because they just went back to using their home products.

Only until there are more favorable conditions. The company has sent employees to the customers’ houses to record videos and ask customers for their product reviews.

The fact that a person sits on a table and chair and talks about their satisfaction with the product.

Created a double impact to help us gain more user confidence. Because the product has been used in practice. Someone bought the furniture and horse mats to talk about it.


As a result, the number of calls increased greatly. On average, there are 30 phone calls from morning to night for sellers who are also owners of the company.


  1. Video answers customer questions

Finally, let users connect more deeply with the company’s brand. I propose to make videos that answer customer questions.

Because in the process of making videos and answering questions. I noticed they asked many similar questions. These questions need answers so they can trust the company. Although it has been answered in writing, via Facebook, Zalo. But it’s not as good as I said at the beginning of the article. Videos are still trusted by customers.

You go on Amazon to see selling products are often the most questionable product. The more the seller answered, the more the interaction between the brand and the customer increased.


So we wrote down the frequently asked questions and answered it on paper.

Result: Videos receive more natural views. From SEO and suggestions on Youtube. We then ran ads for this video.

This video have 397K view allthroug we not run ads

The number of phone calls to order products has also increased.


How to make this type of video is simple. You just need a phone. and filmed like a close-up video. It is necessary to add the image of the comment that the user asked in the previous videos is ok. Interoperability as well as video viewing rate also increased rapidly. Only after fake customer video.


On average, a video of this type increased 30 subscribers. That is an increase of 50% compared to promotional videos alone.


  1. Product comparison video

Why do I say so? you just watch it.

Right now users no longer visit the website to see the product anymore. They also went to Youtube to watch product reviews videos.

Video review is especially effective for technology products. There are many brands, many Youtuber to earn a lot of money from making product review videos. As in Vietnam, we have Mr. Vinh who is the owner of Youtube Vat Studio Studio, which specializes in making a very successful technology review. In addition to evaluating him, he often makes videos comparing products of technology companies such as Samsung vs Apple, Google vs Microsoft…

From watching and reading the reports I learned that: video reviews and product comparisons along with keywords like Best + product name are most searched by users on Youtube. I asked the seller and also our video recorder. The video compares two products of different sizes and shapes. And upload it to Youtube.

Result: This video also received many views. Many customers call since running ads.

But it cannot have the appeal of fake guest video that I mentioned above.

On the other hand, because the seller is also the one comparing his own product, the video has not created an objective impression on the user. There is still suspected to be answered through comments on Youtube.


Lesson learned: Ideally, make a video that compares your product to a product of another segment. As technology companies often ask Reviewers to compare Samsung products to Apple, or Huawei compared to LG.


With 2.1 million minutes of viewing. And 1 million views on the channel. This channel of the public is also called quite successful.


In terms of shortcomings, we only care about sales. But sometimes forget to build the ability to interact with users. So high advertising prices. On average, each month we spend 1000-1400 USD on Youtube advertising.



  1. Conclusion

Above, I shared the story and the itinerary to study and make Youtube ads to sell e-commerce products. Specifically furniture products.


You need to do the following 5 types of videos:

–  Product Close-up videos

– Product manufacturing process (if possible)

–  Customer reviews

– Answer customer questions about products.

– Product comparison videos

There is no order to make any video first. Any video later.

However in my opinion you should make a close-up video of the product to collect Smoking views and interacting with your videos and channels.

You can then make other genre videos.


Now I have a little success, can guide others. However, I still learn about youtube advertising, how to make videos, and SEO videos every day. And before that, I failed twice when I advertised Youtube with another company.

Until successful.


Video production is often difficult. Because it requires financial, human, and skill resources, as well as time and location.

We have minimized the tools needed to get you started.

Your job is action.

If you can’t turn, you can hire someone to film for you. You just say it.

In short, you have to start.


I was lucky to work with a talented young businessman who spoke. Born again in a family business, he could do this.

Because not everyone can do this so your chances are great.


Also if you are in countries like the USA, Australia, Canada, Newzealand. Then you have a chance to get a $ 100 coupon when you spend $ 25 to advertise on YouTube. The link at the end of the article.


Thank you for reading the article on how to do content when you advertise on YouTube. See you again in my other articles about marketing and selling on Youtube.

Wish you success with your choice.


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