How to start an online store from scratch in 2020? (Complete guide)


Do you want to be one of the e-commerce success people by 2020?

If the answer is yes then this is the article for you.

With a market size of 6500 billion dollars worldwide by 2025. This will be an opportunity to change your life, get out of work 9 to 5. Or create your own opportunities. you after 1 period of unemployment.

With 3 years of experience in building and helping,

traditional businesses to open online stores successfully. I will retract the complete tutorial steps for you in this article.

In this tutorial, we will cover:


 How to register a free domain name

 How to get a free SSL Certificate (required to accept payments)

 How to install WordPress

 How to create a WooC Commerce store

 How to add products in your online store

 How to choose and customize your theme

 How to choose the right plugin to help your store operate effectively

 Learn how to advertise and make content to create your first orders. As well as sales growth in the following months.


1. What do you need to start and maintain an online store?

Many customers have asked me about this.

This is actually very simple if you’ve ever opened a physical store in real life. If not, you go outside the street and observe for a while, you will see. What a physical store owner needs, an online store owner will need. The only difference is that your online store will cost hundreds of times lower than your physical store. Includes the following 4 types of costs:

– Buy domain names at domain name providers. This is like a sign and door to a store that every store must-have. It helps customers recognize this is a store. Of course, instead of buying off signs and doors like in real stores, for domain names, you have to rent each year. Or every 10 years. It is a general rule on the internet. Big companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung, Apple. They also have to hire like you for up to 10 years. And sometimes lost domain names due to not timely renew.

– Hosting at companies that provide web hosting services. You can understand that this company sells. The store location like commercial real estate companies often build high-rise buildings

and then lease them in every room or floor of that house. They then provide building management, electricity and water, sanitation,

fire and explosion prevention, and robbery. Hosting companies do the same thing. With a lower cost for an online business.

– SSL certificate for your online store. Both free and paid.

– Software to create your online store There is much online software to help you create an online store for you. Of course, there will be free and paid software.

But you can see that no lunch will be completely free.


Con, in this case, I guide you to choose the platform to build an online store.


2. Which e-commerce platform should you choose to build your online store for?


Although on the market today,

there are many e-commerce platforms for you to build your online store. Such as Shopify, Woocommerc, 3Dcart, Bigcommerce, Wix, Ecwid, Squarespace, Weebly, Open cart, etc …

But the most famous. Common asked and compared are Shopify and Woocommerce.

I have made a comparison, helping you choose which platform is right for you. Based on their support in a crisis. You can read about Shopify vs Woocommere here.


In order not to waste your time. I point out a few criteria for you to choose the right platform.


+ Shopify: This e-commerce solution is for you if you want to focus on sales. Without having to worry about technical issues such as:

speed, security, number of visitors and other software errors during shipping. Because they integrate,

both software and hardware in the same way that Apple refreshes their:

computers, iPhones, and iPads.

You will find skins that have proven to work with other sellers. It may be right for you too. This means you won’t have to try and be wrong anymore. Save time, effort and money for marketing and sales

Cons: You also know how expensive Apple stuff is. So is Shopify’s solution. The cheapest package is 29 USD / month. You will have 1 basic shop. Comes with that is very high payment costs. Along with that, there is limited functionality for this version.

And there are few payment options for you. So after a while, you will have to upgrade to the $ 299 package only.

In short: if you have an ample budget. And don’t want to deal with technical issues want to focus on sales. Then choose Shopify. Of course, after that, you will need to buy more apps at a monthly cost to support the sale even better.



+ Woocommerce: This e-commerce solution is for you. If you want to own the entire store. With custom deep settings in it.

The cost of it is free. Free themes and plugins are also many. Payment and shipping options are also more flexible and flexible than Shopify.

You can also use themes that have hundreds of thousands of users, like Store font. Avada, Astra, and Flatsome.

Support for more effective SEO. Suitable for you who have a tight budget.

But, the advantage of Shopify is the limitation of Woocommerce. When you will have trouble operating. Because everything you have to know a little bit. Like a little about customizing. The interface, installing the plugin, security, delivery, and payment.

You will need to choose hosting that is suitable for dozens of providers. Also said that their hosting supports Woocommere.

And finally, because it built on open source WordPress so it is inevitable to attacked by malware as I have been.


But, the above problems have a solution. By a very large community of Woocommerce users in the world. With famous blogs like WP beginner, WPCart, Codeinwp,

And I will also support you on this blog. With articles on this topic.

So in this tutorial. I will guide you to build an online store with Woocommerce + WordPress.


3. 6 steps you need to take to start an online store from scratch

Step 1: Choose a domain name and hosting

Now you know which e-commerce platform to choose for your online store. Time to choose a domain name and hosting.

About domain names:

your signs and doors on the internet will have names like,,,, etc.

The secret to choosing a domain name only encapsulates in 3 things:

– Easy to remember, easy to call names for your customers to type on their computers or phones

– Easy to understand so that curious customers about your brand will impress by it.

– Be brief and highlight your intentions.

– For example,

you sell coffee domain name competition related to coffee will be more effective.

– Or you can get your name to name your internet business. Like for example. By doing so, you will keep the domain name if you change your business. Instead of having to spend them spend time and money to find the right domain name.

Domain names usually cost from 6-18 USD depending on the provider. Some places sell very cheap domain names for only 1 USD. But remember that everything has a price. Its renewal fee next year is very expensive up to 15 USD / year.

Also, you will need to buy an SSL certificate. Its purpose is to inform Google that your site is confidential. Credit card payments can process without leaking your customer information.

A certificate like this usually costs from 40-69 USD / year


So what should hosting choose? Every company will tell:

That they are the best hosting provider for an e-commerce website. When typing on Google to search like that, you will feel dizzy and dizzy because of so many promises. Finally, you will choose one that many people choose. So you will lose money and no benefit at all.

In my point:

you should choose famous companies. They have a long-standing hosting service for Woocommerce as well. Recommended by and They will have an expert to assist you when you have problems.

Cost and choosing a hosting provider are two of the biggest headache for online store owners.

Fortunately, I have found a hosting company that can help you cut costs and assured of quality.

Recommended by Woocommerce for on store

your line.

With e-commerce hosting service pack for store owners.


Blue Host is the oldest server hosting company in the world from 1996 to the present. That is only two years after Amazon founded. They are also the largest website hosting brand when it comes to WordPress hosting. With 2 million active websites. And more than 8 million monthly visitors.


You will get the following 7 benefits:

– Free .com domain money for 1 year

– Free SSL for free with no time limit

– Free Theme Storefront for your online store

– Support you to install via phone if you do not know anything about technology.

– Support you to verify Google Map for free, standard SEO. The number of customers who search on Google Map for local stores is many. So this is also a very expensive service online. The price is not cheap from 50-350 USD for creating a Map, edit and optimize Map SEO standard.

– Give you 2 credit coupons, 100 USD each for advertising on Google and Binh. (provided you spend $ 25 on Google and Bing). That’s a good thing because you can double the money to spend on advertising. To find the first customer for your online store.

Google Partners: Google Adwords Coupon code for Worldwide 2020

– Daily backup

– Optimize the speed for your Woocommerce

Basically you can start with6.95 USD / month


Note: at, my partner and I believe in transparency.

If you sign up with Bluehost using our referral link. We will earn a small commission without any extra cost to you (in fact, you will save money and get a free domain name). fee).

We will get this commission when recommending any WordPress hosting company. But we only recommend the products we use and believe that it will add value to our readers.


Go ahead and buy your domain name + hosting + SSL.


Open Bluehost in a new window with this link and follow.


The first thing you need to do is click the Choose plan button to get started.


After clicking the hosting package button, you will select your free domain name.

Of course, you need to register a new account as:

shown in the picture and complete the information to buy this product.

On this screen, you will also see more product packages for the website that you can buy.

But, in my point of view. The buy of such extra services is not necessary for a beginner like you. You may need those services as your online store grows. And not now.

For example, you can choose the free SSL indefinitely from Let ‘Encrypt. With this option, you will still have a free security certificate. No need to pay for a paid SSL certificate. Saving from 40-69 USD / year.

After finishing. You will email the login information to the Cpanel dashboard. This is where you will manage everything from domain names, email, security, and more.

After logging in to Cpanel you will greet with a popup. Notice that: WordPress + Woocommerce + Them store font has installed on your website.


You just need to click on the ‘Log in to your website’ button and it will take you to the control panel of your WordPress site.


Congratulations, you have completed hosting and domain setup.


The next step is to set up your WordPress website and then your online store.

Step 2. Set up WordPress

Bluehost has automatically installed WordPress and WooC Commerce on your site.


When you first log in to WordPress, you will see a welcome message. You will ask what kind of website you want to set up.

Go ahead by clicking on the “I don’t need help” box. Don’t worry I’ll help you make A-Z from your online store.


Closing the setup wizard will display your WordPress admin dashboard that looks like this:


First, you need to visit the Settings »General page to set your WordPress site title and description.

Set up HTTPS to use SSL

Your WordPress hosting package comes with Let’s Encrypt’s free SSL Certificate. This certificate is pre-installed for your domain. Yet, your WordPress site needs to configure, so it loads as https versus HTTP.

On the Settings »General page, you need to change your WordPress Address and Website Address to use https instead of HTTP as usual.

Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom of the page and click the save changes button to save your settings.


But, if you see a red line the message is not as secure as below. Then you install the Simple S plugin SL as shown below to enable this feature.

Go to the plugin -> Add New. Type Simple SSL. Click Install and Activate.

Then go to Setting and select the SSL section as shown below.

Click the button: Go, active SSL.

So your basic WordPress setup is complete. Now it’s time to set up your online store.



Step 3; Set up your WooCommecre Store

Before you can start selling, there are a few things like currency,

payment and shipping information that you need to set up.

You should see the ‘Welcome to WooC Commerce’ message on your WordPress admin pages. Go ahead and click the ‘Run setup wizard’ button in the notification.


This will launch the WooC Commerce setup wizard where you need to click the ‘Let’s go’ button to get started.


WooC Commerce needs several pages needed for shopping carts, accounts, shops, and payments. You can click the continue button to automatically create these pages.

This will take you to the next step.

Now you will need to tell WooC Commerce where your store located and which currency and unit will use.


After selecting your location and currency, click the continue button to move.

Next, you need to enter shipping and tax information.

Woocommerce will ask if you will sell the product or service. Physical products or digital products.

Or both. Usually, you will sell physical products on the web so choose the physical product box as the best fit.

It will then display the selection boxes for the number of products you want to sell.

Please select the number of products.

In case you are a traditional store want to move online. Choose from 50-100 products. That is the most suitable choice.

If you have many products, choose more. In fact, the websites that I make and guide customers do not exceed 200 products.

Next, you need to answer the tax question. WooC Commerce can help you automatically calculate and add taxes to your prices.


If you are not sure, you can uncheck it. You can always add tax information later from installing WooC Commerce.


Click the continue button to move on.


Next, you will ask to select a payment method for your online store.

By default, WooC Commerce comes with support for payment gateways PayPal, PayPal Standard, and Stripe.


There are many other payment methods available for Woocommerce that you can install later if needed.


The easiest way to accept payments is to use PayPal Standard.


Just enter your PayPal email address and click the continue button.


A lot of people including us use PayPal and Stripe. By using Stripe,

you allow users to enter their credit card information on

, the checkout page without having to leave your website and access PayPal.

You can set up Stripe by following the instructions on the WooC Commerce screen.

Woocommerce will then ask if you want to install marketing support plugins.

Facebook ads for Woocommerce – This is for connecting your store to Fanpage. That is, you can create a Shop on Facebook by using this plugin to synchronize products from the store to your Fanpage. This plugin is very useful if you use Facebook’s newly launched Facebook Shop feature. Or you use targeted Facebook ads as store visits on Facebook. That is visitors to the shop on Facebook and pay on the Woocommerce store. It sounds good. But it is not realistic because no one has succeeded in using advertising like this.


Google ads for Woocommerce: This will use to run Google shopping ads, displayed on Google. That is, you do not need to have an advertising account or do anything for the extreme. Just upload the product. And create the campaign only. The rest will be taking care of by the company that created this plugin.

The cost is 150 USD. Every nap. And you will receive a credit worth $ 150 after spending $ 150 on their advertising accounts. Within 31 days.

It sounds delicious, but in fact, this is how you hire an advertising agency to work for you.

I do not encourage you to do so. Because you will not control the data and effectiveness of advertising. Although I also intend to account and recharge them. But thinking over and over, I still find advertising itself is still the best.

Google analytics for Woocommerce. This is very useful, so install it to view the report right in the report section of Woocommerce.

Mail Chimp for Woocommerce:

The plugin of the world’s most famous about:

email marketing service with 20 million business owners worldwide registration. With the free package is 2000 contacts. And sending 12000 emails/month is enough for you to use already.

Mailchimp plugin and email marketing service design for sales on your eCommerce site. With the abandoned cart recovery feature. Pretty cool and attractive.

You should use this plugin. Each crime is a little hard to use with girls. Of course, you can watch the video below for how to use it.


When you’re done, your WooC Commerce online store is all set.


You need to click on the ‘Back to WordPress dashboard’ link to exit the setup wizard.


After completing the setup of WooC Commerce, you are now ready to add products to your online store.

Step 4. Add products to your online store

Let’s start with adding the first product to your online store.

You need to visit Products »Add a new to add a new product.

First, you need to write a title for your product. The SEO title will include: “Product name + Search keywords”

Another type of title is product name + Benefits that it brings to a specific audience.”

This type of title will be suitable to do Google advertising and on social networks.

For example The living room furniture 6 chairs walnut wood material for your family.


The latter is writing some detailed descriptions. Under

I have written an article about the product page you have clicked to see more below.

In short, you need it.

Demo product images

Actual product image

Photos of products at customers’ homes

The more useful the image is of the use of the product in the form of an infographic.

More videos are more persuasive.

And finally, describe the benefits that the product will bring to customers

As shown below.

On the right column, you will see the ‘Product Categories’ box. Click ‘+ Add new product category’ to create a category for this product. This allows you and your customers to arrange and browse products easily.

Below is a product tag. You can write product to help customer  search product easy

Scroll down a bit and you will see the Product Databox. This is where you will provide product-related information such as price, inventory, shipping, etc.

If you are selling a single product then you only need the information you have as shown below.

If your product has many variants, please select the product category with many variants as shown below


Below the product data box, you will see a box for adding a short description of the product. This short description will use when users are viewing many products on one page.

You can write down the specifications of the product as people usually do. But best if there are any reviews from your customers. Then please write here.

This is also known as a Buy box. The meaning of it in my point of view is:

A line of reviews of customers who have purchased,

ill have a great impact on the psychology of your potential customers. This is how the most successful eCommerce stores, as shown below, have done.

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 3.58.27 PM


If not, then only. Go to the last step.

That is more an avatar for the product.

This image will display on the home page, in search results on the site. And right next to the product description (if you’re using a computer to view it)

And add a few photos of different angles of the product. To help customers not bore when seeing only 1 avatar of the product.

When you are satisfied with all the product information you have added, you can click the Publish button to display it live on your website.


Repeat the process to add more products as needed.


Step 5. Select and customize the WordPress theme

Themes control how your WordPress sites look to users when they visit it. For WooC Commerce, they also control how your products displayed.


There are dozens, hundreds of thousands of WordPress themes optimized for Woocomerce. Even free of charge.

When you use Bluehost. Your site will have the Storefront theme installed.

You will need to customize it to meet your needs.


Head over to appear »Customize the page. This will launch theme customization, where you can change different theme settings.


If you don’t like, think that this theme is not suitable for your store. Then choose another theme.

Step 6. Expand your online store with the plugin

Now that you have your online store, you may want to start by adding other common elements on your sites such as contact forms, pages, and more.


To continue customizing WordPress and adding features like contact forms, galleries, sliders, etc.,

you need to use the WordPress plugin.


WordPress plugins are applications that allow you to add new features to your site.

Its purpose is to help you manage your website more conveniently without knowing the code. Also, help increase the customer experience on your site. With features like live chat for customers, for example.

There are up to 47000 plugins available on the plugin store. There are also a lot of plugins sold on software markets like Envato.

Or of companies specializing in making and selling independent plugins.


Below is a list of 26 plugins you need to have for your online store

Of course, you don’t need to install them all at once. Because you will overwhelm. This leads to the situation of not knowing which is working. The solution is that every day you install 3 to 4 installs and see its benefits. Then install the next day.


Learn how to create ads and create content optimized for conversion on the website ecom

You can see WordPress is a powerful tool to support publishing content on your website. Consumers only buy from you after reading your content.

That’s why your task has only two things:

1. Create content that serves targeted customers on WordPress. Doing this well will create conversions on your online store. Revenue and profit also come from here.

2. Attract customers to see your content. This leads to the desired buying behavior.

 In fact, these two jobs called generating traffic and optimizing conversions. Those are also the two things that business owners are weakest. Or encounter many difficulties.

 That’s why the digital advertising industry is worth up to $ 200 billion globally.

 And also why the content marketing and SEO industry :

is worth 413 billion dollars globally.



At my purpose is to provide useful guidance,

on traffic and conversions easy to understand even for website owners. I do not know anything about technology.

See more about us.

For that reason, my blog has instructions on two topics that you can view below


– The advertising experience section:  will share articles about advertising experience on Google,

Youtube and Facebook for my e-commerce businesses.

– Category: Optimize conversion rates including subsections such as :

Content marketing: Help you write product descriptions. Develop content that attracts and sells customers the products they need. Content marketing also creates credibility for your business.

choose the right theme: Did you know that up to 74% of users will leave because your site’s design is bad. In other words of an online marketer: the inappropriate interface reduces the user experience on the website. Make you lose that customer. This category will help you choose quality themes for your online store. Without thinking much.

the plugin to increase conversions: I will share the way I did. To increase the conversion rate on the sales website.  By plugin about marketing and sale on your online store 



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I hope that this guide helped you learn how to build an online store by 2020.

Thank you for reading the last lines of this tutorial.

How to start an online store from scratch in 2020

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