How to register use host at armada free domain for your ecommerce site

You can see a video tutorial buy hosting at below

After guide register use host of Armada


Why should you buy hosting at Armada?


-Armada has officially supported representatives in India, Singapore and Australia, Viet Nam. Very few hosting services and domain names have so many representatives in each country. It is also about caring for the user and their capacity to perform is very strong.

The factor that evaluates the quality of a hosting provider is support, cost, speed, security, etc. With Armada, their support service is 24/7. Live support is still available via live chat with customer service staff.

– Currently, according to my assessment, the price offered by Armada is very good compared to the quality and configuration they announced. I said with 3 years of experience in doing web design and advertising for businesses.

Also free domain. So you only need 10 cups of coffee to have 1 place to make a very delicious online store. With about 32 dollars invested.

– Not to mention there is also a commitment to the number of host accounts at least on the same server. This helps the server run smoother. Page load speed faster

There probably won’t be any other support packages as good as this one on the market.

Guide to buying hosting at Armada

Step 1. Go to your homepage at


Step 2. To choose eCommerce hosting, scroll down and select Woocommerce hosting

Step 3. Select plan and pricing

Here I choose the Start Dock package. Because the new website does not require a lot of hits. If you want more traffic then you can choose a higher plan.


Step 4: Choose your free domain name. This you have to plan the selection first. If not, it will take time.

Select your free domain
Select your free domain

Here we sell indoor decorative lights. So choose the domain name is

free your domain with hosting at Armada
free your domain with hosting at Armada

Step 5. You choose the expiry date of this host. Here I choose to be 12 months. The longer the shelf life, the cheaper the price.

the expiry date of the host
the expiry date of the host

Step 6. You choose the data center.

Choose data center for your website
Choose a data center for your website

Please choose the data center in your country. If not, choose the server closest to where you live. I choose Singapore, and you can choose to live in India or Australia, depending on you


Step 7: You will go to the screen to sell their domain information security service.

This is intended to help you avoid spam, from bothering you via email or social networks. Because the spammers only have the sole goal of selling, or even cheating you.

protect domain info for your websỉe

I do not choose this one. Because I rarely read that email. It all fell into the Gmail spam box. So I opted out

Then click ‘Continue’ ‘

Step 8: The screen moves to the payment page

Please fill in the information, including:

Full name

Emal address

phone number



Company name


And fill in your payment information

Via visa./Mastercard or Pay pal

There are two boxes below to notice

the small green box under the text.

The board agrees to participate in receiving news of their promotions. Just choose to go without losing anything.

After filling out the information

Click the box I’m not a robot and then click Check Out

After successful payment.

You will be redirected to a screen like this.

You can access mail to confirm new account information hosting

In the next step, they will assist you in installing WordPress in the image below


That has a guide.

Those who do not know can watch this video

How to create an online store with WordPress and Woocommerce


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