I have lost 6000 USD money for advertising in just 1 day and night?




Just because of this mistake when choosing hosting that,
I have lost 6000 USD money for advertising in just 1 day and night?


Without creating a single order. It’s a joke. Because you often hear successful people on Youtube,




Facebook and newspapers talk about their successful case studies. Anyway, I made 500 USD / day just by this simple method. Or spend it like make money 100 USD a day without a website. And famous title How I generate revenue from 200 to 1600 USD a day with ClickBank and Facebook ads. Few people talk about the incident of losing their money. Because there’s nothing pretty or fancy about making money off selling courses,




tools, or software that will get you rich quickly. Or even inspire you. This causes your emotions to cloud, and so you lose money slowly without knowing it. But I want to pull you back to the ground. Because I don’t want you to just go in the positive direction of those stories anymore. That I want to get you back to reality through my story to save you money. Avoid wasting money on ineffective investments. Or to put it bluntly cheap now expensive later. This is the amount I lost back in 2008. It was a lot of money at that time. After this lesson, I made up my mind not to let it happen again. By the way, if you do not know what my job is but why lose so much money, I recommend it. I’m in the affiliate marketing industry. If you do not know, go to Google to lookup more. And I will briefly explain it as follows: Affiliate marketing is a job.




where affiliate marketers help customers make buying decisions after reading your content.




That could be a comparative review article,




a product like the most famous affiliate marketing website The write cutter review. Through SEO to the top of Google. Or that person will rewrite the landing page, do Facebook ads,




buy banners displayed on Google, and other network traffic to advertise. When a customer purchases through my affiliate link. I will receive a small or large commission depending on the price,




of the product that the supplier sells to the market. They are e-commerce products, software,




online courses, games, and even music and sports tickets.




So this article is not only useful for affiliate marketers like,




me but also for those who sell e-commerce on your own website. And those who sell information products are, of course, ebooks. Of course,




I will choose the second option,




that is to do advertising to reach a larger number of potential customers on social networks and websites. And to do so, I need a landing page. And a place to store or present for my clients to come and see. When they are surfing social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc…. It’s like going to a store, a real-life movie theater to see and buy stuff. And this called and server, VPS. When I first started doing affiliate marketing I used shared hosting. Because my resources are quite limited. And I’m not very good at engineering either. My understanding is little. So I chose Shared hosting. That means the website will share resources such as hard drive, ram, bandwidth,




cache with other websites in the same system. It can be understood as when you rent a hotel or apartment. Then you are only allowed to rent 1 house and must share the common electrical system, corridor,




the water of the building, or office. My shared hosting is also very good. There are also many different shared hosting providers around the world. I believe in and have chosen Bluehost for a long time. With the choice of 2 million website owners worldwide. Their hosting is well optimized for WordPress, Woocommerce. With 21 years of experience in the industry. But that’s the time to get started with shared hosting. Then I noticed that that hosting can only withstand a few hundred to less than 2000 visits a day. Too much hosting will not load. Do also have to share the host for websites in the same system. Especially at 5-8 pm, the lag is terrible. Again the reason I quit is that it can only tolerate low traffic volumes. The only providers advertise is that it does not limit traffic. But they can’t stand it as much as they can clarify. That is also the reason for the price of cheap hosting about 5 USD / month that you see on the net. Of course, if you only need a small amount of only 1k / day. Then you do not need to pay attention to this article. You can ignore it. But I’m not telling you not to use shared hosting for your online store or blog job. If you want to build and grow your large-scale business on the internet, read on. After leaving shared hosting I have researched and chose,




a new type of hosting which is also called cloud hosting. The type that I choose is VPS hosting. A separate virtual server for my landing page. That means instead of spending money to rent a room in a hotel, from now on I rent a private apartment in that block. With many different rooms. I have the right to go in and out of the house. And my loss of 6000 USD / day happened here. That hosting died and my landing page didn’t work. As a result, the thousands of visitors I brought to that landing page didn’t see the product. This leads to them being unable to order. With a large budget to spend on such a landing page. Caused me to lose that money on the ad network without receiving any orders. This left me with a headache for the whole day without understanding the reason why I failed. It wasn’t until I went to read the supplier’s welcome mail that I knew I made a mistake. When not turn on hosting notification. I know you are feeling confused. So I will explain it now to make it easy for you to understand. There are two types of VPS that the providers of the world sell to you. Like apartment retailers. the store they will sell you is an empty apartment with no furniture. You must BUY the furniture yourself for its use and operation. That is the type of VPS…. which I choose. Because I think that with my ability to dabble in technology, it is not difficult for me. I can do it myself. Besides, its price is also very cheap. Only from 10 USD / month only. Who expected the person to count is not equal to heaven. That VPS of mine went away with the amount of 6000 USD for my ad. And the second type is fully furnished apartments. And also supporting operating management is the kind of VPS semi …… When using this type, you will be supported by. the company software installation and technical operation management. Because there are experts, they know what kind of software should put on the server. Have a full notification system to prevent the landing page from running due to the sudden death of VPS. That is genuine Cloud hosting. So then I chose and used Liquid Web’s VPS hosting management WordPress service. And I have used the service of this company from 2008 to present. This is a company operating from 1998 to the present. Their hosting has passed many trials of endurance. Uptime time is always 99.99%. Speed ​​has nothing to complain about. They also have a Woocommerce hosting management service for store owners who want to build online stores. Because their hosting optimizes for a certain tool like WordPress, Woo-commerce, Magento.




Go to every small detail so with a certain configuration they only allow it to operate with a certain amount of traffic. For example,




the Woocommerce management starter package that can load up to 75,000 traffic/month




or 5Tb of storage will cost 19 USD / month. Of course, it is expensive to slice. But it was worth the investment because they experimented so many times with the customer hosting to get this exact number. Rather than slashing the wind like other hosting providers. So, Liquid web is also the only company to claim that. Their system in the starter package can handle 500 orders per hour. That’s an impressive number for most online shop owners. This cost is still more impressive than Shopify. because you will need to pay more on higher plans to get lower billing costs and advanced features. And most importantly, their support is very good. Through live chat and ticket is also very fast. The company is even known for its phone support service. But trust me, LiquidWeb is well known and expensive because of the quality of their customer support. Honestly, compared to Hostgator,




Hostgator is only worth 7/10 points compared to LiquidWeb.




When you Live Chat,




the support staff Their burp does not have to be resolved as fast as Hostgator,




but in LiquidWeb you will be consulted and solved deeply and at the root of the problem. In case I have a proven SSL error.




They even take 20 minutes to review. The configuration on the server and even see if your database has the wrong settings. The result is I mistyped the URL in the wp_options table in WordPress. And if we talk about support to build a store. It must say that Liquid web supports you always. I don’t work in e-commerce anymore. But my friend and their woo-commerce hosting users told me it was very effective. They will assist you in building the store. Giving you a good premium theme for Woocommerce is Astra with 500,000 downloads. The landing page building theme set is the Beaver builder You get access to its store building and marketing course. Email marketing support with Jet email marketing extremely good support. Recommend which plugin you should install. Which one should not install with their host. Of course, it’s also for your benefit. If you install an application of unknown origin. Your website is light and will be infected with malicious code. Heavy, hacked. Remember, when you buy hosting at LiquidWeb it means you get FULL MANAGED HEROIC SUPPORT! You wonder about security issues. Since moving here for 12 years, I hardly have to worry about security. In the end, I still have to mention its downside. It’s good, but it still makes me annoyed. – Heavenly prices. Of course, for those just starting a business, this is a real heavenly price. As for me, after my work developed,




I switched to a Dedicated server to handle hundreds of thousands of traffic/day. Of course, they still get their support from A-Z. – Support for a few domains, if you want to add domains to the host, it will cost you $ 5 / month. – Do not have the right to manually add the domain to the host, although hosting you allow to add.




You will use the add domain function on the account management page and it will turn into a ticket type. Then the support staff will check to make sure your domain is completely clean to enter.


– Registration is very cumbersome. When registering you have to confirm a phone number by listening to the phone,




and answering their questions.


But rest assured, do not click on the Verify My Phone Number button. Then after completing the order.


The system will send an email informing them that they cannot contact you.


So you have to send them a 2-sided scan of your ID card, passport, or driver’s license.


But rest assured, I asked and they said WU never supports payments.


Do not be afraid to send real evidence.


– There is no service to buy extra bandwidth or capacity or any other service.


– Do not have any add-on in the host’s cPanel because they fear it will affect their server.


– You may fall into a server that does not support Ioncube or Zend Optimizer. So when registering you should write the server configuration. Where you need to put the host there (for example, Ioncube & PHP 5.3) in the Question box or Comment.


At this point, they will choose for you a suitable server as required.


– Bandwidth and capacity are always limited. Those are the hosting parameters in the package you need to buy, not Unlimited.


– When Live Chat, you need to declare the website link or IP of the host you are using.


In fact, I have already written a separate chat just for copy & paste when chatting with LiquidWeb.


😀 Forget about using coupons when using Liquid Web If none of the above has discouraged you after reading this article. Then sign up for Woocomcer management hosting,




or WordPress management hosting of Liquid Web with a discount coupon up to 25% below. In fact, you did not hear wrong. Web Liquid seldom offers discounts for their chopped-up service. So their promotions are short-lived.


Just in 7 days or 3 weeks.


However, they are also very flexible when allowing you to try out the Woocommerce management package for 14 days. No credit card is required. Please register according to the instructions below.



Start free trial Liquid web Video Management Woocommerce registration guide at Liquid web After clicking on the trial registration box you will be directed to the Liquid website.


I have lost 6000 USD money for advertising in just 1 day and night?
I have lost 6000 USD money for advertising in just 1 day and night?


Here you choose the Starter package for $ 19 / month. Choosing the annual plan is 190 USD / year As shown in the picture you have the features and parameters for a newly opened store.


Click the Get Started button and you will create a profile for yourself here. The liquid web registration process is relatively complicated and cumbersome. So you should watch the video above.


Watch and follow along to avoid misunderstanding. Thank You have seen all this article of mine.


One of the reasons I like this company apart from their quality and enthusiasm has.


The notable advantage that they will donate $ 10 to,




the No Kid Hungry Foundation for any completed order. Whether you only sign up monthly or annually.


You will have a big impact on the lives of homeless kids with your little money.


Of course, can not change completely, but it contributes to a less severe situation.


You never know how your money giving away will make a difference when you give. It is not only charity work but also expresses the meaning of life.


When you use products/services from companies. That has an environmental and social impact. Register Liquid for a free 14-day trial here.




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