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How To Write Clickable Ads With Just 3 Sentences for anyone and any grade

How To Write Clickable Ads With Just 3 Sentences for anyone and any grade

Trying to cram sales copy into tiny numbers of words is a huge pain.

Especially if you’re like me.

I like to say – a lot. And my post is no exception. So when a tough word limit passes over me, it’s like a giant black fly flying into my creative juices.

And trying to capture the audience’s attention with such a short space of time? Oops… don’t start. You have all the good intentions, but keeping your content concise is hard work.

The good news is that a simple recipe can help relieve stress.

It’s called the Problem Solving Formula. We will refer to it as PAS for short.
Stands for ; P Problem , Attention and Solve

Here’s How You Write an Effective 3 Sentence Copy:
-Identify the problem
-Inciting the problem
-Problem solving
Easy enough, eh?

Let’s simplify it one step further…
I’ll give you a blueprint that you can use all the time. This is great to reduce the volume of the writer.

And better yet, it will ensure you capture your audience’s attention. Because we don’t want this to happen…


If you only have a tight space to squeeze in, here’s how you spark the reader’s interest…
The first two sentences are framed as questions that will make your reader say, “yes, that’s me!” Then there will be a statement promising them that the problem will be fixed.

Here is the 3 Sentence Blueprint:
Sentence 1 will define the reader’s main problem in the form of a question.
Sentence 2 will rub salt in the wound by reiterating the problem, again in the form of a question.
Sentence 3 is the last sentence that promises a solution.
Is your post engagement embarrassingly low?
Are you having a hard time capturing your audience’s attention?
Just 3 more sentences and you will get more clicks.
This is a simple way to fill out Facebook ads, twitter posts… and other areas of communication where space is sparse.

So you can stop scratching your head over what to write, and stressing over how to squeeze it in.

The really cool thing about the PAS formula is that it applies to every sales copy you write… ever!

Whether it’s a long sales letter, an email… or hell, even a postcard if direct mail is yours – any piece of sales brochure you issue should meet every single one. step of the PAS.

This will better engage your readers and make your writing process more and more efficient.

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