My path to e-commerce business marketing jobs today.


My path to e-commerce business marketing jobs today.


Hello, my friend is Duc Hau.

I love writing about helping businesses increase sales with Google advertising,

SEO and content marketing.

Especially businesses in the furniture industry.

, I will help you develop an online store, an e-commerce website, especially in the field of furniture with many years of my experience. And help you earn passive income from that website.
In addition, if you also work in Google advertising, youtube, or website design like me, you can also learn how to make your ads and content more effective.

The reason why I will explain below.

I was born and raised in a wooden furniture village in Hanoi, Vietnam.

So I have also been a manufacturer,

marketer, sales and even many times installing furniture with my father for customers.


In 2006 when the internet and Google started. I have read that article. E-commerce will be the fastest growing industry in Vietnam. With a market size of 20-30 billion dollars.

Today that number has gradually approached the forecast level. And even by 2025 it is forecast to reach $ 25 billion.


The pandemic and the economic crisis caused by it helped the industry to develop rapidly.

and I was a lucky person participating in that 3 years ago.


Although I have read and studied a lot before. But also only at the said level of view.

I have read many success stories in this area. Especially in the family furniture segment in the village where I live.


But I missed many things.

The first is the wave of sales on forums and classifieds.

But at that time I was just using it to sell my personal electronics.


Then there is Google search advertising.

Then Facebook ads

SEO also exploded at that time.

When Facebook was new to advertising, the advertising prices were really very cheap. My cousin said that at that time it only needed to spend about $ 1 to sell and couldn’t stop. Because too many customers ordered.


But then things got more and more difficult. Facebook started raising CPM prices (their bid per 1000 impressions).

Then they lock the account continuously. Most at the end of 2020.


So people started flocking to new channels. One of those channels is Youtube. And this time I didn’t miss it.


I have been doing Youtube ads for furniture businesses in my village since 2019.

So I also accumulated a lot of experience selling videos on Youtube.

Then I went on to advertise with Google display, then search and shop.

And then there is video SEO, article SEO, product description page.


This has helped my clients sell at a much lower cost.

See the photo below.


But to achieve this success is not easy.

Because it’s not just money. It was also my time, energy, emotions, health, and will.

Those things can’t measured with money.


I did a lot of work, so I gradually gained respect from everyone. Because I’m the rainmaker that generates rain money for customers.


So I started to share.

But many of my clients are near where I live. I don’t want me to share these secrets with others. Because they fear more competition.


But I still do those sharing sessions for free. They immediately said I was stupid, stupid.

They believe that resources limited, and whoever is full, others will be hungry.

Their thinking fixed.

But I have a change mindset. That’s why I keep blogging, answering questions on Quora, posting on facebook from time to time, advising messages to others.


And the people who get my free shares don’t appreciate what I say. I just carried frustration into my body.

That’s why I decided to write them on my blog.


At first I intended to just blog in Vietnamese. But after a while I realized that I should share it in English for the world to know.


Because I want to help more people get to know these shares.

That could be the novice marketers. It is also possible that business owners need to learn about marketing. And from there it will hire the right people.

More importantly, I want to share the results. The way I have learned from local and international teachers. In fact, I read blogs, watch videos of many foreign people and organizations such as: Neil Patel, Hubspot, Optinmonster, Wpbeginner, disruptiveadvertising,  and the good writers on medium: Tim Denning, Jon Brosio, Jessyca Lync, David .O etc,Better marketing


I wonder if I should do the same.


Also because I work in the furniture business now. So I will often give examples, and content about this industry. Thousand This h has also supported my family and the village where I live. As well as giving me a lot of living capital, lots of effective sales experience.

What content do I share?

You can still learn the good things below if you have other businesses. About topics like: to sell through PPC advertising (mainly Google ads) and SEO.


I have long learned that.

Many cases when you have an idea that is enough to help you succeed.


Not having to do a lot of big hammer strategies do nothing.

Especially for small businesses. Less capital, the more careful each step. Especially in the marketing and sales.


But this becomes even more difficult when it reported. That up to 58% of small business owners spend only 5 hours on marketing in a week.


With such a little time and efficiency, you need the right thinking + the right skills + the right tools to sell successfully.


The blog I created is also not the goal of helping you. Do it. Or contribute to your success.


Though I’m just an amateur when it comes to marketing, advertising, sales.

My major is social work. Capital only reaches the vulnerable in society. Poor people, homeless people, early working children,

sex workers, drug workers, people with disabilities and the elderly, etc.

But I always strive every day to improve myself at work.


After many unsuccessful imitations of others. Finally I got what I wanted to do and need to do.

That is becoming financially and successful in relationships. By helping clients create assets on their website.


I’m not saying they can do the same thing, or equal my existing clients.

Because each person, every business has a strength, a story that you need to take it out and show to the world.


Thank you for reading my story.


If you want you can join with others to receive this book about :

7 steps to increase sales on my ecommerce and e-commerce website.

I am writing it and will send it to you for free.


Still learn from my experience.


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