How To Advertise With Remarketing?

How To Advertise With Remarketing?

How To Advertise With Remarketing?
Today I will talk about one of the ways to take care of customers by re-advertising on Facebook.
Here I’m telling you about how we use back ads for self payback funnels.
We have the following funnel steps:
First step: We give them bait, give them Lead Magnet and it’s in the Landing Page.
Step two: We’ll sell them a low-priced product that’s your top-of-the-funnel product.
Third step: You can sell an more main product.
Next steps: You can sell more if you want.
We focus on giving them something for free on the Landing Page – bait, then we sell the top of the funnel. Thus, we have completed the self-pay funnel.
How To Advertise With Remarketing
If customers leave information on the bait page. The product page at the top of the funnel, we will know who left the information.
Here we need a piece of pixel code to collect the people who have visited our website.
If they come in and leave us email information,
but they haven’t bought the top of the funnel product we offer,
our re-advertising audience will be people who have visited the Landing Page website – bait,
and let’s go. ignore the people who bought our products.
We do not sell products to people who have already bought them, because that would be very offensive. After removing the people who bought the top of the funnel product,
we get a list of people who haven’t bought the product.
How To Advertise With Remarketing?
From there, we’ll run ads back to them with messages like,
“I just saw you download my PDF but you haven’t completed the next step. Click here to get this special offer.”
Our remarketing audience is exactly the one who left an email message without making a buy at the top of the funnel. Similarly, if you sell your main product,
your main product,
your audience must be people who have already purchased the top of the funnel but have not purchased the main product.
You can see that we’re going to exclude people who have already bought the product. Because we don’t want to confuse them, we don’t want to offend them. That’s why we need to have the pixel code attached to each Landing Page.
In this first step,
we need a Landing Page, this second step also needs a Landing Page, and this third step also needs a Landing Page. We will attach 3 pixel codes on all 3 Landing Pages and on Facebook ads or Google ads. They will then let you exclude any group of pixels you don’t want.
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