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I help you plan, execute and optimize for order growth from Google Ads
Increase visitors worth the cost of Google advertising and SEO on Youtube for your furniture business.


Copywriting for Google Display Network ( GDN)

We help our customers run Google Display campaigns, both for lead generation, brand awareness and retargeting purposes. Google Display ads allow you to place your ads over millions of sites across the internet. Paired with custom intent audiences, we can show your images ads to people who are currently in the market for your product or service. Ever wonder how companies follow you around the internet after browsing on their website? That’s because they have Google Ads retargeting ads set up to help bring visitors back to their website in order to complete an action, such as fill out a form or complete a purchase. We can set these types of ads up for your business and effectively re-engage traffic and bring them back into your sales funnel.

Content on Social media for furniture

You want to sell furniture on Youtube effectively. But don't have the time or resources to do it. With the capacity and experience of doing Youtube marketing for the furniture industry. During the past 3 years. I can help you get more calls to your business. With 2 main services is Youtube advertising. And SEO, optimize Youtube Channel for your store, furniture service.

Writing Product Copy

No matter what kind of product or service you’re selling, your ideal customers are searching for it right now. They’re ready to buy, but either they can’t find your business, or they’re just not convinced yet. If your online sales aren’t growing, I can help you to get in front of the right customers. Powerful product descriptions convince your ideal customers that what you’re selling: solves their problems improves their life makes them feel amazing so, they make the decision to buy from you, right then and there. SEO (Search Engine Optimized) copy helps your product to rank in Google searches, so your customers can find your business when they search on the right terms.

Package care, update website content for interior website.

Every WordPress website needs ongoing care. Think of it like regular maintenance on your car – if you skip things like tire checks and oil changes, eventually you will wind up with a big problem. Let our experts tend to your site so you can focus on your business and do what you do best.

Google Maps management posting For Furniture store

Google My Business (or GMB) is a business listing within Google that is particularly beneficial to “local” businesses or businesses that rely on their location for the product or service they offer (e.g., a physical furniture store or a business that caters to one specific city/region/etc). So, Leave Your Google My Business to Us. You will receive calls, traffic, and client to your store after use our service.

Landing page cơpywriting and design

Unique & Custom Design Focused on Conversion. I and partner do landing page for Ads campaign on Google, Facebook, thanh you page, It used to get more leads for your furniture store


Below is a portfolio with results that I have worked for clients in my furniture industry.

The story successful of Pham Gia's interior

Our Customers

My clients are in the furniture manufacturing and sales industry. They are all furniture makers to sell to customers from handicraft villages.

"Amazing content and Quality Work!"

Hau is an enthusiastic guy. Have understanding of Google advertising margins and SEO on Youtube. That's fine for middle-aged business owners like me. Indeed, I spent 1.6 billion VND for Facebook ads. But I don't know anything about Google ads, video SEO. Thanks to his help, my YouTube channel has more than 13 thousand subscribers. Website has a lot of organic traffic from Google. I have sold dozens of high-priced furniture orders from YouTube, Google.

Meet Your Marketing campaign Manager

Your Google Ads, Youtube SEO Campaigns. Will be done by someone who is skilled and knowledgeable about marketing on Google, Youtube.

I’ve been involved in internet businesses and online marketing since the early days of 2016. I’ve started, bought, marketing, and sold furniture over the years, bringing a vast knowledge of business and online marketing experience that I use to partner with clients in order to achieve the highest possible ROI from their online advertising initiatives.

Clients of haucmc choose to work with me because of my obsessive attitude towards optimizing ad account performance by focus in conversion in ad campaigns and optimizing landing pages for maximum results.
With 5 + years do Youtube marketing will their channel grow sub and leads.
Clients also find comfort in knowing, and having direct access to, exactly who is running their ad accounts. 

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We run our pricing as a flat rate monthly investment that starts at $400 per month. Unlike our competitors, we do not charge a set up fee and we earn your business every month. It’s not uncommon for an investment in our Google Ads management service to pay for itself every month just from savings on wasted clicks alone, not to mention the added revenue from targeting the right keywords and improving your conversion rates.