How to build a Youtube channel from scratch for beginner

How to build a Youtube channel from scratch for beginner
Table of contents
1. What is your goal
2. Understand the business principles of Google, the company that owns Youtube
3. What school do you want to make your content in?
4. Technical school focused on SEO, content is secondary.
5. Content schools focus on content quality and relationship with the audience, SEO is secondary.
7. Content schedule and things to know
8. Sell and care for customers on the platform YouTube
9. Conclusion

1. What is your goal

You need to build a sales channel with Youtube.
You’ve probably heard a lot about the benefits of goal setting.
So what you need to do is set the right goals.
Therefore the goal should follow the SMART principle
That stands for:
Specific: in particular, the clearer it is, the higher the likelihood of achieving it. Not specific is not specific.
Measure: measurable, for professional salespeople, what can be measured is controlled. And what can’t be measured cannot be controlled.
So goals need to be measured with different tools. The most effective is simply money. Several subscribers, number of views. It’s not as important as being able to sell.
Attainable: The goal is achievable. I can understand like this. Where your knowledge, skills, then your money to it. Therefore with the current capacity, you can only make sales of 20-300 million. Then you will increase gradually, not reach yourself at a lower level.

Reality: Reality. Of course, your goal should not fly to the moon and aim for the stars. You need to be on the ground. To be able to walk on the road.
It is a fact of the present situation for a little bit that you can convince your mind and urgently help you.

Time: target execution time. It should be enough for you to be motivated to strive. Not too long for you to feel depressed. Why can’t I work forever? But it’s not too short for you to feel overwhelmed so you can give up.

What matters to the vendor is a continuous action. Whatever small things are. But it must be regular, to have great value.

Withdraw the target: I will make 30 million / month profit by selling items … .. through my youtube channel for 6 months.
Is a goal that meets the above criteria. What interest in subscriptions.
You can only have a few hundred -1-2 Thousands of channel subscribers can still achieve the above goal. Also if you want to make money from YOutube you need to focus on increasing the number of subscribers to 100,000 and then 1,000,000 and higher. What is the 10 N rank, compared to the low commission on advertising in Vietnam? Overseas friends thought highly. In fact, it is nothing if you live in a big city like Chicago, New York, Paris, or London.

Share on way building Youtube channel from nothing for beginner 
Share on way building Youtube channel from nothing for beginner

2. Understand the business model of Google, which owns YouTube

This is very important if you want to work out smoothly. Avoid your unnecessary trouble. Save you a lot of time and money both you and the effort later.

By its nature, YouTube is an information business platform.
Just like Facebook is a market for people to connect, exchange information and knowledge. To build relationships. So is YouTube.
On YouTube, you are a content creator and a seller. You cater to users and advertising agencies.

Therefore you need to understand the guidelines of youtube for content creators.

That is to satisfy content, please the user at the maximum.
So they can stay on the platform longer. This leads to viewing advertisements and purchases from companies selling products and services.
So honestly a user is much more powerful than the partners.
When you first start they don’t care who you are. They just care about it. You didn’t do anything useful to my users.
If you work well and bring value, I allow you to make money and grow together. As for what you do, I will kill you soon.

The same goes for advertisers. Spending a lot of money on advertising is the same. Nor can you survive and thrive if it harms users.

I know you can call it this you know long ago. But I still have to repeat that it’s important. Because maybe you still want to cheat with their huge machine.

3. What school do you want to make your content in?

To be successful on YouTube, the important thing to remember is. The algorithm on Youtube always takes time to watch each video. It is the deciding factor whether your video is SEO recommended or not. Get subscribers, likes, or video comments.
To make good quality content there are two mainstream schools. Will help you succeed on any topic. Not only on YouTube but also Facebook and other social networks .. Or top Google too.
1. Technical content making school to help video to top YouTube and Google.
2. The school breaks down I make video content. Based on the quality of content to convince users to follow your request is to register, comment or purchase.

Of course, no matter which school you choose, you will have to follow the rules when making videos. Serving users, but must optimize for Google so that the bot can understand what you are doing and for whom.

Usually, a user will search. Now SEO will be very helpful. But often they will end their actions after watching multiple suggested videos. At this time the quality of the video is a good decision deciding user behavior.

So you serve users by understanding what they want. And give them what they need. THAT is passive SEO
If you want to position yourself as an expert. Then you should choose content, quality. Now you are completely active in producing content that is delivered to users.
Of course, you still need to optimize SEO, otherwise, no one will find you at all.

4. The school focuses on technology before content follows
This is still called SEO (search engine optimization)
That is, you create content to answer the questions, the intention behind the keywords that users search.
To understand more you need to know more about the concept: Search Intent (search intent of the user

About advertising and SEO on Google, there are 4 types of keywords: including:
-Word information: is a keyword to search information. At this time customers need to search for the cause of their problem. For example: Where is a broken karaoke mic? Why the mic is broken.
Doing this content will help you build credibility and brand awareness to customers.
-Commercial Keywords: A keyword that users have started to buy. That is, they seek a solution. But still wondering whether to choose a solution. Then, articles, a video comparing products, consulting solutions will help you convince them to trust and want to buy from you.
– Navigation keywords: Navigational keywords are keywords used by users to go to a specific page or website because they do not remember the exact URL.
Therefore optimizing rankings for your site’s keyword navigation is important. But if it is someone else’s keyword, it would be a waste.
For example, a user searches for “Microsoft Home”. They will not click on Apple or Debian Linux even though these two names appear on the SERP.
Often these keywords appear when users want to search for your product or service. After you’ve seen ads on other people’s Facebook, or yours. But at that time they had no money or no need. When they have a need and money, they do not remember the full name of the brand or product. So they will type on Google or Youtube like that.

-Transaction keywords: are keywords oriented towards the product, at this time, the user has been intending to buy with certainty. Selectable is latch always. These keywords are often referred to as purchase keywords. For example: where to buy the best speakers and amplifiers in Hanoi.
The keyword has a product name always: Is the Creative speaker good? Sound system. + Brand.

So what’s your job?
For this school, you only need to do 3 steps:

Step 1: Keyword research

But free tools like Google keyword planner or paid like Kwfinder to find out. And categorize the above keywords. Put into excel sheet, in groups to plan writing content, scripts.
Step 2: Write articles or make videos to make money.
In this step, you will write an article or make a video to answer questions and intentions that users need. The easiest to understand is to make a product review and product comparison video. You will need to know the user once typing the keyword: evaluate that they want to hear any quality information from you.
This you can watch videos of technology reviewers such as Wrestling, TV Brothers, Tony Phung studio, S-review. Marques Brownlee, GadgetMatch To learn how they do it.

Step 3. Post videos to YouTube and optimize SEO and recommendations for videos
Make sure the video has the following:
SEO on Youtube
– Headlines that are both compelling and have a Keyword in the title,
– Keywords included in the tag, description of the video
– Add to playlist
– Add end screen
– Add a suggestion tag so that it appears when users are watching the video
– Avatars for compelling videos will get you up to 40% clickthrough when customers search or view recommendations in the right column of YouTube.
– Call customers like, comment if they like you, you can call to share
– Add another video link with the same topic as this video. YOutube loves content creators who only put video links on their platform. Not want to be the link of any other website. They will help you eat suggestions if a user clicks on the video in this description. The possibility that the next video on your channel is highly recommended.
– Suggest users watch almost all or all videos. Once your video has been watched all 80, the first proposed video will be yours

SEO outside YouTube:
Also known as off-page SEO;
Usually, people will think it is sharing on Facebook in groups. or post on your personal page. This is very easy but goes with it as a result not as you like. Easy, anyone can do it. Therefore, you will also be in vain unless you have a team of individuals and groups to launch on their own.
So what is the most effective way to do it:
There are only two ways you can do it. That is

1. It is up to the major forums on the internet.

You answer the questions of the members in it. In the signature section, you will link to the Youtube channel and website if available.
This should be done because the number of customers here is very quality. Especially the perennial forums about technology. With high-income members.
The whole car forum has money, you will take more effort to participate in their playground.
In general, the forum is mostly male participants. So if you only identify your customers as Men, then develop this channel.
If your customers include women. Or just women, you develop content on other social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. Women are very active on these social networks.
Of course, to get links pointing back from these social networks, you also need dexterity. Because they don’t want to lose users leaving their platform. But the person who pulls you does not pay them for advertising at all.
A common practice is to post videos on Fanpage, group, and Instagram. At the end of the video, call users to youtube to watch more good videos. You can attach your logo in the video too. Let the audience remember and then find you on Youtube. This method is very suitable for people living in highly socialized communities in the East. And suitable if you are a woman.

2. Post to your blog inserting videos as illustrations for your posts.

By doing this, your blog will easily top Google. And get free traffic from Google.

3. Post your work on major websites in your field of expertise.

This is called a guest post.
This approach is also very effective when you have access. payroll readers, viewers of youtube channels, or other websites. And of course, you don’t always lose money. That depends on your ability to establish relationships with Youtubers and bloggers.

5. School focused on content quality,

SEO is secondary

This is the simplest way that most amateurs go from there.
No matter what SEO is done, just know how to do content or say saliva change,
Some videos have gained millions of views and become viral. Even the top trending in just a short time. Especially music video covers. Or follow the trend.

Successful videos, such as the 1977 Vlog or Mrs. Tan, Tan Hoa Ban, and singers’ videos, have been successful thanks to the niche market. With the criteria: it is better to make a big fish in a small pond than to be small in a big shirt.
These content creators quickly found gaps in the market and quickly filled it. With content that is both entertaining and educational at the same time. Persuade viewers to leave a review or buy from them.
So to succeed you just need to do the following steps:

Step 1: Select the niche you want to serve.
If you serve everyone in the market, you will sooner or later realize. You really can’t win it for anyone. Because customers are becoming more and more intelligent. They want to serve by an expert rather than an amateur. Everything is well known but half-hearted. Ie doesn’t know very well what I know.
At the same time, you will have to stretch yourself to compete with other competitors that are more efficient than you.
If you don’t want to see such a scene, follow this rule: Just supplement, not compete directly.
It means finding out what your opponent has not done or worse than you.

Step 2. Plan your content

Once you have determined the path to becoming an expert, you need to plan on making content seamlessly. To position the brand in the eyes of your potential consumers. That’s right, you don’t need to be an expert in the eyes of all audiences. You just need to be an expert in the eyes of your channel fans.
Do you want to sell high prices to customers?
So keep the following in mind.
– Sales process only accounts for 20% of sales success
– The remaining 80% comes from positioning your brand in the eyes of your target customers. The more you position yourself in the high-end segment like iPhone. The more likely you are to sell high prices to customers with little rejection response from the customers.
Want to focus on two things.
One is that your offer (video title) has to be so compelling that people want to watch it as soon as they search for its video.
friend. Or watch your suggested video. This accounts for 40% of sales success.
Research shows that out of 10 people who view your posts and videos. Only 2 people read, from start to finish, the remaining 8 people read the title. Then decide whether to watch or not.
So pay attention to your title.
The simple way to write a catchy title is by following the formula:
Title = Keywords (problem / solution / product) + audience you want to serve + Promise to solve the problem.
Anyone who is looking for your cause, solution, and product. Will reach you through your video. Because you gave them a reason to watch your video. If not, don’t ask why you can’t sell on YouTube.
Second, the content in your video will account for 40% of your sales success.

The content of amateurs is very simple. Full of homegrown trees, whatever is offered to entertain guests is the main. Here are a few ideas to help you make your content simple.
– Catch up with the trending trend, Understand simply cover a trending song with your device, Or insert your product in it. The fastest way for you to grow your channel. Because customers come to you first for entertainment and then to notice what you sell. This is good because viewers will watch the video naturally without the intention of objecting to this content as advertisements.
However, this method is a bit sweet in that you need to catch up quickly with the trends in society. If not you will easily fall behind to yield to your opponent.
– Share your experience in using the product. At this point, your audience will begin to see you as an expert in that field. Because you both know how to do it, have a feeling, and have experience in this field. This one, no one will imitate you.
– Share the story posted after that product. We communicate mostly through rational words combined with stories. So customers will be impressed and want to stay and watch your video when you’re telling a story. Instead of telling the features of the product. Your story may be related to the production of the product or be inhibited when customers boom. Then recounted the liquidation of products like a guy selling speakers. Making video liquidation of products because customers cancel orders. Also became a hot story attracting 52,000 views. Because the audience wants to know why the order was canceled. Due to the high customer or product views, this type of video is high. Because it attracts the curiosity of the audience, this motivation is the same as people curious about Sex.
Just making 3 types of pure video scripts on this content alone has attracted a large number of viewers already.

And if you want to sell directly without having to make the videos above. Don’t be in a hurry, I will continue to suggest you more video ideas to help you sell effectively from my own experience. Keep reading.

1. Video of product close-up
For a physical product, a close-up video of the product is the most effective video to sell on Youtube.
It’s simple, anyone can do it. But not everyone succeeds.
So to make it effective you need to pay attention to a few notes:
– The video needs to get close to the product details. Medium combination rotary product overview. The unboxing video format is the easiest video format to make on this topic,
– When recording a video about a product when it comes to its benefits. You need to show people immediately which features are beneficial. You will handle, adjust the buttons, stroking the furniture, speaker system. So that they have a relative sense of the product. Because customers can’t touch it. So they tend to want to visualize and feel most clearly. The purpose of this is to activate the emotion that has the product in hand. From there promoting the idea I need to buy this product of yours. Most of us act on our emotions and then find a reason for that action.
– So the next thing to do is give them more reasons to buy from you. Reasons such as high-quality products, long-term after-sales warranty, enthusiastic advice, evaluation of other customers.
2. A close-up video of the product manufacturing process
If you have a factory or have a good relationship with the factory. Help your customers tour the factory and watch the production of products with a video. That will help your customers, feel more secure about the origin of the product. As well as the effects of production on the environment and society. Because over 50% of customers will want to buy from companies that bring value to the community, environment, and society.
In my experience, the video of the production process is the video with the highest view without any effort, time, and money for advertising the video.
3. Product Review Video
Do you know the reviews, reviews + product names are the most searched keywords on the internet ?.
Customers are always looking for other people’s appreciation before buying.
So you should be prepared to make two types of video That waist is. Expert reviews, ie reviewers. And reviews of customers who have purchased your goods.
This will help you increase your reputation greatly. According to the study, an average of 55% of users will read, about 10 reviews on Google, social networks before deciding to buy a product/service.

However, many new sellers think that a fake review should be done to make it fast. Or make great review videos that make viewers wary of your videos. This will soon ruin your credibility.
Stop doing this now.
If you find it too difficult, customers also find it too difficult to say such words, please conduct interviews with the questions you prepared in advance. The only 15-30-second girl videos that contain simple customer satisfaction will help you increase the number of subscriptions quickly.

4. Product comparison videos
Besides product reviews, product comparison videos always get very high views. Along with that is easy to top with a large search volume. Easy to eat suggestions from Youtube.
Because the purpose of comparing products is to help users to be confused, hesitant, reduce headaches, and the selected paralysis effect when they have to see too many products advertised daily.
This is also the time when you can assert yourself in the position of a product expert and a customer expert. Based on their actual needs, the sale will not be too difficult for you anymore.

On the other hand, product comparison videos are extremely easy to make. You only need to write the comparison criteria on a comparison table to be able to do it. Also, you can use the script of this video to make an interesting video below. It is the video that answers customers’ questions. The types of questions that make this product between x and y are the most asked questions on the comments section of a video on Youtube.
I myself have applied this. for the youtube channel I consulted, ran ads for the channel owner.

     5. Video answering customer questions
To make this video, read the comments on your channel or the opponent’s channel. Then make videos to answer customers’ questions.
This video helps you increase engagement with your audience. Build their trust with your store. And of course, increase the number of channel subscriptions as well. Because nobody wants to miss your answer.
The more you make videos like this, the greater the impression the expert will have on your prospect’s eyes. And you can still sell higher than your competitors without fear of being discounted by them.

6. Video about the reasons for a customer’s purchase
To be able to figure out 7-9 why customers should buy from you. (actually more, but this is the maximum that most customers can remember when they watch videos, read your article). Then you can use the following 4 ways:
– Option 1: figure out why they should buy from you, not from others. Now unless you make an exclusive product, you rarely can be exclusive about it for as long as before.
– Method 2: Interview customers who have purchased goods from you
– Option 3: Run ads with 7-9 different headlines to measure the market response to your product/service.
– Method 4: Analyze the success of competitors to learn from them. Do not copy the original idea.
In the above ways, I suppose; For starters, you should choose option 4 which is most feasible. This is because of the reasons that a competitor’s purchase was accepted by the customer. Then it’s your job to learn their methods + combine your strengths and you’re done.
Method 3 requires you to spend money to run the test. A bit of pain for the wallet.
Method 2: Only applicable to loyal customers. With a minimum number of samples from 50-200 people only. It also takes time to analyze.
Method 1: Only for the leader. People who have the experience, and are quick to meet customers’ needs. But now that you go to work like this is no different from buying lottery tickets and wish you would win billions of dollars at all.

Of course, after that, you still need to do SEO so that users can easily find your video. And easier to eat proposed.

These are the videos that I have made for furniture businesses when building their own Youtube channel.

  6. Content making schedule
Two days out of a video is a sentence that I still remember from 2017 of Mr. Nguyen Tat Kiem. When building the YouTube channel at an early stage.
This is extremely important because you’re in the middle. You do not feel bored when you have to make too many videos continuously for many days. This is extremely pressuring because Youtube or any platform also loves new content. So if you keep doing it, then you will not be exhausted physically and mentally.
But so you neglect youtube, the audience will abandon you only. There is a saying: If there is an additional market, there is no market without you. ”
Just spend 2 consecutive days and you will no longer want to make content.
At the same time, you also have more motivation to work.
Thanks and compliments of customers only appear when you do not give up come on.
No one can make ongoing content like artists without feeling out of passion. In fact, the more passionate you are, the more tired. It’s not just a joke.
     7. But what you need to know to be successful on the YouTube platform
– About the light: Should use natural light to film the product. For the most realistic colors If not then use white light/background to make the product stand out in your video.
– About the audio: limiting noise from outside into your video. And most importantly don’t lisp, stammer. Write misspelled titles. Because you will draw the audience’s mind to the things you spend. Causes distraction from the main product.
– Use gifts, mini games when your channel reaches the milestones 100,500, 1000, 10000, 100,000, etc. registration. In gratitude to the audience for helping you achieve this result. Now is a great time to get your audience to share your video on other social networks. Doing this will help your channel grow exponentially.
– Use the YouTube community tab to increase views for your new videos. Or sell on it always. The community tab of youtube brings about a 100% high visibility effect compared to the Facebook message board. From there help you take care of customers more effectively.
– To be successful, you should consider giving away ready to receive many new joys including the joy of selling. That means making a 10-minute video, sharing a 1-minute ad on your product or service. I firmly believe that potential customers who enjoy watching your video will do it from start to finish. And will support you only. Do not just focus on selling too much. Your video will have fewer impressions and recommendations. Users will press the dislike button for your video.

– Should you create trends that do strange things?
My answer depends on your market. If your market is young, generation Z (born from 2000 onwards) and the price of products is less than 1 million, strange videos will attract them to stay with you. Help you become famous. And sell any goods.

Also, if your market is older people. For example, 9x, 8x, 7x, 6x generation … The higher the price, the strange video will only help you become famous. But being famous in a way that everyone stays away from you. And of course, they will not buy from you.
Demonstrating how durable your product is, how good the quality is no longer meaningful to your customers. Do not leave PR metrics and articles for product durability testing videos. That only works when China’s cheap girl market is flooding the Chinese market. But now their goods are also extremely durable.
So proving it durable is extremely boring. If this works, Nokia will remain the best-selling phone in the world. But in reality, there is still some si using it there today. Even the elderly must use smartphones.

On the other hand, there is a fact that customers do not care about the truth about the product. Especially when it is presented by the seller. Especially those with low income. They only care about the benefits of the product and its price is the key.
We have made a video demonstrating the durability of low-cost furniture. After receiving many negative and negative comments, expressed doubts about the quality.
Which is drilling, watering, hammering. Some even use fire to test wood. Then post and promote those videos. I thought this would attract more views, more comments
But after 2 weeks of advertising, our product drilling video has the least views. The number of likes and comments is few or almost none. Especially those who are the most ardent disdain like to like or comment at all.
After looking at those figures. I conclude that:
– Customers in the low-cost segment do not care about the truth, they only care about whether your product will benefit them or not. and reasonable price too
– Never mind the grapefruit who complains about your product. Because these people will not buy your product. No matter how good your product is, they will criticize you. They don’t complain to you, they complain to others. They simply aren’t the right customers for you. You can not be sure that they will watch the video proving your product effectively. As I said through the example above. The more you prove the more they suspect.
– For those who doubt the quality of the product. Then they decided to take the factory to see the process of making products. And you guess what will happen. They still accept buying at that price. Even want to bargain. Ask the factory owner for a discount on that product.

Conclude :
So in this very long article, you have learned about fish
Just build a YouTube channel from scratch. To sell through YouTube without spending any money on advertising.
This is exactly what I did to help 3 youtube channels to sell dozens of high-priced wooden furniture products. About 1000-2000 USD / product in Vietnam.
You can do it too. Just you do it regularly only.
Thank you for watching here.
Do not forget to click here to receive a PDF of how to make money with Google and a single physical product.

If you find this article useful to your friends. Do not forget to share it with them on social networks.
Thanking you.
See you on articles about advertising and conversion optimization on the eCommerce website.

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