How to make content for your eCommerce website without skill writing .

How to make sales content for your eCommerce website even if you are not good at writing ?.

Hello entrepreneurs, sellers who own e-commerce websites, who own sales pages on Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Shopify, Woocommerce.

If you’re looking to write content for your website or e-commerce store, you’re in the right place.

Because in this article, I will give you a strategy and how to do so you can sell goods in writing even if you are not good at writing.

In this way, I have created many successful advertising campaigns as well as selling through SEO products for customers who sell furniture without losing any money for advertising.

Let’s get started.

Warning: this post is very long. If you don’t have the time you can bookmark it in your browser or leave a mail, I will send you a PDF.


    1. Don’t focus on writing first. Let’s start with your product image early.


There are two approaches to sales content, as follows:


    1. Write your product the same way you would blog then add photos. This approach on the educational side and health does a lot.


    1. Take a photo first, or find the picture then write.


That’s how successful e-commerce sites are.

You can see that successful salespeople on e-commerce sites are not good at writing. Get good marks in English at school.

I am not very good at writing. My English only got a D score. Yet, I was able to make advertising campaigns that generated over 100 order calls. Just as SEO, many products sell for two customer interior websites.

That’s because I focused on the image first and then the article.

Many people will advise you to write a description to show the customer how the product benefits in their lives.

This advice is good but difficult to apply because it is too general.

Everyone knows that. That’s what you are doing every day.

So why do you find it challenging to apply?

I think the reason is that you do not understand why you need to do so.

You may have heard the saying: Good products contribute to 50% of the success of any marketing campaign ”. You have even heard it many times.

Here I think you have found the right product.

The critical task now is to do 50% of the remaining work.

So it needs to start with the product image. Not a description.

I will say why great writing doesn’t work in the next section.

And now, let’s talk about the product image first.

It can be said that in real life, the importance of product images is of equal significance online.

Because a picture is worth 1,000 words, the human brain learns images more efficiently than words do.

The way consumers used to shop in the past was to cross the street. See an attractive product. Step in to see details from looking, listening, watching, smelling, touching, and trying, then ask the salesperson.

People hate sellers who hang on to their customers or talk about the product all the time. Reduce their experience with the product. They were just there to ask.

The same goes for online unless you make compelling videos; people will only pay attention to the title and image of your product first.

And then they pay attention to the words you write because physical products are visible objects.

Customers only ask questions they can’t find in your images. Understanding this will help you write more effective sales posts.

After reviewing and comparing the product is disgusting. Then they see that product addresses their real needs. And so they buy. You have successfully sold. Otherwise, you fail.

Now you need to improve your way.

You need to understand the customer satisfaction model to apply the above strategy effectively:

– Customers just stop surfing on social networks or click on the ad title, your Google SEO. When your product can convey the core message to solve a specific problem for customers.

– Example: A customer is surfing Facebook when he sees a chair to read books on social isolation days. To replace a broken reading chair. Then they saw the image of a man or woman sitting on it reading a book. On the left is a hot cup of coffee. To the right of the garden, birds are singing and blooming flowers blooming in the garden.

That picture created a perfect sales environment (according to Jose Sugarman) that motivated customers to buy.

In my opinion, this seller gave the customer the perceived value to let them stay with their subsequent content.

At that time, the customer will pay attention to the description that you write.

Nobody Pays attention to a photo without the caption. That is also the reason for the success of the Instagram social network.

The image annotations attached to photos or descriptions have created billions of dollars in engagement, follow, and sales for influencers like Kylie Jenner.

Therefore your ad copy will describe information that other customers’ senses cannot see. They are now reading your text with your eyes.

Now you need to show customers the real value of your product. That is, what benefits it offers to its customers. By answering questions like:

Why do I have to buy this product?

– What is this product used for?

– Where is the product used? (for furniture, appliances,) in what cases (with fashion, functional foods)

– Who is this product for? (This key is important)

– What material is this product made from (comments about quality, durability, structure)

– How to use the product (is it easy to use)

The last two sentences are:

Why must I buy from you and not someone else?

Then you need social proof, awards, certificates, warranty policies.

Why must I buy from you right now?

Now you need the scarcity factor in terms of quantity and time.

These are just the factors that help you sell to hesitant customers.

Don’t let them hesitate and wonder for too long. They will leave your store.

Here the most important thing is still the images and content that you give in the first step.

Still, many people start writing descriptions and then insert images.

That is the reason why the description and images do not match, which leads to you not being able to sell.

At the same time, the harm of having before that image was. The more you write, and the longer you write, the more you lift your ego to satisfy yourself.

You talk well about the product, that is, what you need, not what the customer wants. Today’s customers are astute, so they see people who talk about themselves through the product that they will skip right away.

That’s why I advise you not to focus on writing, but start with product research and product image first.

At that time, you are thinking like a buyer. So you will write down the content that meets the needs of the customers. As well as having fewer objections to buying from customers.

As mentioned at the beginning of my case study. If you have not read this article, then read back on the satisfied customer model.

The reason I sell is that I don’t have to write much on the product page. That’s because I do the following two things:


    • Firstly, I understand what customers need here based on the customer satisfaction model. They need beautiful, high-quality products. They don’t want to read much; they want to look at photos and watch videos.


So I posted full pictures and videos.


    • Secondly, I am not good at writing and do not know much about this industry as the factory owners, so I write less.


Mainly write about specifications and answer the above questions. My primary purpose is for the product to talk to customers like a salesperson through photos and videos.

The Video is compelling. When I write these lines, you may be suspicious. But when I make a video for you to watch, you will be less suspicious and trust me more. Customers are the same.

I learned this approach from a Facebook advertising guy and a sister who create content. And apply it to your work.

Combine with content formats to create two Youtube channels with thousands of followers.

So what kind of content will you make as a detailed page about products and services? Come to the 2nd part.


    1. The types of content you need to include in your writing.


Continue with the photos and videos.


    1. The image includes four types of images.


Include Professional images, real images, testimonial images (social proof), and useful images.

+ Professional photos:

are pictures taken professionally. To highlight the corners of the product. In other words, it is a product that looks clear at all angles in a well-lit environment.

When you shoot a lot, the professional will hand it over. Take the iPhone out and take 100 shots without any good pictures. There is no need for an expensive camera or modern photo editing software.

Spending money and time on these two things when you’re new at the beginning will exhaust your resources. Did you know that most of the images that I posted to you in the previous article were taken with the iPhone?

+ Lifestyle image:

these are product images put into practice. It is a model apartment. It was a model room with suitable furniture. It is clothes worn on models, on mano soup in the store. It’s about putting lotion on your own face and so on. This creative all year round is not over yet.

+ Testimonial image

To be frank, social proof of having a customer. Then send a review with a photo of the product to you. Those are customers who are satisfied and close to you. To do this, you can use the recommended plugin review of woo commerce or app photo on Shopify.

As I said before. Nobody wants to be a lab guinea pig for your product. So you have to find a way to reverse their risk by doing so.

Is this difficult? Probably very difficult in the beginning if you do it, not fake news. Now you need the help of relatives and friends there.

It is essential to receive them as regular guests. So they do not feel afraid to buy your product.

Do not let them feel that they are eligible for a discount.

When customers are interacting, buying your product in the first days is the most useful for you to do this.

+ Useful images:

These are infographics images that provide customers with useful information on how to solve problems without using your product.

It sounds paradoxical but beneficial. Because once customers know that you have no purpose in selling them. But also to help them.

Then they will find out about your product and contact to order. That’s why the article, an infographic is so useful. This shows that you are considerate of the customer. Tools like Canva and Pickto chart will help you in this case.


    1. Video


About the Video, there will also be the following types of videos.

+ Video close-up of products.

Also known as video unboxing. This is the most effective form of a sales video. Many case studies made dropshipping successful thanks to these videos.

It shows customers that they see and feel the overall and product details from many different angles. To make the most effective Video you need to turn your hands into the hands of your customers.

My legs, my eyes become my customers’ feet. By touching, grasping, smelling, eating, trampling, kicking, hitting. To give customers a sense of polygons close to buying at the store. This way they will trust you more than writing articles and doing fake seeding. These scenes require close-ups of the product.

+ Video customer reviews

As noted above. A testimonial of a customer who buys will be ten thousand times more effective than the words of the saleswoman.

So you also need to involve your customers in the Video. The most effective way is to send gift offers to customers to shoot themselves. You just need to bring back the ad.

The second useful way is to interview customers directly.

It only works when you are an excellent questioner and listener because I saw my cousin making videos that made customers feel very bored.

He only talks about his products, his pride, but rarely let customers speak while that is what his prospect wants to hear from that client.

You may think: Oh, if that customer is an introvert.

No problem, you can tell them to film 30 seconds. Ask them a few questions about the beauty or benefit they see right before their eyes. You can script them so they can fill in the blanks.

+ How to video (product manual)

This Video is also useful when customers want to know how to use and preserve it. These viewers are mainly people who have purchased the product, or the technical person wants to find out the details before buying the product.

What do you need to do?

Of course, guide them to use, a note about product storage only.

+ Video answering customer questions about the product:

Although you have listed the frequently asked questions about the product in the FAQ section, there are still customers who ask new questions. Or they don’t pay attention to that article. So you will need to collect customer questions to make a video to answer them.

This Video is also watched a lot on youtube. Because the questioner is very interested in the product. And questions related to their interests, the more they pay attention to.

Statistically, videos related to user interest are 1.6 times more important than videos starring celebrities. Even if it’s an expert in your field. You can watch this video to see its effect.

+ Video comparing products

Like other product comparison articles, product comparison videos are also searched the most by users.

You can record your own videos comparing the two products. If you want to compare different products of many manufacturers. You can find reviewers who can make videos for you. The cost for a youtube channel with 100k Sub is $ 2k / video. Long-lasting effect. Which is more objective than you do yourself?

+ Video


    1. Article


Similar to the image, the article will be an extension of the image according to the principle my teacher taught me at the university.

People will see and hear what they cannot see. And read what they cannot see and hear.

Content types, you can write according to the content above.

Socks, Of course, this is only a list. But you don’t need to put everything in the article.

But the most effective way is that you do with unique content with product description + professional image. After one time you make a useful image, you update it again.

.1 weeks you sell your goods and add testimonial images. Then more videos will be more effective. You have been less strenuous.

Users like this content again. Google also prefers frequently updated content and makes it easier to find top searches than other products.

Once you have successfully sold through the website, the keyword will be on the top of persistence because Google recognizes that users have found what they need. They did not return to search.

Simply that.

But to realize this simple and successful implementation, it took me three years of study, and worked on writing them down.

And this is just talking about the product page, the main ingredient that brings you revenue on the website.

Conclusion :

I told you above how to write a product description for sales, only by a simple rule. Focus on the image then write a caption and description for it, instead of doing the opposite.

Therefore, the time to write these words will be less. Instead, research products, take pictures and put yourself in the shoes of your customers to think like a buyer.

Are you will succeed. When you have an attractive copy, additional factors such as searching and product recommendations, countdowns will help you increase conversion rates on the store on the trading floor or your website Shopify, Woocommerce.

Thank you for reading this very long article of mine.

And you think like. Which content method you have applied.

After reading this article you already know what to do to have a product page that converts leads into orders.
But knowing is one thing. To do it effectively, it takes time. If you want to go fast, hire people who regularly sell their services, products, design, and product descriptions on social networking sites like Fiverr, Upwork.
See more of my reviews for hiring people on Fiverr efficiently.


If you have any questions, please leave a comment I will answer as soon as possible.

See you in the article on advertising and conversion optimization on the website.

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