How furniture companies can attract more leads with Facebook ads from day one.

How e-commerce companies like this furniture retailer can attract high-quality leads with Facebook ads from day one.

How e-commerce companies like this furniture retailer can attract high-quality leads with Facebook ads from day one.

Recently, a businessman with a furniture store came to me and asked me to do a facebook ad for him. Because he finds it ineffective with the current agency approach.

He didn’t know what he spent.

I checked and couldn’t find his fan page on Facebook and Google. Because the agency he hired turned off Facebook’s search engine visibility to avoid inspection.

So he doesn’t trust this agency anymore. And want to control ad spend and quality.


He told me to advertise him. And let him compose. But he’s been composing the post for so long, so I tried to make another post to post it to try it out. And so I wrote a post with 18 product photos. The post I also copied from the page that was blocked from blocking ads from his old fan page of the same name. Yet it was approved. And it brought in more messages than the next post he chose had 33 photos.

He thinks that with more photos, more customers will contact and close orders via text message. And advertising costs will be reduced.

But the reality is different. Please see the image to see that the post with fewer photos will receive more customer contacts.

That shows that even running the same ad group, the same budget, the same target.

But the first post that ran before had messages pouring in on the first day.

The second post has more pictures. But the first day returned no customer was contacted. It took 2 days for the message to arrive. Day 3 is more than day 1 with a very high cost per message. Only then did it gradually decrease.

Wednesday is 20 messages at a lower cost.

Wednesday is 20 messages at a lower cost.

He concluded that it was copywriting that decided that. So he told me to rewrite it.

Indeed it is more effective than that.

That’s why he decided to use my copywriting service again.


But not only that.


I also discovered that this customer also did not have an effective product page. I was going to suggest he do it. But then I realized I would fail just like before. Because in Vietnam, especially small businesses, they often don’t attach great importance to having a website or landing page to sell, let alone things like vending systems, marketing automation.


That’s why I had to give up.

But in my mind, I know that. Customers who want results that can be measured with metrics. It would be smart to invest in paid advertising to sell.

Because they are data-driven decision-makers. From the advertising system of Facebook, Google

As such, they will generate ROAS (return on invested capital) >= 2 in the first month of their business.

But what if they do not know the above indicators.

That’s okay then. As long as they find an agency, a willing freelancer. Help them increase orders, reduce advertising costs. Thereby maximizing their profits.

 Back to the main issue

But now I will talk about the effectiveness of photos and copywriting in Facebook ads.

You wonder why the ad I originally put up for him worked.

In my opinion, one is because the ad copy is simple and effective. It only introduces the audience to the whole company, about the company’s products and operating motto.

That is enough according to Jordan Belfort’s 3-point 10 formula. With 10 points for the product, 10 points for the seller, and 10 points for the company.

That is effective.

The second is the image of the first advertisement, although it is small, the quality is due to the beautiful finished product image. Furthermore, the first photo of this ad (see below) is a photo of a customer sitting on a table and chairs. Because it gives customers a way to visualize the product they will buy in the future.

From there, creating a good impression for potential customers who want to buy living room furniture will message the page to purchase.

When you market, advertise to potential customers, you are telling a story. You’re trying to sell something and stand out in a saturated market. You want readers to click, and compelling images are one way to get them to do so.


Make your images a cohesive part of the whole package. It should be relevant to what you are conveying to your audience.

The first ad did exactly what I did for my client.


That’s how to apply the simple satisfied customer model that I’ve been using for years to my advertising campaigns.


So if I replace it with video, I’ll ask the video maker for me to make the same video. It needs to have images and videos of products used in reality to make customers believe. From there we have the opportunity to communicate with customers. Also, encourage them to stay longer to see the next part of the promotional content Advertise on a fan page or website. From there, they have the intention to contact you via text message, call or click on the landing page to leave information for you.


 You need to keep this in mind when running a sales campaign with paid advertising.

However, to do so, you need to understand the mission of each part of the sales campaign. And advertising is just the first step you need to take if you want your sales campaign to be successful.

But to do it fully, you need the 5 ingredients below.

(Note that here I’m assuming you already have a product to sell. If you don’t have one, pick one that you’ve researched long enough to make.

We can also help you with product research if you cooperate with us.

If you want to run ads to sell multiple products in your store at the same time, skip this step. )


And here are the messages to you when talking about your offer.

The main keyword is to be as specific as possible.

Okay, as I mentioned before the main thing you want to keep in mind with this setup is the power of specificity.

Most people try and go too broad with this, mainly because they think it will generate more leads, which it doesn’t.

Instead, it often has the exact opposite effect, since you’re not talking to anyone…

So what you want to do here, is dig deep and focus on “psychology”.

If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s a combination of demographics and issues.

In other words, if I say:

“I help homeowners design a new interior or renovate a home”…

This announcement will not be strong.

It’s too general. Customers need an interior designer but they want a beautiful home to show off their personality.

Knowing this, you always want to focus on one particular person, work from there again.

Say instead: we bring your home to life with our interior products and services.


Remember that you can always build other products later, but each product needs to be specific.

That’s the gist of this, but if it helps, I usually like to get a vague idea at this step – then validate in the next step


And here are the 4 steps of a successful sales campaign.

Include : Ad → /optin → Landing page/product page → Telesale/messenger


Step 1: The task of the ad is to sell high-quality clicks.

That is to attract potential customers who need and have the money to buy from you.

If it’s not clear by this point, the main way we drive traffic with this approach is with paid advertising.

Also, don’t worry, it’s not that expensive, especially if you do it right (target narrowly).

The only reason most people spend so much on advertising is that they do it the wrong way, targeting the “big market” first…

And get nowhere for it.

On the other hand, when you start on a tight budget, your budget will go a long way.

Something I introduced at the beginning of this article, but if the screenshot is not clear. My favorite tool is Google ads.

You can reach customers specifically based on the keywords they enter in the search box on Google and Youtube.

See picture below 

KWFinder Tutorial: Easy Keyword Research Guide for Beginners

But if you’re more interested in social media advertising, here’s how it works.

The power of Facebook advertising is that it suggests a need to the customer. Based on what they interact with on social media.

More customers are exposed to engaging promotional messages written specifically for them. Then they will also remember and then make a purchase decision.

Step 2: The task of the opt-in page

is to collect customer information to then take care of them via email, chatbot, whatapps.

If you make low-priced products or you want to sell quickly, skip this step. Go to step 3 And if you do home improvement consulting services, interior design, construction, you should collect the customer’s contact address. To create a long-term relationship. Because these are all high-priced products, it is difficult for customers to buy them right away.

Step 3: Duties of sales page, product page

is to convince customers to go from the beginning, just need more information to make a purchase decision

In this step, you need to write in-depth messages aimed at specific customers. To make sure this is the product/service they need. And then show them that you are the best product and solution provider they have.

Because in my experience customers only pay when they know this is the best deal for them. That means they can’t find any other offers on the market.

It also means that their mentality of comparing products has disappeared, replaced by the trust they have to buy.

To do that, you need to understand where your customers are in their buying journey. Only then will you know what to do.

I’ve been doing this for years so I wanted to tell you.

Customers will always be in the following 4 purchasing states:

         1 I didn’t know I had a problem

  1. Know that I have a problem and look for the cause
  2. Know you have a problem and are looking for a solution
  3. Know you have the solution. But are wondering which product/service to choose to completely and completely solve their problem. With the lowest cost. You will then write an outline for the ad.

Here is the basic outline that a product page, sales landing page, or advertorial article needs


-When it comes to outlines, I always break this down into 4 main parts:

-Subject Line (Depends on their awareness, as this is where you meet them)

-Introduction (The span between the spans from the current situation to the solution)

-Body (solution introduction)

-Summary (Summary, Call to Action)…

-And that’s it.

Of course, some advanced items go into it, such as:

-Overcoming obstacles

-Create the right offer

-Et cetera…

But at the end of the day, this is it

This is just a text copy. Also need pictures + video too.

But once you’ve done a good job at copywriting, the media will strengthen the persuasive power of your product page.


If you do this well, your salesperson will just follow step 4 below.

Not to convince customers but….

Step 4: The task of telesales, fan page staff, the website is to close orders.

It is not about convincing the customer about the product/service.

If so, just answer the question that the customer asked. Customers asking you means they already trust you. So answer enthusiastically any of their questions.

So to operate a successful sales campaign with paid advertising, you need to understand the purpose and mission of each job to have the right way to do it and hire the right people. (in case you find yourself not good, don’t have time, or want to focus on sales, company management). But first, read carefully the 4 steps I listed above.


Therefore, it is very reasonable to find a good company to work with by researching products, making product pages, video ads, and proposing advertising strategies. Otherwise, you will waste time and money hiring different people for your sales campaign.

Because you still have to fix it. If you are a large company, you have time and human resources to modify, it’s okay. But you are a small company. You do not have so many resources to do, what is the most suitable option at this stage?

The answer is to find a company that provides Done for you services for your business

Introducing the product page content + advertising strategy package for e-commerce and dropshipping businesses from

What we will do for you in this package.

-Research products for you

-Make 3 Facebook promotional videos for you to use in your video ad campaign

-Make 1 ad photo the right size of Facebook

-Make beautiful product pages entice your customers to buy with your or our product photos.

-Suggest and recommend the latest Facebook advertising strategy for your online store.

  Here is the detailed description

Do you believe you can earn more than 25k dollars in a month by dropshipping… a table and chair? We did it and you can do it too with the help of this service. Continue reading!

leads from Google ads for Furniture


After years of testing and advertising analysis, we have found the gold mining strategy of presenting the right product and advertising effectively.

We know the secret to choosing products that are attractive, irresistible to viewers, and effectively promoting them to get high profits very quickly.

You’ll see how this strategy works once we’ve uploaded the winning product to your store and given you the tools to promote it.

Why do you need to learn our secret product promotion strategy?

Make your ads effective. We’ve spent days and thousands of dollars figuring out the right strategy – so now you can save your money!.

When you hire a video maker, you also have to spend at least 600 USD for these 3 videos at market prices.

A quality product page including uploading to the store is also priced at 150 USD.

A high-quality advertising image also costs about 20-50 USD.

The advertising strategy will cost 100-300 USD depending on the service provider.

And researching the right product for the market will also cost you hundreds more. Because the product is the factor that accounts for 50% of the success of any marketing strategy.


Scale your business with a powerful technique – you can apply it to multiple products and reap profits.

Save your money on hiring a marketer – from now on you will be able to advertise your store professionally yourself.

Increase your profits! The more effective your ads, the more money appears in your bank account.

So you can be profitable on the first day of the campaign. As in the story above that, I told you. That ad generated leads through messages on Facebook ads on the first day.

Your working day is not just about taking attendance and taking money. Which goes to work to add a + sign to your bank account in your phone messages.

While you still keep the spirit of joy and comfort.

We promise to refund you within 30 days from the date of purchase of this package. When it doesn’t work for you. This result is based on your data. But I do not return the money because you are not satisfied. Life talks about results.

 In addition, you do not incur any other costs.

Only $599 for the content making + Facebook ads for your online stores today.

Or if you want us to make and manage Facebook ads for you from A-Z. You just need to sell then click here to schedule an appointment with me and my associates.


Your Plan

Disk Space




Email Accounts





For For solo entrepreneurs, people want to do their own ads

1 image ads 

3 video ads 

1 product page 

research product 

Suggest Facebook ads stratergy 

Copywriting facebook ads 

24/7 Customer Suport 


one time 


For businesses to focus on sales. We will work bringing customers to you 

Product page 

landing page 


Video ads 

Images ads 

Management Facebook ads 

24/7 customer via phone, chat , email 

Funnel builder 


Reviews from customers who have used this service pack.


Steps to do

Step 1: Go to this page to fill out the registration form

Step 2: pay the service fee

Step 3: We will contact you If you need more information about your product or service.

Step 4: Hand over downloadable products such as video ads, product pages, brochures.

In case you choose to make an appointment with us. We will then send you meeting details after scheduling with our experts.

Thank you for reading this article.

See you soon.



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