Case study : How do I get for this business over 100 calls in just 1 product and Google ads

How do I get for this business over 100 calls in just 1 product and Google ads?

Warning: The article is very long so if you do not have time to read it on the blog. I have created a tutorial ebook. Leave an email below and I’ll send it to your inbox.

One day like any other day, you surf on Facebook or search on Google and Youtube. And you see a title like this one.
I made 234,000 USD with a single product with Shopify and Facebook ads.
Yes, there are so many titles. How to get about 100 calls from clients with 1 product and 1 PPC ads
I also like watching videos, this article. But I cannot imitate them because I am an advertiser, website, landing page hired for small businesses.
So I could not do that until I decided to follow the idea of just one product.
I know that it’s hard for me to convince them to follow my word and do this. It will be more effective than the way they are because I haven’t shown them the real results.
So I decided to do it my way. By taking their product to run ads. Yes, only 1 product.
You can see a video summarizing my work here.

And this ebook is a detailed 4-step tutorial that you need to take to create results.
Of course, the results of this study are due to the results I have created. With certain resources. But I cannot guarantee that you will achieve the same results as me. Or do it better than me.
It depends on yourself.

You may ask why I’m so reckless. It is because I have been doing this business for over six months. I have known his son for a long time.
The result as you can see. I spent over 12,9 million VND in 3 months. Collect over 12,000 clicks in 2019.

Call From Google search Ads

With the cost of more than 1,000 VND / click quite cheap compared to the market.
More importantly, my ad earned that business 117 calls according to google statistics only. As for the statistics on the website at that time, I did not count them all.

So the actual number is even more.
You know customers who actively call have a very high purchase rate.
This ad is only terminated when the business owner tells me that. He no longer has that item to sell.
Why do I do that? While I do not know anything about furniture as well as I have done Google ads only.
After much thought and review based on actual data, I found that.

I have done the following three steps to make my ad successful
1. Choose a unique product to advertise. This in the world of dropshipping is called a winning product.
2. Make a landing page of products and services according to the satisfied customer model.
3. Set up intelligent conversion tracking
4. Smart search ad selection
Here are the detailed steps,
I have taken to help this business owner sell this furniture successfully.
You can do it too.

Step 1. Choose hot products, unique products to advertise to customers.

You know, finding a winning product is not easy. According to experts on dropshipping or FBA with amazon,
You need to spend time and money to research products with high selling potential.
Then spend advertising money to test if there are no orders.
In my case, it is completely different.
I didn’t have time to crawl around to research.
There is also no money to advertise what A / B testing does. So I can only do keyword research on google keyword planner.
Are you wondering why I chose a product to advertise ?.
If you’ve ever seen a successful sales case study on Youtube titled,
‘I made $ 234,000 in sales with only 1 product and Facebook ad. ”
So my case study is the same.
But with Google ads only.
There are several reasons why these case studies have been so successful.
You probably already know this sentence:
‘’Good products will make 50% of the success of the marketing campaign.’’

After nearly 1 year of advertising Google ads and SEO, I have learned from experience how to be effective. As well as being a teacher of the masters of Google and Facebook advertising.
I just learned this lesson effectively. Even a Facebook advertising teacher even makes it a rule.
I find this new online advertising rule of Mr. Long very helpful. It not only created the success of this simple advertising campaign. It also created many millionaires when doing dropshipping and on:
e-commerce platforms like Shopee, Sendo, tiki, Amazon, and Alibaba.

Content: ‘’ Product design rules: also changed from,
more models to sell more products to sell as many products as possible.
Customers are getting lazy,
They want to save time, they want to get product recommendations. That is right for them to quickly choose,
to buy instead of spending time selecting products in the diverse product list as before. ”

Thus, the choice of products has been given to users by search engines like:
Google and social networks like Facebook and Instagram. And advertisers like you and me.

So the advice for you is that only SEO product catalogs can still effectively place orders. But running ads directly on this site will only cost you money to advertise. Because of the customers who hesitate, you have lost the opportunity to sell them.
Remember that on the client website there is less power on social media.
They only have to turn off or exit that website. When they realize that they have wasted time to find information on your website.
As a result, the quality score of the website decreases. The bounce rate and advertising costs increase.

After time study. I watch videos on youtube and find that people search,
and watch about this living room furniture product a lot.
But, every time I talk and listen to information from the business owner, I find that. Products Tan Thuy Hoang furniture is the most diverse, reasonable price. Many more buyers.
So in the morning, I decided to choose this product to advertise.
You can also do like me to the Google keyword planner to research keywords.
About keywords, there are 3 categories: Information keywords, commercial keywords, and buyer keywords
1. Keyword information

This means that you search for information merely to solve your problem. Example keyword: “How to relieve back pain is the information keyword.”
2. Keyword commercial:
Now you are looking for a specific solution,
so you will type in specific ways such as back pain medication, exercises to help reduce back pain. At this point, you are considering products and services that help you solve your problem. But you do not hesitate to buy it.
 3. Transaction keyword:
Once you have enough confidence. You will want to buy a specific product to help you solve pain problems such as:’
Medicine, functional foods, physiotherapy package at a certain center. And these keywords will go with the best post”. Where to buy, reviews + product name (ECopark painkillers). Now you can do it. “
Because I do not have money. There is also no advertising budget for these two types of keywords and even brand keywords. For this business.
So I focus on trading keywords, product keywords are key.
But, What surprises me is that most visits come from informational keywords

Keywords in this campaign include exact keywords, expanded keywords, informational keywords, commercial keywords, and transactional keywords.
Why is there this result?
I think:
One is a generic keyword but a product is specific, not a clickbait product category. So the customer stays on our site after searching for that keyword.
The two competitors in our market have not done like this. So this can be considered as our niche market. Although it baby. But still bring orders to my customers.
Note: This is from my case study, the results are like that, but I don’t guarantee you will have the same results.

Step 2: Make a product description page as a landing page according to the customer model.

How do I get for this business over 100 calls in just 1 product and Google ads
Do you find the customer model term difficult to understand?
How to please customers when they have unreasonable requirements about the product.
Stay calm, and I will help you understand this.
Of course, we will never satisfy our customers most of the time.
But we can please them when they see our product.
Let me tell you a story.
In the past. I entered the field of marketing, designing websites for companies, factories, furniture stores.
I do not know what to do. Even if you’re planning to open a website about furniture sales. My marketing and sales experience is zero.
So I searched everywhere on the internet. Go from seminar to conference.
Sign up for e-mail for a lot of internet marketing experts.
But I still don’t know what to do to be able to learn it.
It doesn’t penetrate my head. Although undeniable it is very true. And effective for individuals, businesses apply it.
Until one day. I type on youtube how to advertise Zalo and find the youtube channel that I signed up for so long.
In that instructional video ad Zalo (The popular free internet messaging platform in Vietnam is similar to the Whatapp application). The channel owner is web5ngay told me how to advertise on a satisfied customer model.

Which according to him is not available anywhere on the internet. And so he thought.
I watched the whole video. He explained that. A satisfied customer model is a person who makes advertising content.
Will create the content that customers need that product. They will find themselves using and enjoying that product.

That’s right. The best example is in the fashion industry, entertainment.
A guy who likes to sing Karaoke when he sees a picture of a few friends singing a good Karaoke together with that mic. Along with the call: “This Sunday gathering with friends singing at home with Kara mic is still What fun is ”

. This caused him to intend to own the product.
Like a girl walking through a fashion. The stores saw a beautiful dress.
There will arise a desire to try on the mind. That makes them think about buying when given the opportunity.

Yes, the satisfied customer model is that.
When you put yourself in the shoes of a customer, you will see it. That is the main reason customers spend money.
Of course, this is the result. It is the goal that every business, salesperson, the marketer is aiming for.
It’s simpler. More effective and more useful than.
The old call of salespeople from this profession appeared on earth. “Buy from me, don’t buy from side A, B, C.
Only when your products are too outstanding and unique, customers are in high demand.
Then you can sell goods.
And now, why does your opponent have that item? They even have a lot of numbers, a variety of types, and even a better price than her.
When knowing the above model, apart from defining customer portrait. Then I also apply this model in my field of activity is marketing for furniture stores. I find this to be very easy to do.
And you absolutely can do it simply.
This may also apply to education or services.
Because you don’t need to do 10 complicated steps as the experts have taught.
The satisfied customer model of the interior is like the real estate industry. The question is: When customers will feel satisfied?
(The same answer as to when they buy a new home.

(You can answer to find out your answer.)
The only difference is that they will be clearer. More accurate and closer. Because they are familiar with them from childhood to adulthood.
I used to have time to go loading and assembling furniture with my dad in Vietnam. I realize that
– Customers buying furniture are most newlyweds. Or getting married. You should go to the interior of the new couple after buying a house or get a buy from your parents.
The target is young people. Age 20-30

-Clients who have been completing or repairing houses are usually plastering or painting. They are customers who buy as soon as they have the right product. They are middle-aged people from 30-40 years old.,

Customers Finishing their homes will have the idea of wanting to buy furniture
– Customer Buys new furniture when their furniture is too old and of poor quality. Used for 20 years. The customer is also the middle age between 40-60 years old.
old furniture need instead
With different age segments and different circumstances. You all have to have appropriate content to touch their insights.
For newly married customers, getting married are an image showing purity, cleanness, and freshness. and it suits their youthful room.
For middle-aged customers.
What they care about most is that it has beauty and elegance. And like their neighbors’ houses.
Being complimented by the neighbors is one of their pride. It is more beautiful, easy to use. They can use it as much as possible.
For middle-aged customers: They like the good ones like the old ones. With a more beautiful appearance. The hints of the beautiful, old-fashioned mentality made them feel good.

These people often do not like to change so nostalgic marketing, go back to the old times, the more they like it.
The same is true for overseas customers as well. I have referenced on a website in the US that also says the same thing.
But above all, the customer model needs to follow a story so that they see the product they are looking for.
They can look at it. Or, try to estimate whether it will fit the room you live in or not.

If not, then all the product descriptions. Even old products are boring. It’s hard to convince your customers to buy successfully.
But if you’re not looking for a story to tell, that’s okay. Follow this formula that I learned from a famous SEO blogger in Vietnam.
As you can see below.
The top keywords that I follow are these formulas.
According to his point of view: After the sale, the keyword will be top.
First, please read about the image and video. Because it has a marketing effect 1,000 times larger than that. Highly viral again.
About image
Besides taking photos of products, you focus on 4 main types of images.
Photos are divided into 4 categories (Professional, Practical, Useful, Testimonial).
If there are 4 types, it is better and if not, it is okay.
+ Professional image
Professional photos mean:
I define them as selfies of our products/services,
are professional, and should have a Caption for photos. So that the interaction rate will be higher.

This is the definition of SEO teaching on his blog only.
I acknowledge that.
But the problem was that I was quite lazy and stupid in design.
So I only instructed the owner of a professional photography shop. As for the caption, I didn’t notice it.
In the future, I will pay more attention. Especially with furniture products and home appliances. Customers pay close attention to the information on the image.

+ Actual image
The actual photo that I mention is the image of what our product/service will look like in real life.
I pay attention to capture every angle of the product. To help customers better see the product. And especially focus on lifestyle images. That is the image of products taken outside in reality.

Actual images will help customers better visualize the products they will buy for their room
+ Useful images that are useful infographics for your customers.
– I don’t have the time and conditions to do this. But, I will do an infographic. That it will have a strong attraction based on Pinterest’s social network. With high-income female customers who are willing to pay for it.
+ Image Testimonial I will take back all the reviews, customer comments for my SP / DV and make it into a photo. Or before and after using the service/product.

Has handed over to customers. Through my advertising experience I know that:
A photo of a table and chair in a living room will be much more attractive to my potential customers than a chair empty.

This image we do often. But the way to do it is much simpler. By asking the driver, delivery we hired to take pictures.
And we will pay him a little bit more money. If you cannot deliver, you can also apply this method.
It is very useful for customers who are still hesitant. Do not know whether to buy your product or not.
And if you do not want to do so, you can follow the suggestions above are also very useful.

Video: There should also be 3 strategies for making :
Video content (How-to Video, Video Review of products/services. Video formats that customers have used to product/services).
+ how-to video
How-to video our format I’m mainly talking about how we made that product in the factory.

Customer review video
The same goes for videos. A video interviewing customers. Who has made a buy or come to buy from a company is more convincing than any numbers or words?


Because customers are not yet clear about the product they are buying.
Used in practice like. So they suspected that of course. And so a customer review video of tables and chairs bought from us. More valuable. It beats every doubt from customers.
Of course, you should do this ethically. Serve what the customer needs.
Not what they have. It is with video.
+ Article
As for the website to How do get about 100 calls from clients with 1 product.
I wrote the standard SEO article on the WordPress + Woocommerce platform in 12 steps.

1. The first is the title that contains the product name + keyword (trade and sale)
– 2. Then a long description of the product
On this product detail page, I will also pay attention to the issue of INCREASE in my PRODUCT RANGE. Combine with offers, offers, and limited quantities to stimulate customers to buy now!

– 3 add Photos to the article
– 4. Add videos to the post
– 5. The short description of the product will include information as:
Size, material, manufacturer, the warranty period.

– 6. Add the main image of the product

– 7. Add photos in the gallery for customers to see more
– 8. Optimize SEO images
– 9. Click on the product list box
– 10.Product price

– 11. Keywords of products. You need to make sure the keywords will have in the title.
The long and short descriptions must be the same as the keywords you enter in the Tag box.

– 12. For better optimization, you can follow the suggestion of the Yoast SEO tool is ok.
That’s it, the standard SEO description done. You can also create landing pages for Ecom products like this.

Step 3. Set up intelligent conversion tracking.
But this is the tip and the root is how to increase conversion rates.
That you need to have traffic from SEO off-page, social media, or paid traffic.
Like this.

You can hire or self-study to do.
But how to create orders, you need to optimize conversion rates by tracking results.
So, How to increase conversion rates on your eCommerce website?
So tracking how to be effective is something not everyone can do.
Many people say that conversion needs to be set up on google and Facebook.
But, some customers want to text, form, or chat with you.
Then you will need another tool.
This third-party tool helps you track conversions on your website. Help your website a lot lighter, especially if you use WordPress.
There are even features. That you can’t optimize because it’s an external service like live chat Facebook.
Now you will not need integrated features like calling, messaging, LiveChat,
form filling, or map-making your website slower.
That’s right but not enough you need to know. What your customers will interest in and contact you to buy what products?
Those are the most potential customers, most likely to buy from you.
Do not follow the old way they see a dozen products. Then you remarketing for their dozens of products like that on Google and Facebook. This only makes them more confusing.
They look at many products again and don’t know which one to choose. Well, go on Amazon choose similar products that have many good reviews for the end.
So you’ve lost money for advertising, and SEO for many products without knowing are buying or not.

Organic keyword

You need to do this. Otherwise, all the knowledge I tell you is useless.
I understand that. Because I don’t know how to optimize conversion rates either.
Installing the conversion code of google and Facebook only confuses me even more.
Until learning google advertising. My teacher introduced the Max lead tools. This tool of the company has name Nova ads auto ads which helps to record customer contact as a lead for my guest website.

This tool is completely free from senior google partners in Asia.
The staff there was very enthusiastic to call me several times to guide me to create an account on the website. But I was very busy and had no interest.

Note: In English-speaking markets like the US and Europe, you can also use a version that is Zendesk. With prices starting from only $ 5 a month. But I do not recommend that you use that. Because I haven’t used it yet. And currently, I am using this free tool which is also very good.
Although you can only use two websites only.

Moreover, sales through Youtube are still successful so I do nothing. Until December 2019.
I was again puzzled by the question of how to increase conversion rates on my website.
Because of advertising on youtube, I could not measure the number of calls of customers to the shop owner.
So I remembered this tool and installed it immediately for my clients.

After 1-2 weeks I log in to my account, I feel very happy. Because there are statistics for those two websites. All from calls, Facebook messenger messages, Zalo, or live chat recorded.
You can see them below.

From thee, I know which of my products are on top of google and sell. Which lead comes from the referral source.
This lead comes from advertising on Google. And customers communicate via any means.
Thus, I have the basis to convince business owners to advertise,
SEO for products to increase sales and leads for them. At the same time save on advertising costs for them.

At the same time, Google sees that when customers visit the website of this business and then contact.
It will recognize that my website has provided the right information they need. Since then the website will be top sustainable.
Here is an example of the saying: When sales are finished, the keywords will be on top of Google.

You can do it for me by clicking here to learn and install this tool on your website.
This tool is currently still free for advertisers. You can watch any lead from any traffic source. Meanwhile, the tools of Facebook and Google have not done so.
This is the direct link. There is no link to Affiliate marketing here.
If you are still afraid or do not know how to install it. You can send your contact information about your website like the name, account, and password below. I can help install it on your website.
If you do not like it, please follow my email. Because I’m going to send you tutorials on other free stuff soon
Then comes helping you increase sales with SEO copywriting and PPC copywriting.

4. Step 4: Smart search ad selection

How do I get for this business over 100 calls in just 1 product and Google ads
Google ads smart campaign

One of the reasons why this ad is so effective. With such low cost:

Write attractive PPC (pay per click) ads. I introduced the store: “The factory is proud of producing and selling to customers”:
So customers are assured of the quality of the product and the price. Add a long-term warranty for up to 39 years.
. This figure I took out from the title of the movie “39 degrees of love” of Vietnam. It has nothing to do with sales psychology. Although I have studied psychology at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities.

I only noticed later that this number is effective. The number 9 at the end of the line is very effective in the buying process. Customers will not think that the price is too high. And in the warranty period, they also see that the term is very long.
39 years is almost 40 years. The buyer sometimes dies and so he can leave it to the children and grandchildren. True psychology of saving of Vietnamese people. As well as those of middle age and the elderly in the world. So this ad creates an impression, reversing risks for customers.
This is a way to apply the risk-reversing strategy to the clients I learn. From the book: ‘

Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got ‘by Jay Abraham.
When I think about it, it fits well with the tagline of my blog. : Share everything I know about online ads and conversion on the website.
The next is that this ad is very suitable for the landing page. The title says how the product page describes further on it.
It does not have the type of goat-head hanging that sells dog meat like other snatchers.
Although during advertising.
I have never received a quality score from Google. Perhaps because the web loads too slowly. You should also note this. Improving web speed for the page will improve SEO rankings.
Because the website still has visits because it has been,
operating for a long time with many articles and products since 2017. Besides, in Vietnam, the network is weak due to broken cables or happens like meals, especially at 6-11 pm. At the time when most network users. Thus users are familiar with this already. So they are still acceptable. That is the general situation.

But, if your home country has stable internet at high speed, you should optimize the page loading speed. Because users will exit the page immediately.
When they have to wait too long in the fast-paced life in Western countries.

Update: Now I have optimized the website with the new tools. I have found so the website works smoother and faster than before.

In the end, I chose a smart search advertising campaign. This means it will appear on Google search results, maps, and search partners.

Of course, it will also be somewhat wasted when displayed on Google’s search partners. But importantly it shows up on the map. Where customers will click when they are near your store.

Google now wants to personalize the user’s search experience. To create the highest satisfaction for them. Which users also want to search for more local keywords.

For example, “furniture store in Hanoi” “people tend to find places near where they are. Most users want to see the goods in place so they will want to find a store close to their home and prestigious. Yes, this business’s Google Maps has natural user reviews. I’m also quite lazy in asking customers’ opinions because it’s not my customers. I am just doing advertising for hire. This is one thing to learn from experience.

This way, you can sell at high prices. And also receive referrals from customers. Help reduce advertising costs as well.
The other reason I can achieve such an average CPC bid is that:
– Nobody ever did that. Most of my competitors advertise for many different products. They poured money on a product catalog page to get customers to see many but not necessarily bought
– Combining as a page describing SEO standard products and services,
– Pull more traffic from Youtube
– Display more similar products with the product advertised below
These things reduce the bounce rate. And help make advertising prices cheaper
– Finally, the use of smart search ads with commercial keyword
Who is looking to click on our pages?
And the high call rates were due to me
– Add an automatic call button on the left of the website
– Add call extensions
– Add CTA effectively.
– Commitment to warranty to reverse risks for customers
So there are four steps you can follow me from now on.
If you want me to help, you install free conversion or rate your page. Contact me now to increase the conversion rate on your website, landing page.
Thank you for reading the article: How to get about 100 calls from clients with 1 product
You can always serve customers better without having to find customers.
If you have any questions, please leave a comment on my blog. I will reply as soon as possible.

To be able to know and learn more about conversion optimization. Stay tuned for my email. To get the latest updates on website conversion and digital advertising. As well as my YouTube video SEO experience.
This is what I have known, have done to guide and tell the story for you.
I will help you improve your sales and conversion rate,
on the website by improving user experience.
Thanks again for taking the time to read this article

  You care about me doing this for you.


As I mentioned earlier in this article, even though this is all the information you need to get started, there’s likely going to be a “lag time” as well.

Why this is, I’m not 100% sure, but nobody gets results with information (alone) right away.

Instead, there’s always that awkward stage, where you’re following the steps…

But have a smidge of uncertainty, asking yourself:

  • Do I have the right offer?
  • Do I have the right market?
  • Did I do this the right way?
  • Etc…

So to help you avoid that learning curve, something that takes months, if not years…

I’m currently opening packages about Google ads, Youtube marketing. 

If I’m being honest, this is likely something that’s going to blossom into something larger down the road.

I love Google ads and copywriting, but I kind of hit my cap on “done-for-you” work, so I’m pivoting and helping people this way.

Likely hire copy editors for other markets, but knew helping ads and copywriters would be the best start, as you know how to write (and I’ll just overview/advise changes)…

So that’s what brings me here today.

Like every other beta offer, prices are only going to go up, and you might have to work with sub coaches later on…

So if you’d like to learn more about an offer that pays for itself within the first 6 weeks (if not less), then here’s the:

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