My story is about job advertising and content for e-commerce businesses.

My story is about job advertising and content for e-commerce businesses.

Especially for furniture businesses.
Hi, my name is Hau.

My story about advertising and content for businesses begins here.

Expert in selling eCommerce, online furniture on the website, Youtube, Instagram.
The service specializes in helping customers sell e-com products. And increase conversion rates on websites, Youtube, Instagram. Through content marketing and Google ads.
My story about advertising and content for businesses begins here.

. One day I was sitting at home working when someone asked me to do a Youtube ad. And SEO video for his Youtube channel Pham Gia Furniture.
I didn’t know anything about advertising then. I only know how to do SEO for YouTube videos for my channel with about 1000 subscribers. But I still do. Because I learned from Sir Richard Branson’s quote: “If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes”

Sir Richard Branson's quote

So I have accepted to do advertising and SEO for his furniture channel since 2019. Of course, I study by doing. At that time, there was no one to teach about Youtube advertising in Vietnam. It is also available abroad, but the price is also high. And I don’t know if it’s suitable for my situation or not.
So I can’t avoid making mistakes. Made my customers lose money. But then everything passed when I went to foreign blogs to read and watch a lot of video tutorials on Youtube. I finally succeeded.
I don’t mean that you should spend money on the course. But you need to patiently read the article, watch the video carefully on Youtube. They are all free.
Back to this guy’s success story. You can see below.

That channel so far has 28800 subscribers.

Of course, this result comes from the huge amount of advertising money too. But most of it also comes from SEO. Because there are recommend eating videos to view as quickly as a kite meets the wind.
Thanks to that, we sell a lot of furniture. Products average price. But the profit is very high.
After that, I did SEO and advertising for his father’s furniture channel. As shown below. This is the real evolution of his channel. Because this channel spends very little money,
on advertising with only 7.6 times the amount of his son’s company.
Currently, this channel has 12,8 K subscribers. They sell products with high prices up to tens of millions of VND. Equal to thousands of US dollars.

Thanks to that, I also created a way to SEO videos, write descriptions.
And receive dozens of orders every month. Yes, it’s all custom-made.
So it can see if you are a designer,
an interior manufacturer who wants to sell on the website, Instagram and Youtube.
Then this is the right way to sell.
As his results, you can see below.
Of course, making this result also needs his video success. One day he made 1 video. Some days make 3-4 videos.
Video content also changes constantly according to my advice so there are many recommended videos. Sell ​​more orders.
I tell this story to show you how effective SEO and marketing on Youtube can be. Compared to mere advertising.
Pham Gia interior channel also has SEO and eye-catching avatars. So later also sold a lot of orders for other products without advertising from old subscribers.

Not to mention doing SEO on Youtube also brings a lot of high-quality traffic to the sales website. By inserting the website link in the product description.
From there, promote the website to the top of Google search. Bring more orders to his sales website. The results you see in the image below.

Since then, I have been continuously learning and working on service packages such as:

– Google ads for furniture
GDN ads for e-commerce
Youtube ads for e-commerce, Furniture store
Writing product descriptions,
-SEO videos on Youtube and making promotional videos for furniture businesses like you.

The purpose of these service packages is to help business owners, furniture store owners, and e-commerce.
✅ Increase engagement on social networks
✅ Increase followers on your social media accounts
✅ Increase conversions on websites, online stores cửa
✅ Retain customers on the site
This process as mentioned above involved many nights reading and watching many articles,
videos on Youtube.

. About how to do advertising, write content,
design products, images for customers’ online stores.
But I am very passionate about it. Because it gives me a feeling of intense passion that any previous job that I have done.
Because I work mainly for the manufacturing industry,
interior design is the main construction. I was born and raised in a furniture manufacturing village. That is combined with the process of doing many different jobs in the industry. Like production, do marketing, shipping, assembling, payment with customers. Gave me a lot of good experience with customers as well as about interior products.
Not only advertising. So, you can trust using my products for your business to grow customers. There is more revenue. And reduce advertising costs for your business.
Keep doing this After 3+ years working in this field. So far, I have 15 product packages about content marketing and Google ads.
The goal of these product/service packages is to help your business. And online store increase conversions on the website,
increase interaction on social networks such as :
Instagram, Youtube.
. On this blog’s store.
The latest product package is:
Write product descriptions + edit photos for businesses on Instagram and their website.
You can see a few listings on it.

At the same time to share experiences with others. And others who want to learn about Google advertising, content. I have blogged With the theme of selling online via website and Youtube.


I also write articles on Medium and answer questions on Quora.

Especially the Medium platform, I just wrote a few articles on it and already have more than 60 followers. Although there are very few views. Maybe it’s because people who read my posts become followers.

You can see it in the two categories below.


Quora :
I hope that the articles in this blog will be useful for your Internet business. Help you get more customers. Sell ​​your product/service at a higher price at the same time.

My video about case study Google ads.

Although I do not have the background in online marketing as employers expect of me. But I’m a realist. I study and work continuously every day. To improve me and the quality of my products/services.
To help customers as you succeed in the long run. That way I will also be successful.
Our relationship is a win-win. Or even a win-win-win for the customers who use your product/service.
Thank you for reading my story on the path to advertising for e-commerce businesses. Especially in the furniture industry.
Talk to you soon via DM on  Instagram