How do I get more views for my youtube videos?

How do I get more views for my youtube videos?


In 2014 I started making youtube and then quit. By 2017, do it again and then quit.


By 2019, go to work on Google and youtube advertising for businesses. I just started making professional Youtube.



After reading a lot of the articles. As well as practice managing youtube channel for many clients.


Then I conclude to make more views for the youtube channel, you need to focus on 3 words then:

CMC formula (content – marketing – call to action)


Specifically like this:


C: video content is the topic of the video


M: Marketing for that video


C: Call to action. How can I get more views if I don’t call to action? No views, like, comment, share and subscribe.

1. Choose your niche content

Then registered is a natural view from followers. Thus increasing the view is a cyclic process.


Like the triangle that I leave in the picture for you to see.


In which the most important factor is the content.


That is, the topic you choose must appeal to people.


In fact, there are only 3 main topics that make US viewers spend 40 minutes a day. To watch your video. Include


  1. Entertainment


  1. Education


  1. Inspiration


This is the reason why you can still have terrible views without marketing. Because entertainment makes users satisfied. They easily watch the whole video.


Hence the channel is more likely to get higher recommendations.


Example: The topic of the channel is to cover popular songs, this topic is extremely hot.


All you do is set up a recording studio and sing.


Your voice is good, you will win the user’s hearts.


And form a habit of listening to you sing every day. Getting in the habit of watching your channel regularly will lead to subscriptions. Also, YouTube will suggest your next video to other users.


Thus, the views will skyrocket. Like J.Fla Music, which only covers, there are millions of subscribers.


So choosing the topic is very important. For each big topic like that, there will be many niches for you to deploy.


It depends on your passion and capacity to create content.


Instead of imitating the topic with high views, many people like it. Many people are looking for.


But you do not have the energy and passion, it is very difficult to do in the long term.


And the array of making money on youtube without creating videos. I also used to do it. Of course, it’s not a group, but use video that allows reuse. Combine music and sound.


I see that the user continues to create new videos. Rather than creating videos to entice users to watch. Their videos so they make money from Youtube.


In this world, if it’s easy to make money like that. It’s not your turn to do it. Because people have more money than you they have already done before you.


If your topic is education but technical education again. If you want to have more views, you need to create videos in the style of learning while playing. Or do other formats such as animated videos, animation.


So that the 5th graders understand what you are talking about.


But the content is not attractive, the presentation is bland, you are just lazy to do it and want to make money.


The reason I say that is because a lot of people make people so bored. But I did not know that my content was so boring.


It is very difficult to succeed.


2. The second is Marketing for that video.


When a new video uploaded to youtube. Advertisers, yOutube, and users have no idea if the video is viral or not?


So focusing on viral video is the wrong goal.


Though I admit I have the formula to create a viral video on social media. But I have no intention of doing it. Because my goal when making videos on Youtube is to sell. There are also 7 more sources of income that do not come from Youtube advertising.


So my goal is not to spread the word on Youtube to get advertising revenue.


Because I know: That will keep you from having more permanent views.


For example, the Baby shark is a viral video and has a view volume exceeding the world’s population. But the company’s next videos produced this video. Can’t create such expectations. The quality is far less.

And if you focus on the viral video. Then you will forget about the purpose of making video sales to have sustainable views.


You tempted to compare with your competitors. Those who have made a lot ahead of you years earlier.


So you should focus on marketing instead.


Marketing for video on Youtube includes paid marketing and free marketing.


Free traffic includes SEO on-page, off-page, recommendation, social sharing.


Paid traffic includes: Google advertising, youtube, Facebook, Instagram


Most people will tend to increase views based on free traffic.


That is the person who makes money from advertising on Youtube. Themes for entertainment and inspiration. Or collect money from companies to PR on their channel.


Also, you are the same salesman as I do advertising for businesses. Then I have nothing to wait for the viewer for the video. I will invest in Youtube advertising.


Advertising on the display network to engage users faster.


So doing free traffic or paid traffic or a combination of both. This depends on each purpose and your available resources. Choose the right way you will act.


Choose wrong you will fail. The choice is always more important than effort.


3. The third is the letter C in the call to action.


Call to action is something that everyone who makes youtube knows.


But few have applied it successfully.


Because they do not really understand the benefits as well as how to do it effectively.


Here are the benefits of each call to action


Here are the benefits of each of the respective calls to action.


– Calling the user to like, the user will receive more videos of your channel. When they visit their personal youtube homepage the next visit.


– Calling users to fully watch your video. You will have higher ad revenue and more video recommendations below. But remember, the content is compelling. Then this call will work. Otherwise, no one will be sad to watch your video to the end.


About the proposal.


According to statistics that I know. When users watch up to 80% of the time of a video. Then they will get higher video recommendations of the channel itself. For example, you have a video of a 3-minute dancing cat. If users watch 2 minutes or more, your channel will receive suggestions from Youtube.


-Call-to-action subscriptions. You’ll get more subscribers and views as soon as your video uploads in the first hours. It also determines if your video has more views in the future.

Like I said at the beginning of the post. The three main elements of content, marketing, and call to action interact with each other.


-Call for comments you will have interactive for the video. Help your video to the top. Help you get more ideas for making videos from audience comments. Create brand trust for your business.


Call-to-action clicking on the link in the description will add leads to your email list.


– Or purchases from customers


– Calling them to call you will sell high-priced merchandise after just 1 call.


– Calling to share will get you more views from their friends and relatives on other social networks.

Except for Facebook because it’s the biggest rival of Google.

(The owner of Youtube) in the video segment.


Actually, there is no social network that wants users to leave their platform.


So yes, the better. Without it, it’s okay.


Still the main actions on Youtube only.


Yet I have met a lot of people who do great content marketing well. But they lack a call to action. As a result, users forget what they should do next on the channel.


In this, it only takes you 3 seconds. Or you can create an intro and outro for the beginning and end of the video. Is it possible to help you do this already?


Of course, you can only call for comments as much as like, comment, subscribe.


If you call too much, no one will. And they will just follow the first call you make.


So this skill also needs to learn and adjust.


My suggestion for beginners is that you should just say, call for likes.


For subscriptions or comments please use the watermark image embedded in the video.


Because it’s good for Youtube’s algorithm. It will show users who like more videos on the Youtube feed.


Users find your video appealing. They click on it to watch more videos, your channel continues to eat suggestions below. After watching 5-7 videos on your channel.


They will click to subscribe to your youtube channel.


Without calling for registration.


That would be much better.


As for comments, only videos scratch the user’s itch, so they click like.


You are not expecting too much.


Although having a lot of good comments will help your video to top search more.


So you only have 3 ways to increase views for your youtube video only.


  1. Make the content useful to users.


  1. Marketing for that content.


  1. Call to action in and at the end of the video.


And all the specific ways that you see online are also in these 3 categories.


So remember CMC (Content- Marketing – Call to action).


When making my own youtube channel.


I draw this after doing Google advertising,

Making Youtube videos for clients as well as for my youtube channel.


Is this difficult to do?


I suppose once you have identified your content topic.


Then doing the next two stages will not be difficult at all.


If you say you have done your best and still have no success. Your youtube channel still only has a few sub turns, you are lying to yourself.


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