How to sell furniture online in the last 5 months of 2021

How to sell furniture online in the last 5 months of 2021

Table of contents
1.Furniture can also be sold seasonally, right?
2.How to sell furniture during the holidays
3.Selling furniture in the last months of 2021
4.Why do you need to prepare content before the sales campaign starts?


This is of course.

There is nothing to discuss when you work in the furniture industry and know that. The last months of the year are the best time to sell furniture.
Customers shop more. And these last 6 months of 2021 are no exception. So, the following article will share how you need to plan to sell furniture online.
From my experience doing Google ads, SEO for furniture businesses.

  1. Furniture can be sold seasonally, right?

    Dark was born and raised in a craft furniture manufacturing village in the North of Vietnam.
    Like it or not, I have to admit it. The last months of the year are the best time to sell furniture. But at other times of the year, it can still be sold. But sales did not grow very well.
    Because at the end of the year, also other families in Vietnam and all over the world, People will start finishing their houses, redecorating their houses. So this is when customers will start making the most purchases for their new home.
    Of course, the completion of the house will be completed at many times of the year. Because I myself used to be a manufacturer, marketer, sales and delivery person, assembling to each customer’s house. Then I noticed that: most customers will start buying furniture for their new home before they move into the new house about 1 month.
    But the end of the year is the peak. Because people usually don’t want to leave this to the new year. Therefore, the demand for goods at the end of the year is very high. Therefore, selling furniture can also be considered a very prosperous seasonal business.
    Even sales are 5-10 times more than sales in the previous 11 months combined.

However, few people plan to sell furniture for the holidays. In my opinion, that actually happened. But all the store owners are just discounts and discounts. Then it does not affect. Because customers are too used to this. So, they will wait until the promotion is about to end to buy. Not to mention they even haggle to bring the price down even lower.
So, the next part of this article will share with you how to sell furniture in the last 6 months of 2021. As well as selling furniture during the holidays.

      2. How to sell furniture during the holidays.

Furniture is products used in the home. In your room. It is necessary and useful for every family. Then of course people will buy it when they need it.
So, during the holidays, people buy more for two reasons
One is people who feel this product is beautiful and trendy for the occasion.
Second, people need living room furniture products at the right time.
But if you only focus on discounts, customers will only choose the cheapest product. And the closest to their house.
Customers are absolutely right because they can’t tell the difference between a high-quality product and a low-quality product on social media. Full of unrealistic virtual live images.
So, if you want to sell during the holidays, you need to create promotional content or content that matches the two above buying goals of customers.
This means that before a customer intends to buy on a holiday, you will have to post it there weeks in advance.

You may have done this already. But why only discounts and no emotional connection here. On important occasions such as National Day or Father’s Day, Mother’s Day.

My medical is that a holiday is a place for you to reminisce about good memories. But your emotions will come rushing back. So now holiday-based marketing is about awakening those emotions. To show customers that this space is associated with that good feeling, they will have the intention to buy this product from you.

Example: A couch brings back memories of grandparents. Will help customers value it more than memory? And this is why customers buy.
It is not the product itself that is good, but the benefits it brings to them.

Then comes the question of quality, and finally comes the price.

So, if you keep bolding 40-70% off, for customers you are just making a game of raising the price. Then reduce the price to have only.

So, the solution is to create high-quality content. By month. to evoke the customer’s feelings about family. If you sell home furnishings.

Back to the marketing plan in the last months of the year. Now is a good time to plan. And deploy it.
If you are interested, follow the next section to know how to sell furniture for each month, each holiday in the last 6 months of 2021.

How to sell furniture in the last months of 2021

Do you have your e-commerce calendar for the year in hand?
This calendar comes from dropshipping entrepreneurs. Will have More deals take place during the holidays. But now you can do it with the furniture industry

You can read more here

The Ultimate 2021 Ecommerce Holiday Calendar [Editable Edition]

       3. How should you create content?

As you also know I said in the previous section. Every month you need to plan content marketing and advertising. fit. According to the theme of each month.
On the other hand, making content before customers intend to buy will make customers remember you. When you want to buy.
Because it’s about selling to customers who buy now. It is no longer reasonable. Customers are getting smarter and more demanding.
Moreover, with furniture products, prices are often high. Therefore, customers will plan. So there is no such thing as simply selling with advertising alone.
Which you need to do from before.

Ok, As I said above you now have the user’s holiday schedule. Then you need to make content related to the happy state of the customer.
Corresponding to that is the product that the customer wants to buy.
For example, on Thanksgiving, the kitchen products will sell best.
You will post content related to buying dining tables and chairs. Like 5 models of dining tables and chairs for small families of 4-6 people.
-How to choose the right dining table and chairs for a small family?
– Dining table and chairs for a family of two.
Now you need to research keywords as well as similar articles to find the right article ideas for blog posts. Just like in your ad.
The simplest way to create content is to ask questions according to the 4W1H method.
Either you go to this page and type in product keywords or customer problems. To find ideas. For example:
Keyword: “Home decoration ideas for Christmas 2021” for example.


You then write the title and the article with these keywords. Then you will complete 1 timely article.
If you’ve seen the need to create content but don’t have the time. If you don’t want to spend resources to do it, you can outsource it to them to do it for you.
Like the content-making service for the furniture industry of hauwebs, haucmc for example.


Essential elements of a furniture sales campaign in the last months of the year.
Social Network

When it comes to holiday sales, where do your customers appear the most? Create a lot of emotions for them, especially on social networks. With major social networks like Facebook to connect, Instagram to show off home. YouTube for entertainment and learning.
Pinterest to find decorating ideas, home design, garden.
You can find where your content interacts with users and converts them into customers.

I also wrote an article on how to sell furniture on social media which you can read here.
And in this article, I will tell you more about how to do it specifically on Facebook, Instagram. Other social networks can do the same.
Specifically, you need the following notes.

The post should be in Album format so customers can click on the photo to see more details. Make them stay on the page longer. At the same time, make a good impression on customers. Make them want to go to the page to see other posts.
Posts should follow the sequence, the better the countdown to the holidays. It will remind the user about the upcoming event. That way, even if you forget about it for the time being. Then it’s time to sell. Someone mentioned, shared, or suddenly remembered. Then they will search on Instagram, Fanpage to buy your products. In other words, this is content consistency.
Posts should include short-form videos. Will make people interact longer.
If you work on Instagram, the interior services segment you should follow the 4:3:2 rule. That means there will be 4 posts sharing knowledge and values. 3 posts connecting with customers. Your 2 sales posts.
Customers love connection and value. So, give more than selling hard.
About advertising content.
Aim for people who are finishing houses, home buyers, living in apartments. But want to move to another city to buy a house to live in. The pandemic has changed the way many people live.
Many Americans today no longer like apartments. They have moved to new smaller cities. For a living, this caused property prices to skyrocket. Demand for furniture also increased.
So you target this audience in your ad copy is more effective.

About shipping and forwarding
At the end of the year, goods are delivered later than usual. Therefore, it is better to add resources to take care of customers at this sensitive time. Can give them a free Voucher if needed.

4. Conclusion

You can sell furniture, e-commerce items according to major holidays of the year. In this article, I have shared with you how you can sell furniture in the last 6 months of 2021.
The key to this strategy is that you know people’s holiday schedules. At the same time, provide content that targets the right purchase of customers.
For 1 consecutive time. Follow the content strings. Then you can sell. As soon as customers have money and have a real need to buy your product.
I hope to have helped you clarify, there are new ways to do things instead of just giving discounts to customers.
If you need more information please comment below. Or watch my new articles on selling furniture on the website and Youtube.
Thanks for reading this article.

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