How does one increase the traffic to a furniture e-Commerce website?

How does one increase the traffic to a furniture e-Commerce website?

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To get or increase traffic to a furnished online website. It depends on many factors that come from your own category and come from your own business.

Specifically, you need the following 3 steps to be effective.

Step 1: Understand your customers in this industry.

Understanding the customer you want to serve is not just about the customer portrait. According to indicators of your demographics, personality, interests, needs.

First, you need to understand the furniture industry. And interior products in particular.

How is it often purchased on a customer’s life journey?

Understanding this will help bring your client’s portraits to life naturally. Rather than numbers, lifeless features on paper.

It operates in the business world.

From the experience of someone working in the furniture industry from manufacturing,

Marketing, selling, and assembling to customers. Then I think customers often buy furniture in season. And the furniture is a seasonal product.

This means that by understanding this seasonality you can sell furniture very well. Like other consumer products, home appliances.

Seasonality here has two meanings. Seasonality is the purchase of seasonal products. Such as bookshelves,

Furniture, wallpapers, cushions, lamps, seasonal decorations, and festivals like Christmas. That is the general season.

And that season is the season in each customer’s one-year journey.

It is attached to their house. A person has two reasons for buying furniture.

When they move into a newly built, newly purchased house,

When they find their furniture is too old. They will buy it no longer to meet the demand.

There are also a few customers who like to follow new trends every season, every year. But it is a singular number. And stop at interior decoration products. As for most business owners selling furniture. Their products are all old family products. Most of them are families, so the need to innovate by design is unnecessary for such rich people.

Hence I consider them the singular.

For that reason, when they want to buy wooden furniture, they will go to search sites like Google. To find more information about the product. Or compare to choose the best product.

That’s why an effective approach is to drive traffic to your interior website. It paid advertising on Google and SEO.

Understanding this, we will move on to the next step.

Step 2: Make a landing page, website, and copywriting to bring products to customers.

Even though you ask this question, it means you already have a website. But I suppose. You still need to optimize your site to keep your customers buying.

You need to add more internal links to increase the number of customers on your site. From there your website rank will be higher. Because the customer is satisfied with the search time.

Because there is traffic to a furniture store. Without paying attention to getting customers back to the website. Will make you do nothing. Cannot sell.

Just because I ignored making the website effective, I spent a lot of money on advertising with no orders.

Think of a website as a movie theater or circus, theme park, or any other tourist attraction.

The advertisement may tempt the customer but will not stay and buy in your movie theater. An unpleasant experience for them.

So be sure to make your website carefully before advertising.

To make sure the content is on your landing page. Is a continuation of advertising. Not just clickbait to sell products that you have.

That way you won’t be able to sell the furniture for long. You should also know that in the furniture industry a customer satisfaction will earn your reputation. And bring their word of mouth and referrals to their genie very well for your business.

When their friends and relatives come to play at home.

Step 3: Decide what you will do to increase traffic for your website.

The reason for this is that there are so many traffic sources. So you need to choose traffic for your furniture business.

Traffic has two types of free and paid.

Like I said in step 2.

To bring traffic to your interior website. You have 3 options: SEO, and social network.

If possible, try both,

But if not, do both.

If not, choose the one that’s best for your business.

It would be more suitable to do both. You don’t have the resources to do it.

Here will be 3 cases that you need to do.

If you have a lot of money. I recommend starting with Google and Facebook ads and Pinterest is also a great option. Because a lot of your high-income customers are on it, too. Organize and buy furniture for your home.

Because you can test and error until you find the winning ad. Website content that drives your sales.

This will gradually make you profitable.

And if you have a budget in the mid-range. Then I recommend you learn about advertising. Be familiar with how it works. After that, spend more money on advertising.

To make a profit for you. And reinvest in marketing and sales.

The technical way is easy if it takes 2 hours to learn and follow.

Especially with Facebook ads.

As you can see in this video.

If you have little or no marketing budget. Do not do advertising plans do anything.

Choose the option of SEO and content marketing on social networks.

Because now you need to sell efficiently. Orders are the most important. It will solve all the problems of your business.

Don’t read or watch case studies online. Say I started with small capital. Or even take a loan to get what it is today.

You cannot imitate them.

As a Google advertiser, Fb ho businesses. I noticed a good belief in new business starters:

They treat advertising as a fairy’s magic wand. That can turn Cinderella (themselves) into princesses. And their business went from pumpkin to super wagon. As in fairy tales.

And so overnight success stories poured in continuously on newspapers and social networks.

So I feel the need to tell you: enlightened before you spend money on advertising. Advertising is highly addictive for both consumers and advertisers. You can see the stats steadily increase. But no one is buying from you. That is a disaster for your business.

To start with free traffic, specifically doing SEO,

or doing content marketing on social media.

The easiest way is to ask or sell to your friends or acquaintances. For the feedback, the extra motivation comes from these first orders.

Here are four simple ways to make free traffic.

Method 1. Do SEO

Then you do SEO by

3 steps:

Step 1: keyword research

-> Step 2: Write money

Step 3: Post and optimize your blog posts. Or content platforms such as Medium.

Use free tools like Google Keyword Planner,

Or tools paid like Kwfinder, SemRush for keyword analysis.

Method 2: Make content based on trends:

Plan to do content marketing on social media by researching,

which topics discussed a lot on social media using tools like:

Google trends, Buzz sumo, or Social animal, for example.

After analyzing which content is getting more views, comments, and shares. Please do the same content as that content.

Method 3: use the FAQ page

The next simple and free way is to go to FAQs like Quora to answer users’ questions. Find out which questions are getting the most views. Then write your answers, or write 5-10 more articles. For that topic.

Then navigate them to your interior website. This approach is very effective. Because users increasingly want to find the answer,

to your question rather than your general keywords.

Method 4: Make a video and upload it to YouTube

YouTube videos bring you high-quality traffic. Ability to convert to orders better. Just bring passive trafficking.

Currently, there are still few interior videos on YouTube, so this is a gold mine that needs to explore.

The point of it is that you don’t have to show your face if you don’t enjoy doing that.

You can simply shoot a product or simply make a video by cutting photos + audio together. As you can also bring traffic to your online furniture store.

Because video can reduce your bounce rate on your website down to 25%. If you do your job well. You will have a flood of orders from people watching videos on YouTube.

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