How to choose hosting to save 200 USD and ton time research only in 1 article



If you are wondering which e-commerce platform to choose for your online store.


Then this article will help you to have a clear answer. Without much time to analyze and compare anymore.

How to choose hosting to save 200 USD and ton time research only in 1 article

Solve the problem of choosing hosting for your business with just 2 simple questions?

The Year of 2017. When he first started doing website design for sales, e-commerce websites for businesses.


I used to be in the same confusion as you all. Also, go to Google to search for phrases like “Shopify vs Woocommerce”,

Woocommerce vs Shopify “,

which are the two most famous online store creation platforms in the world.


Or “which e-commerce platform is best for small businesses. “

Back then I also joined this trend to write a comparison article between Woocommerce and Shopify. A background I know, very well, has experienced it for the past 3 years. And Shopify, a platform I’ve only used once.
What a lame. That post showed my dumbness.
If you have time and want to enjoy it. Then can be read here.

On reflection, I decided to go with Woocommerce because it is free. In spite of the fact then there are also many hidden costs in it. Such as the need to buy more software, plugins, premium themes.


But there are also premium products on Shopify.


So I find such a comparison lame. After 3 years of using Woocommerce, I am still satisfied with my decision.


That’s why I haven’t used Shopify before. Although there was a time when signing up for a trial to create a store and quit.


So if you were looking forward to a review or comparison, you would overjoy


Because I do not have enough experience to check and do not want to do the same. Because it’s lame. Not only do I feel that way about myself. But I also noticed that most of the reviews on search engines,

Bing, Google talk about technical differences and user experience.


I haven’t done Shopify yet but have tried to install it and find it easy to use. And then I come back when I use WordPress + Woocommerce and find it easy to use.


So it is difficult to say what is better.


But, people only talk about the cost. But few or few people talk about choosing a website platform based on the business model,

of the business you want to deploy it.


So in this article, I will help you get rid of that confusion with just 2 questions.


You will know whether you should use :

Shopify or Woocoommerce or any other e-commerce platform.


There are 2 sentences below:


1.What is your business model?


  1. Do you sell products at high prices or low prices?


Depending on the answer you receive will lead to the following 2 cases.


  1. Case 1; Your business model is Dropshipping, Print on Demand, FMCG. Your product has a low selling price. Then I suggest you choose Shopify immediately without hesitation


Because you need to get more orders from more customers. That means you need more visits to your store. So you need a platform that is scalable, welcoming many different visitors. Without adversely affecting user experience. To be more specific, you just need to focus on marketing and sales. For all technical issues, let platforms like Shopify, Wix, Bigcommerce take care.


You can see an example photo from Nick Peroni’s case study below.

Nick peroni choose shopify and Facebook ads
Nick Peroni choose Shopify and Facebook ads


To be able to create more sales orders that generate more than 700k USD / month. From Facebook’s extremely scalable ad system, he needs Shopify.

Solve the problem of choosing hosting for your business with just 2 simple question?
Solve the problem of choosing hosting for your business with just 2 simple questions?

You can watch a video of Nick Peroni below to understand about my ways

  1. Case 2: You are a D2C-model business (business to customer),

or offline stores of traditional local businesses. Like the business that I do Google advertising for them. See the photo below.

Solve the problem of choosing hosting for your business with just 2 simple questions?
this website using shared hosting


And if you have a high-priced product. You do not need to have expensive packages for these platforms. Learn more about my website client  in here 

or expensive hosting packages of the WordPress hosting companies.

Solve the problem of choosing hosting for your business with just 2 simple questions?

Because your audience is completely different from the scenario above.

Customers buy consumer goods, popular goods at low prices. It’s still usually easier than those who buy luxury goods.


The rich or the middle class are often more difficult when buying high priced goods. Like the furniture client, I am working on.


With these customers, they will visit many different sites. They go to 1 page continuously or on many different pages on your website. At the same time, people who visit your website are mostly luxury shoppers.


They ask more questions, need to interact with the seller. So you don’t need a lot of traffic to sell. Even with an increase in your budget. The number of potential customers who visit and stay on the site does not threaten. The cost of the product to run away. Not much increase either.

You can see the illustration below.


That means that even if there is an increase in visitors, it is unlikely that orders will increase. Even increases the bounce rate on the page.

Because there are people who come to see the goods just for beauty. But they don’t have enough money to pay for your product. So they had to get out.


You see. With quality criteria over quantity.

You just need to choose to host famous shared hosting providers such as

Bluehost, Hostgator, TMDhosting, Hostarmada, etc ….is enough.

Armada hosting for an eCommerce site


Or choose Hawkhost as I am using for its customers.

Solve the problem of choosing hosting for your business with just 2 simple question?
Solve the problem of choosing hosting for your business with just 2 simple questions?


The truth is just that simple.


Complicated what to do.


When you can generate 5-6 figure sales with Dropshipping. Profits reach 25-35%. Capital is revolving quickly. Because when customers buy goods, you need to import or print shirts.


The money you spend on these services is not worth much.


So, you sell high priced products.


Turnover can also be high. But maybe less will sell. Especially in this era of crisis. Thus, the profit margin of each product is less. The capital turnaround time is slower.


Then choose to buy expensive hosting or platforms with high fees. Only makes you waste your investment money.

Of course, if you work in FMCG, home appliances and still prefer to have your own hosting, self-manage with Woocommerce + WordPress or any other ecommerce website creation software, you can do it.

No need to pay attention to my opinion do anything.

However, I’m afraid you will need to upgrade your service plan as the stamina of the host you are using depends on the price you pay the provider. Do not believe in the famous ad of cheap hosting providers. “Unlimited bandwidth or traffic. “.


This sentence is technically not wrong. They are not limited to real numbers. But in reality, it is time to know whether the system can withstand a large number of visitors or not.

It is like organizing an event in a theater, movie theater or stadium. You can open the door to everyone, but is there enough room for everyone?

That is why you have to close stadiums and cinemas when there are enough people.

It’s the same on the internet. There is no shortage of websites that have collapsed because the number of users visiting the website is too much for a long time.

Not to mention that during the upgrade, you will lose revenue because you cannot run sales ads. Because moving from shared hosting to shared hosting is fast. Moving from shared hosting to VPS is a bit long. It takes a little technical expertise to do this.


In my experience with more than 2000 businessmen,

around the world (according to a survey by Codeinwp). To open a good online store, you don’t need more than $ 5 / month for hosting.


See the illustration below.


So if you already know you need to choose Woocommerce hosting, you can refer to my full tutorial at the link below.


If you have read it but feel too long, please download the PDF by clicking here. I will send it to you.

How to choose hosting to save 200 USD and ton time research only in 1 article

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