If you want to sell on Youtube or by extension video sales

If you want to sell on Youtube or by extension video sales, do the following 4 things continuosly:

  1. An offer that the customer cannot refuse
  2. A video that the client cannot skip
  3. 1 landing page with the main purpose of helping customers understand that they need the product today.
  4. Display videos in places where many of your potential customers are living. Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Tikok, linkedin.

But many people don’t think so.

They think that it just needs to be done once. Hope to imitate case study on the internet. Spend 400 USD to advertise and earn 42000 USD in sales.

That’s why people fail to advertise with video.

Do you agree with this opinion.

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Those who want to read more detailed articles, I will write more details about the above 4 steps.

All are from the process of making ads Google, youtube, FB ,. At the same time doing website design for those businesses

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