How do you sell furniture online fast?

How do you sell furniture online fast?

How do you sell furniture online fast?
How do you sell furniture online fast?

If you want to sell furniture fast, the first thing you have to do is determine where your customers are buying right away. That is the most important thing.


Instant buyers are those who will buy from you right from the moment you see your ad.


In a certain market, at least 30% of customers buy your furniture right away. These are people who have just bought a house, just moved, or just rented a house. Or they are about to finish a newly built house.


One month before the house completed, they will start searching online. And you know where to find them. Through search engines Google and Bing.


Customers will search for information on product names and product lines that are suitable for their apartment.


So to sell furniture online quickly get results. You need to do Google or Bing advertising.


Customers looking for demand will turn into customers who buy immediately. If your product meets their hidden needs.


I know this because :

I’ve been doing Google advertising and content marketing for home furnishing business customers for the past 3 years.


Thanks to the data I have gathered,

I have noticed that customers will search for furniture 1 month in advance. When they get a new home. At the same time, I used to deliver furniture to customers in the house they are finishing. Or new in, just bought 1 month. Be aware that they often have such buying habits.


So you need to plan to sell to these customers.


About how to do specifically with search ads.


You need to do the following steps:


1.Look a keyword research plan


Keyword advertising is the fastest way for you to get customers for your furniture store. Through two main forms are shopping advertising and text search advertising.


According to statistics, 62% of new internet customers trust Google search results.


To be most effective you need to research specific:

keywords that customers search for on Google.


Here I am a Google advertiser so I guide you to use Google.


There are many keywords that users type on the ad every day.


But there are only 3 types of keywords that bring sales and lead growth as well as brand for you:


  1. Keywords of transactions: product information, product categories such as living room furniture. 6 chairs dining table for small dining room. Etc …


  1. Keyword information:

users need to learn more about the product before making a decision. Because furniture is a commodity for a high value. Using time is long, so users need to understand carefully to avoid scammed. For example, what is walnut wood furniture? Should buy walnut wood furniture.


  1. Brand keywords that are brands of big companies like :

Ikea, Ashley or regional brand keywords such as:

Furniture in Charlote, North Carolina. Etc …


Of course everyone wants to focus on selling to customers typing product names. But such keywords. Then there are also many of your competitors looking for so. The bid will be very high.


So I think it’s better to expand your product category and brand keywords.


Gradually, customers will see you appear more on search results on page 1. So they will decide to buy from you.


  1. Make a website or a landing page


A good product page will help you increase:

the conversion rate from visitors to customers.


It’s like advertising in paper. Every word makes you spend money. When a customer enters your site without a conversion action such as:

buying, filling out a form, or texting the salesperson, you are wasting money.


So you need to write effective advertising.


Because you are selling through search ads so are your product pages. It needs to be seamlessly linked to what you’ve written in your Google ads.


Do not write one-sided advertisements to get clicks from customers. Then write another product page. Getting customers to leave.


Instead treat your product page like a dedicated salesperson. Equal to 1000 other salespeople selling to you day and night.


To do that your product page should have the following 5 ingredients:


  1. Product photos and videos


The shot must be beautiful,

clearly expressing the color’s appearance and features of the product. Full-light professional shots required. Realistic photos, photos taken at customers’ homes and infographics.

To provide complete information to your customers.


Product videos will reduce your bounce rate by 25%. At the same time make customers stay on the site longer. Selling more efficiently.


Most of the customers buy goods :

through Hai Nam furniture’s website through pictures and videos.


You can see the photo below. Through the recorder on the website I noticed that:

up to 90% of customers surf the website to view photos and videos.


So if you do not know how to take good pictures is a disadvantage for you.


Please learn how to take product photos.


You also shouldn’t hire a photo ad agency for you. Unless they have a photographer in tha Do not understand the product like you.


  1. Copywriting for the product page


This is the part where 99% of shop owners that fail to sell are not doing this job well.


It sounds simple though. But to do it you need to understand the customer and understand the product.


The common mistake of businesses is posting a lot of products on their website. Then run the ad for the category page and expect to get an order.


That just wastes you money. Because customers come in and see your product page write superficially. They will leave. I see a lot of websites selling high priced furniture. But indifferent to this.


Make it difficult for you to sell.


To do this successfully. You need to give up the mindset of selling many products like a large supermarket.


Instead you choose 1 product. Write a product description for it. Add photos and run the ad.


After seeing this product effective, learn from experience to make more other products.


In writing descriptions of furniture products, it is very simple


Mostly follow the formula:


You look at the photo or product in the store.


Product name + color, material size + Use for any room.


In which the product name in the title determines whether you get more clicks or not.


Of course it must contain keywords.


Color: Please tell us what color this color is. Which color match in the room.


Size: clearly show how long and wide it is. Will suit what size the room is.


Most customers will question their size part the most. Understand that they’ll look at the photo and then see if their room fits your product?


So you need to describe in detail as well as prepared to answer customer questions for you.


Material: You can fully describe the material. If the product uses only 1 material, please describe its consistency. Also if made from many different materials.

It is necessary to describe the harmonious combination between materials while still being sure.

Because customers often worry that:

Products combining two materials such as:

wood and iron are often uncertain, causing damage during use.


Solving this problem, they will assured of your sales.


Those are the basics to know. Also, you need to further describe its functionality. For a smart interior, there are a few more benefits you need to describe.


Bottom line: you need to describe your product like a product expert. If not, the customer will assume you are just like other sellers. And they will demand to meet with the sales staff. If not, they will leave. Those are easy-going customers. And fastidious customers they will quit immediately.


Product notes including product description and photos, videos (if any)


  1. Create trust for customers


Need to create trust for customers. Because of


Everyone likes to buy, not to sold to. Thus, you need to create trust for your customers.


Moreover, no one wants to be a guinea pig (that is, fear of fooled by an unknown organization).


The two most effective ways of creating trust are social proof and trustworthy evidence.


Social status, including:

Text, image and video customer reviews (if any)

showing the number of people who bought this product, added to the shopping cart.


You just go to amazon to know how they use social proof extremely effectively.


Reliable evidence: is the certification documents of the authorities. As certificates of origin. Green production certificate. Or awards from organizations in the industry.


There are also: payment policy, return policy, product warranty. Or refund to reverse customers’ risks. From there they will assume that they gain more than they lose. Make it easier for them to sale.


Social proof also helps you know which products your customers interested in. This gives you more data to decide,

whether to promote the marketing of the product more effectively.


Combined with content marketing. You will increase the conversion rate to the highest.


In the furniture industry, there is credible evidence of provenance and sustainable production.


Social proof is customer judgment.


You can get reviews from:


– Friend


– Your advisor


– Relatives


– Colleague


– Customers near the locality you live in


These are people who already know you. Get along with you long enough to give you a specific and goal assessment.


But should also install social proof tools to increase sales efficiency. When someone makes a buy it will automatically display a notification like:

John bought the xxx product 15 minutes ago.


Doing so will make customers more confident.


  1. Design a product page website or product photo


Do you know how AirB & B has grown rapidly from a small start-up to a unicorn company? A giant company in the hotel industry, although it doesn’t own any hotels.


The key tip in the early days shared by the founders. That is, they focus on product design.


When they find that the customer enters just to find information about company. Because they don’t know how to take pictures, as well as the hotel I need. And they leave the website when they don’t find the right information. Not just beautiful design.


At the same time, the design also helps the company to attract the trust of homeowners.


That is why you should make website design,

product pages suitable for customers’ buying purposes.


A good design shows the customer how well the product fits the customer. Let them believe they are taking the time to visit your website.


Don’t be afraid to spend your time,

or your money hiring your landing page designer or product page designer.


Because it will give you the sweet results you need.


  1. Determine the budget you need to sell quickly.


Want to sell right away you need to advertise.


Of course you don’t need too much money to sell. But you also can’t sell a lot and quickly with little capital.


That is an illusion.


So with advertising budget you need to plan ahead.


With search advertising, it depends on where the bid is high or low.


If you are in developed countries the bid will be very high. Because of many advertisers. In developing countries, the bid for a keyword will be lower.


If you sell it nationwide, the price will be cheaper. But it will be thin, harder to find potential customers.


Conversely, if you sell in areas that you have previous saved. Like big cities or small towns. Developing regions. Generally, if the geographic area is small, the bid is high. But potential customers in return are more.


Possibility of higher sales.


I myself make Hai Nam furniture also go from the time of selling for one area in Hanoi, Vietnam. Then thanks to the gradual increase in revenue. We’re just moving on to nationwide advertising like this one.


When you first start selling in your locality first. Small starters focus on serving 10 customers. Careful step by step. Then learn from experience to serve the next 100 and 1000 customers.


This is easier than trying to get as many people as possible.


The last word I want to say is:


High-priced furniture tends to have fewer buyers than consumer goods. So you need to have a certain amount of perseverance.


The results will come.


You want to sell furniture online quickly. But to finish reading this article is not quick. So if you have a real desire to sell furniture, please read my answer carefully.


You can see more of the case study I did with Hai Nam furniture here.

How do I get for this business over 100 calls in just 1 product and PPC ads?



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