If you keep this lousy mind like this guy, you’ll never get rich?


In the last year of college. I have a big obstacle to overcome to graduate like many students in Vietnam. It is an English exam.

Of course, I don’t need an English test to graduate. But because English is still in the core subjects, I have only passed 2 subjects. 2 more subjects to pass.

So I accepted the offer to study with a gym classmate with me. He is a person who studies both English and tourism at the same time. And be the tutor for me 1-1.

This is the main character in this story.

I don’t talk much about his level. Because he studied English at the Foreign Language University of Hanoi National University. The level is not ordinary. At least students have achieved the C1 degree according to European standards.

But what bothered me and then decided to stop studying with this guy.

This is because he has a negative attitude towards refraining from money,
getting rich, keeping money, and spending money. Typically his saying about the rich.

The rich are all robbers to get rich so quickly. And they have built a solid position there. It cannot change. My brothers and sisters who are small will never get rich.

And he also advised me to skip the enrichment thinking class of a famous speaker. Based on the text of T.Harv’s millionaire thinking course. Eker.

So I give up. Not because of his words. But because at that time learning English to graduate was my highest priority. Not to learn to get rich.

But gradually I was also influenced by that view.

Although I’ve read and heard audiobooks about millionaire thinking.

With such negative attitudes, I’m afraid. If I continue to study and play with him, I will be the same as him.

I will refer to the lesson I learned later.

1. Is this guy correct?

And now I will talk about his statement is true or not? And why do I say that this mindset will not make you rich?

The rich are all bandits. This is particularly true in earlier times of slavery,
feudal possession, and the period of jungle and wild capitalism.

According, who is the winner in the battle. Trafficking fraud. Or go to the pirates of traders will become rich. Or lords, nobles, landlords plunder the farmers’ yields.

So are they correct today?

The answer is that it still happens. When there are people who still build sophisticated. Scams in the financial markets, securities, real estate, e-commerce to rob your money.

But that is only a few. Today, thanks to the internet, many new self-made millionaires have created. Coughing went from having few assets to having a lot of assets through internet sales. Or run the company successfully and put it on the stock exchange.

And those people in society are still few. According to the 80/20 rule. They make up only 20% of the population. And more and more poor people.

And so the poor think that they are being robbed. The protests in the US are also partly attributed to people of color. They robbed the rich by raising the prices of goods. (This is very common in the US).

Then the American legal system only protects white people.

Thus taking advantage of the protests will have poorer people,
most of them black raiding the shops.

That shows the basic thinking of the people in the wild. You robbed of but not regained when people are healthy. Then you will take back when the opportunity comes when people are weak.

The same thing happened to my friend. When he was born in a poor family outside of Hanoi.

He always had trouble making friends and playing with friends who were richer than him. And obsessed by their gaze, their scornful words.

I understand this. Because I was also born into a poor family. And also receive the eyes, contempt words from the rich in the village.

Of course, the cause is very profound. It comes from a time when our parents had to live in hardship. When Vietnam has not renewed into a model of developing a market economy.

At that time, the rich people appeared in this society t He only goes smuggling. That is the tax evasion of the state. Or illegal exploitation of resources.

That is together with the profound awareness of the Vietnamese culture. Caused the rich to often considered robbers if they were men. And women think they have to be the mistress of some boss. If you want to be rich.

In short, only rich people can steal. Is a common perception.

Which in the present state has millions of people unemployed across the globe? In the US alone, 40 million people have lost their jobs. While the rich are still safe, it raises doubts. Rich people only rob, so they live safely.

I do not deny this. Because there’s always injustice and corruption everywhere. And then there’s commercial fraud. To become rich by buying cheap and selling their expensive.

So why this thinking will never make you rich.

Because it makes you miss so many opportunities to succeed. But still laid out before your eyes.

Because it believed that a thief can become rich without questioned by law. So the poor only think about how to get rich in a certain direction. So they don’t want to get rich that way anymore. Asking them to join the booming e-commerce or online education industry,
they said they had no capital. There is also no time. Again difficult operating or advertising difficult.

In the meantime, they spend a lot of time to buy lottery tickets and take part in the winning lottery.

They believe in stories that get rich overnight by buying lottery tickets
, or participating in the stock market.

The proof is the percentage of Americans,
who use government grants to enter the stock market to get rich quickly. Has doubled compared to before the pandemic occurred.

They are winning big, making a lot of money. Without knowing why they make so much money. It is very likely that soon future will lose all money without understanding why they lost money.

That’s the same story Jay Abraham tells in the book: Getting the largest out of what you have.

A person on the way home from work or outing somewhere. The first day he picked up $ 50. The second day he picked up $ 70. On the third day, he picked up $ 100. So excited about what he got, the next day he went out. Only to earning money. And the more purpose is not to get hit by electricity poles or hit others.

So he missed the opportunity to make more money. Missed all the good times where money couldn’t buy from nature like birds singing, the sun setting. Fragrant blooms on the road in summer. And the fruit ripens in the fall along with the laughter of children.

The situation he encountered was as an amateur investor. Who knew nothing but looked for signals to earn money fast.

Of course, making money fast is nothing wrong.

But you see that. When the poor are in extreme positions, they also rob and want to get rich quickly. But they only knew it was illegal so their brains closed down.

In short, narrow thinking will lead to a narrow perspective of a problem. Leads to different decisions. Most will criticize or not done for safety.

But being safe means you have nothing.

2. What about the rich, why do they really rob?

The answer is not them like that. Even a billionaire is much poorer than you. One of them also has dyslexia like billionaire Richard Brand son with a $ 10 billion fortune.

The rich still have problems like the poor. They also receive the same education as you. Please skip the case at Harvard or Yale. Because they do not represent the majority of the rich.

The biggest difference between rich and poor is the attitude towards getting rich.

Poor people like the guy in the above story say: “Rich people are the result of the robbery. “

Real rich will say: They get rich by serving consumers. Their wealth measured the number of customers * their service quality * service time.

In that service time that decreased. While the other two variables increase, the richer they are.

Typically like Jeff Bezos. Amazon’s boss is the most profitable,
company in the industry thanks to the booming e-commerce

in the US because of a pandemic.

It estimated that: If you make $ 180,000 a day. Since the day Jesus was born till now. You still can’t catch up to Jeff Bezos.

Was he born into a rich family?

Did he rob anyone?

The answer to the present is no

So how can the attitude of getting rich be effective?

Here I will show you how my definition of the attitude of getting rich.

In order for you to understand better. I will apply an example of the attitude of 3 types of people when accessing information. It’s something, anyone, with access to the internet or listens to the radio can access. But the user who gets the information is the rich.

The attitude here is exactly the same as Eleanor Roosevelt’s statement.

Big heads discuss big ideas.

The average head roof discusses the facts

Small heads discuss one and the other.

For example from a true story.

When reading a newsletter about the situation of kidnapping children in the world.

People with small heads will begin to fear and criticize kidnappers.

The average person will begin to discuss government employment
and events in their community

People with large heads with problem-solving thinking.
To will find ways to contribute to problem-solving.

And a British businessman used this newsletter,
to create an e-commerce website that sells GPS navigation maps for children.

With sales 250000 USD. You can watch a video sharing details of how he did it.

He has solved the concerns of parents. So he made a big income for himself in the form of Dropshipping.

Everything is convenient to buy and sell.

I had absolutely no idea what he was thinking when he read the news. But surely one thing he was thinking of to find a solution. At least it can reduce this situation.

It is a story that goes into the hearts of customers. Just as did make readers come here right?

He may have asked questions like: What can I do with this piece of information? ”

” What products can solve part of this customer’s anxiety and pain? ”

And: ‘How should I create content to convince customers to buy this product?’ ’

The poor, because they have spent energy to criticize and fear, have closed their brains. There is absolutely no question to solve the problem. Instead, go to Google to search, or complain on Facebook. Then they saw the ad of the rich. The result is their buy

Of course, this is a typical case only.

But my friend. The fact is that when you take the time to be angry and upset so much, people act and become richer than you.

There are lots of examples of how the rich and the poor use the information you can see on the internet.

I want to tell you: The rich are multi-dimensional and more critical than the poor. At least from the perspective of thinking.

Of course, to draw this point. I also researched, worked for the rich. Play with them for a while. Not reading the book and thinking about it.

3. The lesson I learned from studying together with that student.

1. You can only learn with positive thinking

I didn’t know at the time that it was my best decision. I just don’t want to be that negative.

Because after that he threatened to come home to talk with my parents about my education. Of course, he didn’t come. But his words also worried me a little.

He even blamed me for driving me home so his motorbike ruptured. He still lost 500k so I have to be responsible for the compensation of that 500k. Of course, I still paid for him afterward.

But after not learning English with him anymore. Then my thoughts are more comfortable. Studying is also more in the beginning. Although I only study at home myself.

That exam I still pass deliciously. Fearless, take one exam with passing certificate B1. True to my goal.

Not only that, but I also wrote down the steps and methods that I use to prepare for the e-book for others.

And indeed, when the exam results announced, I was quite surprised. About my listening point. It’s still low. Although during school with boys

Hey, I learned to listen to English.

But the results are still not much better. Because those negative words hit my mind. So my ears just put it in the clipboard along with his English. This leads to the fact that my listening level is still not getting any better.

It was quite surprising to me at the time. But now I understand because I don’t want to hear those negative words. So it was all blown away when I left the lesson with him.

That is the first lesson

 2. The second lesson is about the toxic relationship

It’s no matter how many books you read, watch lots of motivational videos. Then you still have the ability to fall into a stalemate and needy,
when there are negative friends and relatives around. Which I call malicious relationships.

That’s why multi-level scammers are so successful. Because it is your relatives, your friends. Talk to you again at close range. So you will have no doubts at all.

And reading will doubt you until you start to do. Then doubt disappears.

      3. Lesson 3: The truth about deficiency and redundancy

When you are born in a situation of material deprivation. You will always feel the people around you are robbing you.
There is a saying: Robbing a night is an enemy robbing,
the day is a very accurate mandate in places of socio-economic situations. Unstable,. In those places, everyone’s access is lacking. Especially about housing and resources. So it believed that wealth limited. And most of the rich have already taken over.

Or they have to steal property or else they will be poor. In countries where the situation is more stable. Richer also happens to that situation.

So you have a distorted view of reality.

Causes you to leave in two cases:

One is criticizing the rich who complain about their poverty. Blame the government. Instead of acting to improve me. When you are not given a chance to make money.

Second, you think that you have to work harder to make up for your lack. For the past five years living in need.

Both attitudes affect your health, your relationship, your career, and your happiness.

Thanks to the study sessions with that guy, I realized these lessons. But so that I can finish my work. Then I need to end that relationship so that I can learn by myself rather than working with negative people.

How about you.

You have, are you thinking this or not.

Please comment below let me know.

Note: I have no intention of discriminating or favoring the rich. Or criticize the poor, or follow the trend in the US protest.

Just thanks to this event. But I remember the story that reminded me of his words all the time.

If he can read this article, I hope he changes his mind. To live a happy and happy life.

I hope it will be ich for you.

In this article, I also show you the thinking and actions you can take to become rich.

That attitude resolves the problem. Find ideas by asking questions.

Because wealth and fulfillment are already in you. Now you need to make it move outward.

If you want to change your business mindset and take part in the e-commerce business model. Please join my mailing list. I will send you lessons, ebook tutorials via email.

Finally, thanks to David. O on Medium for the question: “What can I do with this piece of information?

His inspired and helped me to complete this article.

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