How to Choose product bring you profit for ecommerce website


How to Choose a product to bring you profit for eCommerce website


Please follow my story.

In 2016 I participated in a 3-day seminar on entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, and investment by a young 8x generation real estate businessman.

He told me a phrase that has followed me throughout my advertising journey. That is: ” Good products have decided up to 50% of the success of any marketing campaign ”

The rest is because you do advertising, marketing, selling as well as customer care.

At that time I only found it partially correct. Since I’m still a student, I haven’t had much experience.

After graduating in 2017, I made a profit to build a website and then manage advertising for a furniture business.

And this is what I learned after more than 3 years of SEO and interior product advertising for this business.

That’s even though I’ve posted over 100 different furniture products on the site. For sale. But in fact, the number of best-selling products is less than 20 types of products.

At this point, I realized that it is by the 80/20 rule.

And even if the model increases, it still follows this rule.

Now I completely believe this statement.

There are times when I fail just because I choose the wrong product compared to the needs of the customer.

Last year I did advertising for other businesses. The product is well received by the market. So as soon as the advertisement works, orders are poured back in 30-1h. So it’s also much easier to make content. Brand reputation has also increased from there. So far that business has spent more than $ 60,000 bringing in $ 430,000 in revenue.


Bottom line: You want to be successful with e-commerce. Please follow the saying at the beginning of the article: “Good product will determine up to 50% of the success of any marketing campaign.

For me, in some cases, it also determines 60-70% of the success of the advertising campaign.


Now you know how important a product is.

So how to find a good product, also known as winning product. Help you become rich.

However, that does not mean that you keep selling many products in a campaign to know which products are selling well. Like businesses doing Google ads, or Facebook today keeps doing ads for a category with dozens of different products.

That only makes the customer watch and leave. So your losses are still complete.

The reason I am successful in this business. That’s because I only advertise 1 campaign for 1 single product. Even with a single keyword for 1 ad group. When advertising on Google. Or 1 product/campaign on Facebook ads.

How to Choose product bring you profit for ecommerce website

Because I know that consumer sentiment has changed. Create new rules for online sales.

That is the optimal law of choice: Currently, customers are increasingly lazy to choose products when surfing the web or using social networks. Because it does not bring the feeling of choice like the real one. Besides, they continuously watch thousands of advertisements for different products in 1 day. Therefore, they only pay attention to the products that meet their needs and solve their problems.

Example: You are the main cook in the family. You have the problem that your knife is blunting. But you are busy, and you cannot sharpen knives on stone. Buying a new knife is a waste of money. So you find a way to get a sharper knife without having to spend your time sharpening it.

Advertisers know this. They give you a multi-purpose knife grinder. All knives can be sharpened in just 1 minute. The price is only x dollars. Include video and customer reviews. So you buy it immediately without thinking.

attention, :
Here I am not advocating or encouraging you to follow a dropshipping case study you saw on youtube. Because it may not be right for you.
If you are a business that produces for consumers under the D2C model, you can choose to sell 1 product first. Then to add more products below.
Maybe the customer does not buy the product you advertise but buys the product you post below.
I myself have got the results as shown below.
Running ads for 1 product but bringing in 25 more leads asking to buy other high-priced furniture products.

How to Choose product bring you profit for ecommerce website

This is especially true for popular products that are cheap between 10-79 USD.

And that’s even true for high-priced products. During the past 3 years, I have been selling high priced products to customers.

But, to do this is not easy at all.

: If you are a traditional business store selling products in your home country, you want to put your products on an online sale store.

If you are a business that produces and sells directly to users like my customers. Then you also need to test the market.

Because not all products can be sold immediately. To promote a new product launch I tested it with a budget of 5 USD / day.

Later We just do customer review videos. To increase reputation in the eyes of potential customers. After that, we should consider increasing the size of the advertising.

If you’re new to the market or a dropshipping business. You can download instructions for choosing a dropshipping product below.

So to find a good product, you must also test and test. Until new orders increase the size of the ad campaign.


Would you like me to share more about the topics in e-commerce such as: choosing products, building online stores, and controlling traffic, please comment below.

Note: What I share is drawn from my experience. That means I do not guarantee that you do the same as I will get this result. I don’t believe in getting rich quickly through advertising and products. It also depends on your other resources.

Once you’ve found a good product, your next step is to build a store that delivers high conversion rates.

To be able to do this effectively you need to do more to drive traffic to your website. Through an active search on the Google search engine, Bing. Or reach customers while they’re on social media. There are, of course, many other sources of traffic that will help you get more traffic to your site. But these are the basic foundations that help you sell online successfully.

This way I share more details in the course to create online stores for traditional businesses. Including building an e-commerce website and advertising.

Course and is being completed at the step of building an online store. You can enroll while it’s free here by clicking the learn more button

Besides, you will receive a 4-step cheat seat to sell products online with Google ads. Based on my very successful case study.

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I commit to maximum confidentiality for my customers.

See you in this course.

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