How to sell more goods without spending a lot of money and time foradvertising and SEO

Table of contents
1. Which search plugin to use to get the most effect
2. Top 5 best search plugins to use
3. Search plugin versatile, cheap and quality
4. How to use search plugins properly
5. Conclusion

. This is the goal of many business owners. Owning an online store. Especially those who use Woocommerce solution. Especially in tough economic times. Cash flow drops suddenly, And the cost that most business people and marketing managers do is reduce costs for advertising and marketing.
This requires that marketers need to work towards optimizing conversions on their sales website. That is, you need to generate the most orders with only a small amount of traffic generated from paid advertising or SEO.
One of those ways is to optimize the search efficiency of your online store.
Because customers who searched will be 200% more likely to convert than non-searchers.
So your job is to find ways. And support tools to increase product searches. You are thereby increasing purchases on your online store.
If you use the Woocommerce solution for your online store like me, this article will help you find the tools you need to increase search volume on your site. Also, see how to use the search plugin properly.
Please read the next section.

1. How to choose an active search plugin for your online store

The answer to this question is straightforward. You need to give a few selection criteria to compose your selection. From there, choose what you need to put in the cart.
Because searching on the app store is time-consuming.
Typing on Google produces a list of dozens of search plugins with similar articles.
You can’t remember it all.
So you need to give a few criteria to choose the right search plugin for you.
Here are some of the criteria I came up with after spending time researching on Google. As well as having installed many search plugins for online stores for my customers. The most important goal: it must benefit our customers and users who are entrepreneurs and marketers like us.
Specifically :

– Easy to use with users. It will support predictive search features, such as Google search engine, amazon. Of course, it’s not as much as the giant. But the more you do the same search experience on your store as they do, the more you sell.
– Quick search without having to reload the page
– Return results that match what the user searched for
– Returns result even if the user enters the wrong spelling or grammar of the search term.
– Encourage users to search with a call to action
– Save user search history to improve search performance. Also, make personalized recommendations for users.
This feature is very important, and it has made the success of Google, Amazon, Facebook. And any successful online store has this approach.
– This method is still completely legal. Based on your site’s user agreement in the Privacy Policy section.
– Perform the auto-completion function of user search queries.
– Optimize search results and product catalog pages
– Your search results should prioritize the most relevant results based on the search terms entered.
– If you have a wide selection of products, it is essential to have robust filtering to help shoppers narrow their choices (by brand, size, colour, etc.) so they can find See what they want quickly and easily.
– Display product images, prices, colour options and ratings on the search results page and product catalog.
– Include an Add to cart button Next to the thumbnail, activate the lightbox for shoppers to select product attributes and add products to their shopping carts.
– Visitors can not only add an item to their shopping cart without having to wait for the product detail page to load, but they won’t have to find their way back to the search results page or product catalogue page to continue buying. Shopping.
These additional features are already part of your WordPress theme.
There are several themes with built-in search features. You can see the article below.
But most of them are WordPress default search integration, and the theme is not enough. So you need to use a plugin to improve searchability on your sales website.
Below is a list of 5 best search plugins to use

2. Top 5 best search plugins to use

Of course, these plugins are not perfect. And also letters We have met your request. So I will try to give you more options.
1. Plugin Search & Filter
This plugin combines both search and filtering features together.

After using it for a while, I found it. This plugin has some advantages as follows.
With the free version, it helps you find exactly what users need.
Support searching with exact keywords
Its filtering ability is also ok.
However, the search speed is not very fast when you use the free version.
With the pro version, the search speed is faster than the free version. Thanks to memory-saving features, Ajax and lazyloading.
As I see it, that is the greatest strength of this plugin.
Also, the pro version has a few more features than the free version.
Create your search form when you set up the settings.

The downside of this plugin is:
-Cannot search with misspelt keywords
-Search by product catalogue is not yet available.
Generally, this product has USP (unique selling advantage is: fast search speed for users. Search with the exact keyword that the user types in.
If you need quick and accurate keyword search, this plugin is recommended.
The free version has fewer features
And the pro version costs 20 USD / copy

Of course, I experienced it for a day before I gave my opinion about it.

    2. YITH Woocommerce Search Ajax Plugin
I really like this company’s plugin. Or any company with a free and paid version.
The free version of YITH also has many users.

With basic search features.
With the name of this plugin is YITH Search Ajax with the main feature is a quick search without reloading the page. This allows Visitors not only to be able to add an item to the cart without having to wait for the product detail page to load, but they don’t have to find their way back to the search results page or product catalog page to keep shopping.

+ Also its advantages are:
– Replace the regular search box of the theme and WordPress with the personalized search box of the user. This text you can write a call to action to encourage customers to search for products they need. Therefore you will get many searches on the home page or store page. I appreciate this feature of the YITH Woocommerce Search Ajax Plugin
– Having the function of automatically saving customers’ search results. This makes product suggestions and suggestions more effective.
– Search for more precise keywords
But that’s only in the free version and if you want more advanced features.
And let’s see what the paid version will have.
• Show filter for search fields
• Show list of categories (main categories / all categories)
• Extend the search to pages and posts
• Extend search in product excerpt
• Extend search in product content
• Extend search in product categories
• Extend search in product tags
• Extend search functionality so that search also includes SKU
• Extend SKU search including variable products
• Option to exclude Out of stock products from search New
• Show thumbnails in the list of suggestions
• Show product price in the list of suggestions
• Show sale badge (with customization options)
• Show featured badge (with customization options)
• Show excerpt of the product (set the text to show in excerpt)
• Customize loader .gif
• Search the product by vendor by using the plugin in combination with YITH WooCommerce Multi-Vendor
• Adjust the form to the whole width of the page

I have installed the free version and the premium version to use.
And find that the features that are available in this paid version are worth using.

Especially the feature of searching products in the catalog. Will be suitable for sellers whose stores have many different products. Such as furniture stores, home appliances, clothing, gifts, accessories and grocery stores.
• Features such as:
• Show thumbnails in the list of suggestions
• Help customers in the process of finding products. Based on the avatar of the product. The more eye-catching, the more attracted to click on the product to see.

• Show product price in the list of suggestions
• It is also good to display suggested prices. But in my opinion, it is not as prominent as with other search plugins.

• Show sale badge (with customization options)
• Show featured badge (with customization options)
– The feature displays optional discounts will be more attractive to users.
– You can set a reasonable options price according to the 100 rule.

– Besides, this plugin also optimizes according to the system language of the website. Provided there is a translation of that language as well.

The latest version also features: search by author name.
This feature will be very suitable for anyone who sells books, or works of art such as paintings, statues, sculptures, remixes, remixes. And even you can sell digital products.

Based on the experience of Woocommerce bloggers and mine, Woocommerce can manage the number of products up to 1000 different products. Without lag.
So bowl I think this product is quite suitable for me.
+ Disadvantages:

– Some topics will not display advanced features such as Show filter for search fields and Show the category list.
As the theme I am using is flatsome, it will show all.
At this point, you must contact the theme provider for them to enable features or fix bugs in their updated version.

I can fix this quickly.
If you need the above two features, contact your theme provider.
In my opinion, most theme vendors in the market have fixed this feature. Because YITH is a plugin provider for 1,800,000 customers, therefore, if there is an error, the famous theme providers on ThemeForest or Mythemshop will provide you with a fix right away.

And some small theme vendors will have little update.

– The display of excerpts of the product will work best when you install additional plugins to help you do that like:
This means you need to purchase this plugin to improve your search performance.

Grab back:
I find the biggest USP of this plugin is how it displays the search box in front of your potential customers. You can customize the call to action that makes customers actively search your other products. When they do not like, do not need the product you are advertising or SEO to top Google.
In addition, it has personalized features search by review score, by author and by-product catalog.
– Optimize search results and product catalog pages
– If your site has many sellers, it is also optimal for you.

Button: Download, Check Pricing

3. Woocommerce Search Engine

This plugin is also quite a lot of buyers on ThemeForest.
With 1274 sales. The rating score is 4.94.
Lots of 5-star reviews for this plugin.
When I watched the demo, I was impressed by the way it worked.
When used, found it very impressed with that feature.

Its outstanding advantage is the ability to predict, suggest searching by using keywords. Which other plugin providers call it Live search (direct search)

The second advantage is compatible with all themes, almost without any errors. Or have limited functionality due to inappropriate themes.
Fully compatible with Woocommerce
Search quickly with the Ajax feature
Integrated smart search
Include: Search for times when customers misspell grammar and spelling, the system will automatically correct errors and find relevant results for users.
– Search by price: the software automatically recognizes keywords about product prices. Example: $ 100 smartphones.
– Analyze user search data to automatically bring suggestions that are right for them.
– The show recently visited products to your customers
– Display featured products of the store before customers search
– Search by product catalog, SKU code, tags, and product attributes.

Defect :
I find the main disadvantage of this plugin is its live search feature. So so. If you have a built-in theme search, live search like flatsome already. Then this feature is not useful.
But if your theme does not have it, then this is an essential feature for you.

4. Woocommerce Search Plugin

Have you noticed that the bundled software of Woocommerce is also beneficial?
Listening to see it has many features offline.

When I read the description on their site, I found that most of the features and benefits that I described at the beginning of this article were available.
Including advanced filtering for products with a variety of variations such as clothing and accessories.
Your best Search Experience for WooCommerce
The perfect Search Engine for your store helps your customers to find and buy the right products quickly.

Your customers will love your store for this because it makes getting to the products they want to buy more comfortable than ever.

Live Search
The Live Search Field allows customers to find products as they type, along with images, price information and they can add the product directly to the cart.

Type, click & buy … it’s that easy.

Live Filters
Our live filters take care of showing updated results on the shop page while your customers search by keyword, price range, use categories, tags or any product attributes to narrow down the results.

Experience Easy Shopping
With a no-fuzz automated setup that integrates smoothly with popular themes, Storefront and child-themes included, your customers will have a truly delightful shopping experience. Let them enjoy how easy it is to find the right thing in your store.

Search Statistics
Gain valuable insights on what your visitors are searching in your store. See real-time and historic product search activity and relate it to your marketing efforts.

Business Insights
Discover what your customers are searching for, what they can find and what not. Our reports will help you to reveal what products your visitors are searching for and optimize your store’s offering to meet current and trending demands.

Automated Integration
The Search Engine takes care of providing the best search results on the front end and back end. Our advanced search algorithms integrate seamlessly with your store and the administrative dashboard.
Visually Intuitive Filters
An image says more than a thousand words create a visually appealing search experience for your customers! Add thumbnails used with live product filters for product categories, tags and attributes. Filter by colour, size, brand …

showing the actual colour, intuitive icons and logos.

Relevant Search Results
Search Weights based on keyword matches present more relevant results to your customers. The relevance of your store’s product search results is substantially improved, with powerful controls that introduce Search Weights to WooCommerce.

Powerful Back-End Features
This extension is smoothly integrated with your WooCommerce store and WordPress Dashboard.

From essential business insights provided by its search reports to optimized back-end product search results powered by the extension’s Search Engine – this essential tool includes everything you need to be in control.

Your little Helper
The built-in Assistant helps you to add live product filter widgets to sidebars in an instant. It shows you which filters are already present and suggests to add those that aren’t. Simply click and customize them later if needed.

Your customers will love the live Product Search Field that shows results while you type and lets you add items directly to the cart. It automatically replaces the standard product search field if desired, and it is also available as a widget to use in sidebars.

Flexible live filters update your shop page as the customer types, indicates a price or chooses from product categories, tags, or any product attributes.

Even this plugin has another useful feature: Search indexing for all products automatically on your online store.
You will no longer have to index the product manually.
That means you will save a lot of time to do other things to optimize sales on your online store.

So how practical it will be.
I bought and installed it.
And this is what I get.
Advantages :
– You will not encounter any errors during the installation. It is fully compatible with Woocommerce and any theme available on the market.
– You can search for products by weight or size. A unique point for household products, furniture or department stores
– It also has users’ call to action: For example, “Search for what you need.” Encourage them to click on the product search box. Similar to the YITH Woocommerce search Ajax plugin.
– Display features, product recommendations by users.
– Including product descriptions and images on the search bar is also an advantage to help attract users.

This article has given the criteria to choose the search plugin for you.
Also, list out the best search plugins.
Of course, there will be many other better plugins. But the framework of this very long article. I can’t put it in here. See you in another article on this topic.
In my personal opinion, I find the Woocommerce Search box and YTH Search Woocommerce plugins have many benefits compared to the cost.
And the Woocommerce Product Search plugin will be suitable for those who like Woocommerce.
Its features I find reasonable. But the way they present the function is very appealing. Make you want to use right away.

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