How furniture businesses can sell directly through Google display ads

How furniture businesses can sell directly through Google display ads

This is better than only make remarketing on Google.

advertising display for sale of furniture- Photo was taken by the author

Recently a customer who owns a furniture store came to us. Aims to help his store sell directly via Google ads.

After he is spending money on organic search (SEO). And advertising on Facebook, Instagram.

Now he wants to expand direct selling through Google ads.

The client’s desire with Google Ads is clear:

Increase revenue from increasing contact customers, increasing orders, calls/messaging/chat… within the desired CPA (cost/order) limit.

The customer used to do Google Ads search but the revenue from the channel is not high, just enough to cover the cost. However, in return, the implementation of Google Ads has a branding effect, increasing the effectiveness of advertising for other channels such as Facebook.

I went through his website and Google ad campaigns.

The website has a beautiful, mobile-friendly design. There are many high-quality images. Good product description.

Beautifully designed ads. But it doesn’t make money.

After talking to him and doing some more research, I realized why his ads and website weren’t converting.

The reason is the wrong way of thinking and doing advertising. Causing him to not get the ROI he wanted.

So I started teaching him about advertising. Also, help him make Google ads more effective. Especially with the form of Google display ads. But most people don’t do it right.

The following article will guide you on how to do it right as I instructed and did for him.

1. Google search ads are too expensive. So what is the solution for furniture store owners?

He told us that search advertising on Google is really expensive. His average cost is very high. There are keywords up to 8.9 USD. Compared to the industry average of 3 USD.

Of course, he also had an effective search ad campaign. But it’s not stable.

I’m talking about this right. Search ads will always be more expensive than other types of Google ads. Because this is the most popular form of cricket. Because the search customer will be the buyer.

But not everyone who visits his website will make a buy right away.

He said:” some advertising agencies told me to do shopping ads on Google will have cheaper CPC prices. But they do need to upload at least 50 of the store’s bestsellers.”

But I don’t have as many as those 50 bestsellers. So, Google shopping ads only sell cheap products. Difficult to sell high-priced products.

Not to mention the allocation of such budgets to such a wide variety of products. Thought it was cheap. But it’s really expensive. We don’t know which products will sell best.

That’s why he asked us to come up with a solution for him.

Help him sell directly through advertising. Because it is profitable in the first month.

So I told him his first step was to do Google display ads (GDN).

Because it covers 90% of internet users globally. Orders can scale up.

Not limited by the number of monthly searches of the user.

And most importantly, lower ad bids. With an average CPC of 0.29–0.45 USD.

No, that ad didn’t work. There were a few agents that helped me do this. I also hired staff to do this. Every month I spent 2–3000 dollars.

But no effect. Some of my friends also say that’s just remarketing. But it is not possible to sell furniture directly through it. “.

So they are a bunch of scammers. I would rather spend money on SEO services than on them.

He says.

Oh, Then let me go through your ad so I can take a look. From there find out what causes you to waste your advertising money.

Due to GDN ads not working.

And so he showed it to me. After watching, I discovered some mistakes in thinking. And ways that made him waste a lot of money on advertising without converting his visitors into customers.

Details will be cover in part 2 of this case study.

2. What is the reason why his display ads are not working.

To start I will take the example of women’s fashion. A popular e-commerce item. This example also applies to furniture.

This article also shows the effectiveness of remarketing campaigns. As well as direct sales with display advertising.

This story that the barrier to accessing the new, or so-called omnichannel marketing, is mainly:

– Seeing that the neighbor’s slashing is ineffective, even if it doesn’t run.

– Test run like running FB but not as effective as FB so quit.

– Gathering human resources in FB because of high efficiency, no time, no staff.

But in fact, if we only scale by FB, 20-40% of customer traffic will be lost when not running Google Ads. Specifically, according to the purchase journey, search and buy back to buy more products.

Below is a specific example of 4 cases where we miss customers when scaling only FB.

Looks like you are running fashion, so let’s take a fashion example:

Name of fanpage: “ABC – Office fashion”

Product name running FB: “Office dress XYZ”

When scaling FB, you reach many people, and many people do not buy goods for many reasons: No need, busy at that time, no money, not interested…

But the brand name “ABC”, the keyword “Office fashion”, “XYZ office dress” has been known to customers.

So when they are in need, they will search for the brand “ABC” or the keyword “Office fashion” or the product keyword “Office dress”.

That is 20-40% of the customers that you have reached with FB and when they need to find you on Google, they cannot see you?

So, there are 4 points we should Setup Google Ads:

1. Customers remember fan page name, brand -> Google Search could not find you.

2. Customers remember the name, product type -> Google Search could not find you.

3. Customers remember domain brand -> Google Search does not appear.

4. Customers read newspapers -> You do not remarket when reading newspapers, watching youtube, playing games, using applications …

This is the actual number, you can run many fan pages, but note that the “ABC” brand must be placed on all other Pages. And there will be huge numbers of Google typing “ABC”.

Oki, so everyone understands what is effective, we gather our staff to optimize and scale. But never give up Google Ads in the above 4 points.

With the need for 20-40% traffic protection above, you just need to SETUP the search keywords as above and press Remarketing only once. In the future, there is no need to do anything.

The budget of 10-50 USD / day is delicious.

And what if I don’t see delicious Google Ads, it’s a screw. The only test that can confirm whether it works or not. And note that this time your test is not ok. But 6 months later your test will be different. Believe it.

Oki is a way to protect brands and miss customers with Google Ads.

This way will get the best results. If you run ads for 1 product on Facebook then you are remarketing for this product.

Like the photo below.

Not selling dozens of products. By getting customers into a bunch of product categories.

Then have the ad design team display a bunch of products on the same banner.

This is what big businesses use.

Because they have the data, the resources to do it.

If you are a small business.

Focus on making 1 product to advertise on Facebook afterward.

Then remarketing on Google ads. Also still the same product.

To reach customers everywhere.

This will be much easier for you.

Because you have only 1 concern.

Is how to reach customers. At the right time, they need and have the money to buy your product.

Another benefit is that you will save on advertising costs.

Because customers will remember. Search for your product name + brand name.

From there, your brand will be on the top of search engines.

Because not all customers will buy at the first sight of your ad.

Someone will want to see more. They will go to search engines to find information about the product, the company, and the sellers.

Especially buying high-priced products. Such as furniture, real estate, insurance, investment.


So, I think you should focus on selling 1 product.

Make good content for it. To make a first-impression gold impression on your customers.

When your customer has a good experience. They will believe. Your next product will be just as good as the one they saw in the ad.

As a result, you can easily sell more or cross-sell other products at high or lower prices.

Without the additional cost of advertising. As well as possibly having more other customers thanks to the introduction and reviews of old customers.

Well, back to my story you’re looking at.

I analyzed the ad and found out: The reason he wasted thousands of dollars on display ads. It is for the following reasons:

One is that his ads are very generic. There is no target audience and a specific offer.

How furniture businesses can sell directly through Google display ads

As shown below you can see. (This is an illustrative example. Because of the confidentiality of the client’s information, I can’t give you the details).

Advertising is mostly about product discounts for Back to school. But there is no mention of the product at all.

This is an ineffective advertisement. So it only runs for a short period from 27/Jun/- 2/7/2020

Governance his report looks like the one you see in the screenshot of the Semrush analytics tool below.

There is only one discount message for in-store customers + generic product photos. Besides that, nothing.

That’s why CTR ( very low click-through rate ). Since then, the conversion rate to customers is also extremely low. Meanwhile, to have an ROI >= 2. You need a high CTR, thereby increasing visitors.

And convert it into leads and sales for your furniture store.

The main reason leading to this, in my opinion, is because:

Most furniture store companies still think that. The website is just a place to attract customers to their stores and showrooms to shop.

Thus, their actions are that the website is just a place to introduce and display products. And advertising is like a loose banner.

There’s nothing more to do than bring customers to the store. This is also true. Because furniture is a high-priced item, people will want to go to the store to touch the product.

Only then ordered. So, when customers come to the store, they will buy more products in one shopping time than buying online. Selling will be much easier.

And it’s easy to attract local customers within 0–80 km from. Some difficult customers will be ready to buy.

Many people do not mind the rain and sun ready to go to the store to see the product before buying.

But, the disadvantage of this method is that you cannot sell goods through other states, provinces, and cities.

And most importantly, the pandemic has made people more online shopping. Their behavior is also different from in real life. So the traditional way is bound to fail.

Because a customer today they have to see so many ads that they get bored while forced to stay at home. The average North American user viewed up to 10,000 advertising messages daily on the internet in 2019.

So they no longer pay attention to the call for more generic action. They want to find a provider giving them one product that they like and need.

Such advertisers do not have to convince customers several times to complete the transaction. So as you can see, there are many successful sales cases with Dropshipping with only one product.

You assume this only happens with cheap goods. Then you may not know that I also encountered an internet marketing expert who said that. High-priced products cannot be sold via e-commerce.

But I did the opposite of what he said. I did display ads and Youtube ads for furniture products from 2–5K USD.

Product Furniture high ticket sale
How furniture businesses can sell directly through Google display ads

Still selling very well. Sales over the phone without pulling customers to the store’s customers.

Besides, these ads fail because they do not understand users’ psychology. And how advertising platforms work. It is a fact that you should know that the largest online platforms in the world today.

There are contributions from behavioral psychologists. So everything from the interface and features is at capturing the user’s attention. For advertisers to advertise products/services in front of consumers.

Even though the tiny screen of the phone. Until the big screen like on Smart TV. Did you know that before leaving Harvard university? The boss of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg boasted that he had studied psychology in the press?

That said, understanding the psychology and behavior of users is far more important than any targeted hacking tips.

When I talk about psychology I mean the response of users to advertising on online platforms. Not a description of their preferences and behaviors.

So we will focus on this. Listen.

I will tell you why Facebook, Instagram ads are so effective with click-through rates of 38 and 37% of users clicking on ads. Make advertisers and businesses millionaires.

It is the concentration of users on your advertisement.

Take a look at the example image below. And put yourself in the customer’s shoes to know.

In this photo. When you have surfing, scrolling behavior on phones and computers. Then you see this ad. It looks very attractive with striking images and titles.

Click the see more button. So your entire focus is on this ad.

After reading, watching the video, or making both of you decide to hit the learn more, subscribe, buy now, download buttons. etc.

So you go to their landing page. You watch it scroll again. You then buy their products by filling in your credit card. Or sign up to receive gifts from advertisers.

So now the advertiser has succeeded in pulling you from scrolling on social networks to scrolling on their page. From there you make a buy or sign up for a speaker or consultant webinar.

With the CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) fee mechanism, the higher your CTR, the lower your CPM price.

So you have to act.

But not every product can effectively advertise on Facebook. And that’s when you use Google.

Go back to being an advertiser. Ads on the Google Display Network are completely different. Fees are also different.

Thus, bringing in ads from Facebook will not be effective.

You need to understand that:

When a user sees your ad, they are reading a newspaper,

watching a movie, reading a story, using an application on their phone.

But, this form of advertising is advertising interruptions. It will insert in the middle of the post. So it makes users have to drag through the ad to continue viewing the content.

  • So, when used on computers, it affects the user’s banner blindness. Meaning they will not see ads in that position again.

Most importantly, your ad must compete for the user’s attention with other ads that appear on that website.

Which the site owner wants to optimize the ads have placed many different ads on the page.

So you don’t have the most user attention for your offer on their phone screen.

Thus, the effectiveness of advertising reduces compared to advertising on social networks. A speaker like Gary Vee said: Who clicks on display ads anymore.

But, in my opinion, this is the most underrated type of advertising in years.

Ask the question: if it doesn’t work, why do companies around the globe still spend up to $32 billion a year on display advertising?

And in my experience. The reason people criticize display ads is that they have not done it properly. Instead of giving an advertisement for a specific product to a specific group of customers.

Then they aim to give all our customers. Although in the ads manager they can technically select the audience.

But when they do advertising, they show that the ad is aimed at everyone who wants to buy furniture.

That’s why they failed.

The next reason why business owners or marketers fail is.

Entrepreneurs in the US are typically between the ages of 41 and 56. Especially furniture companies are often family companies.

They are all middle-aged people. This is not my guess. It’s because I have researched many furniture companies already.

Except for the booming furniture companies in 2020. Due to the high demand for people to move out of big cities during the pandemic. Leads to increased demand for home and home office furniture. The rest of the companies from 2019, 2018, and earlier all have middle-aged and elderly owners.

Because they are all middle-aged and elderly people. These people grew up in the era of the popularity of newspapers, television, radio, and slogan banners.

So just think of sales ads, they have the idea of ​​making billboards like this. Please see the picture below.

Banner ads outside for furniture store

I’m not saying this ad doesn’t work. It still has a certain effect. But you can’t measure the return on ad investment versus digital advertising.

But, the problem here I am not understanding business owners and even agencies tell them. Still following the familiar pattern that is the original billboard on the internet. As we have seen above.

I can assure you: No one will call after watching that ad. The website click-through rate is very low.

After talking for a while I asked him. Is this true? He said: I’d say very precisely that he has a wrong mindset about advertising. Just think simply of making banners, banners. Then take it hanging where many passersby.

I say he thought so also nothing wrong. Because the way we create the display ads it’s the same way.

It’s just that we always direct users to an offer for a specific customer group. So I can sell directly with low advertising costs to our customers.

Also, we never call customers to buy now. Since we know they don’t know anything about me, how could they call me as soon as they see our ad?

He also said: Most business owners have no marketing savvy. But only know sales and management is the main.

Focus on your expertise. Not much time to do marketing.

The second is that the placement of these ads has absolutely nothing to do with the ad. Different from Facebook, display advertising is essentially a relevant, contextual ad that the user is.

Thus, ads need to have a certain relevance to what users are reading and watching.

For example:

An advertisement for his dining table products displayed on a cooking blog will match the user’s wishes rather. Then displaying on a website about football or baseball.

Thus, the placement position without related will make him spend more money with no results because it’s just the visitor.

Not the high-quality client he wanted.

This he was completely unaware of. Simply because he completely entrusts his staff and agency to do advertising for him.

I say: you are not the only case that does not know this. Small business research shows that up to 56% of small business owners spend only 5 hours a week marketing their business.

That’s just talking about marketing, not learning the basics like this. To know how it works. Does the employee or agency do as promised?

Finally, I talk about his landing page. I noticed that this ad’s landing page leads to the homepage.

Today the homepage is dead. But advertisers and business owners do not realize that:

Customers go to the homepage without finding an offer for them. They will then leave the page shortly after.

Because as mentioned above. They found there were too many items to choose from. Their minds will confuse. That activates the choice numbing effect.

This has psychologists have proven this by studying 6 flavors of ice cream. If there are less than 6 flavors of ice cream, it is easy to choose.

But when there are more than 6 flavors of ice cream. Then people start having headaches because they don’t know which one to choose.

Thus, this is also an error that makes advertising ineffective.

So how can this situation improved, he asked.

Well, that’s why I suggest the following 5 step solution.

That is also what I mentioned in part 3, please see more.

3. How can furniture stores sell directly with Google display ads (GDN)

Here are the steps that I gave him and did

      Step 1 #: Identify the customer segment he wants to serve

According to the price, there is low, middle, and high end.

By local or national geographic area.

By niche market for an example Study desk, bookcase for students, students coming to school this September.

For newlyweds, newly moved from big cities to suburbs and smaller cities.

Even though furniture businesses are all family businesses. They mainly serve the needs of the local city.

But they also need to scale to a larger local scale-like to another city. Or to the level of love, state, even country.

     Step 2#: choose 1–6 products in the product line that he wants to sell.

As I said at the beginning of this article. Picking out the 50–100 best-selling products is harder.

Although it is theoretically possible. If you have been selling for many years and have a large customer base.

But to find and choose it is a big problem. So, the cost of advertising for such a list is increasing day by day. It doesn’t help your business.

So, finding 1–6 products is not difficult at all. You spend less time.

But what if you still don’t know what product to choose? Follow the trend into Google trend, use Google keyword planner.

Or ask an agency to research for you.

Yet, the customers that come to me want to sell the items they have. In stock. So there’s nothing better than starting with what you have.

Because the search for the best product is only suitable for beginners.

They are confusing and do not understand the product and the customer, so they have to look outside.

But those who have been in business for a long time probably won’t be too concerned about choosing the best product to sell anymore. But their main concern is: “How can I sell all the items that I have. “

But they know well that their competitors also have the same or almost the same products as them. Thus, having a monopoly on the product is not as valuable as it used to be.

Meanwhile, they were unable to generate more sales for their furniture store on their own.

That’s why they turned to my furniture marketing agency for help.

In short: You choose 1–6 products to sell. Based on the best-selling figures on the website or because you want to sell them.

There is no good product that cannot be sold. Only bad sales will not convince your customers to buy.

Why not 1 single product but 1–6.

Firstly, this method uses to test which products sell better. From there, focus your advertising budget effectively.

Second, the fact that you do 6 products in the same category will make customers have more choices. But no more than 6 types.

After 1 week -> 1 month you will know for yourself whether to sell only 1 or all 6 products.

I have talked to many furniture business owners. They want to sell as much as possible.

That’s why they spend money on Facebook ads with carousels in 1 ad. But I suppose. With Google ads, just make 1 ad group 1 product only.

This will be better for your customers and your business. Avoid User loyalty is the most effective way you can get users’ attention today.

On a network that is inherently poor in user attention.

That’s my experience doing Google ads for furniture businesses

Now you know how to choose products to advertise. Let’s move on to step 3. Make the ad.

      Step 3 #: Make an advertisement on Google Display Network

For those who are just starting in advertising GDN or starting over. There are 3 suggestions for your furniture store as follows.

One is to choose only 1 targeting type. If you’ve chosen a custom audience, don’t choose more placements or themes and vice versa.

In other words, don’t choose a combination of both.

The purpose of this is to help you reach the right customers. And help the optimal advertising platform for your ad account.

Because the simpler the ad, the better the customer base. If you keep listening to other people say that they are a combination of objects, they will filter customers correctly.

It’s not, my friend. The more you do that, the smaller your customer base will be. Make advertising bids expensive, but the system can not optimize ads for you.

Second, use real product photos,

professional photos, photos taken at customers’ homes, video testimonials, or video reviews.

The more real, the higher the click-through rate of the ad. The more photos there are, the better the banner design is.

Because you do with 1 product. At the same time, you prove you are a real business. Not scammers.

You also do not sell luxury services but must design beautiful banners. But do not convert viewers into website visitors and customers.

Third, write ads related to what the customer needs. In my experience, customers are very interested in two pieces of information: product size and material.

So you can just leave it there. Don’t assume that customers know they won’t click again.

It’s just people who don’t fit your product. The right people will click only.

When I do this, the ad click-through rate is very high. It has related to defining the customer persona in step 1. So knowing what your customers have in mind for each of these months is very important for copywriting.

And this result from my client with a high CTR.

High CTR- screen capture author

So, you’ve got quality advertising to drive customers to your movie theater. Now is the time when you need to show a movie that makes customers excited. This job is also known as optimizing your product page or landing page.

    Step 4#: Optimizing the product/service page

As an entrepreneur, you need to know that a customer will never buy a product before they have carefully looked at your product/service page.

Thus, you need to invest a lot of time and effort. Even hire someone else to make your product page, landing page. (if you don’t know, the landing page is a page that sells products/services with a single product on that page)

So, you need to ensure a seamless experience aka match the fit between the ad and the website. It means that advertising with content, the site content must do the same.

Think of this like swiping right on Tinder. If you optimize your profile and yourself before dating. Then the possibility of you successfully dating a girl is also very high.

The same goes for advertising. When I say that, I see many cases of saying one thing and then doing another. That is, many advertisers use a lot of fancy words, incentives that make customers click (clickbait).

But when they enter and do not see the offer, they will leave the page immediately. Doing so has two advantages and disadvantages.

You are only attracting low-quality leads to your site because of your offer, not because there is a real need. These people are very difficult to convert into real customers.

You just made the bounce rate high. Just reduces the quality of the ad. The advertising platform will increase the bid. Strictly control your ad’s content before allowing it to work

I don’t think it’s because there are too many people, many companies run ads that compete for advertising space as some people say. It’s because a lot of people use unhealthy tricks that make advertising prices high.

So, to make your product page successful, what content should be included?

These are the following:

-The product name (which contains the keyword the better) is easy to get to the top of Google organic search later.

-Short description of the product

-Quick customer reviews, shown in the **** or a quick review above it.

-Long description of the product


-Material, substance

-Quality commitment from the company

-Warranty Policy

-Return Policy

-Is there free shipping?

-Product images include actual photos,

photos were taken realized has at the store,

photos taken at customers’ homes, photos of testimonials

-Video: Unboxing video, user review video, the product assembly video

About if you don’t have photos taken at the customer’s house, please take more. About 20 of them as possible. Because according to the results that I check on customer behavior, most customers see photos before reading text.

So the top screen on the product page is an attractive image that will make them scroll down to see more images.

If they are not satisfied with this product, they will still scroll down to buy another product below.

Video: get the video on your Youtube channel if available. Or find a way to get your loyal customers to video you in exchange for a gift from you.

This is how I will guide you to another article.

In short, you need at least 6 of the following components:

-Product’s name

-Product keywords

-Copywriting for products



-Commitment from the company

(This is important because it builds brand awareness for your company in the eyes of potential customers.)

It includes the slogan, the quality statement.

Thus, it can say that all activities are sales as well as branding for your company.

   Step 5 #: Choose the advertising budget you want

This is the final step of a successful advertising campaign. Most people outside the advertising industry would think: The more money you have, the more effective advertising will be. Lower cost of customer acquisition.

There is a saying: “Whoever spends more money to buy customers wins.” Dan Kennedy.

I don’t think so. If you took Dan, you are wrong. Because there are a lot of companies with huge marketing budgets like Wayfair that are still reporting losses.

The correct saying to understand is: “The person who has the most money and gives the best user experience will win”.

So there is more money to advertise. There is no guarantee of your success.

I wrote this down. Because I get a lot of questions from customers in the furniture industry that:

What is the daily advertising budget that company A (my current client) is spending?

My answer, in this case, is: I don’t know, or I’ll tell them the data from the past.

Attach an explanation. How much budget your competitor has doesn’t determine if you’ll be ½ or 1/10th as successful as him or her? Assuming you can spend like them. You make ads and landing pages like them. But not sure if you have sold the goods.

Thus, it makes no sense to inquire about the opponent’s budget.

Instead, determine the size of your market.

As a beginner, I recommend choosing the local market. Although advertising costs are expensive. But it will lead to more customers.

Once you have your ROI, expand your budget and geographic area. Don’t start doing so because you see a competitor running ads across the country.

Chances are you’ll get low advertising costs. But you get poor-quality customers. And there will certainly be fraud from ad platforms here.

This has happened to me already. That’s why I don’t want you to make that mistake.

I often tell people who ask me if this bid is expensive or cheap: “It doesn’t matter if it’s expensive or cheap, my friend. What matters is whether you make a sale after spending money on that traffic.

If you sell successfully. With high profits, expensive also become cheap. And if you can’t sell or only sell with a thin, low profit, it will be expensive no matter how cheap it is. “

That’s a waste of money.

But maybe there’s not a specific number that tells me.

Look at his bewildered expression and voice. I spoke reassuringly.

Well, of course, I have. I have a product page with GDN promotional packages that you can view here.

Based on these packages you can customize according to your requirements.

But I suggest no less than $500/month.

This is the level I recommend for a beginner like you.

So the conversation ended. He agreed with my solution. And decided to hire me to do GDN advertising for him.

     Step 6: Expand the advertising scale through display ads on Youtube.

This step can be done once you’ve done well on the display network. Then do it alongside remarketing to customers who haven’t purchased on your website.

In addition, Youtube is where your quality customers often go there to research products before buying. Especially with high-priced furniture.
So even if you don’t have a video. Or only 1 video can also make ads on Youtube.

Below is a description of the advertising you need to do.

a Google ads discovery campaign on Youtube, Gmail

You don’t have a Youtube channel yet. You are also not very confident about your videos.

But you still want to sell through Youtube ads. Then don’t worry, ads are showing on Youtube as discovery ads on Youtube and Gmail.

There are also managers Google Display Network (GDN) display ads on Youtube. And shopping ads.

But in my opinion, they are not very effective to attract customers. It is more suitable when you do shopping ads, display, and want to remarket.

That’s why I won’t talk about talking. But only talking about discovery ads on Youtube, Gmail only.

That means this ad’s placement will be alongside the video discovery ad. The only difference is to replace it with an image or form with a product image.

b. Youtube ads Discovery

Discovery Ads on Youtube

Which my clients still call recommendation ads. The reason is that after I did an ad for them, the organic views from the video’s recommendations increased significantly.

Youtube ads Discovery for Furniture Product

The number of channel subscribers also increased rapidly. So if you just want to have proactive leads. Just wanted more subs. Also high-quality traffic. Let’s do this ad.

The principle of its success is that you make video ads based on the videos that users are watching.

For example, They are watching videos about movies, music, comedy on Youtube. Then they scroll down to see comments or watch other videos on phones, tablets, TV screens when your promotional video appears.

If they see the product have a related headline: “oak dining table and 6 chairs”

. Then they will click on your video. So now you have to pay for advertising.

Because it’s based on the user’s voluntariness. Which if they watch this fascinating video. They click like, comment for you. Then this video and even other videos on your channel will also get organic views from Youtube.

Of course, this type of ad has a low view rate aka retention rate. In other words, watch duration will be lower than skippable in-stream ads.

Maybe it’s because they clicked on it. After all, they liked the video’s title and profile picture.

But after watching it they were disappointed. So they watch the video below of the opponent.

Or maybe they’ve seen enough. Decide to visit your website or make a phone call to buy your product.

There are many causes. But that is not as important as whether you can sell or not?. I also have the same opinion as other Youtube video advertising experts:

Does it have a lot of viewers or not?. It doesn’t matter at all.

You must attract the right customers who want to buy from you or not.

Because you are selling with video ads. Not making money from Youtube Adsense, so quit immediately, the more views you have, the more orders you will receive.

This can only happen when you create an excellent ad. And it can’t be made fast.

So if you want to listen, my advice is to follow these 3 things

– Please make the highest quality video possible.

-Making an attractive video avatar will increase clicks by up to 40% (not clickbait)

-Target the right people at the right time. (Meaning in line with your monthly business strategy.

For example:

Now, August is the time before the Back to school event starts, then target parents with children in high school and college. learn). This is more effective than general keyword targeting.

    4. What do you want to do next?

Well, I thank you very much for your patience in reading to the end of this case study.

With what I have shared here. You can take it and give it to your advertising agency or get your staff to do it.

With these 4 steps:

Step 1#: Identify the customer segments you want to serve. Their portraits

Step 2#: Choose 1 to 6 products to advertise

Step 3#: Make the ad

Step 4#: Optimize website, landing page for your furniture store.

Step 5#: Choose your furniture advertising budget

If you care.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, although this is all the information you need to get started, there is also the possibility of “time lag”.

Why that is, I’m not 100% sure, but no one gets results with information (alone) right away.

Instead, there’s always that awkward phase where you’re following the steps…

But with a bit of uncertainty, ask yourself:

Do I have the right offer on the website for the customer?

Is the market right?

Did I do this properly?

Et cetera…

So to help you avoid that learning curve, something that will take months, if not years…

I am currently opening a package of GDN advertising solutions for businesses and furniture stores.

If I’m being honest, this could be something that will blossom into something bigger down the road.

I love doing marketing on Google Youtube, but I’m impressed by the work “do it for you”, so I’m managing and helping people in this way.

So that’s what brought me here today.

Like every other beta offer, the price will only increase.

So, if you want to learn more about Google ads offer that pays for itself within the first 6 weeks (if not less), here it is:

Next step

Step #1 — Please visit read my story below,

Display ads for furniture business online. 

Now I share more on Instagram.

Started doing more of my stuff on it, love communicating via messenger so please contact me at the link below:

Access profile, Instagram

From there, when you contact my messenger, we go to:

Step #2 — Send me a quick message

If you don’t know what to say.

For this message, it simply says:

“Hey Hau, read your article about Google marketing, would love to learn more”…

And then we’ll go to:

Step #3 — Give me a moment, wait for my reply…

And the rest of the process will take place from there.

Et cetera…

So if this sounds like you’re interested in something, get in touch today, there’s never been a better time than now.

Thanks for reading,


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