How do I sell 10-20 of high-priced orders a month using this tool?

Without spending extra money on advertising or anything else.


Yes, here is the working image of the tool.

How do I sell 10-20 of high-priced orders a month using this tool?
How do I sell 10-20 high-priced orders a month using this tool?


Here is a video to share the results and how to do it with Woocommerce + WordPress platform.

1. Introduce the software Beeketing for your website.

If you are experiencing a lot of traffic. But without converting then this article is for you.

This software is called Beeketing. And let me tell you how I found and applied this software. To help my clients sell my home at high prices. You can sell more goods while spending less money on advertising.

Hello, I’m Hau. I am currently doing Google advertising,

SEO video for interior businesses for the past 3 years. In process of doing this, I always have problems when running ads on the website.

That’s a lot of traffic, but very few conversions. That’s why my clients are very impatient. They do not want to sell on the website. But want to sell goods through social networks like:

Facebook, Youtube, because they can sell goods by phone, and text message.

That is the typical selling style in Vietnam.

But that works for them. Then it is difficult for me. Because I cannot know how many calls and texts they receive a day.

So it leads to me not being able to optimize the results as they want.

But they kept asking me to optimize ads for efficiency. The data I have is too little.

So I have to find a way to sell goods through the website effectively.

While studying, searching on Google, I found a way to measure with Novaon’s Auto ads tool.

I already know which channel my clients come from,

Search, Google, Social, Direct, or referral, advertising.

Which product attracts customers. But the amount is still too small.

So I immediately looked for away. After rummaging through Google, I realized that I haven’t. Social proof method to increase orders, leads, or traffic.

It’s not as simple as displaying customer reviews on the product page. The most effective to mention is:

Show the number of people who viewed, contacted, and purchased the product. Get customers to access the website in real-time.

That is, they see that someone has ordered this product, making customers curious. They click on the sales notification. And go to see the product as you saw in the video.

This is good in that. When someone orders, it will show up.

As mentioned above this tool is called Beeketing. The reason why I chose it is that.

First, I see many experts suggesting it as well.

– Second, it’s free

Third, it is an effective tool on the Woocommerce platform I am using.

Of course, there will be similar tools on platforms like Shopify, Bigcommerce, etc….

You can watch the video tutorial here.

As a result, I am bringing in 10 to 20 leads per month. Increase the number of customers that stay on the page. Helping website to top Google 469 keywords.

The bounce rate is also reduced.

As you can see here.


2. Practical advice from me on how to use this tool effectively.

Although there are many benefits to this tool for your online business.

But to apply it successfully, tools alone are not enough.

You need more prerequisites and eligibility more.

Not just buying tools. Installed on your website, the order will increase dramatically.

So you need to see some practical advice from me. People who used these tools. During the past 2020.

The rest of the prerequisite is

The content of the product for which the message is displayed in the lower corner of the screen.

Need to be attractive, to attract users. Show them that: that’s what they need. Without having to find more anywhere.

If the content is too bad, then many expensive tools won’t do anything. Example: Like going to the movies. There are many movies that have been criticized. Because of the ads, the trailer does it well. And the content is extremely bad. Causing the audience to leave midway or let down bad words.

Eligibility is: You need to understand your customer base. They have needs, want what needs to meet. Where are they hanging out on the internet?

From there you can create ads related to them. To win their attention.

As I did to you for you to read my post.

That’s why on this blog I’m not recommending social proofing software products. It also guides you to make content for your product pages, blogs effectively.

So that you can combine it with the most effective tool.

This is also what I have been doing for my high priced furniture customers.

You can see the articles below about making product pages such as:

– Write product descriptions for easy and effective sales.

– How to make video effectively without spending a lot of money, no need for a camera.



3. Similar software for Shopify, landing page, and platforms other.



   1. For you to use the landing page, Shopify

     1. Marketer Magic

The Marketer Magic is a versatile tool. Both help you build effective social proof.

Through the Sales pop notification feature.

You can see the demo below.

Just helps you remind customers to abandon their shopping cart on your website. Return to the checkout page.

By sending them an email with a picture of you holding a sign with their name on it.


This approach simulates the way people pick up strangers. At the bus station, pier and airport. Remember the scene.

When someone displays your name board. Then you will pay more attention right.

Because a person’s name is the sweetest, sweetest sound to that person.


Hence that way of doing this. It turned out to be very effective.

See how it works here.

Go to Articles on how it works)


Besides, this tool also has the function of authenticating,

the email address of the customer provided for you. Is it the real address or is it a fake one?

From there, you can save resources for sending email marketing.

But in my opinion, applying the two above features is very effective.



2. Fomo

A tool named after the fear of missing out effect, called Fear of Missing out.

Specifically, in today’s modern world. People have a fear of missing out on news, promotions, In other words, the fear of being left behind by others. When my friend bought a new handbag A that I still don’t have.

This is psychologically positive to say, it still helps. Because most customers have a deadline mentality. Take action, or keep comparing products. Then they miss out, or frantically find solutions. Or another promotion and fall into the new Fomo spiral.

To deal with this situation. And take advantage of the FOMO effect effectively. Marketers have used many different ways. To make customers make decisions faster. Before the promotion ends.

This tool also functions like that. It focuses on showing the number of people who have made a purchase, the remaining promotion deadline.

That’s how it works. See the picture below for details.


Try Fomo 7 days for free




3. Proven

Proven is a simple to-utilize social confirmation WordPress module. It has a basic arrangement and allows you to tweak the presence of your social verification warnings to coordinate your image.


With the snap of a catch, show ongoing deals and bulletin information exchanges from the most mainstream internet business and mailing list stages.


Proven comes pressed with highlights and choices that will help create more changes on your site.


This social verification instrument likewise allows you to make manual passages and tweak how and when warnings show up. You can show social verification notices to guests to specific pages, just new guests, just signed in clients, and the sky is the limit from there.


Proven comes pressed with a wide exhibit of administrator alternatives. Effectively set the wellspring of your client’s action. Figure out who sees the notices, and make a style that coordinates the appearance of your site.


Valuing: $39 for a solitary site permit; $59 for 5 site licenses; $99 for limitless site licenses.


4.  WPformify

WPfomify is a WordPress social confirmation module that is anything but difficult to set up and incorporates incredible reconciliations that let it work with the best WordPress modules and email advertising administrations.


This social evidence module allows you to flaunt continuous movement, supporter action, and customer audits. It’s anything but difficult to modify to coordinate your site’s marking and totally responsive.


Evaluating: Starts at $99/year for a solitary site permit; $299/year for limitless destinations; $399 for a lifetime permit with limitless locales.

5. Proof

More than 20,000 online organizations are expanding changes with Proof


Confirmation permits us to expand transformations for all aspects of the pipe and furthermore gives an extraordinary component of social evidence to our image. Energetically suggest this product.

Watch a video about How it works




It incorporates a few unique approaches to redo your social evidence warnings, similar to how long to show notices and on which pages they should show, among different alternatives.


Proof has two tools: Pulse, their social proof pop-ups, and Experiences, a personalized website experience for each visitor. Their Pulse tool boasts an average conversion increase of 10% for its customers.

Try Proof free trial in 30 days

Proof’s Pulse tool shows different stats to improve conversions, like “Hot Streaks” which shows how many new customers have converted in a certain period of time. You can also use this tool to show your visitor count of how many readers are live on your site or show various recent activities taken. Proof is easy to set up and allows for customized options.


Proof also offers advanced analytics, so you can track how their tool works. It also allows for A/B testing, so you can try two different pop-ups and see which works better. Their Experiences tool is also great for improving conversions by personalizing pages for specific visitors.


This social confirmation showcasing programming likewise allows you to tweak when to gather information. For example, you can highlight transformations from the previous day, past week, or as much as the previous 3 months.


Evaluating: Starts at $/month (charged every year) , however for admittance to all of the notice choices you’ll require in any event the Business plan ($/month when charged every year).

5. Repuso

Repuso allows you to flaunt tributes and surveys on your site. It screens your online media stages for client surveys. You can likewise gather client audits through their gadgets.


Audits and tributes go into your dashboard where you can put together them and pick which to show on your site. There are a few different ways to show your social evidence: skimming gadgets, survey network, inline audits, drifting identifications, and photograph audit sliders.


Evaluating: There’s a restricted free arrangement, however, to gain admittance to all the highlights without marking, you’ll need the Professional Plan for $12/month (when charged every year).

Try Repuso Free trial in 10 days


6. Boats.

Brag gives all you require to ask for, gather, oversee, and show tributes from your clients. You can gather tributes in an assortment of configurations (video, text, and sound) and utilize the insert code to show them off on your site.


Gloat has a portable application (iOS and Android) that makes it simple for you to gather tributes. You can likewise email clients from inside Boast to demand a tribute, making it significantly simpler to follow where the tributes are simultaneous.


Evaluating: Starts at $16/month (charged every year) for up to 10 month to month tributes and 1 assortment structure.

Try Free Trial  Boats


7.Prove source

ProveSource is anything but difficult to set up and flaunts checked changes, exercises, and buys on your site. It’s adaptable, allowing you to set your warning symbols, title tone, text, connections, and the sky is the limit from there.


ProveSource consequently gathers impressions, clicks, drifts, leads, drawn in guests, commission rates, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. You can utilize the investigation in the product and furthermore interface with Google Analytics for considerably more profound examination.


Valuing: There’s a free arrangement that is truly restricted. Paid plans start at $16/month (when charged every year).


8. Social Prove


Little warnings boosting your site change +15%


At the point when individuals visit your site, they will see little minuscule popups demonstrating others additionally utilizing your site. They feel bound to utilize your site. Social evidence expands transformations ~15% for a site.


Social confirmation is a mental and social wonder where individuals expect the activities of others trying to reflect the right conduct in a given circumstance. Your guests feel similar when they visit your site! SocialProve applies this social verification brain research to the cutting edge computerized world.


Our clients see a lift in their deals and lead in the initial not many weeks! Here are some irregular surveys from our clients


SocialProve allows you to show change or guest warnings on your site as little popups. Getting set up with SocialProve is simple and doesn’t need any coding. Simply reorder the pixel and you’re finished.


You can tweak your notices to coordinate your marking. Also, SocialProve offers a couple of various warning alternatives including live-action, live tally, guest combo, and movement combo.


Estimating: Starts at $359/year. All plans incorporate a 7-day free preliminary.


7-Day Free Trial! No Credit Card required!


Everybody can begin with a free arrangement. Regardless of whether you need to utilize the paid plans, later on, you can begin with a free preliminary to attempt them.


You can begin your arrangement with the expectation of complimentary at this point! or then again you can see other valuing plans.

9. Nudgity

Nudgity is trusted by more than 1800 brands


in more than 83 nations


Utilizing our Social Proof application, you can show your guests things they don’t normally observe – like who else is on the web, and what they’re doing. These things amount to cause your site to feel more human.


85% of shoppers believe that online surveys more established than 3 months are not applicable.


Our social evidence application transforms ongoing information into social verification warnings. These pushes (warnings) show how bustling your site is and right away from trust.


Social Proof application shows late (deals pop), so clients realize that different clients as of now trust your image and utilize your items.




Make a bustling space by demonstrating the prominence of your items and the number of others who are additionally intrigued


Give your clients genuine confirmation


Sell a greater amount of your items without paying for additional promotions – by indicating how mainstream they are.


10. Thrive Ovation

Thrive Ovation is a WordPress module that makes it simple to add tributes to your eCommerce site. You can utilize it to add online media and blog remarks to your tributes library.


This social evidence instrument incorporates a labeling framework so you can without much of a stretch discover the tributes you need to incorporate. You can likewise send endorsement messages from your WordPress dashboard and the tribute will be held in “anticipating endorsement” status until it’s affirmed.


Evaluating: Starts at $39 for a solitary site permit and accompanies a 30-day unconditional promise.

11 Notification X

Notification X is a WordPress FOMO module that allows you to show constant deals and commitment warnings. It has a straightforward interface and is anything but difficult to get set up.


Notification X has 6 diverse warning sorts including deal alarms, blog remarks, WordPress surveys, WordPress download tallies, email memberships, and can be utilized as a notice bar.


Estimating: There’s a restricted free arrangement; paid plans start at $49/month (charged every year). You can likewise get lifetime licenses beginning at $39 for a solitary site.


12. Notifia

Notifia offers more than 30 development gadgets that you can add to your site, including social confirmation gadgets. You can make custom gadgets and pop-ups for an assortment of crowds and sorts of substance. Make change takes care of for the lower part of your page and more with this device.


Making a custom gadget is simple with Notifia, and you can even make it so that customized pop-ups show up with assistance from treats. Besides the standard social evidence spring up, there are additionally email assortment gadgets, source of inspiration cards, turn to dominate rebate matches, blog advancement pop-ups, and many, some more.


Notifia gadgets are easy to make, and you can redo the area, shading, duplicate, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. This device is multilingual, so it will coordinate your guest’s favored language. It incorporates 1500+ applications because of its open API, and you needn’t bother with any coding experience to truly improve your site.




30+ adjustable gadgets


Social verification and different other pop-ups


Simple to make and modify


Open API and a lot of combinations




Development: $9/month, pay per gadget


Limitless: $49/month, limitless gadgets




Notifia is an incredible site instrument when all is said in done, and it functions admirably for social proof. In case you’re searching for a social evidence programming however could likewise utilize the different gadgets offered by Notifia, this is an extraordinary item to put resources into for your site.


This is an article: How do I sell 10-20 high-priced orders a month using this tool?

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